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Personal Statement Do's and Don'ts

I’ve had a few asks about personal statements and university/college applications so I thought I’d make a post about what to include and what not to include for all you applicants this year!

DO be enthusiastic! This is the number one most important rule - you need to show the university how much you love the subject and want to study it!

DO demonstrate your knowledge. Grades are one thing, but applying your knowledge is another - talk about specific fields of your subject that you’ve explored or wish to explore at university, or discuss an interpretation or particular idea you have formed whilst studying it.

DO show prior research or reading if the subject is something you haven’t studied before. Universities won’t want to accept someone who has no idea what they’re letting themselves in for!

DO link everything to the course you’re applying to. Only include a qualification or achievement if it’s relevant - your Duke of Edinburgh Award isn’t going to make you a more suitable candidate to study history or physics! For example, instead of saying ‘I did Spanish at AS level’, say something like ‘studying Spanish equipped me with a more highly critical method of reading and close analysis’.

DO research the course you’re applying for - there’s no point in talking about how interested you are in 16th century French history if one of your chosen universities doesn’t offer it as part of their course!

DO be yourself (it’s cringe, sorry) - admissions staff are human, and reading hundreds of applications written in the same identical formula must get incredibly boring. Don’t try to be overly funny or too unique as that can be very risky - just write from the heart!

DO get help from your teachers/ anyone who’s willing to read it! There’s nothing better than a fresh pair of eyes to check for spelling and grammar errors, and teachers usually know what they’re talking about.

DON’T say you’re ‘passionate’ about the subject - practically every student writes this in their personal statement and all the admissions tutors I’ve spoken to have said they’re sick of the word! It’s a given that you enjoy the subject - SHOW them you enjoy it by demonstrating your knowledge rather than stating the obvious. Avoid clichés at all costs!

DON’T include a quote unless you fully engage with it throughout your personal statement. They’re a bit pretentious and most universities will completely ignore them - it’s your own words they want to hear!

DON’T name drop - simply listing off all the books you’ve read around your subject isn’t going to impress anyone. Engage with the books - discuss a particular theory or theme that interested you, or even challenge something you’ve read! Its more impressive to fully explore two or three books than to simply list the titles of ten.

DON’T use fancy words or metaphors - write how you would talk! As long as your basic grammar and spelling is right, the university will be far more interested in what you’re saying than how you’re saying it.

DON’T waste valuable words talking about things that are already on your UCAS application. They know your grades - your job is to prove why you got them!

DON’T make any silly mistakes - spelling something wrong, mentioning the name of a specific university etc - universities get thousands of applicants and any mistake will more than likely get your application tossed in the bin. Read and re-read your personal statement!

DON’T plagiarise - UCAS have plagiarism detection software and anything you’ve copied could be seriously detrimental to your application.

DON’T panic! The admissions team are just trying to see if you’re suitable to their course. Your personal statement isn’t the be all and end all!

I hope that was somewhat helpful - if you have any specific questions about personal statements or uni applications, my ask box is always open. Good luck!

Star Wars Dark Disciple: ‘this novel will skew towards adult readers’.

[Two hundred pages of Asajj’s struggles with her haberdashery bill on a freelance Bounty Hunter budget]

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Hi there. I have a question regarding a few posts you made recently in the Akatsuki no Yona tag. It seems to me like you have an issue with those who are focused on Hak and Yona's relationship progression. May I ask why? Honestly, there are more politics etc. going on in the story compared to anything with Hak and Yona, so why not let the HakYona fans be happy when they get their moments? This IS also a shoujo romance, you know. Seems selfish to be complaining about it.

I would like to make say something before anything : I do ship Hak and Yona, and i think their relationship is cute and healthy unlike many other in the shoujo genre i have seen. I will not blame anyone that ships it, an on itself the shippers arent the problem.

The problem lies when you fail to see the message or the source material. I scrolled down the tags and i have never seen discussion of the actual plot, and in worst cases the aspects that were supposed to inspire and show Yona has everything to be a good ruler, people discard it as a ‘romantic statement’ (such as the pin) I have seen people complaining over the plot actually MOVING, because it doesnt show any Hak and Yona cute moments. Which is sad, because i see their relationship as a side dish, a cute love story that goes a long with a girl fighting to keep her kingdom safe.

I never really watched it for the ‘romance’. In fact, i rarely read shoujo mangas because after a while they became a little boring to me (in the same way YA books did) but AnY was something diferent, and kept me interested with its unique and interesting plot. And it seems that no one gives a damn about it, and prefer to build it down to a romance.

Akatsuki No Yona is a special manga to me, since it portrays a woman who wants to be ruler, and her kindness and willing to help others isn’t a sign of weakness. Although she does have the dragons, she will rather fight for herself and is aware how weak she is at the moment.

