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On behalf of creators (such as myself) and small business owners who make some or all of their income online and depend on social media:

CALL 202-418-1000 (FCC office) to oppose the repeal of Net Neutrality!

I know it’s nerve-wracking! But if t*ump can be president?! You can do anything you put your mind to. Anything.

Call and leave your name, state, and that you support neutral, accessible internet service for all!

Hey guys, fight for me please! It’s known that every senator from my state is in support of this shit the FCC is pulling. I can’t call them because they’ve been in support of this for the beginning. So those of you who have reps who aren’t decided or who are against this, please do all you can to help those like me who can’t.

Heads up everyone from Missouri

Just wanted to make this little note for everyone in my state, letting everyone of voting age (or that will be of voting age by November next year) to not re-elect Blaine Leutkemeyer or Roy Blunt, as they’re the only two to my knowledge from our state the support the Net Neutrality repeal. 

Feel free to add different states to this if you wanna spread the word. 

just a friendly reminder that saudi arabia and the united states are the biggest supporters and funders of ISIS and al qaeda and are the biggest supporters of terrorism in the MENA region either through their own wars or by supporting terrorist organizations like ISIS and al qaeda

and that saudi arabia is the center of sunni wahhabi extremism and terrorism and that the united states (canada is too tbh) is the biggest arms distributor to saudi arabia 

by selling weapons to saudi arabia, the united states is directly supporting shia genocide, ISIS, al qaeda, religious persecution of religious minorities in the MENA region, a saudi coalition of bombing yemen (especially shia communities in yemen) and islamization of the region

barack obama was a huge arms distributor to saudi arabia and i wish all of you cared when he sold billions and billions of dollars worth of weapons to saudi arabia as well. he was an ally to terrorists. just because donald trump has agreed to sell MORE weapons to saudi arabia does NOT excuse obamas connection to terrorism or make it ~a lesser evil~

hillary clinton also KNEW of saudi arabia’s connections to terrorism, specifically ISIS, and her emails proving so are on wiki leaks

all modern US presidents are war criminals who are connected to terrorism in the MENA region, NOT just donald trump and all you neo liberals who praise obama and hillary but condemn donald trump for doing the SAME thing are NOT allies to religious minorities in the MENA region who suffer the absolute most as a result of wahhabi sunni and US backed terrorism

Trump’s tweets attacking the judiciary go well beyond conventional criticism of judicial opinions on the substance or of “unelected judges” who are said to be overstepping their power. The description of the judge who first blocked his ban as a “so-called judge” directly targeted the judiciary’s institutional legitimacy. And it’s not hard to imagine where Trump’s explicit claim that any terrorist attack should be blamed on the judiciary will take him next, if such an attack does occur.
Trump recently claimed that “any negative polls are fake news,” particularly those from major networks like CNN, NBC and ABC. He added: “Sorry, people want border security and extreme vetting.” In other words, any poll that finds that Trump or his policies are unpopular is suspect or invented by definition. Multiple polls have shown that majorities reject his travel ban and his border wall, and global protests have broken out against the ban in particular. In other words, the public backlash to the first two major efforts to translate Trumpism into policy reality has been severe. In response, Trump is explicitly telling his supporters that any empirical evidence of that backlash must be discounted as fake news — particularly if the polls in question come from major news organizations, who are thus being cast as deliberate deceivers of Real Americans.

You cannot divorce that last point from the larger context here: Trump and Sean Spicer spent days attacking the news media for accurately reporting on his shriveled inauguration crowds, and Stephen Bannon has claimed that Trump’s “populist nation-state policies are supported by the vast and overwhelming majority of Americans” — in other words, that a vast silent majority is rooting for Trumpism to succeed. But that’s just nonsense. The effort to falsely inflate impressions of popular support for Trump — and for policies that in reality are deeply controversial and divisive and are being rejected by majorities — is concerted and deliberate. And the unabashed use of obvious and demonstrable lies to carry out this deception campaign is remarkably brazen.

