the minyard bond

The Minyard twins rarely get along. Nicky spent good hours of his life playing therapist but the two were impossibly stubborn. Eventually they would be able to align each other’s interest by having a mutual hatred for something or someone, but that was difficult because Andrew was pretty apathetic and Aaron rarely wanted to correspond. 

until one day they just did. 

It was a fluke, unloading the bus at 3am and exhausted. Neil was half asleep already, side of his face bruised up from the force of his helmet being shoved against the glass wall. Matt had whistled when he caught sight of the bruising, commenting on what a good thing it was that they wore helmets if that was the result. They had won but it was a long game, referees making it rain cards. 

Andrew was hauling up one of the bags of goalie gear when Aaron said almost thoughtfully from behind him, lifting a cooler up-”Hey what if we had a third twin named Arnold but he lives in a mansion and has a pony would that be fucked up or what”

He had turned around and given his twin a look. “I should’ve eaten u in the womb”

They didn’t mention it again that night, trudging their way back to their respective dorm rooms, watching Matt try to get Neil walking in a straight line. 


Two weeks later after a light practise Andrew turned to look at Aaron in the locker room. “I bet Arnold would wear polo shirts.” Everyone gave him a weird look but Aaron gave a surprising wolf like grin as he shoved his helmet deep into the locker. 

“Boat shoes.” 

The two nodded to one another and then returned to their own respective silences. 

It was Kevin who announced what everyone else was thinking. “What the actual fuck?”


It was a constant thing, either Andrew or Aaron bringing up Arnold’s not real existence. “He’d eat kale chips,” Andrew decided. 

“Probably does charity work.” Aaron would nod in agreement. 

“Competitive chess player,” the two declared in perfect harmony. 


It was Neil who had the misfortune of being paired with Arnold Mayes from his mandatory English elective. It was his worst class due to his tendency to scramble up verbs and tenses (it was hard to keep strictly English when German, french, Polish and bits of Spanish would creep in.).

He wasn’t thrilled about working with Arnold, due with the guy’s insistent belief that they were somehow good friends (hopefully sliding further along that relationship, the way Arnold would hint.) and also the fact that Arnold Mayes had a slight resemblance of Andrew and Aaron with his blond hair and attachment to wearing black. He was quite a bit taller though, close enough to Kevin’s irritating height. 

Andrew discovered first, his class partner, and immediately in the middle of Arnold introducing himself pulled out his phone, opened the rarely used snapchat app that Renee had coaxed him into downloading and took a picture of the still talking Arnold to send to Aaron. 


Both despised Arnold. There was an unsettling way about how he liked leaning closer to Neil, in Andrew’s opinion, and he refused to figure out that Andrew and Aaron were not the same person. They were also highly biased against his basic existence. 

Neil came home one day to finding Andrew sitting at his work desk looking proud and was informed that he wouldn’t have to meet Arnold the following the day since he did his work for him. He threw a handful of printed papers at Neil that landed in a flutter. 

“That was unnecessary.” Neil informed him as he looked at the pages explaining how stupid the project was. “Pretty sure my assignment wasn’t drawing a picture of Arnold choking on-what are those? His shoes?”

“Yes.” Andrew said smugly. 


“How exactly are you going to kill him? He’s taller than both of you combined.” Kevin asked post practise when Aaron mentioned the partner. 

“Break his knee caps.” Andrew stated smugly when Aaron said at the same time, “Tackle the piece of shit.”

Kevin looked alarmed. 


Aaron came home from a late practise to find Neil and Arnold sitting at the kitchen table together, the space in between them somehow shrinking as Arnold slid his chair a few inches closer each time. Neil was close to tilting out of his chair in his efforts in subtle avoidance, jabbing aggressively at a flow chart. 

He yanked a chair out from the other side of the table and shoved it in between the two, plopping down stubbornly. “This looks stupid. Did you design this chart, Arnold? This is such a stupid chart.” 


