Who could forget this incredible performance of ‘State Of Grace’, live on The X Factor in 2012! (Video taken from YouTube, credit goes to 'Taylor Swift Station’). #TaylorSwift #tswift #taytay #Swiftie #swifties #swiftietag #swiftiefamily #swiftieforever #singer #songwriter #like #followme #instafollow #blonde #hair #beautiful #idol #rolemodel #inspiration #StateOfGrace #song #live #performance #TheXFactor

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HI. Ok first of all I hope it’s not too late to post this lol. Uh… I’m not good expressing myself but- I just wanted to thank  all of you not only for making my dash pretty af, but for making the difference in every post. I’m so glad that (somehow) I can get to know people like you (ik it sounds kind of cheesy but leave me alone). I know that we barely talk but I hope that you guys are finishing this year with lots of happiness and love and food. My best wishes for 2016. Love you xx. (That was short compared with all the things that I’d like to say but I told you i’m not good expressing myself, what can I do¿)

“Fail if you will but rise you must.”
-James Joyce
“The best project you’ll ever work on is you.“
“Go for it. Whether it ends good or bad, it was an experience.“

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thememakers masterpost

i realized i kind of had a list of thememakers compiled for my own reference, and i thought i’d expand it and share it! i tried to include as many thememakers and types of themes as possible, but please message me if i’ve left anyone off the list so that i can add them :) happy theme hunting!

everything links directly to the theme blog/page/posts; if the themeblog has a url completely different than the main blog of the maker, it’s in parentheses

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I honestly cannot believe that i’m sitting here typing this. 3K?!?!?? That’s insane!!! I want to thank all of you that have gone through my tumblr journey with me. To think I first became a fandom blog in December of 2013 is really shocking to me, and I’ve had so much support from so many amazing people since then. All the love I’ve received since I started giffing is truly astonishing, and I am so so grateful. I’m getting all sappy now so I’m going to shut up but I love you all so much! Here’s to the next K!

my crew:

louisa (@erinlindsay): oh babe, how far we’ve come. i never thought that when you replied to me when i was doing my first follow forever (back in october 2014) that it would lead to the friendship we have today. you are truly an amazing person and i am so so lucky to have you!

jackie (@karevsprincess): hi babe! i’ve followed you since i first the fandom side of tumblr, and can say i thoroughly enjoy bitching about greys and pll with you. you’re honestly such a sweet person and i’m so happy to know you.

amelie (@bxllamyblake): there’s a chance you won’t see this unless i yell at you to go on tumblr but i just have to say i’m so happy that we started talking. i love learning about your life and shipping u and the bf. we both also suck at answering our texts so we work perfectly as friends :)

ali (@bellefrench): saltmate!!! we’re literally actual twins (so much that it’s scary) and i don’t know what i would do if i didn’t have you to bitch to. love you so much babe and can’t wait to console each other through hiatus season!!

my jolex stans ( @varietyofwords and @swchika): honestly, i’m not sure i would’ve made it through the mess that was s12 without you guys; we never lost hope in our ship. also, i know i can trust you guys when i need advice because you’re older and have much more experience than lil 16 year old me. thanks for being like my older sisters in the jolex fandom <3

the blakes network whatsapp chat: honestly, if i wasn’t such a lazy piece of shit i’d take the time to thank each of you for changing my life. soph, wil, gina, alex, liz, faith, jam, eliza, mag, and riley,  i can’t remember what it was like before i had you crazy bitches in my life. you’re all so smart and strong and just amazing people. love you guys! - 12.65 <3


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themes and resources recs/ref post

pretty much everything you need to give your blog a makeover

i made a collection of

theme makers + resources-

my fav blog page makers,

sidebars(+long sidebars),

transparent images,



updates tab tutorials

+ bonus (colour scheme ideas, my top 5 themes with sidebar/ without sidebar )

none of the themes/resources are mine, it took me like 4 days to put this together and i hope you find it useful, please like/reblog to spread the word, have fun! (also please tell me if any of the links arent working so i can fix them)

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Hey there! It’s been too long since I made a follow forever, so I decided to make one! (This was crazy, I follow too many of you!)

I just wanted to thank you all for filling my dash with awesome things, you’re precious!

I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone, if that’s the case, just check my blogroll. If you are in bold it means I love you!

