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i started knitting this scarf a while back and now i’m down to the last bit of yarn. do you know of any websites that show how to continue with a new ball of yarn? i’m a novice and that’s one of many things i’ve yet to learn. p.s. this is sew cute!

I was starting to try and find you a website or something but i realized i could PROBABLY just explain it here?

If you need to join a new ball of yarn and are at the beginning of a row, wrong side or right side, You just starting knitting with that yarn as if it was already attached. Leave yourself at least 8 inches of tail on it, and you can pull on that (and eventually weave it in) so that it all evens out. But that’s the simple one. 

If you’re in the middle of the row, things get a little trickier, but not really. What you’ll do is overlap the yarn that’s attached to your knitting (the working yarn) with the new yarn, so that the working yarn travels towards the the ball of new yarn (if that makes sensen?) And then you knit 1 stitch with both of the strands together, then drop the OLD working yarn and continue knitting with the yarn attached to the ball. 

If this doesn’t make sense, I’ll try harder to find you a website with diagrams :)

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