Eventually Arnold Mayes went away after the project was completed (this was ensured by Andrew grabbing him in a dark alley and holding a knife to his throat) but the general hatred for possible Arnold Minyards remained an essential element to their conversation. They would comb through twitter, facebook and instagram for all users with that name and block them. One reporter was banned from attended press conferences because his name was Arnold and blond hair was a major red flag for the two (the reason was never really decided well but at the time it slid by surprisingly well until three years later Allison stated in an interview about them still bonding over hypothetical triplet status.)

It got to the point they would send each other Christmas cards out of sheer spite, rather send one to each other than an Arnold. (”You know Arnold isn’t real?” Neil asked one day as Andrew was focused on picking out a suitable card. 

“You know that bitch might have a manson?” Andrew retorted, picking one with a cat on the front.)


No one really understood the Arnold thing. 

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Im kind of in a bad mood can you tell me cute burkie stories

fear not, for i am about to tell you all of the burky stories that i can think of

  • we’ll start with the most iconic burky story: mistaking a stranger’s car for his uber. boy just got into a random-ass car. luckily the people were nice and took him to where he needed to go anyway
  • burky engages in almost constant twitter and instagram chirping with willy and latts
  • he will take any and all opportunities to engage in hugs
  • while tom wilson often claims that he (and occasionally latts) is the one to take care of burky, but really it’s the other way around. burky does all of the cooking (featuring swedish pancakes and swedish meatballs)
  • speaking of cooking: even though burky can make some swedish meatballs, he prefers to get them at ikea
  • when he was living with nicklas backstrom, evidently he acted like such a child that nicky actually called him his son
  • when the three brobeans lived together, burky and willy constantly engaged in wrestling, according to latts
  • once pronounced chipotle really badly
  • one time the brobeans were watching tv at home in the dark and burky spooked the fuck out of latts and willy laughed his ass of
  • he very much enjoys dubsmash (x)(x)
  • as a teen in sweden burky did some modeling (for shampoo i think) and the pictures are so hilarious and awkward and burky is embarrassed by the whole thing
  • when the caps went to joint base andrews they made burky be the dummy for the attack dog
  • burky went vacationing with the carlsons, and in a poolside moment they were having a discussion and gina tried very hard not to say a certain word in her video, but when john asked what they were referring to, andre just immediately stated “VAGINA
  • when the caps had their team bonding dart competition in new york it was around the time when burky was getting scratched, so in ovi’s instagram story you can see andre just drowning his sorrows in beer at eleven am
  • the boy CAN’T SING. at the halloween party he tried to sing abba karaoke and just failed miserably
  • speaking of the halloween party: he and willy went as the step brothers. fun fact: burky had never seen that movie before
  • nicky, mojo, and a swedish interviewer once pranked burky and the poor boy had no clue what was going on
  • he once posted a video of a snake in a cage, and he captioned the video “hate sneaks”
  • when the caps went to six flags in 2015, brooks laich convinced a terrified burky to go on the skydiving swing with him. brooks told andre he’d pull the cord on three but pulled it on one, causing some bloodcurling sceaming from andre and maniacal laughter from brooks
  • in the 2016 canine calendar shoot he was talking about how cute puppies are and how he just ones to take one home and cuddle everyday, AND THEN THE PUPPY CRIED AND HE GAVE IT A KISS
  • once played nhl 17 with willy, schmidty, and chorns; he scored an own goal and his teammate willy yelled at him
  • on swedish heritage night mojo stuffed some sort of cream roll into burky’s nose and burky declared “watch it jojo i’m coming for you”
  • went on a segway tour with nicky, mojo, and brooks laich, and i just….i can’t describe it you just have to watch
  • for picture day this year he fucking. with his hair. i can’t.
  • is the glue that holds the capitals together
  • god there’s so much i’m missing. the boy is so kind and cares so much and tries so hard what a gem

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Why do you care if people joke about their dog being a wolf? I'm not trying to be mean I'm just genuinely curious

I wish I could answer this with a reblog. But essentially, calling your dog a wolf will project your dog’s characteristics onto similar looking pups and thus be assumed wolfdogs as well. This is bad because in most places wolfdogs are either illegal, or require some type of permit. Some states have a content cap, some states require you to build an enclosure. If your dog is suspected to be part wolf and they scratch or bite someone, they could be detained and euthanized for rabies testing… even if the dog is up to date on its rabies vaccination. What I will reblog from @why-animals-do-the-thing is actually a story of a dog who got out of their yard, and the police just thought the dog looked like a wolf and planned to to either euthanize or send the dog away until the owners presented a DNA test.

