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{ two for one }

pairing(s): thomas x reader, alexander x reader

prompt: Can you do one where Jefferson and Hamilton are fighting over the reader?

t/w: none!

You walked down the corridors of the hall, a little nervous. It was your first day at Yorktown High School. You were bouncing with nerves, that pit falling in your stomach again.

You were ready to throw up when you saw Angelica come through the crowds. You sighed in relief as she quickly rushed up to you and pulled you into a hug.

“You made it!” She grinned. “It’s so good to see you!”

“It’s good to see you too!”

“What classes do you have? I’ll walk you.”

You looked down at your schedule, the flimsy white paper in your hands. You lined up your finger along the words, coming to the first class near the bottom of the page. “Um, U.S. History?”

“Ah, Franklin. Good luck.” She snickered, but happily linked arms with you and started walking. You smiled as you talked about your summers and other things.

Along the way there, Angelica was stopped by a boy with curly hair. He was tall and had a proud little smirk on his face. You made eye contact, and manged a small smile. You couldn’t hold the eye contact for long. You quickly grew embarrassed and looked away. The taller boy smirked, putting his hands in his pockets casually.

“Angelica, who’s your lovely friend here?” He hummed, sliding up next to you. Instinctively, Angelica pulled you closer to her side. She didn’t slow down for him, but you managed to keep up.

“Thomas, this is (Y/N).” She said bluntly, not even looking at him. “(Y/N), you could do better.”

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Movie Date - Jughead Jones

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Pairing: Jughead x Reader
Description: You and Juggy go to a movie date at the drive-in on a cold, foggy night
Warnings: extreme fluff ♥
Word Count: 1,364
hey guys, this is my first riverdale related imagine but i’m obsessed with the show and Jughead so I just had to write something. Today where I live is super cloudy and misty and that’s what gave me the inspiration to write this, bc it reminds so much of the show and jug’s character. Enjoy.

It’s freezing out at the drive-in and as soon as you get there you think that you should have worn a thicker jacket. The wind blows the hair out of your face and you wrap your arms around yourself trying to shield your body from the cold. Looking around, you’re surprised to see that the usually crowded field it’s almost empty. Who would want to stay outside for 2 hours freezing out in such a cold night as this one, right? Only two weirdos like you and Jug. But to be honest, you prefer it this way.

 It doesn’t take long for you to spot the familiar black beanie and a tall figure  sitting on a chair with a bunch of blankets and snacks. A smile automatically  appears on your face while you walk until where he is.

“BOO!” you scream, jumping from behind the chairs and trying to scare him. 
“Ha-ha”, Jug mocks you, clearly unimpressed. “Did you really think I would get  scared that easily?” he asks, smirking.

“Yeah, yeah, I know, silly me.” You answer, smiling and playfully rolling your  eyes.

“Come here, sit. It’s freezing and the movie is about to start” Jug says, lifting  one side of the fuzzy grey blanket and patting the spot beside him.

“Oh, and what are we watching today?” You ask, curious about what he had  chosen for tonight. You loved his taste in weird and old movies and were  always surprised by the films he liked to watch.

“The Shining”, he says, lifting one eyebrow and doing a funny, dramatic voice.

“Oh my god Jug, are you kidding me? You know how much I hate horror  movies!”

“I know, but c’mon (Y/N), look at this weather. It’s freezing, it’s chilly, it’s misty,” he says, lifting his hands in the air and pointing to the sky,” I’m sorry, but this night demands a horror movie.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll watch it” you give in and sigh, realizing you have no choice. “But why do you have to be such an emo?” you purposefully mock him,  knowing how much he hated when people called him emo.

“Oh no. You did not just call me that!” He complains, turning his head to look straight at you, a surprised smile on his lips.

“Okay, I’m sorry, I’m just messing with you” you reply, chuckling “let’s just watch the movie already so we don’t stay here until too late.” You finish your sentence and kiss him on the cheek, wrapping your arms around his neck. That way you knew he wouldn’t say no.

“Yeah, let’s watch it. Even though you don’t like horror movies I think you’ll like this one. Jack Nicholson’s performance is phenomenal, one of the best until this day, in my opinion. The way he conveys his madness throughout the film is what makes it such a classic.”

“Look at you, geeking out again for these old movies” you say, looking at him with pure adoration in your eyes and stroking the black hair in the back of his neck. You love how nerdy he was when it comes to movies and books and you love it even more when he talks about it.

He was looking especially handsome tonight. His green eyes were sparkling and his cheeks were rosy due to the low temperature. Pieces of his dark hair were sticking out of his beanie everywhere, making him look even more adorable. You feel his warm hands on top of your cold ones.

