stateside saison


Stateside Saison is billed as an “American Farmhouse Ale.” It is Belgian inspired and uses European malts and hops from New Zealand and the United States, and a classic farmhouse yeast. Sampled from a bottle the beer poured a hazy bright coppery gold with an average sized off white head. The head settled quickly and left wispy lacing. The nose has fruity (berries, citrus and orchard fruits) and earthy notes, along with malts, bread, florals, a little funk and spice(clove and others),and a light Belgian yeast. The flavour follows the nose and is equally complex, containing notes of fruits (lemon, orchard fruit), pepper, clove, Belgian yeast, honey, sweet malts, grains, grass, and a touch of tartness. The mouthfeel was medium. The carbonation was average to lively. The finish has a slight hop bitterness with a little earthy dryness. This is a complex but balanced saison. I really enjoyed this well crafted brew and wish they were easier to find north of the Border.
6.8% From Baltimore, Maryland

Stillwater’s Stateside Saison. A 3 of 4. Great on a warm day - nice lemony and grassy notes with a lot of carbonation. Very easy to drink and has enough sweetness to balance the surprisingly large amount of bitterness you get in the finish. The yeast is somewhat prominent - you get some interesting notes from it, as well as some spices. Very good saison - and very easy to drink.