static mcdrawsome

earlier today i was pondering the potential of if rythian was a scientist and lalna was purely a mage and how i could do like…character type swaps like that. it was fun to think about and i decided i needed to draw them but someone already did enderscientist rythian and it looks really good! so i got inspired and while i waited for my virus scan to finish i drew this up super quick

when the king is away the lovely princess kenny is tended to her by her favorite (and only) maidservant, the lady marjorine


self indulgent semi realistic pokemon doodles because it’s been a while

used lots of references but by far my favorite is the noctowl. he just looks so fucking done. all captioned with the animals i used as references.

when sips and sjin started talking about samurai in the new dirt factory and they mentioned the ‘fighting with sheathes’ trope i got really hyped because that is one of my favorite tropes from those types of movies and that hype lead to me drawing sips and sjin as samurai. the end

i started doodling this the other day because duncan freaking out about trying to figure out the tinkering mod stuff while lewis told him to calm down and eat potatos was really funny to me, and then today i came home to a request for xephna in my inbox so i decided to finish it because hey this kind of counts right