“How can you not geek out when you’re about to watch The Shining? It’s one of my favorites” Jug answers, while the opening title appears on the giant screen.  

“Yeah, you got me, I’m curious now. I just hope it isn’t too scary”

“It isn’t, I promise.”

During the first hour of the movie you two just silently watch, surrounded by blankets. Legs are tangled in each other, Juggy’s arm is around your waist and your head is on his chest, the both of you struggling to keep as warm as possible.  Every now and then you would just look up to see the complete concentration on his face.

Suddenly, his voice breaks the silence “are you enjoying it?”

“Yeah, I thought I wouldn’t like it but the story is actually pretty interesting”

“I don’t mean the movie” he says with a serious look on his face, looking sad almost. 

“What? What are you talking about?” you ask confused, while sitting up so you could look directly at him.

“Are you enjoying this?” he questions, moving his hands between you and him “I mean, are you enjoying… us?”

He quickly looks down, a wave of insecurity getting the best of him.

“Juggy… why are you even asking me this?”

“I don’t know, I just… I just realized it’s almost midnight and you’re out here freezing your ass out, watching a movie you probably won’t even like”, he answers, a sad smile appearing on his lips, “and it’s all for me. I just need to make sure you’re enjoying it as much as I am”

“Oh my God, you’re adorable, you know that?” you reply, laughing and putting your hands on both sides of his face. “Of course I’m enjoying it. Are you kidding me? You’re the best boyfriend I could ever ask for, you’re my best friend. And a boy that brings me on a date like this, c’mon! We’re binging junk food, snuggled up in 5 different blankets, with this whole place practically just for the two of us. And the best part is that I get to be with you. To be close to you. I wouldn’t trade you or this moment for anything, okay?

You immediately bring his face closer to yours and press your chapped lips against his pink ones, mouths moving perfectly in sync with each other. You needed him to know how much you mean every word you just said.

“I wouldn’t trade this for anything either, (Y/N).” Jughead says, sighing and moving a strand of your hair behind your ear.

“Hmmm, not even if I offered you a hot chocolate right now? Your hands are colder than Cheryl Blossom’s heart.”

“Oh wow, my hands are really freezing then” he replies, an adorable laugh coming out of his lips. “But no, I wouldn’t trade you even if you offered me a big, delicious, creamy hot chocolate with a bunch of marshmallows on top. That statement right there is a big step on our relationship coming from me, I hope you know that.”

“My god, I didn’t know I was that important. Now you convinced me” you joke back and kiss him again, this time harder than the last, you just couldn’t contain yourself when you were near him.

These were the moments you cherished the most, the ones where it was just the two of you joking around, kissing, enjoying each other’s companies without a care in the world.

“Well, now that we have already lost important parts of the movie while being a disgustingly cute couple, can I take you home now? It’s getting colder even for me and I think it’s going to rain soon. Plus, I really want a hot chocolate now” Jug says smiling with a pleading look on his eyes.

“Yeah, let’s go. We can finish the movie at my place. And I’ll make you a big, delicious, creamy hot chocolate with marshmallows on top, how about that?” you ask smirking, remembering what he had said to you just minutes ago.

“Sounds good to me”, he replies, kissing the back of your hand and looking into your eyes, a playful smile on his lips, “it sounds really good to me.“

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Over the past five centuries Lorcan had awoken in many places and in varying situations. Waking up like this was by far his favorite. He smiled at the beauty curled into his side. Gods she was beautiful and she was his home. He inhaled her scent every morning, he relaxed at the cinnamon and elderberry scents, and then stiffened. Something new was faintly laced between the cinnamon and elderberry. He could not help the tears of joy that fell. Elide had already given him more than any person ever had. Beyond giving him a home, she had softened his edges, but he never though she would gift him with a child. He couldn’t help but pull her closer.

Elide woke up to warm arms pulling her closer. She looked up at her amazing husband and immediately noticed his tears. Many words could be used to describe Lorcan, but crier was not among them. Concern was growing in her heart, “Lorcan, what’s wrong?”

He brushed her cheek and smiled, “Nothing is wrong.”

At this point she was absolutely confused and raised her brow in question.

Of all the things she expected to come from his mouth, “you’re pregnant” was not even a close contender to the top 100 statements.

“I’m what?”  After all these years. Hope bloomed, they had been trying for years, and a part of her had actually given up. The years of malnourishment, followed by years of wounds decreased her chances of ever having a child. It was a reality that plagued all of them.

His smile was so big, “we’re having a baby, you’re pregnant.”