Check out @wolfdogeducation

Yes Captain (Steve Rogers x Reader One-Shot)

Summary: You sass Captain Steve Rogers, your boyfriend, on a mission and he’s not too happy about it.  You know your favorite punishment awaits you when you get back.

Words: 2,260 (I need to learn to narrow it down!)

Warnings: Smut

A/N: Ok, this is probably not the greatest for two reasons. One, I typed this quickly.  Two, I’ve never wrote full on smut before.  I’m still practicing so I hope to get better in the future.  I hope you enjoy!

You had been working as an Avenger for the past few years now, and you loved every minute of it.  You weren’t a superhero, or a rage monster, or a God, but you were a master assassin and a master hacker.  You were orphaned at age 15, after both your parents were killed in a small plane accident.  Being in foster care wasn’t for you, and you soon ditched that and ran away, but not before learning a few hacking skills from your foster siblings.  You’re parents left you money in their will, but you weren’t allowed to get into that account until you turned 18.  As you became more educated in the hacking world, you were able to hack into the account with ease; and from there, you were able to live off that money.  

One day while searching the deep web, you came across a company that would train you as a master assassin, for the right price.  Seeing as you got bored easily, you decided to give it a go and spent the next four years training with them.  You soon became their best trainee they ever had; you were always a fast learner which made it easy.  You thought you were good enough to stay off the radar, but alas, S.H.E.I.L.D found you, well, more like Nick Fury.  He cornered you on the street one day while you were getting groceries and he gave you an offer you couldn’t refuse.  You usually liked to work alone, but being in a team setting intrigued you and peeked your interest.

Next thing you knew, you were moving into the Avengers Tower and you found yourself a whole new family. You were closest with Clint and Natasha seeing as you three had the most in common with being trained as assassins. Usually you always sparred with one of them, until one day, you were to spar with the Captain himself, Steve Rogers. You had to admit, you did have a crush on him.  I mean seriously, who wouldn’t?  That all American boy next door face and those huge shoulders and arms; arms strong enough to pin you down as he slammed into you.  Okay, yes, those first few months you fantasized about him, a lot.  

One day while on a mission, you had sassed back to him.  You were sarcastic, you couldn’t help it!  Turns out, Steve does not like being sassed to while on a mission as he takes them very seriously.  After the debriefing of the mission, you made your way back to your room where he followed you.  An argument ensued, clothes were ripped off, and that was how you found out Captain America himself loved being dominant in the bedroom.  He loved taking you to the edge, just to pull back in order to punish you for sassing him.  

You were able to keep your relationship purely physical for a little bit, but soon, both of your emotions got caught in the middle.  You had a serious talk about what you both wanted out of it, and it turned out, you both wanted it to be a real relationship.  You were ecstatic for two reasons; one, Steve in public and around others was the sweet, gentle, perfect boyfriend; two, in the bedroom, Steve was dominant and demanding, just the way you loved it.  The two of you did make love every once and awhile, but that was usually reserved for special occasions or when either of you got hurt on a mission.

It was early in the morning as you were putting on your suit and getting ready for a mission; Steve already getting things prepared on the Quinjet.  Your suit was almost identical to Natasha’s, but you had a few more hidden compartments for your knives.  You were great with a gun, but you were perfection with knives; your specialty. Clint and Bucky were the only other ones accompany you and Steve on the mission.  Natasha was supposed to go but ended up getting injured on her last mission and she wasn’t clear for battle yet.  It was a simple mission; go in, hack into the mainframe, get out.  Tony was throwing a party tonight.  You had no idea why, the man was always throwing parties, but you didn’t mind; always willing to let loose after a mission.

