Listening to a documentary on msnbc NBCnews about Stateville Correctional Center in Joliet, Illinois. Actually, it’s located outside of city limits, but close enough.

This documentary talks about Stateville’s reputation for violence, gang and drug activity. It goes on to mention that some of Chicago’s, nay, Illinois’s, nay, the country’s most violent offenders have been housed there. John Wayne Gacy was executed there in…1994, I think.

Fun fact,, which surely won’t be mentioned in this documentary: The high school I graduated from is, oh, about a mile up the road. We had bars on our windows. We had lockdowns, when the prisoners would riot, or god forbid, escape, before Columbine was an inkling to those boys.

The most fun fact of all? The city-sanctioned, very well-known haunted house (named after said correctional facility) was in a cornfield across the street from the prison.