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Do you have any reccomendations for marxist histories of the United states, or just modern marxist historians in general?

howard zinn’s book “a peoples history of the united states” immediately comes to mind, although i haven’t read it yet.

for marxist historians in general theres hobsbawm, deutscher, etc.

i’ll admit im not super familiar with much of the modern historical literature so i’m pretty useless here. i’m sure someone else more knowledgable can reblog this with a billion books and authors that ive never heard of, but at the very least i’d suggest looking into zinn’s book because ive heard good things. 

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So, I noticed youre really good with characterization in acting, do you have any tips for characterization?

well, i’m not a trained actor by any means, so the only advice that i can offer is what worked for me. since i’m not trained, i’m not too good at just summoning up the emotions i need to express from nowhere, so most of the time i really need to find ways to immerse myself and get into the mindset of the character. in the case of Tim in MH, this was not exactly a pleasant thing to do. Oftentimes I would seek out ways to put myself in a scared or panicked state of mind (which, if we were filming in the abandoned hospital, wasn’t difficult to do, since there was a room in the middle of the building with no windows that was really unnerving, so i would just stand in there for a while before shooting). i don’t know if that’s even close to how method acting works, but if it is i can see *why* it works. My hope was that this would make my performance more believable, whether it actually worked or not is up to you guys i guess.

edit: also, whether it ends up onscreen or not, coming up with a bio for your character definitely helps too

The Signs as Graham Coxon songs
  • Aries:Freaking Out
  • Taurus:Feel Alright
  • Gemini:Right To Pop!
  • Virgo:Running For Your Life
  • Leo:Standing On My Own Again
  • Cancer:Perfect Love
  • Libra:R U Lonely?
  • Scorpio:Don't Let Your Man Know
  • Sagittarius:Ooh Yeh Yeh
  • Capricorn:If You Want Me
  • Aquarius:Tired
  • Pisces:Just a State Of Mind
Glance’s SorMik Picks

There’s so much out there, I thought I’d share my favorite Sorey x Mikleo fics with all of you!

Purity of Your Smile by evr – Unique in that it follows a situation in which Mikleo isn’t sure what his feelings are at first, and they grow over time.  It shows some tender mishaps along the way. 

Elixer Vitae by brightwinged – Smut that features the water armatus, and gets surprisingly poignant.

Marriage is Only a State of Mind by kolachness– A cute humor fic where Sorey argues passionately that marriage is what he wants to have with Mikleo despite not really understanding the concept.

Sweet Tooth by Everdarksilver – Cute stories about Mikleo and Sorey as told through food.

Head Over Heels by Angelic_Ascent– Sorey and Mikleo kiss to share water and it’s adorkable.

The Bone Zone by Haurvatat – Edna traumatizes Sorey and Mikleo with explicit instructions on how to bone, but they’re too curious not to try it.

Fusion Dance by Katseester – Rest of the part wants to find out why Sorey only wants to fuse with Mikleo.

BTW, this list doesn’t include any of mine, because I feel it would be an unfair evaluation.  But you can always visit my Ao3 page!

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So Doc Amari is a gd sweetheart. She's always asking after my sole survivor's state of mind and praying for him and UGH. I LOVE HER SO MUCH. However, I've never seen anything about her anywhere on tumblr ever? Can I please get some über fluffy smut wherein she gets some lovin'? Maybe with irma or nick or something? Because she deserves it. ~Thank you, god bless

Doctor Amari fell in love with a synth, once. She never intended for it to happen but love rarely takes one’s feelings into consideration. He was a fresh escapee that she interviewed for a mind wipe and sparks flew instantly. They spoke until the early hours of the morning about everything.

Just before dawn, Amari and D7-33 gave into their feelings and made love in the memory lounger in the basement. D7 wanted to stay in Goodneighbor with Amari but she knew that as long as the Institute existed he would never be safe.

With one last lingering kiss, she completed the mind wipe.

Every so often she’ll enter the memory lounger herself and replay her one perfect night with D7-33.


KBTBB: Save Me.

