I begin this letter by, ironically, apologizing.  I am not the best writer, nor the best historian. I will do my best to convey the most accurate account possible, but know that I am, of course, biased and grieved. It has obviously deeply affected my state of mind, and every day I can barely bring myself out of the downward spiral of endless thought. Forgive me.

A lot of people might tell you that it was entertaining at first, amusing even. When it happened everyone didn’t really know how to react – but eventually we all figured out how.  Our melting pot of emotional reaction rapidly churned into a thick, hot rage that no one dared try to simmer.  We were united, all of us, for the first time in history.  But it was a slow start.

It was early September when it got there, right above one of the Galapagos Islands. A group of Spanish scientists were the lucky few to get the first look.  It was small, dark, swirling, and sporadic.  The media liked to say it was about a tenth the size of Rhode Island, which was not a very helpful benchmark for anyone not familiar with Rhode Island. It floated, or rather simply existed, 1.44 miles in the sky, and occasionally dropped down a few yards, much to everyone’s horror.  The color of it was like staring into a black sun; mosaic waves of darkness swirled around and sparked. It smelled strongly of ammonia and sulfur according to anyone who went close, and one scientist liked to say it felt like staring death in the face.

I can’t begin to describe to you all that happened in the first few days.  Scientists from every corner of the globe, every backwoods nation and fringe group, demanded access to the newest Ecuadorian landmark, whose government was not too willing to comply.  At first, select small teams were permitted admission, closely monitored by the Ecuadorians.  But when a U.S. carrier strike group shows up at your door, all international law and decorum goes out the window.

They figured out pretty fast what it was, a wormhole of some sort.  A very, very weak one. Helicopters and planes could fly within a couple hundred yards from it and only barely feel a pull.  That pull increased almost exponentially as anything went closer to it, as several birds were the unknowing producers of that knowledge. Electronic systems worked fine, and other than the small gravitational interruption, nothing was horribly wrong with the gigantic black blob in the sky.  Yet.

About a month or so after it had gotten there, when the media was just beginning to start covering anything else, a black cube the size of a truck spurted out from the center of the hole with incredible force, slowed down to terminal velocity, and then sunk into the South Pacific. Of course this was all captured on film; by now thousands of cameras and satellites were aimed at it, and a city of yachters had gathered beneath, despite the smell.  The whole world was shocked that the silent, putrid, black sun had actually done something other than suck up the occasional bird.  I was horrified. I thought we were going to be invaded.  That cube was not natural.  It wasn’t a meteorite or a speck of dust or anything you’d expect to be on the other end of the line. It implied, practically proved, that something intelligent was over there.  

People thought the box might be to communicate, that perhaps it was a sort of radio or beacon.  We soon found out what it was.  Before we even had time to get divers down there, it burst. Most of the blast was held in by the ocean’s depths but still a colossal geyser of water sprang up, almost touching the blob itself.  The explosion seemed nuclear, but we were assured it wasn’t.  Some sort of conventional explosives, several times stronger than any nuke we owned, had created the largest crater on Earth’s floor in the span of a second.  The waves flushed rapidly in every direction, toppling the yacht city and swamping the coasts of the islands. Hundreds died instantly.  

The fallout spawned itself in the form of rage and panic.  Were we being invaded?  What next horror would fall through the sky? How can we stop this thing, how can we turn it off?  The second question was soon answered, as a day later thousands more boxes fell through, each in succession, each various sizes.  A quarantine zone was declared, as everyone expected the worst.  But these cubes never exploded like their precursor.  They sank to the bottom, fell on top of each other, and slowly but surely piled up towards the surface.  

Weeks later, when the dilapidated pyramid of boxes had begun to pierce the waterline, whoever was in charge had concluded that the threat was low enough to send someone in to investigate.  The team that went in noted that the cubes were coarse to the touch despite the sea water, the edges were perfectly formed and sharp, and there were no markings to give any hint to their purpose.  Taking a box back with them to the continent, the collective effort to open it began. As time ticked down, pressure mounted.  Debate raged over whether it was wise to even open it at all. Pandora, Pandora, Pandora, rose the cries from the streets. But it wasn’t the people’s call to make.  The boxes were soon opened, the answer revealed, and the questions began.  

