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Ok, real talk guys. Reading some of the replies to Lauren’s tweet today, I was shocked. I can’t believe that some people can be so ignorant as to flat out tell Lauren that she’s lying after she, quite aggressively and very clearly, stated that Camren isn’t and was never real. Why can’t people just take and respect her word? If you were an honest supporter you would. If she was really your “idol” you would. If you genuinely supported her and the messages of love and peace amongst others you would. Camren is very obviously disrespectful and “invasive” towards her, as she put it, so why the fuck would you then bombard her with more of it and, on top of all that, call her a liar? It doesn’t matter what you believe in terms of Camren, wether you think that you have all the evidence in the world to prove that it was real or wether you think the entirety of it was absolute bullshit, you still HAVE TO respect Lauren because she has made it astonishingly clear that it makes her uncomfortable. Yes, she maybe could have been a little less aggressive about it, but I think we all know that Lauren is not one to hold back her opinion when she feels the need to express it,
and she has made her stance on this situation very clear. Yet people still call her a liar and push their views on her anyway. Good job guys, you are literally pushing away and pissing off the person you seek the most attention from.

anonymous asked:

There is no poor Camila. Lauren just stated VERY CLEARLY that there was NEVER camren. You all wanted a confirmation, there you have it. Accept it!!


I hope all girls get girlfriends in 2017

What she says : I’m fine

What she means: okay but Saitama was actually really depressed and clearly stated in episode 1 that he never felt any emotions anymore and frankly had no will to live, going along day by day numb and all alone until Genos came along and if it weren’t for him meeting genos he never would of registered in the hero association or started genuinely smiling and laughing again or finding self worth  in himself as a hero because when he met genos he actually knew there was someone who looked up to him and cared about his work as a hero and acknowledged his strength, so pretty much Genos gave Saitama the will to live again and made him feel alive with the emotions he once had, essentially bringing him out of his depression.

I’ve been reading a lot of the comments on Jeff’s confirmation of Symmetra being autistic and I wanna restate how important that letter is.

Since “A Better World” was released, people have bent over backwards to argue that Symmetra isn’t autistic. Some went so far as to say she was taking about the “light spectrum,” or the spectrum of visible light.

While autistic and neurodivergent people (myself included) knew what she was talking about right away, allistics and neurotypicals kept arguing she wasn’t.

Hearing “Symmetra is autistic” from Overwatch’s director himself means Symmetra *is* autistic. End of story. This isn’t an argument anymore. It never should’ve been, but now it definitely isn’t, and I appreciate that.

Would’ve it been better if it had been more clearly stated in the comic? Absolutely, but considering how rare autistic characters in video games are, I’ll take what I can get.

You know, if Soma does die, at least Ciel will finally experience some fucking consequences for his actions. It’ll be the first time since the Jack the Ripper arc that Ciel will have to deal with people close to him dying suddenly without his consent. What with this on top of Lizzy’s unwillingness to return home and her implied knowledge about the contract, it seems like this’ll be the arc where all of Ciel’s platitudes about “standing on a pile of dead allies” will finally be put to the test.

I have a bad feeling...

I was thinking about how the Grand Prix Final might go/who might win and lose.

But then suddenly I was struck with horrific realisation that this might be some heavy foreshadowing:

We know that Yurio’s agape performance wasn’t as strong as it could have been, that he was visibly shaken by his Grandpa not turning up to see him skate. Then we get the reason, as stated above.

Yurio clearly adores his grandpa (exhibit A- look at that face!!! Awww) and has a very close relationship with him- as we saw as early on as episode 3…

And that honestly fills me with dread. Call me evil but I think something bad is going to happen  to Yurio’s grandpa- thus giving us a parallel to Yuri losing Vicchan and spiralling the year before. 

But not all hope is lost. There are two ways this could go.

First way:

1. Something bad happens to Grandpa (sickness gets worse, maybe even dies but I’m not sure the anime would go there).
2. Yurio is rocked to his core, already freaking out because the pressure is huge and let’s not forget he’s only 15! It’s a lot for him to take.
3. He completely flubs his skate routine.

Second way (which I think is more likely):

1. Something bad happens to Grandpa 
2. Again Yurio is freaking out.
3. BUT he goes out and skates like his life, like his Grandpa’s life, depended on it.
4. Yurio finally manages to perfect his Agape routine- leaving everyone in awe.
5. “This is for you…Grandpa”
6. Everyone drowns in their own tears.

