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You never shared your thoughts on the Static Shock film idea I sent you.

I’ve never really read a Static Shock comic or seen his character live action so my opinion isn’t that well formed on the matter. I’d probably rather see a Jaime Reyes / Blue Beetle origin story with Lex Luthor as some kind of antagonist pulling strings and Ted Cord being his mentor. Maybe even a lil Booster Gold and Teen Titans on the side, idk.


I agree with #Oscarsissowhite but if Jada and her family are going to be talking about representation. Then why isn’t she other black actors talking about representation in black hollywood. From what I’ve seen we have the same light skinned black actors starring in the same type of movies and constantly being recycled. I seem to be the only person who has a problem with Will Smith being casted as the doctor in the movie Concussion. He looks nothing like the actual doctor, who is dark skinned and shorter than he is.  As well as his son Jaden being rumored to be in a live action of Static Shock, when again that character is dark skinned. We talk about how representation is important to not only the black community and other poc communities but we often settle for the lighter/ mixed people in the entertainment industry.


New trailer of Static Shock Fan Film!


Hey guys Been awhile since i last posted about My Static Film its going well and will be Premiering Next Month! in the mean time check out this Preview of the potential last poster and the Cover that happened to be just like it didn’t even know this cover existed until after i came up with the poster idea. My idea for this being the final release poster is that i need to show it as Virgil, Becoming Static, In my film episode 1 “Origin” Its exactly that we see him become Static not really him as Static Right off the bat 


We are almost ready to premiere there is just one final scene to edit and score if we arn’t done by the 5th then expect it it to be up by the 10th. We thanks you all for al of ur dedication and support over this past year :) so heres a  sweet trailer to start off 2013 and get yall pumped lets see how many views this its b4 the Premiere! ;)

Character 101: Static

When DC launched the New 52, Static got his own solo title. The comic Static Shock was cancelled after only 8 issues (f*cking lame).

The final episode of the animated show “Static Shock” aired May 22, 2004 after a four season run. (Good f*cking show)

Static also appeared in the animated show “Young Justice: Invasion” as one of the run away kids kidnapped and experimented on by the Reach. This show, do to very poor handling on Cartoon Networks behave, was cancelled after the second season. (F*cking lame as sh*t)

It is rumored but not confirmed that Jaden Smith is being eyed to play Static in a live action adaptation of Static Shock. (I’ll do more research and see if I find something else on this)

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Why a Live Action Static Movie or Tv show would be awesome Part 2 of 3

The Heroic Presence. You could take his Spider-Man like qualities of his personality, even his story while still taking advantage of the fact that hes a dc character. Hes still young so hes still working on his Heroic type status but maybe he acts like batman sometimes sneaking around using the shadows before the bad guys see him, then he shows up and hes like just kidding and starts cracking jokes like the flash. Basically in the process of working on his own style hed have fun with it and act like other heros he looks up to. Taking advantage of the fact that hes not a known hero quite yet. Then you also get to notice the unique ness of this character and how he deals with criminals and bad guys. And his interaction with the citizens and normal people yea he loves the line light and hams it hup sometimes but hes not as arrogant or cocky as flash or iron man hes there to help and u can see that in the little things he does for people.

So last night

I and my brilliant co-writer aka my mother cuz shes a nerd and writer don’t judge :P we both just sat down and re wrote one of my scenes and then we did the all important work of planing out what the new bangbaby will be and how he works and how to beat him. We decided to go very smart with this and spent time looking up all type of scientific stuff and im am very happy with what we got :) and so will yall. Now we just gotta choreograph the fight finish the first costume and be read to film im super excited!