static life

The problem isn’t the river; the river flows, it changes, it does what rivers do. The problem is that we expect the river to be solid ground. We swim against the current and wonder why we’re exhausted. We demand that life be static and knowable. But that is not the nature of this life. In fact, nothing in nature is the same one day to the next. The only things that don’t grow, that don’t change, are already dead, and even they are busy becoming something new. 

172-VOLBUN [Volt-Bunny]
-The Static pokemon
-Ability: Static - Vital Spirit(HA)
-Dex: “With almost 2/3 of its body weight being only fur, this pokemon spends most of its life gathering static energy as it hops around. You may know one is nearby as the hair on your body will start to rise up.”
    -Cotton Guard
    -Thunder wave

–>Evolves with max. friendship<–

025-LEPOX [Lepus-Box]
-The Electrified Pokemon
-Ability:  Static - Vital Spirit(HA)
-Dex: “This energetic pokemon is very sociable and will spend most of its time tossing around with its mates, accumulating energy on its long fur. LEPOX are known for the "boxing Matches” that seems to occur among them, used as a way to release saved up energy when it becomes too much.“
    -Thunder Punch
    -Jump Kick

–>Evolves with a thunderstone<–

026-THUNDARE [Thunder-Hare-Daring]
-The Supercharged Pokemon
-Ability: Lighting Rod - Heroic Spirit*(HA)
-Dex: "This pokemon lives alone yet it will always remain nearby where wild VOLBUN and LEPOX live together, looking out for them when they need help. This noble behavior doesn’t stops there, if it hears a pokemon, or even a human in peril, it will jump on its aid immediately.”
-Sig. Move: Lightning Kick “The user launches a kick that lands a critical hit more easily. This may also leave the target paralyzed”
   Type: Electric
   PP: 10 (max 16)
   Power: 85
   Accuracy: 90%
    -Wild Charge
    -High Jump Kick

*This pokemon can’t be put to sleep and its attack cannot be lowered.

Self Care Package: Pisces

1. We all have auric fields of protection, the same way our skin protects our bones and organs. But yours is dissoluble and leaky, and therefore any circulating psychic, emotional, and unseen undercurrents can be immediately soaked up. These emotional waves can be scary, uncontrollable, and intense, but you can’t fight them, the same way you know how to heal others comes through the torment of becoming intimate with their pain and suffering. You are a divine healer because you know the darkness so profoundly. Ride these emotional experiences like waves, they form and constantly break on the shore, and you can do the same, let the tide carry you away while you kick your feet up and float. Don’t be resistant or reactive, be responsive and mindful

2. It’s okay that you feel tired. Not only do you have your own emotional complexes and spiritual needs but also the pressure of other people’s unresolved anguish swirling in you. People are exhausting to you, you are sensitive, and the senses, noise, and madness in the world can turn to static for you. Daily life is naturally more exhaustive than it is for other people because you are so sensitive and susceptible. Take the time to sleep and regenerate your body. It’s awfully tired, there is so much universe contained in your body it could almost break at the seems. Let it rest

3. It is important for you to protect your vital forces and spiritual body. Your nature is naturally wise, kind, and inviting. Your healing and regenerative rays reveal themselves to darker types, and they can be attracted to your light. This can lead you vulnerable to betrayal, maltreatment, and becoming taken advantage of. They don’t seek you out because you are weak, they seek you out because you are strong and they want to extract this energy. Listen to your intuition about people, it’s okay to help those you feel have been broken, but you must be alert to those who will bring harm. It’s fine to say ‘no’ and ignore a cry for help if your intuition is steering you away


Let's talk...

…about Lincoln Campbell in the Framework. His appearance is a distinct possibility. Madame Hydra had full reign over this digital plane, and obviously being dead does not affect your health in the Framework. How many dead characters have there been? Ward, Burrows, Bakshi, Hope, MY MAN TRIP, and even Radcliffe are all physically dead. Its not hard to imagine Lincoln coming into the Framework.

Additionally, it would be a FANTASTIC plot device. Did you see Daisy’s face when Madame Hydra offered to bring back her loved one in return for cooperation? It was shock, and grief, and guilt, you could see her reliving it all over again. And let’s also notice the fact she didn’t actually turn the offer down. She changed the subject. Eventually, the team is going to have to leave the Framework. It’s going to be HEART-WRENCHINGLY difficult as is to watch Mack part from Hope, and the team part from Trip. Losing Lincoln again would shred Daisy even more than it already has. She’s so strong, and that doesn’t mean his death didn’t hurt like hell.

The problem it’s a little easier for Daisy to leave the Framework knowing that Lincoln is dead inside too. He was the first person she thought of, the first person she searched for. Returning to the real world is just as painful when it comes to Lincoln.

Here’s the issue. If Daisy has to leave the Framework with the possibility of seeing Lincoln again, but never reuniting with him, it will be easier for her to leave. But if Madame Hydra takes matters into her own hands and resurrects Lincoln regardless whether Daisy has agreed to be subservient, then she has total control over Daisy. She could do anything she wants to Lincoln, any torture, any punishment. Do you think Daisy would be able to stand by and watch that happen? Do you think, when they eventually leave the Framework, that she would be able to make the choice of leaving him to die again?