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Regarding Assassin's Creed

In regards to post/161737036690 [edit: link], you’re so right.

Vax would be an Assassin, right alongside his sister, Vex(there’s even precedent: Assassin’s Creed Syndicate has a brother/sister team). Vax, of course, would be the sneaky one, prizing stealth above any other means, while Vex is less subtle. Of course, it’s hard to be so when you have a 150 lb. doggo that follows everywhere you go. Everyone who sees Trinket swears he’s more than half wolf, but Vex in turn swears that she hasn’t the faintest idea what they’re on about.

Percy would be the resident Quartermaster, coming up with all the new, exciting, and fun ways to kill. He probably definitely takes a bit too much glee in his work, especially considering that, unlike other quartermasters, he makes a point to test all his weapons and gadgets personally. If asked, his favorite invention would likely be his Cabal’s Ruin, a cloak designed to gradually pick up and store static electricity until such a time as one chooses to expend it.

Tiberius Stormwind was a fantastic alchemist and scientist from Draconia, always eager to try out his latest combustible concoction on some hapless foe. When he received word that his homeland was on the brink of civil war, he immediately departed to lend what aid he could. Sadly, that was the last time any of the Order saw him alive.

Grog is the head of the Bruisers. Reluctant to join with others whose goals don’t immediately align with his own, but once the Twins prove themselves capable in a proper fight, he starts to warm up to the Order.

Scanlan is a master of information. Whatever tidbit you may need, he’s got it, for a small price, of course. Whether you need to know who’s meeting with whom, or need secret access to a certain nobleman’s home, or aid in escaping notice in an area, Scanlan Shorthalt is the man to know. Nobody’s quite sure if he actually is Burt Reynolds and/or The Meatman, or if he simply employs them, but either way, the three always seem to know exactly what’s going on in all quarters. But woe be unto those who cross any of them, else they may receive a visit from his friend, Bigby.

Recently, a third persona has appeared on Scanlan’s stage, that of Taryon Darrington, purportedly a noble son of some far-off house. Nobody’s quite sure where this noble house actually is, but given Taryon’s apparently inexhaustible wealth, few people look very deep into it.

Pike is the resident medic, eager to help, and often just as eager to call on her friends in very high places to smite those who harmed her charges in the first place. To everyone’s surprise, she already knew Grog from before her time in the Assassins, and when he learns that she’s working with the Order, he puts his entire force of thugs and strongarms at their disposal. After all, if Pike trusts them, that’s good enough for him.

For a time, Keyleth wasn’t any official part of the Assassin’s, she was merely Vax’s plant-loving heiress, and frequent intimate and confidante. He regularly told her all that he did for the Order, knowing that she would never spread the information any further. It wasn’t until Vex was attacked by a particularly rare and potent poison that Keyleth proved her worth. Having grown up with a deep love of all things flora, she quickly figured out what was ravaging Vex, and produced the proper method to purge it from her system. After that, she was made an honorary member of the Order, often supplying them with both poisons and cures to aid them.

Matthew Mercer is the head of the Order, the one who dictates who the Assassin’s target. He is shrouded in mystery, though, and few alive have seen his true face. If he ever shows himself to anyone, it’s typically in one guise or another, though he has some favored ones. Recently, however, rumors have begun to circulate within the Order that he also heads the currently most dangerous group to oppose the Assassin’s, the Chroma Conclave. Of course, such rumors are completely unfounded and utterly silly…

…. Right?


{Credit to @achievementtooth for many of these ideas, especially Vax, Vex, Pike, Keyleth, and Trinket}


[holy cow y’all idek what half of this means but it sounds awesome]

twoponch  asked:

What is the significance of 369? I know tesla was quite fixated on frequency and I'm curious as to if 369 corresponds to that or if it has other universal meanings.

I assume you are referring to the quote, “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.” I have talked to many other Tesla researchers, and they despise the internet assumption that Tesla ever said this, because there actually is no proof that Tesla ever said this. I myself have read nearly everything on Tesla and haven’t found a direct source to this quote. If anything, he may have said it to somebody, and then they said it later referring to him. I think maybe John Keely, or Walter Russell may have referred the 3-6-9 theory to Tesla (they were huge fans of Tesla a lived during his time).

