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I am a bit new so my opinion isn't 100% firm about harry and Louis relationship yet and the biggest thing that makes me ??? is that I don't understand how it is possible that there is such a difference between their situation.. do you have any idea why Harry is able to seems detach from all the mess and not Louis? How is that possible? That one seems incredibly stuck in the worst stunts ever and the other one is pursuing his career free of all of that? Thank you :)

Hi anon,

Sorry– I forgot about this ask for a few days.

I guess your question might have been prompted by Harry’s appearance in NYC last week, with Jeff Azoff. He was rumored to be meeting with Columbia records re: his solo album.

The next day, The Daily Mail in the U.K. published an article stating as much, contrasting Harry’s beatific airport pap photos (and photos with stalkers) to Louis’s disastrous LAX arrest. Unsubstantiated slander of “woman-hitting,” emotionally volatile Louis was reiterated in this article. He was again painted as an unreliable father. All stories we’ve read before from U.K. tabloids associated with the Bauer Group, with ties to Simon Cowell.

Read more about this connection here:

I guess my line of answering is:

Harry hasn’t done anything to encourage this line of thinking. He literally has not given any statement on it. He has not given a statement about his solo album, either. It’s not because he is being coy–because he clearly is getting some blowback from fans about why he hasn’t said anything. Fans are curious and impatient. His image has suffered too.

And making a public statement, in the general public’s eyes, would only improve his image and increase his visibility. It benefits Harry to make a statement.

So why hasn’t he?

Why haven’t his managers at Full Stop? Why don’t they address industry rumors? Why are there so many leaks coming from Sony, including statements by Rob Stringer, while Harry’s team has said nothing? What is Sony’s objective in publicizing Harry if Harry does not confirm?

Alternatively, why has Louis’s team said nothing to refute his public image?

These allegations are clearly slanderous. Louis has not been tried in a court of law. No one has given sworn testimony. His arraignment date has not come to pass. Emotional states are purely speculative. No official statements have come from anyone quoted in the article. His image has suffered from false allegations (U.K. And U.S.A.).

So where is his team?

And, why are these two always tied? If they have been enemies for three or four years, why keep writing articles linking them?

They’ve been on hiatus for 15 months. If they really disliked each other so much, they should already have deleted each other from phone contacts, SM, etc. Why keep in touch with your enemy? I don’t store the contact information of people who hate me, anon, do you?

Their airport sightings literally HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH EACH OTHER. They aren’t even on the same side of the country. What is the purpose of linking them?

If I knew nothing about One Direction, I would experience a cognitive dissonance from the way the article swerved so awkwardly from “angelic Harry” to “devilish Louis.” The purpose seems so transparent, it’s embarrassing.

Except for one glaring fact.

They DON’T hate each other.

The band united to support Louis during his X Factor performance.

They came together as one band to accept their Brits for best video 2016. @srslycris and @lawyerlarrie
have great posts about this.

They tweeted in unity to wish Harry a happy 23rd birthday.

As Harry’s has said, “Draw what you see.”

1. There are restrictions on their public statements.
2. The images are being manipulated.
3. Their relationship with each other is good.
4. None of the four remaining 1D band members have been allowed to be specific about their solo projects.
5. Louis has been photographed to write with songwriters from Warner Chapel. He may very well have a solo album in the works. They are all working hard.
6. They are fighting a silent, bts, very ugly and drawn-out fight.
7. Recording labels have a history of screwing artists over.

Believe in our boys. They are the same good people you fell in love with. They haven’t suddenly been blinded by fame. They want to make music for us, and they have been working toward that. Every event and every article doesn’t need to be dissected for whether Harry is defending Louis. Trust them.

The people manipulating their image want us to have doubts, to fight within the fandom. Not only that, they are trying to divide the band members themselves. For years, the boys have had psychological manipulation in the guise of “protecting the 1D brand,” down to the way they move, talk, dress, look at each other, answer certain questions. Zayn’s recent article in NY Times Sunday stated he had anxiety when he was in 1D. He had an eating disorder because he wanted “to have control over one thing.” Is that really a surprise?

It’s infuriating, what’s happening to Louis right now. But it’s temporary. It’s going to end. This abuse has an end clause. Art is long– Louis is young and he’s going to fight it, with the support of his boys.