This is a request from @nitelotus. Warning: this will be a little dark and implies human slavery. There will be no details, just how the protagonist’s state of mind influences her decisions and her behavior. 

CHAPTER ONE - Locked In. 

No more. Please, no more. Selina crouched down in the corner, the place where her only friend, Mr. Webs the spider, lived. Dust and cobwebs gathered in the dank cellar, the chill more pronounced in the changing season. They would be here soon. It was always a little while after they threw her some rice, that they would come for her. No more, please.

“The Dragon boss should be here soon. We’ve been holding on to the artifact for three days now.” Selina heard one of the guards saying as footsteps echoed past her prison door.

Dragon? She had overheard lots of talk about Ice Dragons, some sort of Mafia group out of Hong Kong, were these the same dragons the guard spoke of?

The word ‘dragon’ itself crawled over Selina’s skin like ants. It was them who took her from her family, from her home. How old was she back then? Seven? Eight? How old is she now?

Her mind fought against the darkness as she tried to recall better times, but nothing ever came of her search. Long black hair tickled her face as a voice whispered ‘goodnight’, the scent of roses… there was more, she knew it, but her memory grew dim. What else would she expect from the mind whom she force-closed when the darkness came.

The Dragons were the ones who stole her everything. The Dragons were Darkness.

Moonlight illuminated her face. It was almost time. When the moon shines through the bars of her windows, they would come for her. Selina prepared herself: her mind filled with nothing but white - a blank canvas for her to paint pretty pictures on. Her edgy, shaking body relaxed - because it hurts more when you’re tense.

Thump, thump, thump. Here they come: the footsteps down the stone stairs next to her prison cell. In two minutes, she would be taken upstairs, into the halls of the fancy mansion, thrown into a bathroom and made to wash while a guard leered at her. Sometimes he would ‘help’ get her washed. Then she would be taken to a room filled with all sorts of dresses and outfits - what she wore would be up to the customer’s whim.

Three more loud thumping noises brought Selina back from her preparations; this was a noise that was new, unfamiliar. Then came a scraping sound, like something being dragged along the floor. In all the years she had been down here, Selina never heard such a noise.

She scurried over to the door, her ear pressed up against it, straining to hear what was happening. Were there going to be more of them tonight?


Selina let out an unexpected yelp. Never had she made a noise - at least not since they broke her completely. The scraping sounds stopped. Silence filled every void of her prison. Soft, almost non existent footsteps came to her door. Selina hurried back to her corner, her trembling body pressed as tightly to the stone wall as she could get. A scraping sound from the lock. Not a key… but something. Light, a sudden crack of light tore down the middle of her cell, like a gash in the night sky.

“What is this?!” A startled voice, one unfamiliar to her ears, cried out before stepping into the room.

Don’t come any closer. Please. No more. Selina’s long-lost voice screamed to herself - the only person left that wanted to listen.

She gripped her knees tight to her chest and tucked her head into her arms, her body making itself as small as she could because it made less surface area to punch and kick.

“Can you hear me?” the voice asked, a very gentle voice. Selina refused to acknowledge the voice. her brain frantically trying to shut itself down. “Hey, are you alright?”

Strange. This is very strange. This is not something she had expected to hear. It’s not something she had heard in… she had lost count of all the times the sun and moon had exchanged places. Thousands, probably.

But what was more strange: Selina’s tightly coiled body began to unfurl. Why? She dared to open one eye and peek through her arms. A red jacket. A black shirt. A white tie. This was not one of the men she had seen before. Had she? There were too many to try and forget.

“You don’t belong here. No one belongs here.” Her visitors voice filled with sadness. Would her voice sound the same if she released it?

Selina dared to look up, hope and fear collided within her. Is he a good guy? Or is he waiting until her meat is tender enough to burn? It didn’t matter anymore.

His face looked kind, but worried. A hat sat on top of his head, Selina almost smiled at how odd he looked, but how… ordinary.

She wanted to ask who he was, but her throat was too dry, too unused.