This is the kind of manga that will inspire little girls to be kind, but also strong. The way it can show them that princesses arent just there to look pretty. Its the kind of manga that, if taken seriously, might even open the eyes of a few teenagers that there is in fact something out there that is happening, and you should offer a hand to help. It’s so many things, so many positive and wonderful thing, that it frustrates me that everything anyone ever wants to talk about is the romance. (Which btw although good i have seen better)

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They got noticed by vogue for their fashion sense on the the magenta carpet, crowning V as the most fashionable for his bold statement of pairing pin stripes and polka dots with loose fitted pants, saying he pulled off with no effort. They also won best dressed in the magenta carpet. LEGENDS!!! Also maybe Gucci noticed them????!!!!!

I saw the vogue thing and I was like !!!! yes !!!! our kings !!!! like not only are they breaking barriers in the music industry and winning awards here, they’re doing it in damn good style too and winning everyone’s hearts kINGS I TELL U also @gucci pls make kim taehyung one of ur new models ok thanks

Eight reasons why Kaitlyn was actually great this week (Written by a non-Kaitlyn fan)

September 01, 2017, Friday [#302]

Two posts, one by @hermiethefrog and one by @hartfeld , inspired me to write this post 😎



I’m not a Kaitlyn fan. I am the complete OPPOSITE of a Kaitlyn fan 😆 But, I think it should be pointed out that she has NOT done ANYTHING wrong in the latest The Sophomore chapter (C08) 😶

Sure, Kaitlyn’s initial reaction was to ask the MC to promote them, which was kinda iffy 😕 BUT, after the MC said that she had to write objectively, Kaitlyn said:

“Aww, I wanted free publicity! But I understand. I’ll just have to work harder to get noticed, huh?”

This is a GREAT reaction for Kaitlyn to have 😃

And, after she said that, this conversation takes place…

KAITLYN: That was why I was hoping you could give my band the publicity boost… It’s hard to get your name out there.

MAIN CHARACTER: I didn’t even think of that! But… I can’t exactly write about you guys if you don’t have any shows for me to review.

KAITLYN: Yeah, I know… still, there’s got to be a way that we can build up a reputation and get people to follow us.

🎵 🎵 Point #01: Kaitlyn was honest with the MC 🎵 🎵

Kaitlyn was honest in her slight disappointment (“free publicity”) (“that’s why I was hoping”), and felt comfortable enough with the MC to voice it.

🎵 🎵 Point #02: Kaitlyn empathized with the MC 🎵 🎵

Kaitlyn understood the MC’s difficult position (“I understand”) (“Yeah, I know”). Even though she had her own reasons for wanting an article about the band, she was able to look beyond herself and see things from the MC’s point-of-view.

🎵 🎵 Point #03: Kaitlyn resolved to hone her talents 🎵 🎵

Kaitlyn’s reaction to the MC’s need to be objective wasn’t to be angry with her. Instead, she resolved to work on her skills (“I’ll just have to work harder”) and look for ways that SHE could improve the band’s status (“there’s got to be a way that we can build up a reputation”).

Afterwards, if you don’t spend the seventeen diamonds to help her create promotional materials, this conversation takes place…

MAIN CHARACTER: For what it’s worth, I think you guys sound amazing so far.

KAITLYN: Thanks, MC. We’re working hard, and hopefully that’ll pay off at some point.

KAITLYN: Building a solid rep in the music world takes a while. We might not make Battle of the Bands this year… but there’s always next year.

🎵 🎵 Point #04: Kaitlyn is ALREADY working hard 🎵 🎵

She has goals, and she’s not slacking off, just wishing but not doing. Instead, she’s doing exactly what she’s supposed to be doing (“we’re working hard”) in order to succeed.

🎵 🎵 Point #05: Kaitlyn is aware of her chosen industry’s reality 🎵 🎵

She isn’t expecting to be an overnight sensation (“Building a solid rep…takes a while”). She has a good view of how success works in the music industry, and knows that it takes time.

🎵 🎵 Point #06: Kaitlyn has REALISTIC expectations 🎵 🎵

She knows that a small, unknown band might not be able to join the competition, and if they can’t, then there will be more chances in the future (“there’s always next year”).

Later on, at the venue…

KAITLYN: MC, do you want to mill around a bit and talk to people for your article? Maybe you can ask the fans about their favorite acts.

MAIN CHARACTER: Sure! Why don’t you come with me? Maybe you’ll get a sense of what other bands you’re up against.

And still at the venue…

KAITLYN: Look, just… promise me… When you’re writing your article, don’t give Loose Pins more press than they deserve.

