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This applies to all ships around the world. Fictional or real life. I don’t need anymore hate on my blog.

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PSA to the anons in my inbox

This is a HATE-FREE BLOG. 

Please do not send me nasty messages about my liking a certain character or being a fan of a certain ship. They are my opinions and this is my blog, and if you don’t like it, there’s the door. Don’t let it hit you on the way out. I LOVE interacting with my followers and my inbox will remain open to anons, but my threshold for handling hateful messages is wearing out.

If you don’t like a character or a ship, fine. Put it in the ‘anti’ tag of whatever it is you don’t like and talk about it with people who share your interests. Please don’t come to me and my ships tag and attack who we are because you feel that I/we support whatever it is YOU took from watching that character. I do not use any ‘anti’ tags on my blog because I personally find it childish to express my opinions that way. There is no need for me to tell others I hate something. Many of my followers picked up on the fact that I wasn’t a fan of Laurel Lance on Arrow simply by the fact that I didn’t post anything about her. There was no hatred, no berating of the writers or Laurel Lance fans (who are much nicer than some people give them credit for btw). If someone wanted to know my opinion about something they weren’t sure I was a fan of or not, they asked me and I would respond politely. No muss, no fuss.

People, these shows do not tell you how you think. They are not the manuals for our lives. They are entertainment. We are adults (most of us, and even so we are all capable individuals) and we can form our own opinions about things and not freak out when a show does something we don’t like. I listen to rap music. But I do not advocate the lifestyle typically associated with that genre because I AM A GROWN UP AND HAVE FORMED MY OWN OPINIONS. I don’t send hate mail to radio stations that play those songs and accuse them of advocating for those values. That would ridiculous and stupid. These shows are not real, they are a fantasy and not worth getting so worked up over that you feel the need to send something to someone else that makes them want to cry. 

I just got into an amazing new show that I’ve been wanting to see for while, and I fell in love with a pairing on the show, not realizing that it came with a minefield of a Tumblr tag. I was all happy, full of that butterflies in the chest thing new shippers get (all you veteran shippers know exactly what I’m talking about), and was swiftly slammed back to Earth reading all the hate that filled my feed and inbox. Now when I watch the show, all I can do is dread the crap I’m going to have to drudge through when I post something happy or positive. Just…please stop. It sucks, and no one deserves it. 

This got a little long, but I just wanted to say this for the record. Hate will not be tolerated on this blog. This world is awful enough, there is no need for it here. Please be respectful and courteous and remember that behind every blog there is a person with feelings. <3


cs + lyrics  [5/∞]

I’m hoping you could save me now but you break and fold;
You’ve got a fire inside but your heart’s so cold.
↳ Haunting // Halsey

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  • Friend: hey! What're you reading
  • Me: *still blushing, hastily exits tab*, you know....stuff
  • Friend: can I see
  • Me: *screaming internally* nah, it really isn't everyone's genre...
  • Friend: you were reading smutty fanfiction weren't you
  • Me: *ashamed but not ashamed*
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Now that the fall shows have returned and premiered, I feel that it was time to do another follow spree. If you post one of these listed below, like, reblog or follow me and I’ll check out your page.

- Agents of SHIELD
- FitzSimmons (I ship them so hard it can’t be healthy. It is not healthy.)
- Daisy/Lincoln (I think their ship name StaticQuake)
- Arrow
- Olicity (I ship them the second hardest)
- The Flash
- WestAllen (shipped the third hardest)
- Legends of Tomorrow
- Chicago Fire/Chicago PD/Chicago Med
- Dawsey
- Linstead
- Blindspot
- Once Upon a Time
- CaptainSwan
If I think of more, I’ll add the names/tags when I have time.