A-C: abbyslockhart​,accio-hbcacciothehungergamesakachankami,alexkinqstonsanstruthersamiedunneapparating-to-westeros,arkadyfireovitcharthrpendragonaryastarksbellefrenchs,blanchettcatesbloodydifficultbnfembobbimosrebremol,broomstixbuckbeakisbackcatelyn-starkcatelynstarkcatelynstarrk,catelynstxrkschelsie-carson,chelsiefan71christiancbalechudleycanonclintofbartoncoconutmilk83​,colinodonorgasmcora-the-countesscoramilfscrackalleycrazymarytcrestadeen,cruelladevl

D-F: damebonhamcarterdamemaggiesmithdamethompsondamianswayneddear-hedwigdeborahkerrdesperationandgindiaryofamessyminddontbesodroopy,donnasheridandonnermaysileedowntondownstairsdowntonismylifedraco-do-you-mind-if-i-slytherindugdalesduskendaleseffystohemelliegoestodownton,elsiehugheselzabethmitchellemily31594emmasneverland,emmaswnevelynnapiereverdeenofasgaardevieoneillevilqueened,evilswanfaithandfearcollidefantasy-fallacy-tumblingstonefawkesfacefinniecks,fionagoddessfilledwithlightfitzmonkeysfleaurdelacourflynnridersfoooolintherain,francesconroysfrivolouswhim

G-I: galadrielleshaleohweenshelenationherardentwishherevilnessherewestand,heroswanshijacked-peetahollyjollyrogerhtoriai-am-lord-trolldemort,iaindeclaustecker im-happy-free-confusedimthequeenofevilincenndio,inhislightinreginasheartinstantremorse

J-L: jeorahmormontjesuiscatherinedeneuvejimmytfallonjonsnowo,justlookatthosesausageskath-bishopkilledbythecareers,killianemmaaknockedoveralampkristinscottthomaskouw,lanamparrillaslasagnamillslastisleleboobsdireginaleias,lieutenantducklingslilopelekailiv3urlife95locksleymillslukecastellan

M-O: mackenziemorganmchalemacksmchalemainstreetmickeymaisiewilliams,majestyswanmalfuysmarthaloganmarymcmagic-hairmay-magic-be-in-your-favor,mayormillsmeryylstreepmerylisoneofakindmessofadreamer-13metaphoricalprune,minerrvasmirandaapriestlymisseffiemiss-kentonsmiss-levinsonmisswelchmrsstreepmonajo7mrsdickens713mydraco,mynightmaresareaboutlosingyoumrslanaparrillasmrsmerylstreep,nervouspearlnevermorecertainnevilllesnewfoundgraceninziednymheriaohdear-prongsohmytheonohremusokay-lovegoodonesimus42outllawqueen,outlawqeenoutlaw-qveenoutlawqueeneroutlawsqueensowlsiehootoriddle

P-R: parrilla-lanapeekaboochelsiepentaghust,pixiedustdoesntliepnsyparkinsonpotentpotions,pottersprettytyrellsprongsandhisflowerproffesorlupinpureblood-,queencatequeencerseiqueenlocksleyqueenoflocksleyqueenrhaenyraredofmel,reginahastingsreginahoodsregina-millsreginamilsreginaldsreginaoflocksley,reginashappinessreginasmills remusjohnslupinrichardgererlupinrobinandregina,rolandsbeaniesronaldweasl-yrumplestiltskinruthelizabeths

S-U: sansareginasansasnarksadbeautifultragicsantalancashiresassymajesty,sassysavioursawalightinyouscarletletterswiftsecondchanceforoqselinameyr,shelaaghsherpottersmolderandsasssnoop-maggy-mag,someonethatiamnotsorryblondiesorrydeariespeaknowtaylorstateofgraces,storybrookesybilltrelawneysswanstanswiftbeautifultragicswfift,thatwasntaquestiontheladyelsathenimagiraffetheoakenshieldedthejollyswann,thestreepthisisamadhousethohohomasbarrowthompsonemma

V-Y: versoaversovictoriagrantstragicheartstriwizardrywandmastersirius,whatthefawkeswillscarletswintendellewrightwatson

Z-#: 13thofdecember1989-helenabonhamcarter-taylorswift- 



Hi I know everyone is gonna skip right over this and look for their name but I’m just gonna say that I cannot believe that it is almost 2015. It literally still feels like 2013 just happened. It’s crazy how much faster life seems to go by the older you get. Anywho, these are my favorite blogs for this year. In all honesty, if I follow you currently I will most likely always follow you forever too this is just to simply highlight my faves so if you’re not on here I still love you okay? Okay. Also I just wanna give a shoutout to my favorite person ever taylorswift. Luh you. Also if your url is in bold I really really love you.