There is an argument to this though… because Tesla *was* obsessed with the number 3, and I believe it was due to his OCD. Before entering a building he would often feel the urge to walk around the block three times and he would also estimate the mass of his meal and count his bites while eating. In his autobiography he says, “I counted the steps in my walks and calculated the cubical contents of soup plates, coffee cups and pieces of food – otherwise my meal was unenjoyable. All repeated acts or operations I performed had to be divisible by three and if I mist I felt impelled to do it all over again, even if it took hours.” He also always used 18 napkins at meals and never reused one.

So I guess what I’m saying is that there is still a chance that Tesla may have said this. The best explanation I have found that theorizes Tesla’s claim, which you might be referring to, was from an electrical forum I found online where many engineers praised one of the members, and would always go to her when they needed mechanical engineering questions answered. Her name was Zelina Zilano Zeiss Zane, and her comments have since been removed from the forum for some odd reason, but another member asked her if she could explain the magnificence of 3, 6 and 9 further, and what 3, 6 and 9 is to the relation of a Don Smith (an engineer who had figured out Tesla’s wireless power) setup

Zilano’s reply was, “Well, 3 6 9 are basically frequencies that are involved in evolution of matter of the longitudinal waves. They are in hertz low frequencies but being longitudinal they contain infinite energy. All our body and brain rely on these frequencies in resonance with that of the ambient or environment. Tesla came to know this secret when he made the tower for power. combinations of 3 6 9 makes other harmonics creating wealth of other frequencies as in a factorial expansion and combinations and permutations can be almost infinite providing frequencies which transform matter (matter is just atoms existing together in a binding force creating objects or life forms). Any combination using 3 6 9 can make u achieve the impossible. We are made up of 6 3 9 combination and we are energy, and we never die except we transform from one energy to another, and reborn again when energies combine. Death is not the end of us, we just transform into the elements we are made of; earth, air, water, fire and sky. That’s five elements that are actually energies at various frequencies. Longitudinal waves are the important factor to understand evolution of matter and things like transmutation of elements, birth, rebirth, and resonance and its effects. Not much matter available but a difference of 3 can make a difference. 3 coils generate resonance and useful power. 2 coils just induction. 6 coils like a Hubbard Coil Generator. I hope you get my point, and yes, caduceus and bifilar produce static field or electricity, which we utilize with spark to dynamic electricity or hot electricity.
“3- caduceus static vector
“6- ccw static vector
“9 -cw dynamic magnetic
"Vector can only be created with dynamic or magnetic. So 3 turns more than ccw here, that is 9. It’s complex but follow 369. We must have 3 as more magnetic in any combination 3 6 9. If 3 and 6 destroy magnetic, we have 9 to support as 9-6=3. That’s 3 magnetic and 6 vector. 3 vector inducing vector in 6-3=3 vector. So we have pure vector or static. Static is stored in a capacitor and spark makes it dynamic. It’s complex but the aim is to produce a pure vector. Wireless electricity, or dynamic choice is ours how tap this vector or static to dynamic use immediately or send without wires. Follow Tesla, he used voltage that is static electricity with low amps amps to make dynamic electricity. He charged cap in his radiant circuit and tapped power. Here we make use of high voltage and high frequency to accumulate static charge to charge capacitor.”

Hope this helps. It’s all I have. Thanks for the question!

For @heaven-bound-angel…it’s going to start right after reader has been taken, enjoy! Only warning is some unsub taunting.

The shrill chirping of a phone rang throughout the nearly deserted police station. The only people in there were Rossi and his team and the chief of police with a few of his officers. The only one missing really was Y/N, an agent of Hotchner’s.

“It’s a blocked number,” the chief stated.
Derek looked at his boss. “Could be our guy.”

Hotch nodded to JJ, since she was the closest to the phone. She answered it, putting it on speaker. She made eye contact with the chief and gave a nod.

