statement of disorder

OCPD math

Saying anything that isnt 110% objective, provable fact:

20 words of actual statement


2000 words of qualifying and/or hedging statements


20 hours of obsessively re-reading and scrutinizing every single word


Probably still deleting it anyway, overwhelmed by critical anxiety and doubt

Undiagnosed is not a synonym for “faking your symptoms.”

Granted, the presence of those symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the condition associated with them.  But it’s important to remember that everyone who had both the symptoms and the diagnosis started with just the former.  The lack of a diagnosis doesn’t make your symptoms less real.

Bpd feels.

‘don’t we all get days like that though?’

'isn’t that just being a woman?’

'silly, nobody deals with anger very well’

'ah, so you’re like the person from that movie…’

'so you’re just extremely clingy and needy?’

'gee thats super manipulative’

'so it’s like walking on eggshells around you then?’

'can’t you ask for medication?’

'isn’t that basically Bipolar?’

Please educate yourself about Borderline Personality Disorder before coming at me with any one of these statements. Thanks.

anonymous asked:

Do you think it's ableist to not want to date someone with a personality disorder like narcissim or bpd

I think that is an interesting question. Personally, I think that any boundaries that someone has for someone that they date are okay, and I don’t think that dating should be considered a political statement. Further, mental disorders of any kind do have real, material considerations that go into life, and there are plenty of reasons why someone with a particular disorder might be a bad fit for someone. Like, if someone is very likely to let their partner consume their life and to put their partner ahead of them in an unhealthy way… it would be bad for them to date someone with a narcissistic personality disorder. 

Personally, as someone with bipolar, I think that me dating a person with bipolar would be a bad combination. Does that make me ableist by taking that out of my dating pool? There are ten different personality disorders, and dating people with those disorders will come with a particular set of challenges–especially if they are untreated. Untreated mental disorders of any kind can sap the life right out of a relationship. But someone with say, histrionic personality disorder, might be someone that I could get along with just fine. I come with emotional challenges of my own and sometimes, as they said in Rent, “I’m looking for baggage that goes with mine”.

Is it ableist? Well, if your reasoning is because you “don’t like crazy people” or because you think those people are lesser than you, I think that’s certainly not very kind, and I would say you probably have some ableist thought patterns. I’d be less concerned with your dating life, though, and more worried about other parts of your social existence. Dating is not the place to police yourself. 

But recognizing that some personality types and traits might not be a good fit for you? Well, I think that can be pretty normal. People with personality disorders are a wide range of people, though, and you might be surprised how few people with those disorders fit your picture of what they might look like. One of my most stable friends has borderline personality disorder–she also has a great therapist. 

I don’t think it’s ableist to realize that someone might not be a good fit for you.

We need a better tone of acceptance for "bad" intrusive thoughts

It’s good that there’s starting to be more acceptance of people with violent or “disgusting” intrusive thoughts, but most of it is framed as “people who have those thoughts hate them and are horrified by them, so you shouldn’t judge them for it.”

That’s all well and good, but some people (me, for instance) have intrusive thoughts like that and are not disgusted or horrified by them. That doesn’t mean that they will actually do those things, and it doesn’t make them bad people for not hating those thoughts.

If your support for people with problematic intrusive thoughts only covers people who find those thoughts abhorrent, your support is half-assed and hypocritical. Thoughts are not actions, regardless of whether they are deliberate or intrusive, regardless of whether the person hates or loves or is indifferent to them.

BPD is a fucking bitch and fucks with your head and others. People hate the way BPD is portrayed yet wish to be mentally ill and glorify the illness due to the similarity of Effy in skins. People have no idea of the trauma we have been through. People think that puking by being so drunk, ringing ex’s begging for them back, the unstable emotions, intense anger, self harm and drug abuse, repetitive actions, love hate relationship with people, the fear of abandonment, depression, anxiety and eating disorders that can co-occur with it are glamorous. It is a debilitating illness and ruins your life unless you can get a hold of it which takes countless guinea pig trials of medication on you and long term therapy. It is hell to endure. No one could possibly understand what it feels like to have this illness, not even professionals, only us that deal with it on a day to day basis. STOP GLAMOURISING BPD. IT IS NOT A  FASHION STATEMENT.

okay but yuuri and jj’s mental struggles are so goddamn relatable even if you don’t experience anxiety yourself, because you feel their frustration. they’re frustrated with themselves and you as the viewer are frustrated at them and for them and honestly kudos to kubo and sayamoto for depicting it so well.

missing-pieces-shattered-souls  asked:

It is actually very common for those who have "Designer Dissociation" < (purposely split by abusers) to have aggressive alters. No we aren't Psychopaths but it is very invalidating when you hear all these people saying oh no we are all so placid and kind. If a perpetrator wants to create an aggressive alter/part for whatever sick reason they too should be acknowledged. It's NOT rare just like DID isn't rare. People need to understand and accept this

My intention was not to say that alters are never aggressive. However, I do want to stress that alters act in the way that, from their perspective, best protects the system.

Consider for a moment the case of a child who has been forced to hurt another child by their abuser. Would you ever label that child dangerous for something that they were forced to do by adults? What if they began to display aggression in other environments; would you label them a problem child, or would you recognize that they’re scared, hurting, and doing what they’ve been taught is necessary to protect themself? Would you assume that their aggression is an intrinsic trait, or would you want them to get the help that they need to feel (and be!) safe so that they no longer feel the need to resort to aggression?

The same applies to alters. When an alter is aggressive because they think that it’s the only way for them to defend themself, the answer isn’t to label them dangerous and write them off. Unfortunately, this is something that individuals without DID/OSDD-1 and even many misled individuals with DID/OSDD-1 often do.

One common theme that I’ve heard from many individuals with DID, especially from their protector alters, is that many of their friends demonize their protectors. These friends may refuse to talk to the protectors, treat the protectors like abusers, or even try to convince the individual with DID/OSDD-1 that they’re an abuser if they ever allow their protectors to show aggression. The media does not help this, as it often portrays protector alters as incredibly quick to resort to violence.

Again, I am not saying that alters can never be aggressive. However, there is a big difference between an alter being aggressive and an alter being dangerous. There’s also a very important distinction to be made between an alter being aggressive as a last resort in a very high stakes environment and an alter being aggressive over microaggressions, mistakes, or misunderstandings. This is true regardless of the alter’s origin.

I hope that this clarifies why I published Star’s statement.

Tumblr has a very bad habit at glorifying and promoting mental illness, especially with these black and white Tumblr blogs I see that, if your claim to illness was genuine, would be the most toxic peice of shit in your life.

Sorry but, I don’t believe most of you have it. If you apparently have a depression or anxiety that is so crippling you can’t do anything, but you’ve got the energy to maintain fucking depressing blogs that, if logic was any factor, would constantly trigger you to the point where you would be too sad or worn down to even access a computer at all, then you are full of shit.

What you are, is a whiny, spoilt, first world, teenager who is too lazy to go outside, and refuses to make the effort to socialise. When you get an official medical diagnosis, and you treat it as a hurdle or obstacle to overcome, and you DON’T treat it as an identity or mask to hide behind, then I will take my statement back.