alltoowel / andthatlittleblackdressaugustdaisies / badsbloodbeautifulnight / blairserenas / blownaways / breakburnsbreakburnandends / breezyfamebrightofglowcantbetamed / catchingfeelingchristmassweaterstyles / coldhardgrounds / colorsinautumn / colouringshadowscyanpirate / daniels-gilliesdanierys / dylans-obrienelecalders / elligouldingsemiliaclarck / enchanthedflashbacksandechoes / fortuneandfamesgetnakedselenamarie / hadjustaligned / harrysstylesheldyourpride / homethischristmas / horanyewesthotncoldsiconfessbabe / itsathugstory / izzie-stevens / jess-miller / jewchele /  jumbomumble / kissesoncheeksskissinbarsyoufoolkpartyleamicheleslightthefuze / ofbeinghonestsoutsofthewoods / onehandfeelmallyandthecity / mileysreindeer / michelepoehlerminajuana / monteithsmorningsuns / mosaicbrokenhearts / mynexttmistakeneverevers / newromantisc / newsoundtracksnewyorkbehere / niallhoransnickjerrys / paralyzedbyit / pennbadglypiecesintoplaces / rememberunity / sadserenadessaltinthewound / sarfatissavingmypromisessawalightinyou / selenamg / selenangomezshakeitoffs / slarsdance / slaylorswiftssmaries / stateofgraces / staystaytaystopthisgirl / stratfordsswifthswiftpick / switfs /takeabreaths / takemileyalongtasteofheavens / tayloralisons / taylorswfittaylorwifts / tayswiftnationthatsickbeatthecitys / theblameisonme / ttylerposeysunresolveds / vanessaanneswishsyouwould / wonderinwhywebotherwithlove / youareinlloveyouareworldsawayyoubelongwithmes / youmakemecrazier / youpaintmeabluesky / zacefronszanesssaszarry / zaynjavadds / zaynsmalik / zozeebo 

Hello everyone!! I just wanted to do a follow forever to thank all for you following me and been so amazing..Still cant believe i reach 1.3k last night im so happy right now!! I love you all so much (btw this is my first follow forever so sorry if its bad i tried) 

The people who are in bold writing i would love to be friends with and also have amazing blogs and love seeing you on my dash.


60squeens. 89taylorswift . 80sswift


all-too-well , alltaywell almostswift , andyoucallmeupagain , andialmostdo , allgoodiwishyouwoulds , anytruelove allstooswells , apenandanoldnapkin awkwardswift andirememberthinking andthatshowitwork adorabletaylor badsblood butlovinghimwasred babyiknowplaces bananaofswift braketoosoons bestapologies betterthanrevenge befearlxss colorsinautumn chasingfortunes catchmenows cametotheshowinsd cantmakethemstay cantrememberwhatsong colldasyou comebackbehere dirtytaylorswift dressuplikehipsters dancinroundtheroom enchanthed eyesopen everswift fearlesswift fetusswift feariess fullofswift gay4tay gotyourdemons gonnashakeit gonewasanytraces 


hcrondale holygrounds heldyourpride hellagoodhair hellagoodcurls heartbreakersgonnabreak ifreakinlovetaylorswift ialmostdo inadrawer innocenttswiftitseverchangingg imwonderfucked imgoingtoshakeitoff imeverfearless  julyninths juniorjewels justbeforetheyloseitall kissesoncheekss kingdomlightsshine knowsplaces keepcruising kaleidoscopeofourmemories lightsglisten longlivethegirlinthedress lovetheriddlesthatyouspeak longslive losinhimwasbluee lostintranslatlon lostmybalances makingupforlostlove mosaicbrokenhearts messofadreamer-13 meetmeinthepooringrain maybewegotlostintranslation myjourneytofearlesss mywholelifetrying newfoundgrace newsoundstrack nevereverlikeever neverlookingdowns onehandfeel ourprincesswift outofthewoods outsofthewoods ohsoswiftly oohiremember oopswift photoswift portalswift palegingerbabies paintsabluesky passinnotesinsecrecy picturetosburn 


quicktayswift swiftnetwork swiftsecrets sadbeautifultragic savingmypromises sadbeautifultraglc seeitwiththelightsouts stayslaystay stateofgraces stoodthereandwatched scarletletterswift screemingcolors scargrowsdarker shadesofwrong shakeitsoffs shouldvessaidno shadowsswift sassqueenswift  swifs someonelsebefore speaknowtaylor sprarksfly sparksoftaylor taylorswift tswiftdaily taylorsvift tayswiftdotcom tayloralisonswft tswifie taylorsblood taylorailsonswifttheblameisonme thelookonyourface thefearlessfight theswiftsource timeerasingyou timesbefore timcgraws taylorswfit thatswiftblog tothisickbeat tothissickbeat  upinlights untrouchable unpredictabletaylor voguetaylor


wildestsdreams wouldtheywriteasongforyou wentmad wegotbillstopay wonderstay wontstopgroving withthehellagoodhair13 wednesdayinacafes wealmostbrokeup weretrouble xloveswift youareinllove youbelongwithmes youvegotasmile youareworldsaway youareinloves 

Just wanted to say also i love everyone i follow so sorry if i forgot to put you in and a special shoutout to my bae taylorswift i love you and thanks for making tumblr a better place for us all <3


ok so i’ve never made a follow forever before but seeing everyone else make one made me thinking that i ought to give it a go as well. i’m not putting every single person i follow in the list because that would be far to many people. but if i follow you, you should know i love your blog and i love seeing you on my dash.

