Andrew Bevan, Teen Vogue’s Style Features Editor

After getting his start in book publishing and film, Andrew Bevan worked in the Entertainment department at Vogue before making the jump to Teen Vogue four years ago. Aside from styling and penning his own monthly style column in the magazine Andrew, an NYU graduate, keeps up with emerging talent and industry luminaries, mentors teens, covers the latest trends and parties, and has dressed some of Hollywood’s brightest young talents for the red carpet.

1. What is your favorite trend for this spring?
I love the bold, colorful floral prints that were on the runway and also the nod to the deco era.

2. What are the major colors for spring?
I love New York when the weather starts to get warmer and everyone drops their black for color. I’m really excited for citrus colors…orange, yellow, chartreuse.

3. How would you best describe your personal style?
Jack of all trades—Jack and the beanstalk meets Jack Lemmon meets Jack Keurac–I tend to mix classic menswear with more whimsical and beatnik elements.

4. What/Who inspires you the most?
I’m a total film buff and I’m always driven by classic cinema and television. I’m also a music nerd and could spend hours on end trolling youtube for obscure music videos.

5. What is the best part about being Teen Vogue’s Style Features Editor?
I love that every day is different and that my job keeps me on my toes because I always need to stay ahead of the game and think outside of the box. I also love more than anything that the fans of Teen Vogue are so vocal and reactive. You get immediate responses to your work the moment the magazine hits stands. It’s inspiring.

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1. Finish the sentence! Don’t be afraid to invest in _____. Nice bags and Shoes! Then mix in thrifty thrills (H&M, Topshop) and affordable basics (J.Crew, Stylemint). These key accessories will instantly bring your look up to speed and give it new life.

2. What’s your favorite purchase from 2011? My tiny, structured, neon green Jil sander bag

3. What is the one item you always travel with? Hand sanitizer

4. The crew neck or the V-neck? Deep crew!

5. What is your favorite StyleMint T? I love all of the Bretton stripe styles, the dresses, the Ts, all of them!

New York based stylist, Danielle Nachmani is most known for her work on the runway and red carpet. She also lends her styling talents to national fashion campaigns, editorials and music videos.

1. What is your favorite trend for spring?
Bold Prints. I am excited to incorporate them into my wardrobe this spring.

2. Your spring style tip would be…?
Take a risk. Spring is a great time to go outside your comfort zone, wear a bright color or try a new silhouette.

3. How do you approach transitioning winter pieces into spring?
I layer a lot during the winter, so in the spring it’s always nice to wear special pieces on its own.

4. What is your go-to staple item in your wardrobe?
I have a Jil Sander coat that always finds its way into my day to day wardrobe.

Emily Schuman writes the blog (and soon to be book) Cupcakes and Cashmere. Staying true to the name of her blog, Emily’s blog offers daily doses of inspiration on how to live a fashionably (and deliciously) fulfilling life.

What trend are you most excited about right now?
I love all of the juxtaposition that’s happening in fashion right now. Like mixing and matching chunky knits with more tailored basics, metallics and sequins with casual pieces, and feminine silhouettes with menswear-inspired accessories.

If you could take one piece of clothing to a deserted island, what piece would it be?
A great pair of jeans. I can only imagine how wonderfully worn in they’d be once I got back after all the sand, sun, and surf!

What are you most inspired by?
Inspired, passionate people.

What is your favorite Style Mint T?
I love a good stripe, so the Broadway in hibiscus is my favorite. I love that it’s so versatile and goes just as well with a form-fitting maxi skirt and heels as it does with skinny jeans and ballet flats.


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What is your favorite band right now?
My favorite artist right now (and almost always) is Ryan Adams. His current album, Ashes & Fire, (that I recently got to see him perform live in Hollywood) is simply perfect.

If you could make a graphic T, what would it say?
That’s a tough one, since I really haven’t worn graphic shirts since high school…so I suppose it would have to be a favorite song lyric or something. One of my favorite Bob Dylan lines is “Last night I danced with a stranger. But she just reminded me you were the one.”

Describe your personal sense of style in 5 words or less.
Wear what makes you happy.

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1. What is the best part of working with Mary Kate Steinmiller?
Mary Kate is a team player and works incredibly hard but manages to keep a smile on her face and stay positive. She has so much passion and vision for this magazine—it’s contagious.

2. What is the best advice you can offer those that want to break into the fashion industry?
Work hard and never have an idea of what it means to be an editor, stylist, designer, model etc. Preconceived notions will ruin you. Also always turn your weakest assets into your strongest, it will help you stand apart from the crowd!

3. What piece of fashion advice do you live by?
Always look good when you’re traveling.

4. What are your three travel essentials?
I always need copious amounts of magazines, my iPad (with cheesy TV shows and movies downloaded), a new playlist on my iPod and my oversized cashmere Chanel scarf.

5. Finish the sentence! I wear my T with… 
a blazer mostly. I think it’s the most effortless and chic look that anyone can wear.

6. A classic stripe T or a classic white T?
I regrettably was a huge fan of novelty tees in the late 90s and before that logo Ts. Thankfully I outgrew that phase of my life and I’ve learned to embrace the power of the classic white T. It can take you anywhere.

7. What is your favorite StyleMint T?
I think the Camden Colorblock is a very interesting T that I haven’t really seen around. Its great because you can really dress it up or down.

Mary Kate Steinmiller, Teen Vogue Senior Fashion Market Editor.

