“slow jams”   [ l i s t e n ]

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What it is like to talk to a statist
  • Anarchist: I've invented a marvellous machine that can propel a wagon and its passengers at tremendous speed all the way across the city! I call it an internal combustion engine.
  • Statist: It looks heavy, can one horse pull it?
  • A: No, no, we don't need horses. My machine supplies all the power.
  • S: If the horse is not pulling it, then is it pushing it?
  • A: No, my good man, you misunderstand me. No horses
  • S: We need horses, otherwise what will pull the wagons?
  • A: My machine does it. Look, here it is.
  • S: I don't see any place to attach the harness.
  • A: Without horses, we don't need a harness.
  • S: But without a harness, how will the horse pull it?
  • A: Sir, please stop and consider. Everything we need is in this machine right here. It is not pulled by a horse.
  • S: Oh, I get it, so it carries the horse too? It looks too small to fit a horse.
  • A: No, it does not carry the horse at all.
  • S: So the horse walks alongside it?
  • A: No, it goes much faster than a horse can run.
  • S: So the horse won't be able to keep up? If you do away with the horse, what do you replace it with? A cheetah, perhaps?
  • A: We don't need any animal. This engine does all the work.
  • S: But if you don't replace the horse, then what will pull your wagon?
  • A: No animal pulls it.
  • S: So your wagon just stays still? Hey! Look everybody, this man has lost his senses, he is trying to sell us wagons that don't move! Hahahaha!