Sorry I went off in such a tangent, but I wish we could see past these media games, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Let’s be smart in evaluating the data, and not be so easily manipulated.


Rumours About Rumours, or: The Kent Parson Meta That Nobody Asked For

As is well-documented by this point, I’m a hopeless fan of @omgcheckplease, to the point where a gay hockey comic has turned me into an actual fan of ice hockey, dear god, I’ve become invested in a sport that’s barely even fucking played in my country, what is this even?? Naturally, this means I follow a few CP-heavy blogs on tumblr, and recently I’ve noticed a few people expressing confusion about why so many people like Kent Parson, given the fact that, canonically, his big introduction involves him being goddamn awful to Jack.

Now: straight off the bat – and I’m saying this, obviously, as someone who finds Kent Parson a fascinating character – I want to acknowledge that fandom, as a general entity, is heavily biased towards white guys. It’s one of those raindrop-in-a-storm problems where, at an individual level, everyone is entitled to their own personal preferences (always bearing in mind that said preferences can be influenced, either consciously or unconsciously, by cultural bias), but where the cumulative, collective effect of those choices amplifies the effects of cultural bias. It would therefore be disingenuous to deny that, whatever my thoughts on or interest in Kent as a character, there’s still a collective issue with how much more attention he often receives than more canonically prominent – and non-assholish – POC characters like Ransom, Chowder, Nursey and Lardo.

(Sidenote: as part of various race-oriented meta about CP, I’ve seen it pointed out that, in fanworks, the POC characters are most often romantically paired with white characters rather than other POC, and that this is a worthy point of investigation and criticism. I agree on both counts, but also feel that, in this specific instance, it’s important to note that, in canon, all the POC characters are primarily – either romantically or platonically – paired with another white character, and that these pairings dominate their appearances in the strip. (Ransom and Holster, Chowder and Farmer (or Chowder and Bitty, platonically), Nursey and Dex, Lardo and Shitty.) So while that doesn’t excuse the comparative lack of creative licence taken in moving beyond those pairings, as is common fanwriting practice, it does explain their existence as a non-trivial narrative baseline. ANYWAY.)

As to why Kent himself is interesting - well. There are, I think, two main reasons for this:

1: He’s Jack’s most significant ex; and

2: He’s presented as an antagonist.

If only the latter point was true, then I’d be much less inclined to invest in him emotionally. What matters is the fact that, despite all the wonderful shipping opportunities afforded by CP, Kent is one of only three (thus far) canonically queer characters – and not only that, he has an existing, complicated backstory with Jack, which therefore connects him emotionally to both Jack and Bitty. Any canon-compliant take on Jack’s romantic history must therefore feature Kent, and with that particular speculative door cracked open, it’s natural to wonder about Kent’s version of events.

Which is where my personal interest in Kent comes in. Because Jack Zimmermann, despite being our noble hockey hero and the protagonist’s love interest, is, by his own admission, an unreliable narrator of his own emotions. And as Jack’s narration is the only insight we get into his and Kent’s relationships, it’s not unreasonable to wonder what we’re missing out on – to say nothing of the possibility that Jack, historically, might not have been great for Kent.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin.

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Explained: good shit meme
  • The good shit meme is a meme that centers around a text with a heavy use of emojis.
  • There have been slightly variations in the text, but for the most part, the text is as follows:

👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

[statement or image that could be considered ‘good shit’]

👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

  • (Thanks to thedimmsdaledimmadome for the message that helped us document this meme!)
  • UPDATE (11 June 2015): There has been a variation on the good shit meme in which the opposite is presented: “bad shit”. This variation typically goes like this:

do NOT sign me the FUCK up 👎👀👎👀👎👀👎👀👎👀  bad shit ba̷̶ ԁ sHit 👎 thats ❌ some bad 👎👎shit right 👎👎 th   👎 ere 👎👎👎 right ❌ there ❌ ❌ if i do ƽaү so my self🚫 i say so 🚫 thats not what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ 🚫 👎 👎👎НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ 👎 👎👎 👎 🚫 👎 👀 👀 👀 👎👎Bad shit

Melania Trump’s first official White House portrait photo is out. 

Melania Trump may be a mostly absent first lady so far, but she’s following the traditional path when it comes to official portraits.

