okay first of all thank you so much for 10k. like, that’s so many followers and i never even thought i’d get anywhere close and it doesn’t feel real at all. but, anyway, i just wanted to make a little appreciative post for all the people who make my tumblr experience awesome (i’m really sorry if i forgot anyone - i can’t keep up with url changes)


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again, im really really sorry if i forgot anyone and, even if you aren’t on here, i love all the blogs i follow a lot! thank you again for 10k :-)

I got tagged by Senpai ( spooky-senpai ) to do the thing where you write 6 facts about yourself so yeah here we go I guess

1) I hate ice cream. I prefer frozen yogurt if anything
2) I play video games at least 12 hours a day
3)I’m Hispanic (Dominican & costa rican) but I can’t speak Spanish that well and I feel like a disgrace but yolo
4) I’m 6 ft tall so that’s pretty rad
5) My music taste is a result of all the important girls in my life (they have some rad taste)
6) I’ve never broken or fractured anything in my body and I never had to get stitches before

I guess I’ll tag some people to do it too stateofgrace curlyfriesandcurlyhair queen-hylia flygons gendeerfluid

“State of Grace”
Phil Joanou’s “State of Grace” is a thrilling gangster film that doesn’t insult you with easily anticipated action and predictable plot twists.
Sean Penn tops the bill as the enigmatic Terry Noonan who returns to his neighbourhood, Hell’s Kitchen, after ten years absence.
He wants to shoot with Jacky Flannery (Gary Oldman) for his older brother Franky (Ed Harris).
But Franky has a sneaking feeling about Noonan, fuelled by the guy’s time away, though he can’t pinpoint why.
And neither can you until Noonan has a late-night powwow with Nick (John Turturro) on a subway train.
What makes “State of Grace” fire is its sense of authenticity.
Scriptwriter Dennis McIntyre spikes the first half of the film with scenes that threaten to reveal Noonan (the wake for Jacky’s friend is an excellent example). And a clever plot point from McIntyre in the second half has Noonan confess his true identity to his lover, Kate Flannery (Robin Wright).
This leads you to wonder whether her bond of love is stronger than her bond of blood.
The underlying theme of the film is man’s need to choose between devotion to duty and loyalty to family.
Penn gives a polished, mature performance wavering the confidence and furious of his character.
Oldman is delightfully flexible as the principal villain.
And Harris impresses as usual.
Joanou delivers an accomplished film, showcasing the gangsters’ art of remorseless murder, and emphasising the late night, neon-lit, smoke-hazed world they inhabit.

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Got a whole batch of Texas whiskey samples in the mail for State of Grace. The whole Yellow Rose Distilling line up: Outlaw bourbon, rye and blended. As you can see, the blended has been especially popular in my house. Thanks @yr_distilling #whiskey #ryewhiskey #bourbon #stateofgrace

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Gary Oldman
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Victory! Congrats #TOASAMOA // It was such an honor getting to film the team. @pacificsoul_steve @bauzon @mpsuluape @paulsuluape @doryu_stateofgrace @jugto @siiliufau @taupoutatau @kclickenger @knivesandneedles