stately plump buck mulligan

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“He can’t wear them, Buck Mulligan told his face in the mirror. Etiquette is etiquette. He kills his mother but he can’t wear grey trousers” -James Joyce, Ulysses

On this day–which is Thanksgiving in the US–I am reminded of this fantastic line from the first chapter of Ulysses. (Dedalus, the “he” in the sentence,  did not actually kill his mother, but he feels guilty about her death and Buck Mulligan is always chiding him about it.)

But it’s true: Etiquette is etiquette. And I think etiquette is, in the end, valuable–even though it often seems silly.

So kudos to the heroic Dedealus for not wearing grey trousers and huzzah to everyone seated, napkins in lap, no more than one elbow on the table, salad fork before regular fork, enjoying turkey and stuffing on this secularly sacred day. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!