(the ones in bold are my favorite blogs)

abc - andthatlittleblackdress alexrussogifs all-too-well allthepretenders addictiontoswift afirstglancefeeling allisonargents alltaywell andthatlittleblackdress andyoucallmeupagain anytruelove apolaroidofus ashleybensons areweoutofthewoods badsblood belongtoyous betterthanrevenge blanxspace breakburns buildacastle callsmeupagain cartermasons casualllycruel caryled cockygomez colldasyou comeandgetits comebackbehere 

def - drunkswifts emiliaclarke emmaswna enchantedmemories enchanthed eyesopen fakersgonnafakes feminiswift foreversours fortuneandfames fyeahtaylor fuckyeahselenita 

ghi - glowofffthepavement godmezmarie gomiez gracecsblog gracieteefey gwenstacys hallemberry haleyscotts haymitch heldyourpride hellagoodhair hellagoodcurls iconfessbabe iconicstan iconicgomz iknowispouringrain iknowplaceswecanhide illwriteyourname imfinalllyclean inyourwldstdrms itsathugstory itsgomezsel iwaslookingsatyou izzie-stevens 

jkl - jennfierlawrecne kissesoncheekss katnisseeverdeen kissesoncheekss lastkissses letshakeitoff lifeforsg letterstogomez lightsglisten lightthefuze lightsofheaven likeanytruelove longlivethegirlinthedress longlovelive longlivesswift loversinme lovoto lydiagrent lyricalgomez

mno - makeyoubeleive maraudirs maliatale missabeats misselenur misstaylorswft mockingday monica-geller mysaviorswift mosaicbrokenhearts neonvansandlovelytans neverblindme nevereverlikeever neverevers newromanticss newromantisc newromantixs nightofamelody obrience of1989 ohsoswiftly ofabeautifulnight oldfavoritesong onbackroadsatnight onehandfeel outlwgomez ownsthenights

pqr - peeta-katniss partayswiftie penclick picturetosburn placeswecanhide piecesintoplaces polaroidofus13 primrues punkswift queerlyswift rebelswilson recalling redd-lip-classic redlippedswift13 risksthefall rollercoastar rons-weasley ronesweasley ryansatwood

stu - sadserenades salvadorsunday sarcastictaylor sassyeh saveetheday scarletletterswift scottdisickss selenamg selcrush selenagomezaf selenangomez selenamgomez selenasapparel selenastiles selesna selgasm selmgomz shakeitoft simplysfans sixtiequeen slowsdowns sserenades starlight-swifts stateofgraces stillwantyous stonehearteds strongfortaylor swifth swifterly swifs swifd swiftalison taeylorswift talldrinkoftaylor taycharm tayisoutofthewoods taylerswoft tayllorswifts taylor-svift tayloralisonswft tayloralisons taylorsblood taylorsswift taylorswiftersweeper taylorswitt taylour tayswaybae teaswift texas7h19am tellyouiminsane thatsickbeat thelaststime thoseopeneyes timcgraws timeerasingyou trackerjabbers treachreous ts-zoe13 tyirell tylersmccall tyrells upinlights

vwxys - vanessayves voguetaylor wanderection weheartswifties wentmad whereveryouares wildestsdreams willremembers winegomez winterfelles wontforgets wonderstay wonderingfaiths wonderstruckblog wrathandruin wrotethisdamnsong xloveswift yeahmoretz youareinllove youmakemecrazier yourememberitalltoowell 

HEY! so my little blog, somehow reached 5,000 followers yesterday!?!?(THANKS FOR FOLLOWING ME!!! *internet hug*)

so here is a list of my favourite fandom blogs that you should follow :) 

A - F [ allthingshartandhelbig, amessylittleraindrop, adrunkhelbig, biggy-smiles, basicallyaphanblog, bruhofficial, beanzhart, baby-hart, catmilllakarnstein, chelseawelseyknight, caskett, camptakotathemovie, ditzeyy, dance-slow-decades, disappointingcheesecake, daily-gr4ce, dragon-with-a-flowercrown, ellieegaga, followyourswarto, fancypancakes, fancyfoxtrot ]