“This is Jackson County Chief of Police. Who is this?”
Static filled the room before there was a faint squeak. “B-Branson?” a shaky breath questioned.
Rossi’s eyes bugged. “Y/N, is that you?”
“David?” she paused before lazily speaking, “Dunno where I am.”
Leaning over the phone, he spoke, “Y/N, listen. You have to tell me what you see. Are you outside? Are you near a store?”
Static answered him for a few moments.
“She’s definitely inside,” a lower voice purred.

Every spine in the room shivered from that sound. The BAU shared looks of worry and shock before staring at the phone.

“Let her go,” Rossi growled.
The voice chuckled. “Hmm. I don’t think so, Mr. David Rossi.”
“That’s not-”
“Who I’m speaking to? Tsk, tsk. I know exactly who you and your little team are,” the voice seethed, “Do you think Branson could actually even come close to finding me? I know each and every one of you. Including your girlfriend.”
“What are you talking about?” Hotchner asked.
“Aaron Hotchner. Good to hear your voice. Did Dave not tell you? He and Y/N are…in love.”
“We will catch you,” Rossi stated venomously.
“Oh,” the voice hummed, “but will you make it in time?” There was a pause. “I admit, Y/N’s quite the girl. You picked well David. Such a shame I’ll have to kill her.”

Rossi lunged at the speaker phone. He held it close to his mouth as he threatened the unsub.

“If you harm her in any form, I promise I will watch you bleed out myself.”
“Looking forward to it,” the voice chimed once more.

The line went dead. Rossi’s jaw clenched as his grip tightened. Angrily, and with a yell, he threw the phone across the room. The rest of the team watched with mixed expressions as he left the room. Hotchner went into immediate action.

“Reid, see if you can find that call. JJ, help him anyway you can. Prentiss and Morgan, double check anyone on that list. We are wasting time that Y/N may not have.”

His team immediately got to work, Branson trying to offer any help he could. Aaron walked out of the room and into the hallway. He turned the corner to see Rossi sitting on a bench with his hand folded. He was shaking with anger and worry.

“How much of that was true?” Aaron asked bluntly.
“All of it,” he muttered disdainfully, “He knows us Hotch. All of us.”
The man nodded. “How long?”
“What?” Rossi asked while standing up.
“How long have you two been dating?”
He knit his brows. “Why is that important? Y/N is out there and we need to get her!”
“If we know how long then we’ll know how long they’ve been watching,” Hotch added firmly, “Now how long?”
“…18 months.”
Hotch nodded. He patted Rossi’s shoulder. “We’ll find her, David: alive.”

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Day 263 - Voltolos | ボルトロス| Thundurus (Therian Forme)

Lightning is churned from within Voltolos’ body. Using stored static electricity, it connects electron feelers to the ground to guide its bolts. When there is a powerful storm, that is Voltolos’ anger manifesting itself.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawing every single day.)

(642 / 721)

  • Glalie - Glalie-sired Cleffa tend to have an affinity for ice-type moves and handle cold environments better.  As such, they’re a favorite of Sinnoh region trainers, though their omnipresent scowl is something of a turn-off when it comes to contests.  
  • Plusle and Minun - Cleffa sired by Plusle are drawn to those sired by Minun.  They are extremely animated and friendly, but they demand constant attention and can be hard to handle for more mellow trainers.  They have a bad habit of stealing batteries and devouring the electricity inside, then storing up static and snuggling those around them.  
  • Marill - These Cleffa have soft and gentle features and are often used by younger trainers because of their cute appearance and their sweet dispositions.  They seem to have something of a resistance to water-type moves, and there have been reports of wild Marill-sired Cleffa bouncing along ponds and being mistaken for Azurill.
  • Cherrim - These Cleffa love the sun and can often be found basking outside during the day.  Their round ears and unique colorations make them a favorite of coordinators who really want to make an impression.  
  • Snubbull - Snubbull-bred Cleffa are excellent battlers with stronger physical aptitude than usual.  They’re the favorites of competitive battlers who favor brute force.  However, their gruff expression is considered cute by many collectors, older women especially.  
  • (shiny) Slurpuff - beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure

i got inspired by too-much-green’s super cool Chikorita variations based on their fathers, so i had to give it a go with my favorite babby pokemon :’D