Trump’s office in the East Wing released her picture Monday, “taken in her new residence at the White House,” according to the official statement. (Photo: Getty Images)

Against All Odds Pt.1

Against All Odds ~ACOTAR FIC~

—>Link to Part 2<—

Feysand’s heir Estrella goes on an adventure to find out what is pulling her south toward the forbidden  Spring Court.  Andras, Tamlins youngest son has been having dreams of the night sky for weeks. It is only when he decides to venture out of his comfort zone that he realizes there is a larger meaning behind those dreams and that he will do anything to find it.


I had heard the tale a million times. The War of Courts, Hybern and his armies, Vassa and birds made of flames. Ships that bore the names of my family and creatures so feared that even the dark ran from them. Yet, I felt as though it was so far away, so much time had passed and these stories became watered down versions of the truth. My mother never talked about what happened to her under the Mountain. She never included those memories in her re-telling. I’d heard the whispers though. Everyone still remembered her bravery. Everyone still called her The Cursebreaker. My father looks at her with such pride, such adoration that I can only wonder what led to their pairing. It feels like an entire chapter of their lives was swept away, dust under the rug. I cannot explain the feeling.. but something from their past is calling to me. It’s a warm breeze caressing my cheek, a whisper in the wind, the sweet scent of a flower I cannot ever recall smelling. It’s pulling me somewhere foreign and yet familiar. It’s pulling me into Spring.


It was the same dream I’d been having for a while. The North Star glimmering in the night sky amidst a myriad of colors. Hues of periwinkle, deep blues and greens dancing behind it. The moon resting just under the star like a great shining eye, beckoning me forward. I take a step and feel my feet snag on something with thorns. Red roses creep up above my knees and twine their stems around my wrists. The panic sets in almost immediately and I’m overcome with a feeling of dispair. I must follow the North Star, I need to know why it is drawing me forth into the night. More vines come slithering out of the earth, pinning me in place. There is nothing I can do, no amount of struggle or screaming will loosen their grip. The colors in the sky start to fade into grey, the Star fades too. All that is left is me and the moon. For a moment I am still; defeated and weak. I hear it then, a howling of defiance. A wolf in the distance, silhouetted against the moon itself. It cries out into the void louder and louder, building into crescendo that rattles the stars back into the sky. It is only then that the realization hits. I am the wolf. I am shepherd to The North Star and I will howl until it finds it’s way out of the dark and back to me.

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After so many years of swimming in the Russian Holmes hell, I think I’ve gained enough knowledge to produce a bingo sheet.

I have personally seen every statement in this image with my own two eyeballs, for every Russian adaptation.  

okay i just noticed that chase redford has the beginnings of what looks like aegyo sal (or rather the puffy part under your eyes but above the eyebags - the one directly under the lower lashline)

am i alone in this

At the core of Egyptian religion is the concept that divine powers take various forms - ḫprw - manifestations. Characteristically this is expressed as a form of inhabitation. The ritual in the temple invokes the deity to inhabit his image. Explicit statements of this inhabitation are few but very clear. However this is the context of the core ritual of the Opening of the Mouth: to vivify a god’s images, by in effect calling on him to inhabit, to manifest himself, in his statues and temple reliefs; at invocation he flies down and inhabits his temple reliefs. The same ritual invokes the dead in his tomb, but also crucially reintegrates the dead as part of his funeral, invoking his reinhabitation of his body. Ritual, cult and prayer invoke the presence of the spirit world, in ways that do not differ greatly in their techniques. The core ritual of Opening the Mouth is to be understood as this invocation of a god, but also in a tomb context invocation of the dead, to become manifest in statue or relief, to accept offerings and interact with the living.
—  Christopher J. Eyre, “Belief and the Dead in Pharaonic Egypt” in Rethinking Ghosts in World Religions (2009)

When I’m tired, my brain makes stupid images or statements.  Like just now, my brain went “It’s basically like a backpack full of macaroni and cheese” No context.


I fucking love this scene. In this scene, the game makes clear a consistent message that exists throughout it: the Nazi’s weren’t some sort of unique evil, they were emblematic of human evil that existed without them, before them and after them. In this scene B.J. is confronted with the fact that the society he fought for oppressed and killed people just like the Nazis, with J going so far as to say “Back home man, you were the Nazis!” and “You’re exactly the kind of guy they called in come lynching time.”

