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Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)





Sachsen (Saxony)


Bayern (Bavaria)






If every MBTI type had his own state

I posted this a long time ago on Personality Cafe and thought that it would be interesting ~

ESTJ: Know as great workers that have a honorable and a stable system. They are self sufficient and can defend themselves. They would probably also take in refugees from other coutries if they were willing to follow their system.

ISTJ: A small island state that is also known for having a stable system and being self-sufficient. They completely refuse contact with the other states and keep doing their own thing.

ESFJ: Also a very stable state that LOVES to take in people from other states to learn more about them and is very accepting towards… everything. They live off trading with other countries.

ISFJ: In close connection with the ESFJ state. They also like to trade but only with a few special states. The ISFJ nation has a political system that helps the poor and sick and tries to keep up the harmony.

ESTP: The ESTP nation is very tolerant towards other types but the social system needs you to work hard and accomplish things (more than in the xSFJ states) Also, the ESTPs are equipped for wars, but nobody really wants to attack them

ISTP: In the ISTP nation, everything is focused around different industries and researches. The social system is okay for most people and the ISTPs earn their money through export and import. They are moderately equipped for war but tend to be underestimated

ISFP: The ISFP nation is the home of culture and art. Many philosophers and artists live here and help making the nation prettier and more enjoyable. The state also needs immense amounts of money that are sometimes not available.

ESFP: The ESFP nation is known for their enormous amount of holidays and festivities. They are generally well liked and aren’t seen as a threat. Many very rich people build their mansions in the ESFP nation.

ENFJ: The ENFJ nation is pretty similar to the ESFJ nation but likes to randomly team up with other nations which makes them seem a bit shady. Actually, they are not. They just want peace and friends.

INFJ: The INFJ nation is trapped between the ENTP nation and the ENFJ nation and is very aware of the rather bad geographical situation. They try to make the best out of it and are in good term with both of their neighbouring countries, still trying to keep their home to themselves and not letting many foreigners in.

ENFP: The ENFP nation is generally peaceful and everyone there is respected equally. The people are nice but the gouvernment sometimes enforces laws that just can’t be taken serious (the “crazy hat incident” of 1984)

INFP: The INFP nation is a small island that values nature and harmony. They are self-sufficient and only get in contact with other states when they have a brilliant new idea on how to make the world a better place

INTJ: The INTJ nation has a strong military and education and order is highly valued. The INTJs don’t like to get in contact with other states, however, they sometimes assist the ENTJs during wars.

ENTJ: The ENTJs have a functioning social system but they get their resources mainly through war, so they have a strong military as well as contacts with the INTJs and ENTPs

ENTP: The ENTPs have a little bit of everything and their social system is rather suboptimal. They only have a small military and assist the ENTJs in their plans of conquering the world. Otherwise, they have no plan what they’re doing, but for some reason, it works

INTP: The INTP nation is a state of academics. They have to import a lot of resources and even though they could be far ahead in technology, nobody really wants/has the motivation to get their hands dirty

Every four years when the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary roll around, the critics and cynics question why such unrepresentative patches of America get to vote first in presidential nominating contests. Why is so much political power, they complain, given to states that are more white and more rural than the rest of the country?

So, we attempted to quantitatively evaluate the critique — and try to come up with which states actually were the most representative of the average of the entire country, in what we’re calling the Perfect State Index. In creating the PSI, we looked at five categories race, education, age, income and religion.

The Perfect State Index: If Iowa, N.H. Are Too White To Go First, Then Who?

Graphic: Katie Park and Asma Khalid/NPR

Nearly every U.S. state is riddled with corruption

A 50-state study conducted by the Center for Public Integrity found that just three states — Alaska, California, and Connecticut — scored above a D+ when graded on a standard A-F scale for corruption, transparency, and accountability in government. 

Most states received a D grade, but 11, shown in red on the map below, failed completely.

The survey ranked states in 13 categories, including auditing processes, lobbying disclosure, ethics enforcement, and campaign finance. Considered individually, these sections did offer a few bright spots: Nebraska, for instance, is really good at state budget processes, and Ohio received high marks for state pension management.

But things aren’t looking up for Michigan, which ranked at the bottom of all 50 states — and failed in 10 of the 13 categories.

Chart by Center for Public Integrity

The United States by an Australian
  • Alabama:sweeet home alabama!
  • Alaska:i hear its cold there
  • Arizona:i hear its hot there
  • Arkansas:why the heck is it pronounced arkan-saw
  • California:beaches, superstars, glamour and shit
  • Colorado:suburbia?
  • Connecticut:more suburbia?
  • Delaware:moooore suburbia?
  • Florida:disney world
  • Georgia:i had a friend called georgia once
  • Hawaii:tropical island
  • Idaho:I-da-know
  • Illinois:annoy
  • Indiana:Jones
  • Iowa:some guy owed something
  • Kansas:"There's no place like home"
  • Kentucky:KFC
  • Louisiana:louise and anna
  • Maine:"and turkey imported from Mayayaine"
  • Michigan:"I'm from Michigan"
  • Minnesota:mini soda
  • Mississippi:1 Mississippi. 2 Mississippi...
  • Missouri:misery
  • Montana:Hannah Montana
  • Nebraska:Penny lives here.
  • Nevada:vegas baby
  • New Hampshire:cute baby place
  • New Jersey:bogans?
  • New Mexico:why is everything new this and south that, make up something else
  • New York:Ah I know this one! Empire state building, statue of liberty, FRIENDS, HIMYM....
  • North Carolina:top half of a lady
  • North Dakota:top half of carolinas mate
  • Ohio:a guy saying hi but then realised the person wasnt talking to them: oh hi, oh.
  • Oklahoma:that sounds fake but ok...
  • Oregon:it sounds familiar
  • Pennsylvania:like transylvania?
  • Rhode Island:is it an island?
  • South Carolina:these states arent that big, you dont need a north and south.
  • South Dakota:like really
  • Tennessee:country bumpkins
  • Texas:cowboys
  • Utah:a toddler named this state
  • Vermont:rich people in the snow?
  • Virginia:why are so many states name after girls
  • Washington:presidents and the whitehouse
  • Wisconsin:they like cheese dont they?
  • Wyoming:thats fun to say

Museum Roof by Jack Gilman

the signs as states in the usa ~

Aries: florida
Taurus: rhode island
Gemini: alabama
Cancer: delaware
Leo: north, south dakota (yes, both)
Virgo: kansas?
Libra: alaska or some cold state
Scorpio : w(h)yoming
Sagittarius: oklahoma
Capricorn: texas
Aquarius: hawaii
Pisces: fuckin kentucky.

this is based on serious and dedicated research so don’t tell me this isn’t accurate.