F - M [ gracieehelbig, giachagt, go-fluff-a-duck, gracehelbiglovesfrenchfries, gracehelbl0g, gracewillhazeyou, gracewillprazeyou, gracehe1big, grapehelbig, gracefuckinghelbig, holytrinity-holdmytitty, hartoland, harto2harto, hartohmy, hashtag-troyler, hartbig-squared, hartsquareds-perfection, hannahhxrto, ihartgrace, itssimplysam23, ina-stateofgrace, jameenicolee, justtrinitythings, kitchen-ette, kikipond, kaitlinnally, louie00666, laurencarmel, makemecutehelbig, mamahartbig, mamrieshellabighart, mydrunkvause, mynameisnotkirsty, meepface, macehelbig, mamebig, midnight-songbirds, my-youtube-addiction, mydamngrace ]

O - Z [ ourdrunkitchen, ohmysmellbig, onetruenacho, pythagorastheorem, peetamy, phoebewilliamstv, rollwithitcassidy, sara-duckk, samanth-nofriends-motchell, snowgayngels, scenedan, snacksandharts, spn-and-oitnb, sarzc16, swikes, sawsan-ff, saengking, snacks-snacks-snacks, trinitybuttz, theres-no-place-like-youtube, trinitymemes, t0tes-ma-g0ats, troylerkiss, three-beautiful-idiots, thehappyversion, theyoungesthelbig, trinitytime, who-me-ok, ydadmamrie, youtubers-andthings, yes-um-what, you-smile-we-smile, zoellahelbig ]


Okay I’ve decided to make my FOLLOW FOREVER 2013! ;3
You guys are awesome and i’m glad that you’ve been part of my year 2013!!! Anyway enough of drama, I may not be able include everyone in my blogroll, such as some theme and resources blogs and I’m afarid some have moved, I can’t be really sure. So for the meantime, these are my follow forever:

BOLD ones: are my fave blogs
BOLD + ITALIC ones: my fave also and one I treat as friends and really cool people:


-crescent, 5weetsorrow


 acciohonour, acsfreitas, aerosparrk, aethyrr, agraywarden, aimys, andypam1994, anunderwaterkiss, asamikane, asarihighcommand, asklightningrayplata, averiasky, ayuruneko, balthiers, bamf-bumi, bekascrazyrambles, blanx-imaginaerum, blossomher, bluelightningxiii, bsaajill


 c2otakuu, callmeriah, capn-kenway, chaotiksoldier, cherriuki, cloti-love, dancingcucumber, dannyyyyboyyyy, darkheartbloodyhands, dbsk501, dearfinalfantasy, desirableheaven, dia-vanille, dieyeahna, disney-alltheway, doucheywolf, dushaa


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 itmakesmehappywhenyousmile, jaredpadaleki, jayman0714, jonn-lock, joshdevines, jyuubells


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I decided not to make a Christmas follow forever but instead an end of year one. This description might get a little messy, sorry. But anyway, these are the fabbest blogs ever and if you don’t follow them you’re doing it wrong.

These are my friends(?) special people who have made tumblr even more amazing because what’s anything without friends, the more the better. And these people are also super cool……(hover over your name for a message *insert wink* and sorry if I make some mistakes because formatting this has been kinda hard for me)
tsvvifts | everlsrk | kingdomlightsshine | futurewasme | odairscrestah | plaidswiftdays | treachreous | lilyjanescollins | cloudsmaygather | longlivethegirlinthedress | fabrae | exoclipses | baekxun

And here are amazing, wonderful blogs that I all love one way or another. Thanks for making my dashboard so beautiful. Please don’t feel sad if you’re not on this list because I’m 101% sure I forgot someone and I really love all the blogs I follow, so if you’re on my blogroll, I love you. (:
Listed in alphabetical order because I like things to be organised and bolded are favourites and ones I admire from afar.

abc: alaskayoung, alltowell, alonginthestorms, asheathes, backtodecembber, beautifulnight, bestapologies, breadinhotchocolate, cametotheshowinsd, casuallyscruel, catchingswift, catskirtdays, clarissafrayes

def: drunk-swift, emiliaclarke, e-mmacarstairs, emmaduerres, enchantedswift13, everlarkers, everswift, everythinhaschanged, eyesopen, fearsless, ffinicks, finnicksmellarks, fortuneandfames, frostingpeetaswounds, fuckyeahselenita, fuckyeahswift, fullofswift

ghi: gavemeroses, haymitch, hollyandthesunshine, hurtsorbleed, ialmostdo, indarkbluetennessee, indemne, indiesrecord, inthenameofbeinghonests, izzyfrays

jkl: jenniferlawrenceshrader, jenniferlawrenes, lasttimes, lawrience, lea-michele, letswift, lightthefuze, likeadrum, likebookend