🎵 🎵 Point #07: Kaitlyn supported the MC’s writing 🎵 🎵

She took the initiative to support the main character (“talk to people for your article”) 😃 She could have easily tried to keep the MC at their table, but instead, she encouraged the MC to gather material for her article, even though it’ll be promoting other bands (“ask the fans about their favorite acts”).

🎵 🎵 Point #08: Kaitlyn recalled what was important to the MC 🎵 🎵

Even though she was intimidated and discouraged by Loose Pins’ popularity, she STILL didn’t ask the MC to not write about them, or to write a horrible article about them, or anything like that.

Her statement (“don’t give Loose Pins more press than they deserve”), to me, showed that Kaitlyn was aware of the MC’s obligations, because I read that as, “give them what they deserve, but not more than that.”

Instead of trying to manipulate the MC’s decision, Kaitlyn was leaving it up to the MC to decide what Loose Pins DOES deserve.

EVEN when Kaitlyn was so jealous and angry that she chose to leave the venue, STILL, she didn’t pull the MC aside and imply that their friendship would be damaged if the MC wrote a good review for Loose Pins. Nothing of the sort happened.

To Kaitlyn fans, if people ARE mad at her next week, it’s NOT because people are anti-women or anti-Asian or anti-LGBT 😶 People are INDIVIDUALS; people are MORE than just their gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

To James fans, if people ARE mad at him next week, it’s NOT because people are anti-men or anti-African American or anti-straight 😶 People are INDIVIDUALS; people are MORE than just their gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

And, to Choices fans with journalistic integrity (haha 😂), if Kaitlyn acts the way we’re all expecting her to act (’cause, y’know, the story needs drama, sigh), and we all get mad at her, we should also remember that in this week’s chapter (C08), Kaitlyn showed her maturity in understanding the MC’s position as a journalist, and in knowing that it takes patience and hard work to achieve her goals 😊

It feels weird to be writing this, since Kaitlyn is, in fact, my least favorite Pixelberry character. I am NOT a Kaitlyn fan.

But there’s been a lot of talk about journalistic integrity since this week’s The Sophomore chapter was released 😀 And while in the past, I’ve written about negative aspects of Kaitlyn’s personality that I’ve seen in past The Freshman and The Sophomore chapters 😲 my OWN journalistic integrity (I used to be a journalist 😋) also compelled me to write about the positive aspects of Kaitlyn’s personality that I’ve seen in this week’s The Sophomore chapter 😊 (Journalistic integrity can be a little inconvenient sometimes 😆)

Next week, if Kaitlyn DOES have an unreasonable reaction and viciously shouts at, or coldly shuns, the MC because she chose to maintain her integrity as a journalist, I will be FURIOUS 😡😡 But, why be mad in advance, about something that hasn’t even happened yet, or may not even happen at all? 😎 For now, I’m just going to relax 😋 (Or at least, I’m going to relax until this week’s Endless Summer chapter makes UN-relax… 😭)

(Oh, and also, this week, I bought my first ever Kaitlyn diamond scene! 😋 So if Kaitlyn gets mad at me next week, I’ll be all, “You can’t be mad at me because I helped with you’re band’s promotional materials! 😀 Mwahahahaha!! 😎”

(Waiting for H.W.U. to come back, forever and always; 01/09/17.)

@runningracingdancingchasing cont [x]

Truth be told, he was eager. More than eager, really - desperate. And he needed some kind of relief, relief he knew she was willing to give. He’d double-check, of course (he wasn’t a total ass) but he was pretty sure she’d be more than happy.

“Mm,” he murmured distractedly at her statement, nodding and pinning her arms with his knees, so that his hands were free to cup her jaw as he leaned down, kissing her deeply. It was as if he were letting himself sink.  They’d been dancing around each other all day, both of them dropping hints and giving looks and totally winding each other up. And now that they were alone, he couldn’t stand it. 

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(1/2) I'm the anon who said suicide is selfish, and I just felt like I needed to say something more to clarify, my father killed himself and so from my perspective, I see it as selfish. I can learn to forgive him for his mental illness and learn to accept that he felt like it was his only way out, and I can come to terms with it and forgive and love him still, but I still believe that the act was selfish. He was addicted to drugs, so instead of asking for help and getting help he chose suicide,

(2/2) and to me that will always be selfish. I know some people disagree and I understand the other perspective of the person wanting to commit suicide, but that still doesn’t take away the fact that they are choosing to give up and push the pain on someone else. I guess it’s just a different perspective from someone who has lost someone very close to them from suicide. It’s probably different that I lost my dad. The view would probably be different if you lost someone different.

hey it’s no problem, i completely understand. your feelings are valid and they’re unique to your own situation because you’ve personally lived through it and seen the affects of it. i think the difference lies in thinking his specific suicide was selfish and that all instances of suicide are selfish. the latter is a broad statement that you shouldn’t pin on anyone. that’s all i meant by what i (and the other anon said.) that’s also why i think santi was being selfish to an extent; he kept ignoring all the people who wanted to help him because he was too blinded by his own pain. but like i said, suicide is a very complex thing and it’s different for literally everyone because certain situations rely on a lot of factors. your feelings are valid in your situation and i don’t think you have to justify that to me or anyone else. and again, i’m so sorry you had to go through that.