Trump is now claiming that the media is covering up terrorist attacks, saying that “ISIS is on a campaign of genocide, committing atrocities across the world,” and that “in many cases, the very, very dishonest press doesn’t want to report it.” The larger context here is crucial, too: The media has in fact been invaluable in rooting out the dangerously incompetent process that led to the creation of this ban, as well as the ugly, discriminatory ideological underpinnings of the idea. In response, Trump, once again, is moving to obliterate the very possibility of shared agreement on the legitimate institutional role of the news media in informing the citizenry — right when it is playing that role to great effect by shedding light on the truth about his latest and most visible exercise of executive power, thus demonstrating that it can function as a check on him.


Trump is now attacking all the institutions that could limit his power.

This is not what a president in a democracy (or, pedants, representative republic) does. This is what an autocrat who hopes to be a dictator does.

Congress is doing fuckall to stop this madman and his puppet master, Steve Bannon. We have to keep calling, keep marching, and when we have a chance, defeat these cowards in the next election. This means we start working now, and we don’t stop until they are gone. We will lose more battles than we win, but the ones we win will be fundamental to protecting our country.

can ppl stop pretending like ppl take physical disabilities more seriously than mental health issues?

n maybe stop pretending like ppl respect disabled ppl? n also start recognising that tonsa disabled ppl actually even die due to strict systems of not being taken seriously..

meaning being forced to work, lack of medical coverage, and lack of support system and monetary support from state.

so please shut it with ur bs about “u wouldnt say that to a disabled person”.. bcus they fuckin would!

signed a disabled person with a mood disorder who’s autistic.

You don’t understand, he could have just left it as it was. He’d already posted a pic of BLM flyers + rainbows, and then a pic of just BLM flyers, and he could have decided that was enough for him, but he didn’t. The next opportunity he got, he explicitly stated his love and support for black people, and gay people, and trans people (!!!!) and he meant it. And I’m not saying he didn’t mean it before with the pics, but this was genuine and true. Harry supports me. Harry supports you. And I’ve always felt like our relationship with 1D/Harry/Louis was a lot…closer than a lot of artists have with their fanbases, but for the first time in a long time, I feel so much of the unity that was present during the 1D era and it’s just… I don’t want to say “nice” because it’s more than that. It just means a lot

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do u have a source stating her support 4 the palestinian genocide? if u do pls share it!!

 lmfao source is im fuckin palestinian! ive seent it! ive seen israeli soldiers throw around palestinians and harass us w their machine guns!  and anyone who serves in the idf (literally the army dedicated to opressing palestinians) is scum !!


Hey people who use those handy apps to call for a ride, get an easy way to protest Trump and those who support him! Uber’s CEO has publically stated his support for Trump and is on his way to go work on his Business Advisory team. Lyft, on the other hand, donated one million dollars last night to the ACLU in protest of the immigration ban. Many of the drivers for these two companies are immigrants. I made the switch today.

Bad ratings for Still Star Crossed

Sorry guys, I’ve just seen the ratings of the last episode of Still Star Crossed and I am very angry : 0.3 (-40%)/ 1.61 M (-18%).

Bitch !  I know the promo was non-existent and that some (racist) journalists brought the show down. I know May is a bad month to launch new series. I know ABC posponed the broadcast of the third episode because of sport which is a very bad way to boost a new TV program with no promotion !

But don’t tell me there are only 1.61 M black women in the United States to support Still Star Crossed !

Even in some famous black forum, I notice no support contrary to programs like Scandal, HTGAWM, Insecure, Empire or even Basketball Wives.

And don’t tell me Empire and Basketball Wives are better written than Still Star Crossed please !

For once there are dark skinned women in the forefront, with beautiful dresses, multiple fan-fiction friendly tropes and a lot of good actors, where is the support of the community or even people who loves good narrative?

So much people were pleasantly surprised in watching the show because of all the bad things they heard but clearly, is not enough to reverse things.

Next time people complain about colorism at Hollywood, I will remember the lack of support for Still Star Crossed.

For those who support SSC since the beginning, I think you can forget a second season.

Now, the only thing we can hope is that ABC shows the 7 episodes until the end and that Still Star Crossed may become a cult TV serie that we will never forget, like My-So-Called-Life, Firefly or Freeks and Geeks (only 1 season) with beautiful comments, analyze on our blogs and fun gifs.

For others, you don’t know what you missing !