Mary Kate spent three years at Teen Vogue as a fashion-closet intern and intern to fashion director Gloria Baume while studying design and management at Parsons The New School for Design. As senior fashion market editor, Mary Kate is responsible for scouting the latest apparel and trends from contemporary designers, denim brands, and swimwear and bringing them to the pages of Teen Vogue. She has had a hand in planning Teen Vogue’s Fashion’s Night Out celebration and has appeared on Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight and LX TV and MTV’s House of Style as a face of the magazine. Aside from her duties in editorial, Mary Kate has her own jewelry line that is completely made by hand.

1. What is your favorite trend this season?
From the Spring runways, I cannot get enough of the subtle shine and sparkle from Christopher Kane, GIambattista Valli and No21. The luxe brocades and silks are cut in the simple shapes and silhouettes and makes for an easy trend to replicate. The embellishment and crystal encrusting details are stunning. I love the thought of a candy pastel brocade mini skirt worn with a simple white button down shirt. It’s the simplest chicest way to wear shine.

2. What are your spring must haves?
Christopher Kane embellished mini skirt. Cropped white skinny jeans.  Nike Dunk high-tops in a fun color. Ultra-glam Prada crystal earrings. Pastel handbag from Vuitton.

3. What are three key wardrobe items you wear constantly?
White T shirts. Denim or leather motorcycle jacket. Cashmere.

4. What inspires your personal style?
An unexpected mix of color, fabric, textures and accessories. I always want something to be a bit off. I am inspired by color, and prints and rich fabrics. I’m very girly and feminine, but I have a secret passion for skate, sport and surf culture, and I try to include those references in how I dress. I wouldn’t think twice about pairing a lace dress with my Vans sneakers.

5. What is the best part about being Teen Vogue’s Fashion Market Editor?
Being a market editor is fantastic, but being a market editor for Teen Vogue makes the job even better. Because of our reader and our brand, I am able to work with the broadest scope of designers and brands in the market. I see clothing from Target to Vuitton and everything in between. I am just as inspired by a denim cut-off short from American Eagle as I am by a beautifully beaded dress from Valentino. I take all the styling, and inspiration from this wide range of a market and watch as our stylists flawlessly make it all work together. The magazine has this magic ability to make the Teen Vogue “mix” work, and I am proud to say that my work as an editor brings in the ingredients to create our fashion stories.

Katherine Power
is the co-founder and Creative Director of the online fashion magazine, WhoWhatWear, her personal style is sophisticated, sharp and edgy, while favoring a mixture of classic American and tough Parisian accents.

1.    What is your favorite trend this season?

I love all of the scarf-print shirts like this one from Balmain. As well as all of the floral print-on-prints (a la Celine) <See above!>

2.    What is your go to staple item?

My go-to staples are my Simone leather jackets (I’ve got about 7 different colors and styles), Jeans by the Row or various Isabel Marant pants (they are so comfortable, most have an elastic waist), Celine Sunglasses, Ts from StyleMint, and J.crew sweaters.

3.    Spring is just a few months away, what are the trends you are most excited for?

I love all of the shoes with high ankle straps like this one from Altuzzara–It’s such a classic, sexy style. I’m happy to see so many of them. There are also a ton of cute mules and bright, strappy sandals. I also love all the white minimalist looks (Jenni Kayne, Celine), as well as many of the super-cool pastel colored suits (Givenchy, Preen) I love a full suit in a great color!

4.    Where do you draw inspiration from when you are styling?

When I’m styling myself, I take a lot of inspiration from the ‘90s. I love the minimalism and the masculinity. While styling the StyleMint looks I thought a lot about the Who What Wear Girl. She’s a mix of high and low, trendy and classic, and is daring enough to try new things on a regular basis.

5.    What piece of fashion advice do you live by? Who gave it to you?

An of-the-moment accessory (like a great pair of sunglasses, a new bag, or a chic pair of shoes) can instantly turn your every-day basics into a stylish, pulled-together look. Don’t be afraid to splurge on these items every once in a while, even if they seem a bit trendy.

6.    What is the best advice you can offer those that want to break into the fashion industry?

Nothing is more important than interning. Whether you try several different companies to figure out what you want to do, or stick with one you love for a long time, this will put you ahead of the curve when it comes to looking for a job. Just being in the environment and learning from everyone around you is invaluable, plus you’ll be meeting new people everyday and relationships go a long way in this industry. Whatever internship you take, commit to it, give it 100%, and make sure you strive to be the best intern the company has ever had.

1. What is the best part of working with Andrew Bevan?
We have a sometimes inappropriate but always entertaining habit of breaking out into song, tap dances and skits together in the middle of the day/appointments/meetings/fashion shows and events. I’m endlessly inspired by his ability to make friends with anyone, his personality is magnetic, and as an editor who keeps her distance from the fashion industry social scene, I admire his non-stop go-getter attitude that takes him to party to dinner to party with a smile on this face.

2. What’s your favorite purchase from 2011?
Brown and white Celine bag.

3. What is your signature accessory?
Always have bracelets on my wrists, before “arm candy” became a trend.

4. What is the one item you never leave home without?
Some sort of candy in my handbag.

5. The crew neck or the V-neck?
Crew if its fitted, v-neck if its oversized and boyfriend style.

6. Finish the sentence! I wear my T with…

7. What is your favorite StyleMint T?
Jackson Stripe!


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