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IS there any place where i can find the different kind of dresses in states history post independence

Hmm not a comprehensive book far as I know - haven’t come across one.  Usually costumes are a part of books on India/States - some of which may be briefly collated by websites.  It isn’t history as such, more like a static “this is the state’s costume”.

I do tag some of my posts on regional styles but I should probably collate them into a master post so its easier to see at a glance (if you explore the tag keep in mind that some of the posts are pre-Independence).

Sudhana said, “From how far away do you come?”

Maitreya said, “In the state where there is no coming, the state of bodhisattvas is the state of neither motion nor stasis, the state of no support or abode, the state of no passing away or rebirth, the state neither static nor transient, the state of no stirring or arising, the state of no concern or attachment, the state of no deeds or fruition, the state of no origination or destruction, the state of no annihilation or eternity. Furthermore, great compassion is the state of bodhisattvas, as they attend to sentient beings who can be guided; great kindness is the state of bodhisattvas, as they rescue suffering beings; discipline is the state of bodhisattvas, as they become reconstituted according to will; commitment is the state of bodhisattvas, based on past vows; spiritual power is the state of bodhisattvas, as they manifest all that is pleasant; nondoing is the state of bodhisattvas, as they do not leave the presence of all buddhas; neither grasping nor rejecting is the state of bodhisattvas, as they are not obsessed with body or mind; wisdom and means is the state of bodhisattvas, as they adapt to sentient beings; manifesting emanations is the state of bodhisattvas, their bodies being equivalent to reflected images.

Avatamsaka Sutra - 1499

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{ I can’t do this, Archer thought, his brain buzzing, his lungs starting to fold in on themselves. All of it felt like too much. Or maybe not enough. He didn’t know who he was, or he had been, or who he was going to be. All he had were his memories and his hope that his creations were perfect, necessary even. But he couldn’t follow them around. He couldn’t be spotted. Instead he was living in a static state. Moving he could do, but he wasn’t actually doing anywhere. So he stopped moving, for once, and crouched by a tree in the park. A moment of silence, he thought, a moment of reflection, of peace, of something. He needed something. }

naruhina; bloom (ii)

rating: k+
a/n: chapter 2 done! i know i said this would be around 5 chapters only but ideas keep coming and now i’m not sure anymore lol. anyway, enjoy!
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*“Ronin” is a japanese term to define a wanderer.



The faint crackling of a burning fire buzzed through his ears, strong enough to stir him awake from what had felt like an eternal slumber. A welcoming warmth traced the features of his face like a lover’s gentle touch. He heard himself groan aloud as his eyelids fluttered, his vision slowly altered from the pitch darkness he had been kept in to a cloudy imagery of vague cracks decorating the stone ceiling he faced.

Where… am I?

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