Tharja Rant

Okay, I see a lot of hate for Tharja (Some aimed directly at me) and I feel a need to explain why I like her and shes one of my favourite characters

I’ll start off with the most glaring issue, the stalking, Im not going to defend her stalking, but as its stated in her support with Gaius, she has the power to completely make Robin fall in love with her, but she chooses not out of respect and faith that if Robin was to love her, it would have to be legit romance, she would rather be alone than to actually force him to love her. Which is why I find it really cute when Robin does realise she actually cares for him and how shes a kinder person than what she first appears to be.

In many of her supports she shows that shes worried about how people think of her, about how she thinks some people thinks she will betray them, she doesn’t think people would actually want to just be friends with her so she shuts herself out, but slowly opens up to those she cares about, she goes out of her way to perform curses and hexes in order to help others out, including letting a ghost control her body which could even kill her in order for Gregor to talk to his brother

She has a strange desire to hide that shes done something nice for other people, even to request the people who knows to not tell others, and with her support with Virion clicks on that Tharja used him but only to assist others, to cook for the army and to build a bridge for children to use to cross a river.

Now about how shes dressed, and how shes a “Slut”, this is just what Dark Mages wear, its never really explained as to why, but Tharja doesn’t seem to mind, she states she doesn’t care all to much about appearances or sexual appeal to Vaike when he states that Robin has a hot body. And during the Summer Scramble she declares how she doesnt think anyone would like her body saying “Nobody would want to see ME in this” when putting on her swimsuit, and how shes always holding a tome to her chest to cover her boobs. I dont really see how this is her being a “slut”

And now for one of the things that bother me the most, people who say Tharja is abusive to Noire, and I want to point out people who say they Hate Tharja because shes a stalker yet they “Love Noire”, its clear that these people are just using Noire as tool to voice their hate for Tharja and that they dont know anything about Noire, since Noire herself has a stalker like crush.

Its stated, multiple times that Tharja loves Noire, and how protective she is of her, she will murder and actually did die to save her. She sees amazing potential in Noire when it comes to curses but she refuses to teach her that because they’res a chance that it could backfire and hurt Noire, as stated earlier with Gregor.

In The Future Past DLC, Tharja makes a joke to Noire that she could have been resurrected from the dead, Noire is so happy to she her mother and she begs to never lose her mother again, Tharja then feels guilty about a joke that struck the wrong cord, apologises to her and informs her that shes not her mother but from a different world, she doesnt have a lot of time but wants to make sure that anyone who attempted to cause harm to her suffers, Noire starts crying tears of joy and Tharja doesnt understand how to deal with that and announces that shes going to start fighting to defend Noire, Noire says “This is just like old times”, which is saying that shes always been protective of Noire

As for the cursing Tharja did to Noire, I believe, with all the other things taken into consideration from her other supports and conversations with Noire, I believe that Tharja was cursing her in order to make Noire stronger, so that Noire could survive, since Tharja knew she wouldn’t be able to protect her forever. Its stated that Noire never used a bow in her life, yet when she needed to she was an expert with it, Tharja has been improving her capabilities, but the one thing Tharja couldnt bring herself to change is Noires personality, her timidness would get in the way to much, but Tharja doesnt want to force her to be different, which is why she created Noires Talisman, something Noire has control over to help also improve herself when she needs it

She loves Noire but just is afraid to show it, she doesn’t understand how to raise a child and just does what she knows, Tharja herself  was also cursed as a child so this is normal to her. In the end it states that Noire sticks around so she can stay with her mother and have more time together and to assist in raising the current timeline Noire, which is one of the most touching things in my opinion.

Its all this, that you have to take from multiple supports and consideration is why I love Tharja, she feels like an actual person, she has her own desires, fears, worries and her own personality starts to form with all this. And yet people just say shes a whore based on what she wears.

Tharja and Robin is my OTP, and I love them both so much
Some states and cities still ban government travel to North Carolina over LGBTQ laws
"We must continue to stand up for the rights of all people," said Washington's governor.

There’s not much good to say about North Carolina’s faux-repeal of HB2, which really doesn’t do anything to protect the state’s LGBTQ citizens. While the governor and the NCAA may be fooled, other people are not.

A number of cities and states are still banning government-funded travel to North Carolina over its treatment of LGBTQ people. (That means it will not send government employees to the state unless absolutely necessary.) 