His smile didn’t seem fake, or sadistic like the others. Selina found it calming. The visitor held out his hand, not to touch her, but to offer her something to hold on to.

“I’ve come to steal you away, Princess.”

The master action to move forward, is a form of...

The master action to move forward, is a form of inaction; being still and quiet. It is in this quietness where you can hear your intuition. Too much aggression and work will move what you desire further away. Instead of pushing, invite it to connect with you and move with you, and through you. The most effective form of creation is an act of cooperation, not force. All things are accomplished by the meditative act of releasing illusions and simply becoming. The master tools of success are invitation, patience, time, gentleness, cooperation, and surrender. Let go of everything. That is how you get everything; you let go of everything. When we try to control, we become controlled; when we release, we become free. Success, just like poverty, is a state of mind. You can become instantly successful with a simple thought, but long-lasting and pronounced success comes to those who renew their commitment to a mindset of abundance every minute of every hour of every day.

— Bryant McGill

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Dog of War (Chapter 1)

(( Fic for the fusion of Zombieman/Watchdogman: Hellhound. Mostly just to put down a physical story of my head canon for the character. This is set in the Villain!AU ))

   They were becoming desperate, desperate to the point they questioned their own morals. The hero Association, in their fleeting numbers, continued their losing battle against the force of the villains Saitama and Genos.

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Drink With Me

This was written for @timepetalsprompts weekly drabble theme (yay, I’m back!) - A riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. It is the continuation of my drabble series: Can’t Do It, Frozen Heart, Roses and Snowdrops, Displaced, Empire State Of Mind, Watch It Spaceman, and Rose Tyler, I Love You. As usual, it’s nowhere near 100 words…

Summary: Rose tries to drink away her sorrows while Jack promises her to help change the Doctor’s mind. They both get a surprise when he turns up at the pub with his newly-found companion, Donna.

Rating: G

Pairing: NinexRose

Word Count: 639

AO3 / TS / FF

He was a riddle wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma that Rose knew she’d never figure out. Having sobbed her heart out to Jack already, her head was beginning to clear, the pain she felt giving way to emptiness.

Maybe she wanted it too much. Maybe it was never meant to be. Her and the Doctor. She could pick Jack. Charming, flirty, smiling Jack, with a golden heart and a steady hand.

Rose looked over to him - they were sitting side by side in a near empty pub, nursing a glass of mulled wine. He was handsome, he was smart; fun to be around and he cared about people. Genuinely cared, even if he sometimes used his charm to fool others.

Not for the first time, Rose though that it would be easy to fall in love with him. They could run off together in his spaceship, travelling all over the world, all across different times and see the endless stretch of space around them. Discover things. Help people.

She could still do that, even without the Doctor. Hadn’t she been telling herself that this was the reason she was so upset when he took her home? That he showed her the stars and now he wanted to drop her back to the ground, clipping her wings. Only it wasn’t the real reason, was it?

“You really do love him, don’t you?”

Jack’s eyes shone with something she could only describe as starlight, as he took her hand and kissed it softly.

She smiled sadly, and felt her heart shatter. She did love him. But she tried so hard to hide it. Even from herself. He wasn’t her boyfriend. He was much better than that. But he also wasn’t hers. All those time, travelling with him, she was under the illusion that they belonged together. Now she knew she was wrong all along.

Sipping her wine, she lay her head down on Jack’s shoulder and tried to hold back the tears.

“You know, if he’s as fantastic as you always describe him, he’ll come after you.”

Rose snorted into her drink, then sniffled.

“He is as brilliant as I said. Doesn’t mean he’ll care enough to come.”

“Rose, he is a fool if he doesn’t run after you. And by the Agency, if he doesn’t come here in the next 30 minutes, I’ll go after him myself and drag him back to you.”

“That won’t be necessary.”

Both of them whipped their head around, wine glass slipping out from Rose’s grip and spilling the liquid onto her dress. Her quite expensive dress, as Jack pointed out when she unwrapped her Christmas present.