She gently pressed her lips to his, a gentle, patient kiss. A kiss to convey her absolute joy. She didn’t know how but he pulled her closer deepening the kiss. She pulled away, crawling out of their bed.

Lorcan grabbed her waist, “and where do you think you are going?”

“I have meetings and letters to write.”

Gods he looked so young, “Not today you don’t, today we are staying in bed.”

There was no way she was going to say no to that smile.


*this is a pretty tricky topic, so if you have any specific questions or need advice, my ask box is always open*

ARIES: don’t wait too long to apologize to them. it is best to apologize after an argument, but not immediately after, since they can tell when an apology is insincere. don’t make any promises you can’t keep either. be direct with your apology and make sure it is clear and not passive. their forgiveness depends on who you are and how close your relationship is.

TAURUS: it is hard to get a taurus angry. but if a fight does happen, you should apologize and admit that you are wrong. if you are actually right in the argument and are also a stubborn sign, let the taurus cool down. they are a loyal sign and if you’re relationship is tight, they’ll come around again, even acting as though the fight never happened (it may take some time for them to cool down, though. either be patient or just apologize)

GEMINI: geminis are people of words. if in a small squabble, a nice or funny apology note will get them smiling again. if there was a serious argument, a heartfelt letter of apology would do. verbal consoling can also work. they forgive pretty easily. a bit of humor can also help ease things up. it hurt repeatedly, the letter/long message of apology is the best option. 

CANCER: it is easy to hurt the feelings of a cancer. they will feel very hurt, or very emotional. your apology should be sentimental and sweet. be patient and be careful with your apology, since their emotions are easily provoked. they may not forget quickly, but they can forgive. depending on how badly they felt, forgiveness can be granted right after the apology or months after.

LEO: flattery. even if you don’t mean it, just flatter them. apologize for what you have done wrong and even add an over-the-top statement saying you are unworthy of their friendship/relationship. even if you don’t mean it, just say it to humor them. compliments and humor will work to get their forgiveness. sometimes acting as though the fight never happened could work, but only sometimes. 

VIRGO: they are not emotional people. don’t try to apologize with sweet talk, sentiment, tears, none of that. talk things out calmly and reasonably. apologize for what you have done wrong and explain why you did what you did. they are an analytic sign, so explanations will help. do NOT use that explanation as an excuse to justify your actions, though. admit you were wrong, what you did was wrong, and apologize. they are also vengeful people so it’s best to mean your apology and don’t too long to say it.

LIBRA: in an argument, libras will look at both sides. since they are very understanding, forgiveness can be given easily, just after a sincere apology. they are not one to keep grudges, but if you repeatedly hurt them, they may eventually hold something against you. 

SCORPIO: actions speak louder than words for scorpios. verbally apologize to them with full sincerity, followed by a change of behavior. the things scorpios get upset about are serious things, so make sure you change whatever it is that is upsetting them. keep eye contact when you apologize, it ensures your sincerity. scorpios like revenge and can hold grudges until after death, so either mean your apology or don’t apologize at all and face the consequences. 

SAGITTARIUS: the emotions of a sagittarius can be confusing. they may want to forgive you, but won’t in fear of looking weak. they are people of adventure, and taking them to a nice restaurant or anywhere nice/exciting can get them to come around. they are quite understanding, so if you are able to explain your behaviors and apologize to them, things can go well. they may not always say it, but they will forgive you if you apologize. 

CAPRICORN: oh man. avoid screwing up in the first place. don’t apologize if you don’t mean it. they can tell if you are lying, and if you are, just stop talking. capricorns will not say something if it is not true, so in an argument, they may be the ones correct. even if you believe that they are wrong, apologize to them. be sincere with this apology and make honest promises to fix your mistakes. they are a thoughtful people, and will apologize back if they think your apology is fitting. don’t apologize to them? they won’t bother to speak with you, and may seek for revenge. it is hard to get forgiveness from them depending on your relationship. they can easily break ties, too. apologize sincerely and seriously.

AQUARIUS: be open with them. discuss your problems and have a meaningful apology. think about what you are going to say before speaking. they are intuitive, and can sniff out a liar or bad auras. be truthful, and say how you feel when you apologize. depending on your honesty, apology, and relationship, they may or may not forgive you quickly.

PISCES: they are pretty sensitive, so be careful when you apologize. when you do, they may be a bit lost, unsure how to react. be kind to them and treat them well. they do not like seeing people suffer, so apologize with puppy eyes or longing for the friendship/relationship back. make them feel loved and needed when seeking for forgiveness. do not be too harsh with them.