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Is that the Cubitt-Shand tiara Camilla wore during the Mexico State visit? I just saw a pic of it up close & it's really beautiful & probably my favorite of all she's worn. I love it when she wears jewelry w a history & not pieces associated w or worn by Diana. I admit I wasn't much of a Camilla fan when I stumbled on this site, but I have grown to appreciate her especially her impact on Charles thru your efforts. Keep up the good work!

You mean two days ago? That was the Honey Comb, the one she’s always wearing. The Shand-Cubitt tiara is much smaller (too small for her in my opinion), however she wore it last year, and it’s a wonderful tiara  :)

That one is the Honey Comb, definitely her (or maybe Charles’s) favorite:

Awww, well, thank you very much, it’s always nice to hear that someone new has grown to like Camilla :) It always makes me happy :)

Have a good night/ day :)

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I honestly think Kate saw the visits Sophie did (as a part of a STATE VISIT!) and went "Oooh, I want to do that! Why should Sophie be the only one to visit Downton? I'm going to be queen one day."

Now I can’t say when Kate’s visit was booked,

However I can say with 100% certainty that Sophie’s would have been planned for over a year and state visits such as the one from Mexico are always planned a year at least in advance. 

So I would like to make that clear for many reasons including Kate fans who say Kate may have booked her visit first and Sophie did it after. 


Today is the 84th birthday Mikhail Gorbachev—


President Reagan and Soviet General Secretary Gorbachev checking their watches with Pavel Palazchenko while waiting for their wives in the White House Diplomatic Reception room.  12/9/87.

Ronald and Nancy Reagan with Mikhail and Raisa Gorbachev attending a dinner at the Soviet Embassy in Washington, DC. 12/9/87.

First Ladies are worth waiting for.

Gallery — Summits with Gorbachev and Reagan