Collection of random Iwaizumi Hajime hcs
(May contain traces of Iwaoi)

  • Hajime can sleep on his stomach. Just flops there all arms and legs spread from him and fast asleep
  • But he also really likes to cuddle and wrap his arms around Tooru’s waist
  • He also can sleep with his arm or leg dangling over the edge of the bed – uncovered by the blanket. Oikawa isn’t sure if he should admire him for this or fear him
  • When he sleeps on his back for too long he will snore a little. When Tooru nudges him he just rolls over and all is good.
  • He is afraid of storms and loud thunder and bright lightning makes him feel on edge
  • He then covers the windows and puts on headphones to drown the storm noises in music or some video game sound
  • Tooru knows about this and tries to calm him by getting all cuddly and staying close to Hajime
  • As blunt and straight forward Hajime can be and stating clearly what he thinks or shows when he cares about someone he still has huge problems to voice his own problems and personal feelings
  • He doesn’t want to fail anyone or be a bother
  • He gets migranes. Luckyliy not often but once in a while he does and it can knock him out
  • It’s not easy for him to sit still for long. He starts fidging his leg or plays with a pen or key to keep his hands moving
  • He has a box where he stores little chidlhood memories and sentimental things. Like postcards, a nice feather he found, a boyscout pin, a baby tooth which he didn’t give to the tooth fairy..just little things like this
  • He doesn’t really care for fashion but he has a huge collection of different T-shirts, Hoodies and snapbacks/hats
  • His hair is naturally spikey and he doesn’t gel it
  • He has strong hair which is actually quite fluffy and great to ruffle
  • He has the most beautiful smile and small dimples
  • He has a slightly chipped front tooth

Important thing to point out about Sana, she is both unapologetic Muslim and unapologetic Norwegian. She has on numerous occasions talked about her Muslim identity and correct friends and foes alike about her religion. But, she also clearly states out her Norwegian-ness (not a word but..) she wore a bunad for 17th of may (with a hijab which it has been a lot of debate about), she wants to be a part of the old Russe-tradition, etc.
Sana’s character in my opinion symbolizes the blending of cultures that is happing in Europe and how it is not a bad thing. How you can embrace one culture without pushing away an other.

Lads here I know this is completely unrelated to the blog but this is a plea because I’ve noticed a lot of people asking about it in work.

PLEASE DON’T USE THOSE BLACK CHARCOAL FACE MASKS. The peely-off ones all over Facebook. Please.

Charcoal is not bad for your face (unless you’re sensitive maybe). The problem comes about when you have charcoal and peel-off in the same room, especially when the ingredients to make the peel off mask aren’t clearly stated (or a bit cryptic). From what I’m seeing there are even DIY black charcoal masks which include glue as an ingredient. nO
The masks are unreasonably harsh on the skin, and while your skin might feel great and smooth for a while after using them, it’s seriously damaging your skin’s natural moisture barrier and it’s probably pulling out a lot of the very fine hair on your face. That’s not a good thing. 

While the results and after photos of the peeled mask look impressive, most of what comes off on those “miracle masks” aren’t blackheads, but sebaceous filaments which are completely natural and healthy. You don’t need to pull them out. Everyone has them. There’s nothing wrong with them. They’re actually responsible for controlling the release of oil onto your skin. 

We’ve had people as young as 13 coming in to work asking if we make them. I’ve seen videos of adults crying trying to take them off, imagine how much they’re going to affect considerably younger, possibly sensitive skin?

Please, this isn’t even a plug for my work like honestly I’d rather if you got a fist of muck from the garden and put it on your face than use the black masks.

What your ship name preference means about you

Victuri: You picked the most generic ship name to hold to your heart. Yet, you can’t help but feel like its makes more sense than the others, after all the subs do indeed say ‘Yuri’ and “Victor’. Your also sometimes confused why there is three more ship names floating around for the same pairing 

Victuuri: The most popular ship name, whats the difference? its got two U instead of one. Making it extra gay.  In actuality, you picked this one because you believe the prober name for our main man is supossed to be spelt with two U (YUURI) The logic behind this fails me since the title of the show clearly states that Yuri is only spelt with one U

idk i could be missing the bigger picture 

Vikturi: The same as above, but this time its acknowledging Victor being spelt as Viktor as it should be if we were being accurate to Russian spellings 