That second statement conjures a powerful image. In this story and setting, where he has ended up on the wrong side of a massive edifice of evil, Blazkowicz is undoubtedly a hero. But in another time, in another place, Blazkowicz could easily be a KKK member or a cop with an attack dog. Blazkowicz may be the hero here, but in someone else’s story he is the villain. That is fucking powerful, and says a lot about the United States’ moral role in the war: the U.S. was arguably on the “good” side in World War 2, but only when you view it through a narrow lens that ignores the situation the U.S. maintained at home. 

In another scene, Set Roth says (as the camera lingers on a concentration camp commandant beating a dead prisoner with a stick) that “For me, in everything there must be doubt, otherwise there is no room to question. To learn. This place is the fruit of unquestioned conviction. This is where absolute certainty leads.” For him, Nazism isn’t a German problem. The problem isn’t even confined to Nazism, it’s bigger than that. Set reinforces the most important message the game has about it’s villains: Nazis were human beings, and any group of human beings is capable of grotesque savagery when they don’t think critically about their beliefs and actions. Nazis weren’t evil because they were Nazis, Nazis were evil because they were human.

In an age where even documentaries use deliberately grandiose language to describe the Nazis (a few titles on Netflix: Nazi Temple of DoomNazi Mega Weapons), it’s really refreshing to see any piece of media really get Nazism. Nazism was a way of thinking not unique to it’s time and place, and the path that led them to atrocity still lays open for the peoples of the world. It would have been easy to make a game with cookie cutter villains with no characterization and just say to the player “they’re Nazis! Just kill ‘em!”. But instead MachineGames have really tried to communicate why you should be killing Nazis, and why Nazism is more than a black uniform and a swastika. 

Just Another Favor

Summary: Phil has another favor to ask of Dan, he needs a date for his aunt’s wedding. 

Word Count: 4029

Warnings: Some cursing, alcohol, fluffy goodness

“Hey, Dan.” Phil said with a sly smile as he crept into the office. Dan was seated at the computer, putting the finishing touches on another video. Dan was familiar with that tone in Phil’s voice. He had heard it before and it usually led up to him being asked to do an awkward video or to leave the house for a late night grocery run.

“What do you want, Phil?” Dan groaned, refusing to look up from the screen that was currently adorned with a freeze frame of the two of them in what would appear to be a compromising position if Dan hadn’t known any better.

“Why would you think I wanted something? Maybe I just wanted to come and thank you for being such an amazing best friend.” Phil replied with a sneaky grin. Dan refused to turn around and acknowledge his friend. A violent shiver swept down Dan’s spine when he felt two warm, boney hands grip his shoulders. The older man massaged his hands into the younger one’s tense shoulders. Dan reluctantly relaxed into his friend’s grip. Dan sunk into his chair and resigned himself to Phil’s touch.

Mmmm” was Dan’s reply as he slowly melted, feeling the stress and tension dissolve and flow out of his body. It was still so early in the morning, which somehow made it easier for Dan to surrender.

“Have I mentioned how handsome you look today?” Phil asked with that tone again.

Dan pulled away from Phil and turned in his chair to face his friend. He couldn’t deny that for a fleeting moment he hoped that this wasn’t just Phil about to ask for a favor. For a second he  thought maybe Phil was going to tell him something that he desperately wanted to hear. He crushed that thought and sailed back down to reality, knowing very well that Phil only wanted just another favor. He was rather annoyed at the situation, and more so at himself for even briefly thinking that this moment could be romantic. “What Phil? What do you want?”

“Will you come with me to my aunt’s wedding?” Phil begged with big, pleading eyes. “Please, I really don’t want to go alone.”

Dan sighed. He knew he couldn’t refuse Phil’s request, but he wanted to so badly. The idea of getting dressed up and sitting at a wedding all day literally made him want to vomit.

“Please, Dan. It’s here in the city, we won’t have to travel far.” Phil whined once more.

“Why can’t you just ask PJ or Chis or someone?” Dan complained, silently missing the feeling of Phil’s hands on his body.

“Because I don’t want to go with PJ or Chris. I want to go with you.” Phil answered. It was something about his hopeful grin, or the child-like way he begged, but Dan couldn’t say no. He couldn’t help but feel flattered.

