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Wtf, I was literally in bed about to fall asleep when the greatest thing to ever happen in 2017 took place! I literally got up out of bed and started jumping up and down, I'm super glad I live on the first floor. My left titty almost knocked me out, I never jumped so high before. Reminds me of that State Farm commercial with the fisher and the dollar. Some truly great stuff. This is about Moonlight snatching the award away from lu lu lane, btw. In case you were confused.

this ask is art call MoMA

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I always read your url like that state farm commercial jingle, "WE. ARE. FARMERS. BUMBADUM BUM BUMBUMBUM" Except, you know, paladin.

“Professor Knight here. I need to tell you  why it’s important to have at least one divine crusader for all your smiting needs. Because while I’m sure your local garrison thinks it can handle this.”

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“You’re really only covered for this.”

“And you might think you’re prepared to take on any invading demonic armies”

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“You’ll be lucky if you can fight off an imp.”

“So, call us at WeArePaladin. Because if you’re going to need anybody to smite the forces of evil and look good doing it, look no further”

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“Because we’re the professionals. Also, we cover medical care for any and all injuries sustained during any cataclysmic conflicts we happen to be drawn into, free of charge. Actually, technically this is all public service and free anyway, but the jingle cost us a pretty penny, so any donations would be supremely helpful.

“This is Knight, we’re done here.”


Hey!  It’s the sequel to the Ultraman Neos State Farm commercial from Taiwan I shared in this post X.

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Hi, I've had kind of a shitty day, so I was wondering if I could maybe ask for some headcanons on what it's like being in a relationship with Monoma? Female s/o, both SFW and NSFW would be great if you're up for it! I know he's a pretty unpopular character, but he's my favorite and any content about him makes me feel all warm and happy inside! <3 Thank you, I love your blog!

<3 thank you dear! I really hope the rest of your days are less shitty.

  • He is gonna subtly look for their reassurance a lot (and sometimes not so subtly)
  • He won’t show his affection verbally like ever but has no problem showing it. So, a lot kisses, touching, cuddles, and of course lots of sex.
  • He is into orgasm denial. As in denying his s/o, not him being denied (please)
  • Smacks their ass after sex and says shit like “Good game.”
  • Gets grumpy about being dragged out on dates but actually has a good time.
  • There will be a lot of dates at french restaurants cause the boy loves French Food.
  • He is gonna get jealous hella easy, even if it’s nothing. Imagine the Jake from state farm commercial and that’s him. 
  • Two words: angry sex. It’s gonna happen.

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If you don't mind me asking this: Do you really hate Mater? If so, Why?

I mean, I don’t hate hate him, but I do find him incredibly annoying and that’s because of Cars 2. When I first saw Cars he was actually one of my faves but Cars 2 seriously ruined him for me. He’s not a main character and never should have been? At least not to the degree that he was. And the Mater’s Tall Tales are also way too much for me.

Like, I don’t know he’s just way too much for me and I don’t find him funny? Like in Cars his jokes were cute but after that it felt like all the jokes that were written for him were trying really hard to be funny? All of his jokes in Cars 2 make me cringe (especially when he sings the State Farm commercial for no real reason??) and I’m already cringing at the joke we’ve heard in every Cars 3 trailer. I mean I know it’s not technically a joke, but the audience is meant to laugh and :///

I also find Larry the Cable Guy’s voice really annoying, so :/

I don’t know, I don’t hate him, but I wish Pixar hadn’t blown him up as much as they did? He’s a comic relief character, and comic relief characters should… stay that way?? Lightning is a really great character and there was no reason the shove him aside for the sake of The Funny Redneck Tow Truck.

Batmom reacts to the Cadmus Mission

She was so incredibly pissed that she didn’t say anything the first day, she just checked Robin out for his injuries and went to bed.

That probably made it worse, since if she needed to chew you out she would on the spot, no matter who was there and where they were.

The next morning she was just drinking her tea at breakfast before she said “What on earth were you boys thinking?”

Dick didn’t know what to say at first, and was just silent, before she said “Well Richard?”

Full name… Not good (yes I stole that from a state farm commercial, bite me I love that line)

He starts to explain why he did it and what he wanted out of it. To his surprise, she never interrupted him to yell at him, and she just listened.

Once he finished explaining there was silence for a good few minutes before she figured out what she wanted to say.

“Dick, you’re thirteen. You don’t need to rush to be an adult and do all these things we do. Enjoy what is left of your childhood. You’ve already missed out on so much, don’t try to skip out on the rest of it.”

She then picked up his plate and walked towards the kitchen, before stopping and turning back to him, “Oh, and Richard?”

He cringed at the use of his full name again, “If Bruce does sanction this team and I hear you pull a stunt like this again, I’ll be hanging up your cape for good.”

  • Mikasa: oh shit there's a titan
  • Mikasa: guess I should sing the jingle
  • Mikasa: like a good neighbour Eren is there
  • Eren (Titan Form): SURPRISEEEE MOTHERFUCKER *hits other Titan in the face*
*Hides in the bushes*

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It was the middle of the day, and to be specific, the middle of a summer’s day. And everyone on the planet Earth knows that noon of a day in the middle of summer is a time where sweat drips down one’s balls unrelentingly. So it wasn’t exactly an odd thing to have all of the windows open when your air conditioner broke just last week. It was odd, however, to be lying a pile of bodies on a leather couch when it was as hot as Satan’s buttocks outside.

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