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afurogunsou  asked:

Is that Phil Lamar in the static electrogenesis post?

Indeed he is. From the team FB page:

“During the Dwayne McDuffie Award panel at an exciting promo weekend in Long Beach Comic Con, our team ran into the one and only Phil LaMarr (voice of Static Shock/Virgil Hawkins in the animated WB series).”

Electrogenesis (2015) #StaticShock Fan Film


New trailer of Static Shock Fan Film!


Lil Something Something Enjoy share do what ever


Static Shock Fan Film trailer


Link to video —>(

Hello and Welcome Back Friends and fans alike!. We here at Yvz Productions have been Working on the preproduction stages of a second and third Episode for you all to enjoy we don’t wanna spoil to much of the story as its still being written and casted but just to give you an Idea we have a Titan stepping into this DC Universe I have created. And so yall can get to know a lil about who is playing our Raven we did an interview enjoy :)