“Alright, but you so owe me after this. And I am talking big time.” Dan sneered, still fighting the urge to smile at Phil’s puppy dog eyes.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Phil cheered as he lunged forward and pulled Dan into a hug. Dan relinquished himself into Phil’s arms. He returned the embrace and wrapped his long, flimsy arms around his friend’s thin waist. They lingered there for a moment, Dan didn’t want to pull away. He didn’t want to stop feeling the warmth of Phil’s body, or the way his breath tickled Dan’s sensitive neck. A warm chill flowed through his body as Phil whispered into his ear, “Seriously, thank you, Dan. You’re the best.”

They pulled away, with the words still singing in Dan’s ear. He felt himself slowly resurface back to reality. The early morning sun was peaking through the blinds. It had been ages since both of them had woken up so early. Phil’s hair was still all ruffled up and he had a slight 5 o'clock shadow. Dan hated to admit it, but he had always found Phil incredibly sexy in the mornings. Dan couldn’t hold back a smile has he ran his eyes up and down his friend’s pajama clad body, hoping the other man didn’t notice.

“So, when is this wedding anyway?” Dan asked before allowing a gentle yawn escape his lips.

“Well,” Phil struggled for a moment, causing Dan instant worry. “Here’s the thing, it may be …this afternoon.”

“What?” Dan gasped. “Are you actually kidding me, Phil?”

Phil looked straight at Dan again with his big, pleading eyes, he knew Dan couldn’t say no to him.

“Dan, please.” Phil begged. “It’s not until six, we have like ten hours!”

“Fine, but you will really really owe me after this.” Dan grumbled, surrendering to Phil’s pleads.

“Anything you want. You can be king for a day!” Phil said happily. Dan couldn’t help but smile at Phil’s cheery demeanor.

“Alright, back to the shoulders then. Chop, chop.” Dan ordered, as he twisted in the chair to face away from Phil, amused by his own sarcasm once again.

“Sure” Phil said, cracking his knuckles obnoxiously before beginning to massage the younger boy’s shoulders again. Dan was shocked that Phil actually complied to his orders, he was only being half-serious. Dan slumped forward in his chair, letting the older man work his hands over his shoulders and down his back.

“You’re so tense, Dan.” Phil commented, feeling the knots in his friend’s back. “Lay down on the sofa, let me rub your back.”

Normally Dan would have found the situation all too awkward, and would have refused. However, at this point he was already lost in the moment, and, to be honest, it just felt way too damn good. Dan mumbled an “okay” and stumbled from the chair over to the sofa. He laid face first into the soft, black couch. Phil slowly knelt down to the floor, resting on his knees in front of the sofa. Dan was startled when he felt Phil’s hands creep up under his shirt and rest on his lower back. Dan visibly jumped upon contact.

“Relax.” Phil said quietly. His voice was soft and soothing. Dan obeyed, relaxing under Phil’s touch once again.

“You’re so good at this.” Dan muttered, his voice was groggy and tired.

“Take your shirt off.” Phil demanded. Despite the platonic situation, something about that statement made Dan’s heart race just a little bit. Dan complied, and tugged his shirt up and over his head, tossing it onto the floor.

Phil continued to massage Dan’s back, gently working at the knots, making Dan wince. After Phil had worked all the tension out, he used his short nails to lightly scratch Dan’s back, resulting in a sound escaping Dan’s lips that can only be described as a purr. Phil would never admit it, but he was enjoying this just as much as Dan. He loved knowing that he was making his friend feel good, and took satisfaction from the little sounds pleasure that escaped Dan’s lips. Phil didn’t stop until he heard a quiet snore coming from the younger man. Phil slowly stood up and made his way out of the room. He stopped in the door way and stood there for a moment, admiring the shirtless man in front of him. He loved everything about Dan: his thin frame, the tan to his skin, the freckles on his back, everything. Dan was perfect to him.

Dan napped on the couch for about an hour before groggily making his way down the stairs and meeting Phil in the lounge with a bowl of cereal. He plopped down on the sofa next to Phil and began scarfing down his cereal. He groaned a few times to fully express his sleepiness. Phil smiled at the sight next to him, enjoying the hobbit haired brunette’s presence. He paid more attention to the sleepy man next to him than he did the anime he had on the TV.

“Glad to see you’re finally up.” Phil said with a smile, admiring the deadly glare he got in response.