Viktuuri: Literary the ship name that nobody uses. Nobody. Even though it makes the most sense considering its the combination of all the proper (???)spellings and extra gay U(s)

Leoji: Perfect. You are perfect

Gaungleo/I’mMissingOneBUtPleaseForgiveMeIAmHuman: You got it right with leoji so just stick with that pls 

Georgi x Anya/GF= literally nobody ships this so…? OTP GEORGI X HAPPINESS

Phichit x anyone= You are perfect 2.0 

Christopher x Ice = trash 

A Sacred Day of Celebration


Now as I very clearly stated on the resume that I submitted back in February, I cannot work today. It is a very sacred holiday to muggles such as myself called BlizzCon and I must listen to the lectures on which offerings we are being bestowed with in the upcoming year, witness the perilous tournaments being held, and adorn myself in the cosplay of my people. 

Remember when I explained Groundhog Day to you? It’s like that, but instead we’re seeing if we’re getting 6 more weeks of Sombra ARG countdown timers.

Yes Headmaster this is also why I am currently dressed in Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Vestments. 

I love how so many aro/ace jokes clearly state that we’re after world domination. We don’t even have to keep quiet about it. We can just say it openly and they’ll still never see us coming. Because that kind of shit happens when you turn a whole bunch of awesome, clever, creative people invisible.

They won’t even see us while we slay them with our bad puns!

bighit is straight up sleazy by releasing vague information in the beginning, not stating clearly it was a repackage, opening preorders before concept pics, and having a cut off date for the first press bonus gift (a date which was the same as when the first concept pics came out). 

 people who are complaining about it being a repackage arent “ungrateful” they just expect to respected by a company as loyal consumers instead of being blindsided and having information withheld from us. we’re not saying bts should’ve released a full album, or that we’re pressuring them to write more. this has NOTHING to do with how hard the boys work or how many songs they write. this is NOT a personal affront on the boys. 

but we, as consumers, deserve to be told certain things. just because i bought both albums doesn’t mean their tactics aren’t trash. just because it works and sells albums doesn’t mean it’s right.

bighit’s marketing team needs to stop relying on the hype and start actually telling us shit when they release goods. this has been happening with their merch since OVER A YEAR AGO, and they still havent changed, which is annoying, stupid, and is making me not want to buy anything other than albums again. 

In the words of Lee Jooheon, “Let stop, calm down”.

The rules clearly stated that songs/albums released between 12 - 6pm KST would chart. The album released a few minutes after 6pm so it doesn’t count. People are saying Pristin’s album was released at 6 too, but apparently it was released on mwave before 6 so it counts. 

DO NOT COMMENT HATE TOWARDS PRISTIN. IT IS NOT THEIR FAULT. STOP RUINING THE MONBEBE NAME. We’ve always been known as such a nice fandom, don’t ruin that.

Don’t be disheartened, we will chart tomorrow at 12pm KST. Until then DO NOT STOP STREAMING. If you can, leave your phone on overnight streaming on the melon app. The key times to stream are between 12 - 6pm KST so if you can’t stream all day, at least try between those hours.  

Also we are already doing so unbelievably well on YouTube. We already have over 300,000 views. Keep streaming there too. Log out of  your youtube account. Watch the beautiful MV, go click on another video and watch, click around and go back to beautiful. Make it seem realistic. Don’t just leave on a playlist for hours on end. 

We will get this win, you just need to believe in yourself and all the monbebes out there.


Remember the end of episode three? He clearly states it’s his last season here:

He was never planning to continue skating after this season, he was fully aware this was where he was going to end it. Which means when he said this:

He was fully aware that “Til I retire” meant “Until the Grand Prix”. He’s never spoken about continuing his career further than that, and he probably cried when Victor said “ I wish you’d never retire” because HE HADN’T TOLD VICTOR HE WAS ALREADY PLANNING TO RETIRE. Which is why his response was:

Not “Me too”, not “Let’s keep doing our best.”. He only mentioned the upcoming final. He knew that was the end. So when he got Victor the ring:

It was also meant to serve as something to remember Victor and his last season by, something to look at and remember his time with his love. Yuuri has been planning this the whole time, which is why he was so calm telling Victor it was time to end things.

NOW THAT BEING SAID. I hope the ending doesn’t go for a “And they part ways and always love each other secretly” ending, I want Victor to hang around afterwards and be like “I’m not your coach, so let me be your lover/husband/boyfriend.” And they stay together and maybe coach other skaters together or something of that nature.