Today is the 84th birthday Mikhail Gorbachev–


President Reagan and Soviet General Secretary Gorbachev checking their watches with Pavel Palazchenko while waiting for their wives in the White House Diplomatic Reception room.  12/9/87.

Ronald and Nancy Reagan with Mikhail and Raisa Gorbachev attending a dinner at the Soviet Embassy in Washington, DC. 12/9/87.

First Ladies are worth waiting for.

Gallery – Summits with Gorbachev and Reagan


Oct. 2, 1979: “Throughout the afternoon along Morris Avenue, mothers and children, old men and youths, people speaking English, Spanish and Italian, gathered in the Mott Haven section of the South Bronx to await the arrival of the Pontiff from St. Charles Borromeo church in Harlem,” reported The Times. It was John Paul II’s first visit to the United States, and a moving experience for spectators. “I cried,” one woman said. “I consider myself the luckiest woman in the world. I have never been able to go to Rome, but now, for me to greet the Holy Father, I can’t express it. I never dreamt of something like this.” Photo: Paul Hosefros/The New York Times

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2 Questions: Who was the first foreign Head of State to visit the United States, and which President was the first to leave the US while in office?

The first President to leave the United States and visit a foreign country while in office is actually pretty well-known – Theodore Roosevelt, who visited Panama in 1906 to check out the construction of the Panama Canal.  Before that, Presidents had visited foreign countries prior to their service as President or after they left the White House, but TR was the first incumbent to visit another country.  Interestingly, Roosevelt’s predecessor, William McKinley, visited Niagara Falls during his Presidency (on the morning that he was assassinated, in fact) and was very careful to make sure that he didn’t cross the international border and stray into Canada as he was sightseeing.

As for the first foreign head of state/head of government to visit the U.S., I didn’t know the answer to that question until a few years ago, and it surprised me because it didn’t happen until 1874.  I guess I shouldn’t have been that surprised considering it took another 32 years for one of our Presidents to visit another country, but it still seemed strange that it no head of state made any type of visit to the United States until nearly 100 years after the Declaration of Independence.  

Anyway, the first foreign head of state (or head of government) to visit the United States was King Kalakaua of Hawaii, who traveled throughout the country during the last few months of 1874 and beginning of 1875.  Two years later, Dom Pedro II, the Emperor of Brazil, became the second foreign head of state to visit the United States and spent nearly three months traveling the country.  The Emperor joined President Ulysses S. Grant in opening the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia in June 1876.  Another early official meeting between a President and foreign head of state (or head of government) was a unique mini-summit on the U.S.-Mexico border in 1909, which was the first-ever meeting between a U.S. President and Mexican President and only the second international trip by a sitting President in American history. First, Mexican President Porfirio Diaz met U.S. President William Howard Taft in El Paso, Texas, and then President Diaz hosted President Taft a few hours later across the Rio Grande in Ciudad Juarez.

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Dark Horse comics announced that the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Adult Coloring Book will offer 45 black-and-white pages that aspiring artists can color inside or outside the lines of.

It’s looking pretty nifty already! Something to look forward to buying when I visit the States again ;)


I know what crayon I won’t be using, though…

Season 2 Hester Theory...

The first part of this theory….

  • Hester is in jail. 

Hester will be in jail when we first see her again. Jamie Lee Curtis has stated that…“Hester visits the hospital - she doesn’t start out there” (the reason she visits the hospital is the second part of this theory). For now though we’re focusing on where else she could be. It’s been reported that Hester will be in a “unique place” and that she will not be with anyone else, sounds like she’s in prison right? 

At the end of season one we see the Chanels wrongfully convicted for Hester’s crimes. We’re aware that in season two the Chanels are free, and that they are now medical students at Cathy’s hospital. The only way the Chanels could’ve been freed is if someone else (Hester) came forward and admitted to the crimes, or new evidence was found that proved Hester was the Red Devil. So did Hester confess or was she otherwise convicted? Either way, she has ended up in jail for the crimes she committed in season one.   

Lea Michele has also stated that this season her costume is “very comfortable”, and what’s more comfortable than a jumpsuit? In a SnapChat posted by Keke Palmer we see Lea wearing a blue jumpsuit, much like one that you’d see worn in a prison. 

(Images posted by Oberlin). 

The second part of this theory… 

  • Hester is pregnant. 

Lea Michele has said that this season Hester has a “fancy new attachment” and given that Keke blurred out Lea’s lower body in a video she posted, its likely that Hester is showing a baby bump. We can clearly see Lea’s costume so what else is there to hide? A baby bump! 