Those places include the states of California, Washington and Minnesota; Chicago; New York City; Seattle; Atlanta; Los Angeles; Salt Lake City; Cincinnati; Washington, D.C.; Portland, Oregon; Portland, Maine; Baltimore; Burlington, Vermont; San Francisco; Oakland, California; West Palm Beach, Florida; Wilton Manors; Florida; and Palm Springs, California.  

“California’s law was enacted to ensure that, with limited exceptions, our taxpayer resources are not spent in states that authorize discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression,” the state’s attorney general, Xavier Becerra (D), said Wednesday in a statement. “North Carolina’s new law does not cure the infirmity of this type of discrimination.”

“We must continue to stand up for the rights of all people,” Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) said Thursday. “North Carolina is continuing discriminatory policies and this is not something the state of Washington condones or supports.”

State lawmakers approved legislation last month that repeals the so-called “bathroom bill,” but the new law bars cities from passing ordinances that expand nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ people. It also bans municipalities and the University of North Carolina from regulating bathroom access without the legislature’s permission.

Tell ‘em. 

aturinfortheworse  asked:

Hi, my novel has a Chinese coded fantasy culture and because of historical events in that world, they're generally anti-theistic and anti-dragon. I'm concerned especially about the dragon part being racist. WRT to religion, their problem is with gods specifically, so they still have ancestor worship and other religions. I know dragons are really positive and sacred in China, so I'm wondering if those are things I could still include or it'd be better to make them not Chinese coded? Thank you.

An Anti-Dragon Chinese Society

Obviously I’m just one Chinese person, but from a non-Chinese writing this, it feels like stripping us from some vital parts of our culture. A Chinese-coded culture that’s anti-dragon isn’t necessarily racist, but I’m thinking back to Aliette de Bodard’s post on researching other cultures and how this would be comparable to saying Western folks hunted down angels and ate them: 

To take just one example: the last few stories set in China I have read…the last one, set in what purported to be Ancient China, had a concerted state-supported effort aimed at imprisoning, mistreating and killing dragons (we’ve been over this before, but Chinese/Vietnamese dragons are NOT evil, they’re Heavenly beings. This is a bit like having a historical medieval Europe where kings authorise the chasing and killing of angels. Possible, but a. you’re not going to get very far because angels are way more powerful than humans b. you’re not going to stave off the wrath of God for very long)“

I realize it’s not so much Chinese, but a Chinese-coded culture, but to me, personally, dragons are such a big deal in Chinese culture that I’d immediately be put off.

–mod Jess


ANTIGAMER, like antigerman except we want to destroy gamer culture and kill gamers and also don’t support any states

The craven conservative economics behind ACA repeal

In the absence of slavery, this country needs poor people who are desperate to stay alive. The Cassidy/Graham ACA repeal bill is just one piece of keeping that system in place.

Our country’s original politics have never changed, even if the methods of achieving them have shifted. It’s still competing societal visions: one of creating egalitarian communities vs one of wealth built on the backs of the less fortunate.

Republicans like Bill Cassidy and Lindsey Graham don’t support an ACA repeal in spite of it impoverishing their state’s residents. They support it precisely because it does. This is calculated no differently than the elected officials from their respective states calculated their support for secession.

For them, ending any safety net is a feature, not a bug. A desperate populace brings low-wage employers to their states, and builds immense wealth for the few at the top. That has always been the case, and that is their goal today.

Almost no politician who opposes ACA does so because they know of a better system for funding healthcare. They do so to support their economic vision. And that conservative economic vision relies on an exploitable workforce, whether immigrant, native or both.

Obamacare slightly diminished the exploitability of the American workforce, by adding a safety net, by beginning to uncouple affordable healthcare from our jobs. Anyone who’s been without work for any period immediately understands this. Because of that lingering fear of death or the homelessness of the people we support, we won’t leave bad jobs to start new things or seek better opportunities, unless we have wealth.

That’s the conservative way: Only those with wealth deserve that freedom. ACA and “entitlements” chip away at that wealth advantage. As a result, the ACA disrupts the basic system of desperation and wage slavery, and threatens established wealth. It must be repealed so that wealth doesn’t shift to new hands, and its repeal is urgent.