I'm having an incredibly difficult time accepting the fact that I can't fix everyone, no matter how close we may be.

I’ve been in a constant state of panic since I woke up this morning, and I feel like this feeling is ruining my life and anchoring me to depression- it’s not in the least bit foreign to me.
I cannot fix everyone, I cannot expect everyone to suddenly be fixed after drastic and hurtful life changes just because it makes me uncomfortable and anxious. Everyone goes through their own shit, and handles it in their own way, even if it isn’t the most healthy or progressive, and I have to learn to accept that.
I need to focus more on myself and what personally makes me happy and occupied because whether it be my mom or anyone else, they aren’t going to be around forever or when I need them, and I have to learn to depend on myself.
I don’t know how to go about this or what to do, or even if I’ll ever get to the point of truly accepting that I can’t be everyone’s saviour, but I think this is a start. This can’t continue to be my life, I’m only hurting myself.

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-The Offspring
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-Fall Out Boy
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-Panic! At The Disco
-The 1975
-All Time Low
-Green Day
-State Champs
-Linkin Park
-Arctic Monkeys
-Sleeping With Sirens
-Foo Fighters
-Guns N’ Roses
-Mayday Parade
-The Cab
-My Chemical Romance
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-The Killers

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Why can’t people in the bandom accept that 5SOS is growing and evolving into their true sound. They are fucking friends with AND write with many of the bands in the bandom. Just because they toured with One Direction doesn’t mean they’re a boyband. Does Fall Out Boy touring with Wiz Khalifa make them rappers? Different types of bands can tour together and make something great but that doesn’t determine who they are as a band nor what music they create. If you would just listen to 5SOS and get to know them as people you’d see they’re cool guys who just want to play the music they want. They’re in the likes of their idols and favorite bands, why do you feel the need to tear them down? And if you’re mad they won over your band at the APMAs, its not their fault or your bands, you probably should’ve voted more. Shots fired.

(Disclaimer: I love most if not all of the band in the bandom so don’t start with me)

Dear parents... Me investing all of my time and energy into these bands is better than me investing all my time and energy into thinking of ways to affectively kill myself..

Please remember that I finally found something that makes me happy. That if I don’t have these bands and amazing people around me, I wouldn’t want to be here, much less alive. I found some temporary happiness and it is so much better than sitting in my room thinking of the pills in my bathroom cabinet.

In Trash We Trust - Part 3: Trash Fest VI Saturday

[Gloria Theatre, Helsinki, with a bit of Lord Of The Lost, too. Photo © Lilacviking.]

On Saturday, the next round starts with the British-based, multi-national Apollo’s Child. They are truly Trash Fest children: The band came into being after Finnish singer Jaakko Turunen ran into Night By Night/Sisters Of Mercy guitarist Ben Christo in 2010 at the Mama Trash All Star jam, and the two became friends. Their sound betrays many classic rock influences, ranging from The Cult to Queen, and Turunen has certainly heard one or two Whitesnake records in his life, while guitarist Daniele Panza seems to have graduated from the Eddie Van Halen school of rock. The songs that will make up their first album, among them the dark and moving “Bend”, are good, well-crafted and melancholy, though not mind-blowingly, fantastically great. However, they go down well with the crowd, but that might be also down to Turunen’s convincing showmanship.

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States Of Panic - One Of Us

This is really bloody good, a dude I used to work with is the lead singer, they’ve managed to score a slot at Download Festival on Sunday. Well done to the guys.

They sound kinda like Bullet For My Valentine mixed up with Black Veil Brides. So friggin catchy. Hope they go far.


I guess the good thing to come out of everyone’s salty ass posts about 5sos is that I know who to unfollow

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- all time low
- panic! at the disco
- fall out boy
- paramore
- Halsey
- twenty one pilots
- state champs
- my chemical romance
- a day to remember
- set it off
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