This also makes sense as Jamie Lee Curtis has said that Hester only visits the hospital, she doesn’t start out there. If she is pregnant she is obviously going to need checkups and hospital visits, so this coincides with what Jamie has said about Hester. This is how Hester ends up at the hospital, and with everyone else. 

How will this fit in with season two and Scream Queens in general? I have no idea! But I truly think this will be an interesting storyline for Hester. We will have to wait and see! 

July 18

9 days until the American leg of the 7/27 Tour begins!! Are you ready? Do you have your tickets? Get them here!!! 

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Normani is finding this Trump debacle quite interesting! 

Camila and her lyrics!

And being cute!! 

ICYMI, Dinah and her mom are currently visiting Tonga before heading back to the states! 

She visited a hospital today!

The Work From Home video has surpassed 700 million views! 

Let’s get it to 1 Billion!! 

All in My Head is moving up the charts!

Fifth Harmony has spent 61 weeks on the Billboard Artist 100 Chart!!

Check out this radio interview the girls did while in New Zealand! 

The girls are staying pretty quiet on their break before the craziness begins again! 


Look of the Week - What was your favourite look for the week

This week was another fashionable week with engagements, state visits, national days, etc… Vote for your favorite look of last week. Who rocked her outfit the best? Choose from the pictures above and vote here. You’ve got one week to vote and we’ll let you know who won!

High Priority

MISSOURI, deadline July 29th
KANSAS, deadline August 1st
CONNECTICUT, deadline August 10th
NEVADA - Still petitioning!!!
NEBRASKA deadline August 1st
PENNSYLVANIA, deadline August 1st

If you live in any of these states, Jill Stein NEEDS your signatures on petitions. If you live out of these states, she needs your help phone banking to gather signatures! The goal right now is to help Stein get her name on the ballot in all states!!!!

Please visit this link to help!

Note: This is to get Stein on the ballot. Party affiliation for this does not matter!



Look of the Week - What was your favourite look for the week

This week was another fashionable week with engagements, state visits, national days, etc… Vote for your favorite look of last week. Who rocked her outfit the best? Choose from the pictures above and vote here. You’ve got one week to vote and we’ll let you know who won!

Sheikha Mozah & Sheikh Hamad at the Italian State Visit banquet in Rome in 2012. Sheikha looks absolutely divine in black and white beaded Dior couture gown from the Fall 2012 collection. Stunning diamond earrings and brooch on the turban completed the look. I love this gown, it was chic and classic. Photo credit to HHOPL.

Second chance in life - Part 3

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 4:

(English is not my mother language.)

The morning after Sam and Sully was flying over to the States to visit Nate and Elena. Later that day, they’re going to meet you. Sam was thinking about what his brother had told him about you. He said you were smart and a good fighter, quick and a great climber. He was curious about how you looked like and what is that „discovery of the century” you’ve talked about. If it was indeed the Fountain of Youth, he damn sure was going with you. After finding Avery’s treasure he felt some kind of emptiness. He doesn’t know why. After so many years of dreaming of going on that adventure with his brother, and finally be able to finish their mother’s work he thought he’s gonna be satisfied. But he wasn’t, Something was missing. Maybe it was the fact, that his brother was on more adventures, and he didn’t feel as excited about that as Sam was. Maybe because Nathan wasn’t there only because of the adventure, but because he had to. His baby brother was only there because he thought Sam was going to die if he wasn’t going. After all, he said no at first. Maybe that’s it. Sam wanted someone there with him who was there for the adventure, and for the sake of finding something great.

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Visiting Richmond?

Have no fear the tour-guides are here! We have put together a list of Richmond’s MUST SEE locations!

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts~ Goya, Picasso, ancient Egypt & Faberge’, Plus a cozy cafe!

Maymont~ Victorian estate with gardens and wild life!

Downtown Richmond Virginia~ Enjoy the nightlife of the city!

Carytown~ A mile of style! Eat, Shop, and Play!

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden~ A beautiful flowering Oasis with a domed conservatory

American Civil War Museum~ Civil war history and presidents mansion!

Hollywood Cemetary~ Wonderful views and an enjoyable walk!

Jefferson Hotel~ Beautiful and classy with an indoor pool!

Science Museum of Virginia~ Hands on exhibits including DNA all the way to the cosmos!

Virginia State Capitol~ Finish your visit at our Capitol!

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