Here’s to 2013! A follow forever including all the main blogs I follow, new & old~ These blogs are in no particular order and they range from black/white to color to mixed, etc. Some of these blogs are also some friends I’ve made on twitter :)

I hope everyone had a happy holidays and I hope you all have a great year! Also, thank you for posting, you really do complete my dash (◡‿◡✿) 

yoo-cute-jae artist-wufan unmeiron stateofdespair eternal-seoul

fatalfap koreanpsycho -jjong seoulcityb1tch

woofuckingjiho atelierofaestheticism wonderfuldelight

korean-bw fucku-you zicosucks kimokokat

jiyongs-thong zicoscum topaddict

himchanherpderp everydayhephap wu-fan toptempo

top-oppa korean-fashion 87thcloudavenue sweetcocopuffs

xayu 3bnzr seme-n indistinct mayshmallows chanyolo

tablowme seoulheart tea-timefor-jane tabloworld

s-hiro 60sec0nd monochrome-tea pakkyu

s-a-k-u-r-a-t-e-a himbulge h0ngbean

kyungcumberyo un-commited zuraun sherlocketits

color-blind  kevinfuckingwoo  bw-korea   busane

mirsdick   woojihomo    jiixiang   monochromekhiphop

pilsuk-ah  luhen  yeoloo  b-lockb  blockbw frappuczino   

baka-satan  shimmytwice seoulonc-rack 

dreams-of-japan  shshineegirl327 monotune

ahh dees blogs mak e my d ash so bootyful i luv dem :-)

((and yiss i maed dis on word document kkkk))

anonymous asked:

do you know of any good color blogs that post about the amoeba/1llionare crew? not that I don't love everything about your blog (cause I do) but some times I just need some color in my life :P

hmmm i don’t really know any color amoeba/1llionaire blogs besides sickestmovement & zicovalove.

but if you want bw khiphop blogs there’s blank-notebooks, stateofdespair,  gangnam-clique, hephapimp, hephapinthehouse, monochromekhiphop, m-ongoloid, hye0ni, xxxjunxxx (mixed) and that’s all I can think about right now. 

but if anyone knows anymore please reply to this message ok ok

hope this helped ^^