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HEY! so my little blog, somehow reached 5,000 followers yesterday!?!?(THANKS FOR FOLLOWING ME!!! *internet hug*)

so here is a list of my favourite fandom blogs that you should follow :) 

A - F [ allthingshartandhelbig, amessylittleraindrop, adrunkhelbig, biggy-smiles, basicallyaphanblog, bruhofficial, beanzhart, baby-hart, catmilllakarnstein, chelseawelseyknight, caskett, camptakotathemovie, ditzeyy, dance-slow-decades, disappointingcheesecake, daily-gr4ce, dragon-with-a-flowercrown, ellieegaga, followyourswarto, fancypancakes, fancyfoxtrot ]

F - M [ gracieehelbig, giachagt, go-fluff-a-duck, gracehelbiglovesfrenchfries, gracehelbl0g, gracewillhazeyou, gracewillprazeyou, gracehe1big, grapehelbig, gracefuckinghelbig, holytrinity-holdmytitty, hartoland, harto2harto, hartohmy, hashtag-troyler, hartbig-squared, hartsquareds-perfection, hannahhxrto, ihartgrace, itssimplysam23, ina-stateofgrace, jameenicolee, justtrinitythings, kitchen-ette, kikipond, kaitlinnally, louie00666, laurencarmel, makemecutehelbig, mamahartbig, mamrieshellabighart, mydrunkvause, mynameisnotkirsty, meepface, macehelbig, mamebig, midnight-songbirds, my-youtube-addiction, mydamngrace ]

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Thank you guys all so much for following me. It mean so so much. I never realized how much this site could mean to me and how much you guys help me. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart

1-helbig-with-2-harts  1smalldream addictedtotheholytrinity adrunkhelbig alicialip allisonilene beanzhart camptakotadotcom carrotskoalasandbooze cashewdeala catmckinnon cheese-is-trapped colleenhelbig daily-gr4ce dontgobreakingmyhart fancyfoxtrot fancypancakes gidguard girlnamedafteraflower gotohellllllbig gracefully-helbig gracehelbabe gracehelbigd0e gracehelbigvevo gracehelbl0g gracewillhazeyou gracewillprazeyou gracieehelbig graciehinabox hannahhartattack hannahhbartram  hart-oh hart2hartsquared hartbig4life hartbigger hartbigging hartbigislife hartgasms harto-attack harto2harto hartoland hartoland hartoland (seriously go follow hartoland) @hartoopth hartosexual-winestream-chynat hartsandhelbig hartsquared hartsquareds-perfection hazemyvagina helbig-prazes helloboopboop holy-trinity5ever holyfuckingtrinity i-like-youtube-you-butt idontthinkineedacup ina-stateofgrace itmegracyb its—-grace itsjeevaobvi itssimplysam23 justmamriethings justtrinitythings karissasorensen kitchen-ette letsgoyoutubing linnie-thepooh lnkzy long-island-comedium long-lost-dream lookingforyoutube macehelbig madvlogz mahmrie malkuth mamebig mameririehart mametownhonu mamrie-ate-paintt mamriefreakinghart mamriefuckinghart mamrieglands mamrieshealthinsurance mckinnna meepface mjwins7 mudrunkkitchen myhartbig mykitcheniswasted notsoholytrinity obsessed-with-youtube obsessingswiftly ohmysmellbig ohtakota ourdrunkhartbig ourdrunkkitchen papafritas phoebewilliamstv prazebig prince-of-mametown pumpkinfrittata qracehelbiq randomstream-ofconsciousness shartosexual snacks-snacks-snacks snacksandharts (you’re the one who got me to 2K, thank you sosososo much) snowgayngels sofakingspooky swikes talktothecamera tearingupmyharts the-ollie-hart the-wheat-thin theholycomedy theyoungesthelbig trinitymemes trinitymemes tylerbroakley vodkagrace whisk-management wick3dik who-are-you-anyway-sir wildly-uneventful xhartbigx youtubeaddictedgirl 

AND OF COURSE THE MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL gracehelbig mamrie mydrunkkitchen


hi everyone. so here is the annual shouldvessaidno christmas follow forever. some of these blogs i’ve been following since the dinosaur ages. i love you all so much and you make my dash a very beautiful sight. here we go xx :)

heyalisonswift 5s0stories kevintraningbra thestarsthatshined icouldbuildcastles oldfavoritesong colldasyou losinhimwasbluee julyninths onehandfeel lovetheriddlesthatyouspeak stateofgraces staytaytay fortuneandfames themomntiknew shakeitoffs swifth scarletletterswift christmasseswhenyouweremine swiftbeautifultragic sadbeautifultragic gettingsweptaway badsblood iconfessbabe voguetaylor teaswift holygrounds newfoundgrace youareinllove andthatlittleblackdress eyesopen dressuplikehipsters chasingfortunes photoswift breakburnandends theangelscity iknowispouringrain screamingiminlovewithyou gluegunscar gotyourdemons tswiftdaily imparalyzedbyitt ifreakinlovetaylorswift inatwinsizedbed itsathugstory sixtiesqueen daerjohn apenandanoldnapkin kissinbarsyoufool ninetay89 shadesofwrong mosaicbrokenhearts timeerasingyou boewing totallyswiftmas keepcruising likeimparalyzedbyit kingdomlightsshine teylurs treachreous youreclean youbelongwithmes

and of course the great taylorswift

Repost from @horitomo_stateofgrace new release just finished, a pair of exquisite direct gravure etchings with drypoint on hand made Uda Gami paper 36 inches tall going up tomorrow at @moderneden Gallery. Please visit us at the opening 6 to 9! many prints from some of the best tattooers in the business. @krakhouse @steveboltz @dan_santoro @eli_quinters @jeffrassier @timlehi published by @rakinglightprojects and the artists of @tattoo_city published by us, @kahlilrintye @jenleetattoo @maryjoytattoo Don Ed Hardy and printed by @nemprints #印刷 銅版画 #etching #printmaking #sgci2014 #版画

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