mno: melark, mockingdream, mockingjace, morgensternsring, newfoundgrace, newyorkbehere, nowtheskyisgold, ofabeautifulgirl, ofabeautifulnight, ofastarlight, ohfrays, onehandfeel, ourprincesswift

pqr: padfootmagic, piecesintoplaces, rainyblueskys, rainyending, raphaelswings, redtour, roseshathaways, rruedolph

stu: sadbeautifultragic, savingmypromises, scathas, s-mg, stateofgracely, stateofgraces, staystaystays, staytaystay, strydering, swiftbeautifultragic, swiftdeen, swifth, swlft, tayllorswifts, tayloarswift, taylorsvift, taylorsweeft, teylurswifts, thatwhitedress, thisdaydreamsdangerous, timeerasingyou, tswift, ttreacherous, upinlights, unravelingwords

vwx: withtherains, wonderingfaiths

yz: yofinnick

I hope you had the merriest Christmas ever and the have the best New Year! All the best for 2014! xx

Hey everyone!! Here’s a goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015 :)

Here is a list of everyone who I follow and makes my dash the perfection that it is, as well as my tumblr crushes and the mutuals who are constantly on my activity page:

yeahniall | deeningharrystyles | jamesniall | flawlessirish | harryedward | manlyliam | harryinbraids | haroldsbowtie | 1-d-fan-fic | yesniall | jxvadd | acciozouis | loutomolinsons | liamworld | payneobsessed | paynity | hstuyles | gagmeniall | bethsalander | cumberebatch | collarboen | zaynmalikx | mrszouis | ollymurs | darnstyles | teamfox | teenageharrys | zarrysh | perriesbabes | jonasbrothers | ahrgent | blamestyles | styzles | stillon-londontime | kayascodders | niealls | mullingag | colormenarry | thisicksbeat | sixtiesquen | niallar | nicomirralegro | huhniall | donoteattheyellowsnow | likes-boys | punkdirections | paynerr | wankirish | louistomlinsn | leyumpanes | zlall | harryniips | britishire | backagainharry | -harrystyles | dailyonedirection | rednosedhoran | fuzetea | niallsgotmehigh | halfsleeper | hunkliam | paynoo | sexgodliam | lirryr | harrysthefather | pradalou | liaems | zaynharry | ziame | zarrycakes | paynesass | raachelgreen | howyoudoinuglynakedguy | kuszco | chanchanman-bing | punchliam | touchingpayne | iheartkatyperry | ezramichaelkoenig | neutrulmalikhotel | sophsmiths | addictiveliam | howlouis | gagginiall | hazzashearts | niaru | niallhhorans | gothazza | obeyhorans | handsatanizer | whoremalik | zarry | nialuh | niallsfucktoy | lilourry | zaynrocksmyworld | hareestyls | damnlirry | loudons | naya-rivera | dewinchester | beanwinchester | liamemepayne | paynekink | singleliam | awpayne | jensens14thfreckle | wow-dimples | puppiiies | neymarchill | inkskinned | ofziall | walterwhte | winterchesters | fallenbadass | loued | dixonchesters | liemspayne | awwww-cute | peetamelalrk | santabeybey | sometimesitshardtograsp | 20liam | punchliam | goproniall | lilcraiic | sophiamsource | fuckyeahzarry | leeyums | lounors | flawless-meganfox | louis-styls | omgsophiam | fyeahbreakingbad | brbagifs | inpayne | nightchangesquad | holmeschlapel | playboyliam | prophetpayne | adoreliam | leatherziam | flirtliam | castiells | louistmmlinson | jensackles | soldiercas | macaronimonday | zanal | paynoholic | whorans-girl | hpmeet1d | walkersrise | beardedgrimes | xthewalkingdead | walker—bait | amc-walking-dead | a-arcticmonkey | fuckyeah-the-walking-dead | onlyoneswhoknowarcticmonkeys | themarcticmonkeys | arcticalex | monsieurturner | alexbandguy | weheartfox | henleyliam | hermiola | shailenewoodleydaily | theojamesdaily | our-nbhd | midnightfreakingmemories | babyxnanas | ch1darkcy | hoodieistheshit | jodiecomer | fyeahbanks | oh-banks | stilezs | liamjpz | rae-nelson | finnnelson | central-perk | mirallegr | finnepicslice | nicomirallegroweb | dailyhoodieallen | realpaynes | paynemobile | snowballiam | getliam | unmarvel | yesmarvel | cliffordlrh | themarvelavengers | clintbartons | lostinscarlett | sirhiddles | lmnpnch | insurgenc-e | -tobias-eaton | deathserums | fourtriss | lovelytheo | ladykestrel | welcomeinitates | memoryserums | bearticeprior | divergencedaily | shailene-theodaily | 50shadesoftobias | sassyfour | tobiav | theojamesthoseeyebrows | jen7waters | dailyshailenewoodley | marziacutiepie | niallslaugh | lianzayn | theojamies | dailytheodorejames | payneclinic | strutliam | yorkshirehaz | parchedforpaynis | paninipayne | liamforchristmas | liamsobbing | labiam | findingliam-o | cuddlepayne | donutpayne | dulcedeliam | leeumpavne | bangingthepaynosaurus | theoxjames | -mymadfatdiary | fuckyeahmirallegro | avengery | mmfdnews | mickeymilk | iancgallagher | adammccormic | noelfshr | anythingbutgrief | emmagreenwell | gallavichthings | sophiasmithnews | mckeymilkovich | shamelesscreencaps | iansgallgher | shamelers | milkovichfeels | hazelqracr | wearethevamps | radiodesire | gifshamelessus | wolvhamptns | jamesmcvey | thevampsfeels | thevampsnews | worshipthevamps | liaams | nolfisher | themindyanddannyproject | fyeahmindyproject | mindyproject | tmpgifs | daniellepeazerisoursunshine | iangalliagher | peazerholic | shitgallagher | alexandsierra-news | freyamvors | isidoragoreshterr | noelroeim | mandmilkovich | kinsey-and-deaton | shamelessfeelsandshit | connor-walshed | milkovichly | everythingshameless | iangaellagher | mandykaren | likevictoriassecretangels | chxrllxyd | merrymarina | harrysgrammar | meganfoxdaily | meganfoxo | foxoholic | meganisthefox | fuckyesonceuponatime | adoringmeganfox | iadorefox | kayliekendoll | meganfoxwtf | shameless | meganfoxrocksmyworld | meganfox86 | zaynmakil | jakcgilinsky | cameronmonaghans | lesjouetsdudestin | girlcodeonmtv | cherylgifs | cherylacole | alwaysbeafox | coletweedy | bradvampson | esheerans | waeh-edsheeran | sheeran-usa | theinevitablepipex | orangeskins | oitnb | celebreceipts | fuckyeahrihanna | happinessishardtofind | findingcarter | finding-carter | orangeisthenew-black | o-i-t-n-b | gordoananke | thecarriesdiaries | austinbutlerstyle | findingcarteredit | mtvfindingcarter | mr-styles | actualmontaigne | dormerdaily | fynataliedormer | nataliedormersource | fuckyeahnataliedormer | dailydormer | connorsoliver | thegurlfriends | markruffalo | prankvsprank | bfvsgfsaaaaann | bfvsgfdailygifs | ily-bfvsgf | pvpnation | iamnamelessgem | 420zouisquad | tuxedomalik | nihora | a-world-of-our-very-own | fuckyeahthehungergames | zoellagifs | zayncangetsome | sugarpappi | modestmgmtofficial | mickmilkovich | harryedward | zeymar | stimartins | elouvator | fakeasspayne | slutzouis | tomlinfox | fuckingalienlooking | taylorswift | awharrys | officialnourry | brownzayn | winterslou | princelyliam | snowinghazza | jawllines | zaynspank | bewbies | dreamworksedits | mockingjaysource | panempropaganda | meganfoxslays | fuckliam | lightthefuze | yolisten | butharry | desizayn | bradcunt | nniam | zaynmalif | sunharry | -taylorswift- | zaynthirsty | zerrie | stateofgraces | justgallagher | sadbeautifultragic | foxyconda | theparadisesuite | ravendorkholme | tobiaseatons | dylans-obrien | sspirituality | sskeptical | niazsmaliks | harrysstyles | nananarry | fyonedirection | doncasturbate | holdmetightniall | niallhoran | spankingmalik | fivesource | problematicassharry | meganfoxoxo | samanthasmaria | ohstylesno | feelszarry | preciousliam | zayns1d | molestmefox | lordemusic | onedhqcentral | justice4mikebrown | harrydylan | craicthatniall | harrycmon | literallyrad | quitespecial | zarrygotmoney | gilinskys | yoncewest | fallenforminaj | nickimlnaj | angelprincesa | blesskimye | paynemedown | movie-edits | donniedarkos | kryptoniall | mustyass | brianknney | thestarsarealight | stockhlmsyndrome | uncutpayne | zarriamofficial | nickelbackthatassup | clever-grl | joshutchersonn | allthingsgos | cinnasownmockingjay | sixsteen | cyberqueer | sarmaprincess | mohawkpayne | bumblingniall | orghasmic | wordsnquotes | itshoran | gotforyourlove | zanemalik | niallhoran | gardenlouis