Garbage. Millions of boxes of garbage had been streaming from the black mass.  Information trickled in, but people begged for more. It was alien, from a civilized culture.  Bipeds, more advanced than us, larger, omnivores. It was amazing what we could tell from their trash.  It was an instant view into some other part of our universe.  When more boxes were opened we continued to learn.  But there were no photos, no paintings, no art or culture of any kind.  The clothing, or at least what we assumed to be clothing, was uniform and exact. Everything was bland, simple, and spartan.  Soon, discoveries became rarer and rarer, as the items became just copies of the ones found prior.  Finally, nothing new was opened; just a hundred or so items of compressed waste had formed their gift to us.

The pile on the other hand, had become a problem.  It, combined with the blast, had devastated most of the area’s ecology.  The boxes had also slowly bled a red slime, likely a coating of some sort, which had dyed the ocean for miles. All fish in the area were floating to the surface, dead and cancerous. The birds stopped flying anywhere near.  The tortoises crouched down in their shells and gave in.  The Galapagos were dead.

It didn’t stop. The dye and waste had slowly began to affect every drop of water on Earth. There was no one who did not feel its terror. It was biological, ecological, and psychological warfare.  It was an unending barrage of terror.  It was death.

So I hope this letter reaches you, whoever you are, and I hope you learn how to comprehend it. You have destroyed our planet. You have defied our attempts at reconciliation and communication, and you have been a brutal, silent antagonist for too long. It is time for you to understand. My letter to you is just one part of the millions to be sent through the rabbit hole tomorrow.  Know that it is just a fraction of what you have sent us.

Empire State of Mind - Chapter Seven

Description: Ian Gallagher, son of the President of the United States Clayton Gallagher, wants to go off to university with reduced security. He wins the argument – or so he thinks. Mickey Milkovich, the youngest agent in the Secret Service’s employ, is tasked to go undercover as Ian’s roommate in order to keep him safe. But all bets are off when he finds out Ian’s secret.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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Ian’s eyes drooped in History. The professor had inexplicably decided that the second class was the best possible time to go through the entirety of countries under the British Empire during colonization. About ten countries in, Ian had realized he could Google the answer and started doodling pictures in the margin of his notebook.

           Behind him, several boys were whispering about him. He caught snippets of the conversation from the usual bullshit about him being a bastard to general comments against his father’s presidency. Nothing he disagreed with, but he kinda wished that people could find something better to talk about. Something wet hit the back of his head and he brushed off the spitball between his fingers.

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What to do when you feel you should be doing everything differently? With my current state of mind and everything I do. I feel like I'm faking my life. I don't know what I really want to do, I just know what I don't want to do.

That fake-ness that you’re seeing is what I call ego. It is you being fake, not being true to yourself. The fake stands in contrast to the real you. You see it, most don’t. Seeing and being aware of the fake you eliminate it and don’t participate in the fake anymore and you make space for something new to come in. What that’ll be, you cannot see right now because you haven’t gotten there yet. Just clear the space for it is all you’ll have to do. Try to sense and get the experience of being supported in all you do when you act from your guide, your chest or what is called your heart. That space is you, your center, your true self, pay attention to and protect that space and let it guide you. It is how you get in touch with your connection to life, to all and it will not lead you astray.

I hope this helps.


Virgo Chinese Horoscopes

Virgo Daily-Today’s Chinese Horoscope

What do you want in a sweetheart? You could shock friends and suddenly decide to drop a current love interest. Don’t accept someone who doesn’t adore you. Stressful situations can be approached as challenges containing hidden opportunities. The cosmic energy enhances your artistic flair and appreciation of good things.

Virgo Today : Chinese = 94% | State of Mind = 78% | Inspiration = 99%

Virgo Daily-Yesterday’s Chinese Horoscope

You will find a way to benefit even from difficult situations. Sometimes a roadblock is the beginning of a better way of doing things. Don’t take thoughtless comments personally today. A need to feel close can be thwarted by someone’s self-assertive, demanding qualities. Relax and enjoy yourself tonight.

Virgo Daily-Tomorrow’s Chinese Horoscope

This can be a happy day, but emotional storms may be on the horizon. A calm manner and careful listening work better than sulking or displays of temper, especially in a romantic relationship. Don’t assume your sweetheart can read your mind. Do something fun with people you like best.

Virgo Weekly Chinese Horoscope

This is a powerful week for you to make any new start. You’ll have both self-confidence and a strong ambition to succeed. Networking and research will help you find important resources you need. Be smart about the way you spend money. You could be tempted to make an impulsive purchase you’ll regret later. Do what you can to work cooperatively with others. Don’t micromanage. You can get more done if you delegate and ask for help.