A few hours later the four of you were airborne, heading towards your site.  

“Everyone got their earpiece in?” Steve asked with his Captain voice.  The voice you loved.

“Yep” Clint and Bucky said in unison.

“Aye aye el Capitan!” you said with a smirk on your face.  Steve gave you a look which you knew too well.  While he was always professional when he was leading a mission, he couldn’t help but worry because you were his girl.  You always tried to lighten the mood, to get him to smile, but it wasn’t working today.  

“Alright, Bucky and I will clear the outside of guards, and then move in to take out anybody inside.   Y/N, Clint, find the mainframe, get the data we need, and get out.  Are you clear?” Steve asked as everybody nodded.

The Quinjet lands as Steve takes your hand to lead you to the back.  “You be careful in there Y/N.  This should be an easy mission.  In and Out.  Got it?”

Being the sarcastic ass you were, you couldn’t help what came out of your mouth, “That’s what she said.”

Steve let out a frustrated sigh at your words as he tilted his head back.  “Really Y/N?”

“I’m sorry!  I couldn’t help it!  You walked right into that one!!” you giggle as you stand on your tip toes to give him a kiss, his lips perfectly melting into yours.  “I’ll behave, I promise.”

“You better”, he says as he grips your ass, “or there will be punishments involved.”  He gives you one more swift kiss before he joins Bucky up front, then rush outside.  

After a few moments you heard Steve over your comms, “First and second floors clear.  Clint, Y/N, go straight ahead to the stairs when you come in.”

“Our turn” Clint said as he gripped his bow.

The two of you came barreling out of the Quinjet, running straight inside the warehouse and up the stairs.  Quickly scanning the rooms of the long hallway, you finally reached your destination. Just as you were about to kick open the door to the mainframe, you heard footsteps nearing you and soon enough, there were a half dozen guards.  

“Go, I got this” Clint said as he raised his bow.

You kicked open the door, gun aimed in front as you surveyed the room.  No guards.  “Mainframe is clear.  Clint’s outside the door taking care of guards.  This doesn’t look difficult so I should be-ungf” you cut off as one guard shoved you into the desk.  He used one arm to pin your arms behind your back as his other smashed your head into the tablet. “Mother fucker!” you yelled.

“Y/N what’s going on?” you heard Steve over your comms, concern lacing his voice.

The more you tried to wiggle out of his grasp, the harder he gripped your arms and slammed your head into the desk.  You could taste the blood from your lip busting open as your cheek throbbed in pain.

“Agent Y/L/N!!” Steve said with more authority, “What’s happening!  Are you okay?  Barton, can you get to Y/N?”

“A little tied up at the moment Cap” Clint stated as he will still fighting off the guards outside the door.

“I’m FINE!” you snap back, finally finding your voice.  In that moment, you were able to finally able to get into a position to fight back.  You kicked your leg back and shattered the guards kneecap as he fell with a thud.  Turning around, you threw a small circular Taser at him; he convulsed and then passed out.  You plugged in your USB and got to work.  

You heard shuffling right outside the door before it burst open.  Turning your head, you saw three worried men staring at you.  “Hello boys” you say coyly, “just about finished.”

Once you were finished, the four of you rushed to the Quinjet and took off, heading straight back to the Avengers Tower to get ready for the party.  Steve wouldn’t even look at you and you know you pissed him off. You had been sarcastic, sassed back, and got yourself injured.  That was the one thing Steve hated about missions with you.  Even if the injuries were miniscule, it always put him in a sour mood.  

There wouldn’t be time for debriefing tonight because of the party; that would have to wait until the morning.  You made your way to your room; Steve nowhere in sight.  You stripped off your suit and headed into your shower, washing the grime away.  You winced as the water hit your face; your cheek already bruising and your lip slightly swollen from it being cut open.  You heard your bathroom door slam and you knew it was Steve immediately. He opened your shower door and he stood there naked, naked and perfect.  You saw Steve naked too many times to count, but he always took your breath away.  