“Ugh” Dan groaned. “You made me tired.”

“You’re welcome” Phil laughed, making Dan giggle a little bit too.

“I need to get showered and get ready soon.” Dan complained, setting his empty bowl aside.

“Me too,” Phil agreed, briefly appreciating the mental images Dan’s statement had given him. He thought it best to shrug those thoughts aside for the time being. “You can go first, just don’t hog all the hot water.”

“Well, we could just conserve water.” Dan joked. Phil punched him lightly in the shoulder, and failed at biting back his own laughter.

Several hours later, Phil emerged from his room in a black suit and blue tie. He looked like something straight out of a men’s formal wear catalog. When Phil entered his room, Dan froze dead in his tracks. His eyes slowly moved up Phil’s body from his black dress shoes up to his gleaming blue eyes.  

“Phil…” Dan spoke, at a loss for words for a moment. “You look…absolutely perfect.”

“Thank you” Phil said shyly, cheeks reddening from Dan’s compliment. He looked at Dan, who was also wearing a black suit, and wearing it very well. Dan was currently standing in front of the mirror and struggling with his black tie.

“Here.” Phil said walking over to face Dan. “Let me help you.”

Phil leaned forward and tied Dan’s tie. Dan smiled and thanked him for his help. Phil stood back and took in the sight in front of him. Everything was perfect about Dan. He was flawless. The suit fit his slender body perfectly, delicately accentuating the curves of his hips. Phil bit hard at his lip and tried to think of a compliment that wouldn’t come off as creepy.

“No, Dan. You look perfect. You look more than perfect.” Phil marveled at the sight in front of him. Their eyes met. Maybe it was something about seeing Dan in that suit, but Phil contemplated spilling his guts to him right then and there. He fell in love with him over the years, there was no getting around that. He pushed that idea out of his mind as quickly as it came. Even the thought of telling Dan how he felt had Phil sweating bullets. Never mind. Not today.

After sitting through an endlessly boring ceremony, the boys were relieved for the reception. Since neither of them were feeling particularly social that evening, they agreed on a small table in the dark corner in the back of the room. It was far from the speakers, which were playing cliché love songs from the 80s. After eating, the two decided to have a few drinks. With the warmth of the red wine flowing through him, Phil was feeling more courageous than usual, maybe even a little flirtatious. After his third glass of wine, it was safe to say, that Dan was also feeling a little flirtatious.

“It was really a beautiful wedding, wasn’t it?” Phil chimed, laying his hands flat on the table.

“It was. Really nice.” Dan replied. He was bored with the reception, but didn’t want to rush Phil out the door. He stared at Phil’s hand on the table, and hesitated for a moment before he made his move. It was subtle and meaningless really, but Dan still couldn’t resist the opportunity. He slid his hand on top of Phil’s. Phil looked down at their hands and then up at Dan’s eyes, trying to determine Dan’s intentions. He loved everything about him, including the innocent grin that was plastered on his face. Dan’s hand was rested on top of Phil’s for several minutes before Phil decided it was his turn to make a move. Phil flipped his palm over, and interlaced his fingers with Dan’s. They smiled at each other in acknowledgment of what was happening, but the table was silent. Phil was so caught up in the moment, he had completely forgotten that he was holding hands with Dan at a family function.

“You are really good with your hands, by the way.” Dan laughed, making the other man blush.

“Thank you.” Phil smiled, still holding the hand of his best friend.

“However, I still think it was just an excuse to get me out of my shirt.” He laughed again, giving Phil a rather suggestive look. Thank you alcohol.

“Oh you liked it.” Phil smiled, locking eyes with his friend.

“Not denying it, just saying, you liked it too.” Dan said, emptying another glass of wine.

“Never knew it was so easy to get you out of your clothes.” Phil joked, returning the suggestive smile Dan had been giving him.

Dan laughed for a moment and felt his cheeks reddening before giving an honest reply, “For you Phil, it’s very easy.”

“That would have been good to know a long time ago” Phil laughed before letting the awkwardness of the situation fully hit him

“Why is that?” Dan asked, raising the bar once more. He was pushing it, seeing how far he could make this go. His brain was still buzzing from the wine. 

“No reason.” Phil froze up. No, this couldn’t be the moment. He wasn’t ready. Not at his aunt’s wedding. He didn’t want it to be like this. He didn’t know if it was truly Dan talking or if it was just the alcohol and that scared him.