crushes: thirlwallpinnock | drakesmami | cigarettezayn | timberlakeliam | zarriamofficial | janicelaughing | beyoncebeytwice | mindythings | leeumpavne |

babes: selfieliam | cyrildescours | noouis | nippleboy | ahrgent | liamypane | realharveyspecter | onefuckingdirection | teenageharrys | niealls | morepayne | touchingpayne | jonasbrothers | champagnepadre | liamisperfection | luvzaynie

p.s I adore all of you, you’re all soooo lovely :) x

HO HO HO BITCHES, MERRY CHRISTMAS (and a happy new year) insert surprise bitch gif here, making our follow forever just in time. it has been an annoying rachet ass year full of bullshit drama but you all made it very funny and managed to keep us from blowing our heads off, there for you are in this follow forever because we love you and may santa bring you a motherfucking white ass christmas ;)

abc- adorauhl alisonspencers arigrando ashbensos augustuswates bpalvinn beautywithbeats beiber bejustin biebmalik biebrauhl bodyrockks canadastratford cantevenspeak c-cafune chickenuqqet chrisbrwon colorfuze crayonskin

def- danieulsharman ddrews dieinyousarms dylansnude elenagillbrt fadedmornings firstmarch flamesburning flawlessbieber fricklefraclcle fuckablestyles funkybieber

ghi- goemez godmezmarie gravityfals hanabenson hannahmarijuana harrystiyels hazelgraece heartrbreaker heystephens holdtights holydrews howstolove hotdirection hrvelle icatchingfire igooglebieber inloveselenagomez isaacmlahey itsjustinsbieber

jkl - juistins justinadoresme justensbiebers justinsbibers justinsflawless justintimberblake justisbiebers kidraaul kingbieber kissyourtears lebiebah liamopyne llogans lookatmenowbiebs lorddrew lovemenows lydiamartis

mno- march1st meplusyous middleofnows mileysays morningsuns mrsbiebur mydraco neonligghts neonslight neverletyousgo newyorrks niggahwolf ofjdrews ohlordbieber onnetime outoftowngirls ownmylove

pqrst- perksofjustin putsyoudown rauhlablunt rauhls recklessjustin reflectyourlights rihannasdick rockmafias rollarscoaster runsfaraway russetts ryanggood sarcasnn savesthedays starsdancez scotsmcall selenatia selenaisfallingnaturally selmge siley slowsdowns smilingwithjb smgbieber smokingweedwithjustinbieber stateofgraces stillinsk stratfordreams stratfordsfinest strengthofourloves stylesly swoggy taakeyou takemesaway talkofloves themiddleofnowheres thissrecovery trackersjackers turntoyus tylrerposey

uwvxyz- warrioreverdeen withtherains wonderhaz verifiedbelieber yeezuschrists yorussos zaynsmalik zeynmalik zooelas

12- 1harry 25x12


afterzhocks autoplaying beatriceprir bellaswns blownaways bodyrockks brightestsmile brightofglow brookedaviz burningbrights cantbetamed cantdisguise cantevenspeak catchingfeeling catchmes catpissneverclean charlottewatsons christmassweaterstyles cleartomenows coffeewithgrey colton-holland connorwalshsquad cyanpirate deelovatos demetrria demilavoto demonprotection dinahsjane97 drewlovats dronkinlove dylans-obrien emiliaclarck everlarksheart everyrose evidenceof4ever fallingdowns fallingoveryous flexandflows funkybieber getbackwithyous gwenstacys haroldxzayn hastingsmontgomery hazwaters heatofthemoments hisfathersambition holdmetights hollroden hotncolds ilovatoworld jbdltribute jumbomumble justinbiebera justindornan kendallskylie kingbieber kparty kurtcobains kyliejennere lanadels laurenjaureguis leonardodicapiro liampaynerr lightthefuze lightw lovatobomb lovatolovely lovats luckysstrike luginsy lyricalgomez mazerunnergifs mdeintheusa mellaark mileycyrs mileymas mileyrays nemijovatos newromantisc nialj nickjerrys nightignales nvrbeenhurts ollymurs orhgasm paradohx phbtonkin piecesintoplaces pullmysoul reamys rememberlullaby restlessummerair robinwilliamsvevo rockmafias rockonbaby rosalecalvert ryansatwood s-mg sadserenades sandrabbullock selenamaries selenamgomez selenangomez sincerelystratford sixlegends smaries stateofgraces staystaystays stratfordsfinest tayloralisons tenfeetaway thecitys thefinalriots therussos thoseopeneyes trophiesftdrake turningbacks twolostchildrens unbrokens unravelingwords vexils whereareyounows willstofight wordsofwisdoms yourgold zavn-malik zaynsmk zustin