static cloud

Growing up

Kisses are like velvet hammers with
Sticky sensual emotions attached,
A mingling of symbolism and connection which those
Emotions never came easy to me.
I learned by watching
Never talking
Just watching and repeating social skills
Because I’ve found that
I’m stalwartly apathetic to all
Empathy and sympathy, it’s
Just static clouding up a conversation to me,
And as I’ve discovered
People always talk with emotions
And seldom stray away into the unknown and strange
That I am.


“How’s it going?”

“Great, just finished up. I should be heading back tomorrow.”

“We miss you here.” Sam says as Dean appears behind his shoulder.

“Don’t forget to bring home some pie.”

You laugh. “I won’t, don’t worry.”

“Hey, who’s there with you?”

Your smile freezes. “There’s no one else here.”

Dean frowns as he leans in closer to the screen. “He’s right there, behind you-”

Before you can turn, something grabs you and tosses you across the room. The table on which your laptop had sat, overturns and crashes to the floor. The boys can only see the floor as the laptop lies sideways.

“Y/N?!” Dean yells. The screen clouds with static, then clears up. “Sam, do something!”

“I can’t, I-” The boys watch in horror as you crawl into view, your face bloodied as you drag yourself toward the laptop. A dark shadow follows from behind and slams the laptop shut. The connection lost, the screen goes black.

Pairing: Levi/Hange

Show: SnK/ACWNR (set shortly after Isabelle and Farlan’s death)


She feels guilty, almost, for seeing him like this and for a moment she considers walking away, leaving him be, and then the thunder booms beyond his shutters and the wood rattles and Levi fists the bed clothes hard enough to tear the fabric and she’s knocking on the door before she can tell herself not to.

So, this is my Levihan Secret Santa gift for @levihanweek and it’s going to the wonderful @jaywarriorjackedwolf! Merry Christmas lovely, and I hope you enjoy!! 

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