“What, Philly? Do you want me out of my clothes?” Dan said suggestively, scanning his eyes over Phil’s body.

“Alright, Dan. You’re drunk. We’re going home.” Phil ordered. He stood up, with Dan’s hand still locked in his. He gave it a gentle tug. “Come on, Dan.”

“Finally, I’ve been waiting on you to take me home all night.” Dan giggled. That last glass of wine was really setting in.

Phil rolled his eyes and pulled the younger man out the door. Upon entry to their apartment, Dan collapsed on the stairs and refused to move.

“I’m sleeping here.” He said, closing his eyes, and resting his head on a step.

“Oh no, you’re not. Get up.” Phil said, nudging Dan with his foot.

“No, I want to stay.” Dan whined.

After several minutes of coaxing, Phil was finally able to convince Dan to get up. Phil led them to Dan’s bedroom and instructed the him to get into bed.

Dan groaned as he kicked off his dress shoes. Phil turned away as Dan slide the black pants down his legs and slung them across the room, hitting Phil in the face. “You can look you know. If you want to.”

Phil opened his eyes to reveal the sight in front of him. Dan was a mess, but he was a beautiful mess. His eyes were bloodshot, his hair was wrecked, and he was twisted up in his suit jacket, trying to remove it, but he still looked perfect. Phil laughed as Dan struggled with the jacket, which only Dan could have managed to get stuck in.

“Phil,” Dan whined and looked at him with pleading, glossy eyes. “Help me!”

Phil laughed for a moment and then proceeded to help his friend. He undid the buttons one by one, looking up into Dan’s eyes for a moment. He paused. Those brown eyes were staring into his, and he was lost in them. Dan’s eyes were wide and full of lust, but he was much more intoxicated than Phil, and Phil knew that. He wasn’t about to take advantage of his best friend, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t consider it for a fleeting second. Phil regained himself and continued to remove Dan’s jacket, tossing it across the room to join his pants.

“My shirt” Dan said softly. Phil could tell by the sound of his voice that he was starting to sober up a little bit. Phil complied to Dan’s request and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. His eyes met Dan’s again, but this time was different. They weren’t as lust-clouded as they had been a minute ago. It seems Dan had gained some composure. There was something else in his eyes, something real. Phil flung Dan’s only remained article of clothing, apart from his socks and boxers, across the room to join the pile. Phil allowed himself one quick peak at Dan’s body before turning to leave the room.

“Phil?” Dan said, just as Phil was about to close his door. “You still owe me a favor.”

“Yeah, and what’s that?” Phil asked, nervous of what the answer might be.

“Stay with me.” Dan stated simply.

“What?” Phil questioned. He didn’t quite know what to say.

“I promise I won’t be weird or anything. I just don’t want to be alone right now.” Dan explained. He was finally starting to calm down from his intoxicated state.

Phil thought for a moment before answering with a quiet reply, “Okay.”

Phil slowly made his way over to the other side of the bed. He removed his jacket, shoes, and pants, and was working on unbuttoning his own shirt. Dan had turned away, providing Phil with privacy. “You can look, if you want to.” Phil said shyly. Dan slowly turned his head to face his friend, who was now standing across from him in nothing but a pair of red plaid boxers.

“Is this okay? Should I maybe get some pajamas?” Phil asked quietly, unsure of what was going on.

“No, that’s fine. Whatever makes you comfortable.” Dan said, Phil could hear the strange mixture of loneliness, tiredness, and fading intoxication in his voice.

Phil got under the covers and curled up in Dan’s bed. He turned off the lamp next to the bed, filling the room with utter darkness. The two laid flat on their backs, only inches away from each other.

“Phil?” Dan asked softly. “Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.” Phil smiled.

“I hope this isn’t to weird for you” Dan said, almost in a whisper.

“No, it’s not weird.” Phil lied. He knew how weird it was. He knew it was strange to be lying in bed with your friend, both nearly naked. He knew something about that wasn’t exactly normal platonic heterosexual friendship. Maybe it was the alcohol, or his hopes that Dan wanted to be more than friends, but Phil was willing to look past the weirdness tonight. The whole event didn’t feel nearly as awkward as it should have. The whole thing was very non-sexual. It was just nice to feel the warmth of Dan’s body next to his.

