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It’s summer alright and if the heat has you sweating and burning up check out this Family Advisor physician guide (1804).

This book from our rare books collection by Henry Wilkins, M.D. has got 19th century cures for all your diseases, infections, ailments, and injuries.

Warning: These medical practices are outdated and may worsen your condition. Discretion is advised.  

“All things do not die. False is the prophet who claims that whatever is born soon must die. The mind is a rich reservoir whence memories flow from one generation to another in perpetual stream. It is true that times and tastes change, but a thing of beauty is an everlasting joy. The glory of the past relives in the present; the memory of a singer remains in the heart of Man." 

"Fate, it seems, spins its web before the very eyes of a man though he cannot understand its pattern.”

Two quotes from a book in our collection, Italians - Past and Present. This treasure was sitting on a shelf collecting dust until it was found.