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OK but how big of a statement winning this poll will be to freeform (& the rest of the world) tbh would be so so so fucking good. This is the biggest ship poll on the internet every year, trust me I’ve been around fandoms for a long time. We lost by such a small percent last year, I’m not doing it again this year. PLEASE VOTE FOR MALEC DURING ALL THE ROUNDS. They deserve this so so much.


I think this is really important and explains a little bit why Victor’s seriousness when Yuri hugged him is important. 

Yuri doesn’t like to feel weak, when he hugged Victor it wasn’t only to have his determination back, he wasn’t asking for something, he was making an statement “I’ll win, so look at me” and Victor’s response was serious “Of course” because he wasn’t doubting of Yuri’s words, and that was important for Yuri because he wasn’t being treated as weak. Yuri knew in that moment that Victor didn’t say those words just in order to comfort him, he was being treated with all the seriousness in that important moment of his life.

And you know what? That’s exactly why Yuri is starting to show his “weak side”, his insecurities, with Victor, because he knows he won’t make fun of him. Victor is one of the first persons he’s letting in into his comfort zone.


So today in class we were discussing the Hillary vs Turmp debate 

I said one of Trump’s biggest mistakes was constantly interrupting her and the moderator. Here he is, a cis white hetero man speaking loudly over a woman and a black man. 

“That’s Tumblr culture!” a brony yelled from the back of the class as I spoke. A huge smile on his face with this seemingly winning statement despite 80% of the room not understanding the reference.

I kept trying to calmly explain it is not. It is a racial and cultural and sexist issue. It is a thing men constantly do, interrupting women. 

And LISTEN LISTEN just as I’m saying this 

HE   I N T E R R U P T S   M E   

he legit interrupts a woman in order to say “women interrupt too!”

“Said the man while he interrupted me,” I deadpanned. 

There was this sudden silence across the classroom. I couldn’t believe this. The Brony smiled, blind to his own undoing. The teacher looked like he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

But, sure, sure… men interrupting women is totally made up Tumblr culture.

Seconds after Texas Solicitor General Scott Keller began to speak Wednesday morning, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg zeroed in on the “undue burden” question—quickly and mercilessly knocking Keller off balance and setting the tone for the rest of his nearly 40 minutes at the lectern. Ginsburg asked Keller how many women would live 100 miles or more from a clinic if the Texas law went into effect. About 25 percent, he responded—but that didn’t include the clinic in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, just over the border from El Paso. The existence of this clinic featured heavily in the 5th Circuit’s decision to uphold the Texas statute; it asserted that the law did not impose on “undue burden” on abortion-seeking El Paso women, because they could simply cross state lines for the procedure.

“That’s odd that you point to the New Mexico facility,” Ginsburg said, in a clear and firm voice. New Mexico, after all, doesn’t force abortion clinics to meet the same standards that Texas would—standards which, Texas claims, are absolutely critical to protect women.

“So if your argument is right,” Ginsburg continued, “then New Mexico is not an available way out for Texas, because Texas says: To protect our women, we need these things. But send them off to New Mexico,” to clinics with more lenient standards, “and that’s perfectly all right.”

“Well,” Ginsburg concluded, with just a hint of pique in her voice, “If that’s all right for the women in the El Paso area, why isn’t it right for the rest of the women in Texas?”

headcanon that the stark industries formula 1 team doesn’t ever actually win anything. but it’s still respected. because it’s the big rookie team. while the big teams extend contracts mostly to the big names, SI always hires directly off formula 2, sometimes formula 3. they’ve always got the youngest drivers and engineers in the game because the mission statement is not about winning, it’s about actually giving people the opportunity to acquire experience so they can get to the big leagues

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