static banners


Any (1) of the below is $10  (2 for $19, 3 for $28)

  • Theme background or computer wallpaper
  • 1000 icons (with or without psd)
  • 200 gif icons (without psd)
  • 100 gif icons/ gifs (with psd)
  • 350 gifs cropped into gif icons (no psd)
  • 1 ad up to four panels (+$5 for gif)
  • 1 tumblr header + tumblr icon (with psd) 
  • 1 online & 1 offline graphic (+5 for gif)
  • 25 text banners (static)
  • 2 episodes or 1 movie screencapped (not sorted, just capped and delivered) – +$2.50 per episode for sorting out the faceclaim, +$5 for movies.
  • 2 aesthetics (template will vary on inspiration)
  • 1 manipulation (gif set or static image) of two characters 
  • Icon or gif hunt (hollow-art, tumblr all the way back, insanejournal etc. – removal of all duplicates, b/w, color edited, etc. –> minimum 500 icons or gifs; less than that I’ll make the difference or do it free of charge)

Any psd made for use with the icons / gifs that you request will not be used for anyone else and you will, of course, receive a copy of it for yourself to use in any future icons you might make for yourself etc.  On that note as well, if you have icons and a psd already made that you would like applied to the icons, I am happy to do so free of charge, always!  If there is something else, graphic wise, that you would like please always feel free to toss the idea / request into my submit box or my im, or my sk.ype which is pennyinpocket – just please let me know who you are!  [[ commission info ]] 

If you would like to request something, please fill out THIS FORM and drop it into my SUBMIT box and I will get back to you asap to let you know that I’ve received it and clarify anything that I might need to.  For edits / manipulations / making a new psd for icons etc I will get a couple loose ideas together and see which you prefer (might happen a few times just to be sure I’m on the right track!) and always, of course, feel free to tell me anything at all that you’d like changed.  When I am finished with your commission I will show you the final example (watermarked) and upon receipt of payment via my PayPal I will drop the files into mediafire, 4shared, dropbox, email, whatever works best for you.    [[ please note that repeat customers are eligible for either a 10% discount on edits or an additional 10% in the number of icons or gifs. ]]  How long will it take me to get to your commission? Hopefully not long at all, but if you’d like to see what the wait list looks like, check that out here!

               Kaichu’s Two-Year Bias List & Giveaway

YOOOOOO OH MY GOSH can you guys believe you’ve been following me and all of my account shenanigans for TWO YEARS?! Okay, well not all of you have, but in all honesty, many of you have stuck around for the long-haul, following all of my new accounts, dealing with the fact that i’m indecisive af, somehow being interested in all 27 of my muses??? And that’s why, for my Anniversary, which was on Christmas Eve, I wanted to do a special Giveaway and Bias List for ALL of my accounts rather than picking the one with the most followers. Yes, that includes you, SU fandom!

Let’s get to the giveaway first, because the bias list WILL be long!

Rules of the Giveaway:


  • First Prize: The above pictured Shiny Vuplix + your choice of: an icon PSD, a promo image (gif or static), or a dash banner.
  • Second Prize: Second choice of an icon PSD, a promo image (static), or a dash banner. (In other words, you may choose from what first place did not pick.)
  • Third Prize: I love you, but whatever’s leftover!

So with that out of the way, click the readmore for my bias list, of shityear2016!

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a.k.a rip me.
holy cats, y’all! i am not worthy of you people! this blog started out as a maybe and turned into my pride and joy, and now there’s so many people following me and i just?? don’t get it, why are you all here, omg. so, since i am too much of an anxious shit to write up a follow forever, i’m just gonna do a SMALL GIVEAWAY for you guys. first, though, a couple people who have made my existence here amazing:


and now on to the main event!


  ✗  must be following me. please don’t follow and then unfollow after the
      giveaway is over, that’s a dick move.
 ✗  likes and reblogs count, but don’t spam your followers, y’all.
 ✗  giveaway ends tuesday 9/15 at 6pm pacific time.
 ✗  there will be three winners.


 ✗  FIRST PRIZE - promo banner, 100 static icons of your choice of fc, and
     15 gif icons of the same.
 ✗  SECOND PRIZE - 50 static icons of your choice of fc and 10 gif icons of
     the same.
 ✗  THIRD PRIZE - 25 static icons of your choice of fc.

examples of promo banners: x
examples of icons: