static cat


└ When we know who’s our real ‘fraidy-baby~ Oh Jun… (^_^)

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 25.02.2017

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Beautiful kitty and kick ass design sketches.

possible friends for hobo and glunkus:
- bean: a hairless lump of a cat, with no bones for optimal warm cuddling.
- static: a gray cat that flickers slightly on the screen but never seems to move. she remembers everything.
- cedar: a friendly tabby. he has no face, but nobody’s perfect.
- apollo: a golden cat with one huge eye. you love this cat and will bring him anything he asks for. he is your favorite, favorite cat.
- maggie: a mass of multicolored fur, paws, and mouths that rolls lazily around your yard. she was definitely smaller the last time you saw her.
- pete: a little standoffish and always dripping acidic pink slime.