He backed you up against the wall as he took your wrists and raised them above your head, pinning you there. His eyes were full of lust, and his breathing was deep.  He looked like a wild animal; about to devour you.

“Do you know why I’m angry?” he asked as his eyes bore into yours.

Your eyes closed as you let out a soft sigh.  “Because I sassed you sir.”

“Good girl” he growled before his lips were on your neck; sucking and biting your milky skin.  You let out a moan, cherishing the way his lips felt.  He bit down a bit harshly and you noisily cried out.  He grabbed under your thighs to lift you up and you readily wrapped your legs around him as you needed to put pressure on your aching clit.  He walked out of your shower, lips still attached to your neck as he made his way to your bedroom; you a moaning mess in his arms.  His lips found the trail to yours and he kissed you gently, not to disturb your cut lip.

“I love you” he whispered to you quietly, “but you were naughty today” he said as he dropped you to the bed.  You peered up at him through your long lashes as you licked your lips; knowing what would happen next.  “You know what happens when you sass me, don’t you” Steve rasped out.

“Yes Captain” you purred.

Steve sunk to his knees as he lifted your legs over his shoulders.  You leaned up on your elbows to keep your eyes on him.  He spread your lips, and a smile appeared on his face, loving the way your pussy glistened with your wetness.  His tongue darted out to wet his lips before he flicked his tongue over your sensitive nub.  

“Fuuuuuck Captain!” you screeched out as your legs tightened around his head.  He moved his hands to grip your thighs, holding you still as you wiggled around.  His tongue swirled around your clit mercilessly, leaving you right on the edge.

“Fuck Captain…don’t st-stop. Right there sir!” you breathily cooed. As you said that, he removed his tongue. “You don’t get to come until I let you”.

You throw your head back to the bed with a groan as his tongue started at your clit again.  He entered a finger inside you this time, crooking it just the way you liked it.  The profanities left your lips as your walls started tightening around his finger. Steve noticed and pulled back yet again.

“Please Captain” you whimpered out.  “I’ll-I’ll be good next mission” you begged.

You heard a low chuckle from him as he inserted two fingers, hitting your sweet spot instantly.  He attached his mouth over your pearl one last time and you were a withering mess in seconds; Steve finally letting you cum. Your orgasm rippled through your body as Steve kept his fingers inside you, coaxing you down from your high.  When you were finally sated, he removed his fingers and flipped you over so you were bent over the bed.  

Steve slapped your ass once before moving to your ear.  “Hang on tight baby girl, this will be quick” he rasped out as he sunk into you from behind; both of you moaning together.  He gave you a minute to adjust to his size before he started thrusting deep inside of you.  The only noise in the room was the skin on skin from him pounding into you and your loud moans.  You felt his strokes become sloppy as his hand reached to massage your already sensitive bud.  Both of you came together as you simultaneously cried out; his hot seed spurting inside you.

You laid there, bent over the bed as he slowly left you.  Steve went to the bathroom to get a washcloth and came back to clean you up.  The two of you got dressed in a hurry, already late for the party.  Before opening the door Steve leaned down to give you a tender kiss on your lips.  “I love you” he said in a soft gentle voice.

“I love you too Steve” you smiled up at him.

He opened the door for you, and the two of you walked down the hallway towards the party, hand in hand.

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Imagine being the first and only girl in the Penetrator Russ bus.

Author’s note: Here you have it, angels. As usual, a big thank you to Alyssa, @imyourliquor-youremypoison, for being the best beta writer in the world. I don’t even know what to say so, good reading, and if you feel like it, just give me a little feedback so I won’t freak out thinking you guys hated it hahahahah

Part 1.

Part 6.

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Kerr Patent revolver

Designed by James Kerr c.1855 and manufactured c.1859-66 by the London Armoury Co. for the Confederate States of America.
.44 cap and ball 5-shot cylinder, single action.

The London Armoury Co. was so dependent on its CSA contracts that it was dissolved almost right after the end of the American Civil War.

