#Pro tip: don’t fall in love with dead fandoms.

All you get is tears and old fan fics that haven’t updated since 2003.

Yes that’s Virgil Hawkins in pigtails, it’s a dread fandom I can do as I please!

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Hello :) I'm currently really loving 'Worthy of Thine Heart', but i'm not familiar with 'Static Shock', is it another DC comic?

Static Shock is a Milestone Comic, which is published and distributed by DC. It’s probably most well known for being the sole black character in comics to have his own TV series. Worthy of Thine Heart is based of the animated series which deals with Virgil Hawkins, also known as the super hero Static, and his work in protecting his city, Dakota with the help of his best friend later turned hero, Richie Foley AKA Gear. All while dealing with specific problems like gang violence, racism, loss of a parent, high school, and more.

It’s honestly my most favorite animated TV series by DC and 4 seasons long along with being one of my most favorite characters. There’s been talks of making it a live action for the past 2 years but nothing has really come from it.

If you’d like to watch the episodes they’re at http://kisscartoon.me/Cartoon/Static-Shock.

As for the comics, there are a few comics that kind of summarize his original comic line and there is the New 52 run he had for about 8 issues which honestly i didn’t like all that much. I haven’t been able to read the whole original Static Shock run or find it anywhere unfortunately. If you’d like to see gifs, pics and the like you could also check out the side blog I have for the show. http://staticshockyoursystem.tumblr.com/

I’m so glad you asked about this because I always take any chance I get to talk about Static XD


happy black history month ft black cartoon characters!
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As you may have heard, Warner Bros has announced an upcoming live action “Static Shock” series. As longtime fans of the late Dwayne McDuffie’s writing and characters, this is overwhelmingly exciting news. The first thought on my mind is who will be our new Virgil Hawkins.

I’m rooting for Tony Ray. I hope he can at least get an audition. Tony is an actor and costumer, and an avid Static fan for many years. Playing Static in this series is his dream. He would bring a love of the work and a dedication to the role that few could match. If you’d like to see him get a shot, feel free to share these images with the tag #TonyRayIsStatic on any social media site you like. It’s early days and anything is possible, so we’re gonna dream big.
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did..... did you just imply a black actor is not black enough to play Static? WOW.

lmao what a reeeeaaaacccccchhh

No, I said what I said. It has nothing to do with Jaden Smiths “level of Blackness” (whatever that means) but the fact that brands like Marvel and DC constantly cast light(er) skinned actors and actresses to play originally drawn dark(er) skinned characters. With this casting it is very blatant that they did not want a dark skinned actor to play Virgil/Static Shock who is clearly dark. Colorism is a big problem in Hollywood but its ridiculous when characters that obviously look one way are deliberately portrayed in another.

Its super lazy casting cause I’m sure they just thought “Whose a relevant black kid with dreads that we can have play this role” and Jaden was the first to come to mind. As if there aren’t millions of dark skinned black boys with dreads (or that can get fake ones done) that they could cast.

Virgil/Static Shock looks like this

Jaden Smith looks like this

I mean, if they wanted a “somewhat” relevant or known black kid with dreads to play this part they could’ve EASILY gone with Leon Thomas III (Andre form Victorious) 



all he’d have to do to complete the look is dye his hair black.

I really have nothing against Jaden but colorism is a huge (and extremely annoying) issue that has been going on in Hollywood for waaaaaayyyyyy too long