“Good, because I really don’t want to freak you out, or ruin our friendship.” Dan’s voice croaked, his eyes filling with tears.

“Shh, it’s okay. You aren’t freaking me out.” Phil replied. Dan turned away and buried his tears into his pillow. Phil wrapped his arms around Dan’s waist and pulled the younger man closer. “Shhh, please don’t cry, Dan.”

“I’m…sorry.” Dan sobbed. He was sorry for crying and for making Phil uncomfortable at the party, but more than anything, he was sorry for feeling the way he did. He couldn’t stand the idea that he was fucking their friendship up because of his selfish feelings for Phil. He wanted Phil, he always had, but it was so much more than that. Phil was his best friend, and Dan still wanted so much more. He always thought that it was more than Phil would ever be willing to give.

“You don’t have to be sorry, Dan.” Phil whispered, his warm breath on Dan’s neck.

“No, I do.” Dan sobbed, crying even harder into his pillow.

“What do you have to be sorry for?” Phil questioned.

“I can’t tell you.” Dan cried.

“You can tell me anything.” Phil responded.

“I can’t tell you this, Phil.” Dan whimpered.

“Yes you can, but you don’t have to.” Phil pulled Dan even closer, pressing his body up against Dan’s.

“Really?” Dan sniffled as he sank into Phil’s hold.

“Really.” Phil whispered. “But if you ever do want to tell me, I’m always here.”

“Thank you.” Dan said.  His tears had dried, and he was slowly regaining his composure.

“Anytime.” Phil said quietly.

When Phil woke up, Dan was still tangled up in his arms. He heard the younger man groan and shift the blankets. Now it was morning and Phil knew this should feel awkward and strange, but it didn’t. It all felt so right. Having Dan in his arms just made sense. Phil knew that they were still nothing more than friends, but for that moment Dan was his, and no one else’s. Dan yawned and rolled over to face Phil. He knew that once they broke their embrace that it would be over, that they would have to go back to pretending it was all a dream. Dan nuzzled into Phil’s chest, wanting to prolong the experience as much as possible, simply enjoying the feeling of their bare skin pressed together. Phil buried his face in Dan’s messy hair. He tried to relax and savor the moment, knowing it could be the first and last time he felt Dan’s skin on his. One question was still burning in his mind and it was one that needed an answer.

“Dan?” Phil mumbled, his voice numbed by grogginess.

“Mmm?” Dan responded.

“What were you apologizing for last night?” Phil asked. He was nervous, well aware that he might not like the answer he received.

“A lot of things.” Dan’s response was vague.

“Like?” Phil questioned.

“For making things weird at the reception.” Dan answered, hoping not to reveal the truth between his words.


Dan struggled to find the right words, “For being such a shitty friend.”

“You aren’t a shitty friend, Dan. You are amazing. You are the best friend I have ever had.” The irony of the situation wasn’t lost on Phil. He fully realized that the two of them were debating their friendship status while cuddling in bed, in nothing but their underwear.

“I am though, Phil. I don’t know if I should tell you so just believe me that I am, okay?” Dan said abruptly. He wanted this conversation to be over. It hadn’t quite clicked in his head that Phil wasn’t just holding him to make him feel better. He didn’t quite realize that the situation had surpassed normal friends comforting one another, and of course that is probably because he and Phil had no boundaries from each other since they first met.

“Can I tell you something then, Dan?” Phil asked. Dan lifted his head from Phil’s chest and looked into his eyes.

Dan nodded in response. Speechless, wondering if he was imagining the whole thing. Phil paused for a moment, he knew that this was it. He had Dan in his arms and it was now or never. There was no turning back.

“I can’t keep it in anymore. Dan, I love you.” Phil admitted. His eyes were wide, his tone was bold. This was the moment, and it all felt so right.

“Phil,” Dan spoke, gazing into Phil’s eyes, getting lost. “I love you too.”

That was all it took, and their lives were changed forever. Phil gently placed his hand under Dan’s chin, and connected their lips. No more waiting, no more wanting, everything was finally right. They stayed like that the whole day, catching up on several years worth of missed kisses and ‘I love you’s. Everything had changed, yet nothing was different. They wrapped themselves in each other’s arms and agreed that this is what they should have been all along.