Traveling back to Queens from Staten Island

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Traveling back to Queens from Staten Island

What’s better a free trip on the Ferry or paying $6.75 to take NJ Transit?

Today, I visited my adorable two-year-old nephew. He resides on Staten Island. Getting there was the usual lengthy commute from Queens. I traveled on The R subway, to the Staten Island Ferry to the Staten Island Railroad. The SIR is more like a trolley. Of course, I missed the 10:30 a.m. Ferry. The R had its usual glitches.

I strolled into the Ferry Terminal at just as the vessel set sail. I spent 30 minutes hanging out in the filthy terminal. Thankfully, mobile devices let one check their EM to pass away the time.

Now to get back to Queens, I had the choice of mom taking me to St. George to catch the free Ferry and then using my MetroCard to ride the R home. Or, a ride to the Elizabeth NJ Transit station, pay $6.75 and winding up in Penn Station. Over the years, I’ve done both and often opted the cheap way. 

But today, I decided to see what was better. I had my passport. So I was able to leave the U.S. and enter Jersey. Springsteen was playing in my head and of course, as I pen this he’s playing on iTunes.

The N.J. train arrived about five minutes ahead of its scheduled arrival time. I found a seat and was in Penn Station pretty quickly. By sheer luck the E train arrived in about two minutes. It ran local. However, it got me home pretty quickly.
I have come to the conclusion leaving the United States to get from Staten Island to Queens is faster and more civilized than sailing into the City. 

The $6.75 price tag of the N.J. train ride, beats waiting in the gross Ferry Terminal and sitting on that filthy boat.