Virgo Monthly Chinese Horoscope

The line that separates different definitions is actually thin. Start with the things you can agree on. It makes getting along in your important relationships more stress free. It is too easy to hear and feel things that aren’t there if you’re looking for romance in August. This isn’t the time to go in too many directions or spend workdays with eyes focused elsewhere. You have to keep on top of things in the 30 days following the New Moon. Use the period wisely and keep your mind on current tasks. There are future rewards for paying attention to details.

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Have you ever had times where you felt like you would never lose the weight

Of course! But you just have to keep going. You’ll never make it to your goal with that state of mind. You have to be determined to lose that weight! 💖

I wanted to apologize to the ones that were in my stream yesterday when I ended it so abruptly and in such a depressing way.

I’m not in the best state of mind but I am going to some… Pre-psychologist on Tuesday and then she’ll forward me to one if she thinks it’s needed.

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It's amazing how deep you've pulled me along with what seems like so many readers into this story and how well developed it all is <3 I can't wait to see how Lexa and Octavia work together and lean on eachother to pull the other two back into a better state of mind and support them. Can't wait to (hopefully) see all four of them in a cuddling/healing pile. OH! Ficlet request now that I think about it! One by one they get on the couch after exhausting day at work, who gets hungry first? -Pun Anon

Hey Pun Anon! I started this the other day and then accidentally restarted my laptop and lost it… hopefully I can remember most of it. I think a lot of us could use some fluff right now.

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I just watched "150331 Rap Monster's Log" (which was quite interesting and insightful into his state of mind) and he already started working on his 2nd mixtape immediately after the 1st one's release. I didn't know that till now.

I would recommend everyone to watch logs, it really give s nice insight into who these boys are and the way they think. and nice, I didn’t catch that, man he’s been working on it for so long, I’m sure he is going to touch some very sensitive topics in this mixtape as well

A dream within a dream

There was peace in Kyrian’s mind and hearts. The steady come and go of day and night calmed him down. The ground under his body, the wind on his skin, it was all wonderfully peaceful. Soothing. Perfect. He had forgotten what peace was and now rediscovering it almost brought him to tears.

In his dream like state his mind wandered. It wandered all the way back to the first face this face ever saw, all the way back to Rose and Donna, to Jack. Oh Jack…

Another Jack came back to his mind. Painful and disturbing memories, yet nonetheless… soothing as well. To submit. To not care, not matter… no musts, no nothing. Just the will of the master.

Kyrian’s mind wandered further and soon lingered with Caliban. Beloved, wonderful Caliban. And as his mind wrapped around the story and the bond they shared, the connection grew.

Soon he realized that he could barely feel the ground under his body anymore. Instead there was… something warm surrounding him. A house? A TARDIS? Maybe… He wasn’t sure. What he knew was that Caliban was close. Very close. Was that possible? Could he reach him? No… this was a different Caliban. Younger. Angry, yes. A Caliban without… a Kyrian. What an abomination.

Kyrian himself knew how to pretend. He knew it very well. So when he forced his ind through time itself to invade Caliban’s dreams, he tried hard, very hard to disguise what he felt, when he was and especially… how old he was. For all Caliban knew, this Kyrian was a much younger man.

dreams unwind, love's a state of mind

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by holtzbabe

Holtzmann loves music. Her tastes are just as eclectic as she is: 80s pop, classic rock, hip hop in a language that sounds Scandinavian, movie soundtracks, death metal (for two months straight after they caught their first ghost at the concert), and just about everything else under the sun. She loves it all. The second floor lab is always alive with music, and the louder it is the more delicate the project being worked on. It’s endearing. It’s annoying. It’s Holtzmann.

She loves singing, too, but only the most special individuals are allowed to hear that.

Words: 1112, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Omg the new chapter of Stay was a punch in the gut! Everything was going so well and then... I love all the insights you gave of Nat's state of mind, about her fear and excitement for her new relationship and the pain amd doubt after discovering Steve's situation, it makes her so human. And now with that end... Things are not gonna get better soon, right? As always great job, you are the best

Unfortunately, we have a rough couple chapters ahead of us, but I promise it gets better.  It is just gonna take a little time.  And thank you so much!  If it’s not as painful as it possibly can be, I’m not doing my job :-D.