Family and friends always ask why I teach my little brother and sister things like this. My ma was even saying that I was “forcing rap music upon them”. That just made my heart hurt. Looking through old text messages, I found this thing that I wrote to a girl who didn’t know anything about hip hop. This is what I said to her, and this is what I wish all my family and friends could hear… “Hip hop isn’t just a craft. It’s hope for a little kid named Kendrick in the Compton ghetto whose told his whole life that he’ll grow up to be nothing because of a letter grade that reads "F”. It’s a culture that began “in slave times/when slaves said rhymes”. It’s truly a woman of undeniable beauty that has been beaten and raped so viciously, yet is still beautiful and keeps her virginity. Hip hop is an expansion of our Fickle Mind$ to realize the value of potential to kids who haven’t ever been taught the definition of potential. Our nation was built upon the minds of the finest, and hip hop gives the Unheard a chance to relay their beliefs through the no mans land of poverty. This is hip hop nation and I wanna be a part of it.“ #hiphop #mostbeautifulwoman #holy #supreme #littlebro #power #love #bishopnehru #kendricklamar #nas #riseabove #wutangclan #wutangisforthechildren by vis_power96