For a moment, everything stood still. A man in a leather jacket with piercing blue eyes stood in the doorway, a woman with flaming red hair and a stubborn chin beside him, staring at the blond girl in the gold sequined dress, and the man in the military coat beside her, who was still drinking his wine lazily.

Then Rose stood up and took a few hesitant steps towards the Doctor. At a non-too-gentle nudge from Donna, he followed suit. Reaching the middle of the pub, they both stopped, looking at the ground awkwardly, Rose shuffling her feet, the Doctor fidgeting with his pockets.

“So…” he drew the word out as long as he could, still not looking at her.

“So…” she bit her lip and tried to catch his eye.

“Oh, just kiss already!” the red-haired woman rolled her eyes at them and went over to the bar table to join Jack.

This made the Doctor look up, if only to scowl a little in Donna’s direction.

“Can we talk?” he asked finally.

Rose released the breath she didn’t know she’d been holding and nodded, a shy smile appearing on her face.

“Talking sounds fantastic.”

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three cheers for five years || harry & louis


The sounds of his designer boots hitting the driveway of Louis’ humble abode were the only thing on Harry’s mind at the moment. He had been thoroughly drained of all the anxiety and restlessness on the-what felt like longer than usual-flight from Toronto back to LA and was currently in more of a relaxed state of mind, serene even. He had been on this property way more times than what could’ve been considered normal by this point-a whole five years making it easy to make any place your home-and that was further reflected as the younger singer let himself into the home with no warning, removing his shoes before letting out an “Oi!” Louis’ flirting had been completely left field for him, but the Brit was never one to decline the opportunity for an orgasm or at least a good snog, so he did far from decline. And his best friend’s confidence only riled him up, his own self curious to see how the power struggle would end up. Who’d come out on top. “Are you here? Have you been murdered?” He teased lightly as he then wandered into the living room once his boots had been removed. It had been a while since he had seen Louis, let alone hang out with him, so Harry was relived to know they’d be around each other for a weekend. “I brought my wife!” The tequila bottle was held firmly between his long fingers, getting drunk a must since it was a Friday night.


see, this is why we need this: in my future uploaded mind-state I will not be able to be sick like I am now

*opens 500000 future web-browser tabs* 

A Very Bad Call


Harken was not in a very good state of mind. He had been dwelling for far too long on the past and other things he’d rather forget, and as a result he was in quite a state. As the robot trudged down an abandoned dirt road somewhere east of the farm, he did his best to take his unsleeping mind off of the past.


Fucking hell am I getting really tired of these feelings welling up over and over again. Just let it die, so I can move on…..

The moonlight lit the road in a pale white glow, but it looked like clouds were rolling in. Rain was due at any time.


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Dude what. D: That doesn't even sound legal, I feel like if somebody wanted to sue them they'd have damn good grounds too.

its bc of the class length, but it is strict as shit. it wasn’t such a problem in freshman year when my professors were more conscientious if u were sick, btu thats nOT the case after freshman year.

sighs, idk. at least im taking this one on a friday so that even if i feel like shit tomorrow and the next day, i wont rack up absences. i have a little time to et myself to a more functional state of mind and body, ahha. it just sucks that its so early in the semester. i didn’t get sick at all last semester but,,,,one trip 2 the theater where grubby lil kids have been and i,,,caught something IMMEDIATELY,,,

I fucking hate how my brain functions. I never feel comfortable with myself for a long period of time, which makes me panic, and then it makes me say things I really don’t mean but I let it all rip and it’s all a bunch of terrible words that seem really rude or probably just really annoying. Thanks brain. It doesn’t help that my mind state changes so drastically, so suddenly as well. This morning I woke up and couldn’t do a thing. I just stayed in my bed as an emotionless sack that also felt some kind of heavy weird feeling. I had already gotten up and done my normal routine (except for college today, I couldn’t bring myself to go for the first time) and I still felt pretty awful, and then suddenly out of no where I felt fine? Like it wasn’t a gradual change, it just sprang on me. I was the complete opposite. Maybe this is normal idk I just need to get it off my chest…