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Ghost Fanfic - Best Served Cold - 12


Note: Heads up on might not be able to update tomorrow, lots of work-related activities morning, afternoon, and evening. We’ll see. There will still be cliffhangers, but none quite as bad as the last few days, promise. I think. After all these characters aren’t mine, they are owned by MysteryBen and Artsy. CLICK HERE to read Chapter 11. Click here to inform Child she mixed up the characters names again.


            Oddly enough, death didn’t feel like falling, or smell like blood and guts. It felt like a warm gust of desert wind and smelled of hot peppers. He felt his body cease trembling, as what tiny control he’d had was once again wrested away from him. He lay within himself, curled into a tiny ball, mumbling over and over to himself.

            “Lewis. Lewis. Lewis. Lew—”

            Something touched his soul, something warm. He recoiled, crying out, “L-Lewis, Lewis, Lewis!”

            “What have you done?” All the hatred was gone from the skeleton’s voice—if the figure standing in his mind’s eye was indeed the same. He no longer looked skeletal, but flesh and blood. He wore a billowing white silk shirt with a purple vest and tie, his purple hair overhanging the horrified expression on his face. There was something about him that plucked at the edges of Arthur’s mind, but he shut his thoughts against it.

            “No more, please!” Arthur begged. “Please, end it!”

            “Lewis, what have you done?” The Spirit’s voice was devoid of friendliness now, hard and cold.

            The figure stood stock still, and Arthur could feel his memories filling the intruder’s mind, soaking the strange purple figure with all of his knowledge.

            “Leave him!” The Spirit roared. “This isn’t your vengeance! Leave him now before he fills your mind with lies!”

            “Him?” The figure turned sharply, and Arthur felt his body respond, turning to face a pair of glowing green eyes. “He’s the one filling my mind with lies?” A tremble worked its way up Arthur’s body, but not one of fear. “He’s the liar?”

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But people are sending her hate and death threats too. All PP did was shut down a gross blog, I don't see how she profits on that. Besides, isn't she broke supposedly rn? If she's profiting, where is all this money going? I haven't been following up on everything shes been doing, so feel free to link me to how Pinkie has been ripping off suckers. Why are you so intent on saving this metaphorical puppy when you wouldn't hesitate to call her a quote, "horrifying anal wart" or a "creature"?

And her followers were sending death threats to a 15-year-old boy, and publishing his personal information online, just because of what he chooses to watch on television.

Your concept of “gross” is not the same as everyone’s concept of “gross”, especially when the majority of “rape culture” seen anywhere, let alone in a single fan base, is a perception solely of the minds that believe it, and not something that an outside observer would ever derive from viewing the same content.  Especially after I took a look at the so-called “offensive” content of said blog for myself, I found nothing worse than the kind of “saucy” antics you could have witnessed in any late 20’s-early 30’s film prior to the enactment of the Hays Code.  I saw nothing that could rightly be considered “rape”.  Besides that, such humor has absolutely no effect whatsoever on society - something illustrated in this essay.  The media is reflective of what takes place in society, not impacting upon it.  The most crucial learning takes place in the home, while a child’s brain is still growing - not on the internet.

I openly welcome you to peruse the contents of the links provided here, and the information here, as well as view the fact that Pinkiepony herself has also drawn sexualized images of ponies, making her quite the stunning hypocrite.

When it comes to her questionable handling of money, she constantly posts about being “broke”, but is still able to buy plushies off of eBay.

Then there’s this incident.

Also, this girl has told quite a few lies, such as claiming her computer was “hacked”, when really, it was just a program installed on the computer drawing its renewal fee, because no one cancelled the service.  After personally talking to people on /mlp/, I have found that they have done nothing malicious whatsoever with any personal information that has been revealed - not even ordering pizza to her house.

She is also a spoiled, 17-year-old girl that thinks she has any right to make statements about welfare, especially when she childishly tries to pin her statements (and the backlash for them) on a cartoon horse.

As a nice cherry on top of the hypocrisy salad, here’s a big ol’ goddamn itemized list for you, complete with statements from an ex boyfriend that illuminate quite a bit about her obsessive behavior.

There’s a reason her follower count has been dropping faster than a child star’s career after puberty.  You figure it out.