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What Crimson says: "I'M ALWAYS EXCITED, IN A PERMANENT STATE OF EXCITEMENT"..... What Crimson means: "A pineapple chunk somehow got lodged under my caps lock and shift keys on my keyboard and now I'm stuck in this perpetual state of all caps"





Sassy!Stark - Part 6

Pairing: dad!Tony x daughter!reader, Sam, Capsicle

Warnings: Periods

Wordcount: 1,122

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 7

Originally posted by aelinxfeyrescourt

It had been yet another long day at University. The last lecture of the day just didn’t seem to end and much to your dismay, Mother Nature didn’t seem to be up to par either. You were late. Two days may not not seem that late and there was no possibility for you to actually be pregnant, but the tiny voice in your head told you something was off. So you obviously worried, since it was the only coping mechanism your anxious mind knew. It was driving you insane. Mainly, because some of the symptoms - the cramps and the PMSing, were messing with you and your hormones, but nothing else happened. Obviously, upon googling the case, WebMD diagnosed you with cervical cancer, which only fuelled the worst case scenarios your mind was producing.

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Colt 1851 Navy revolver

Designed and manufactured by Samuel Colt in Hartford, Connecticut, United States.
.36 cap and ball six-shot gold-washed cylinder, single action, creeping loading lever, nickel finish, Colt factory engravings, checkered ivory grip.

Unlike the previous colt Dragoon, the Navy was a belt revolver. This one was made for a fancy belt.

A Moment Alone

a/n: The original, full title of this is, A Moment Alone, or the Three Times They were Interrupted and the One Time John Remembered to Lock the Door. but that seemed a bit long… so yeah this my first Blinders story, i hope you enjoy!

@frecklefaceb@beautifulramblingbrains@peaky-yamyam@vitaevandal@sharknadoslut@ariwolff14@captstefanbrandt[[if you wanna be tagged in future Peaky Blinders stuff i write, leave a reply saying so]]

warnings: a bit smutty but nothing terribly explicit

John Shelby x OFC // Peaky Blinders // one-shot

word count: 1,656

Originally posted by imaginesparadise

You were awoken by the feeling of John’s fingers snaking their way under your night dress and along your thigh. Blindly you reached over your shoulder to slide your own hand along his cheek until you cupped the back of his head. Pulling him closer, you hummed as he began to nip along your shoulder while his touch came to rest at the apex between your thighs.

“John,” you moaned before rolling onto your back, eyes still shut. Shifting out a knee, you aided his access as his lips moved to trail along your jaw. Continuing to massage your folds through the cotton of you underwear, his mouth finally came to yours. He pulled on your bottom lip and climbed between your legs.

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Colt ‘Root’ 1855 military revolving rifle

Designed by Elisha K. Root and made by the Colt Manufacturing Company for its 1856 military contract - serial number 322 from an order of 101 guns.
.44 cap and ball six-round cylinder, Root sidehammer single action, creeping loading lever, military style full length foregrip.

I can’t help but love these things even though they weren’t the most practical.
Samuel Colt managed to get in a few military contracts for his new product thanks to his prior sales of Paterson ring lever rifles to various US Army regiments - a total of 1100 military style Root revolving rifle were thus produced, which in turn boosted the sales on the civilian market.

  • WWC 2015 Records
  • In addition to breaking numerous worldwide social media and viewing records, the 2015 Women's World Cup set and broke a number of unique tournament records as well. The players and teams that participated in this wwc should all feel extremely proud for the history they have made. Their performances continue to show the world that female athletes are capable of so much more than they are ever fully recognized for.
  • • First player, male or female, to play in six world cup tournaments: Shared : Homare Sawa (Japan) and Formiga (Brasil)
  • • Top scoring team in wwc history: United States - 112 goals
  • • First hat-trick by an African player in a wwc: Gaelle Enganamouit (Cameroon)
  • • Oldest player to score in a wwc: Formiga (Brasil)
  • • Oldest player to compete in a wwc tournament and to win a wwc final: Christie Rampone (United States)
  • • Most capped active international player, male or female, in world cup play: Christie Rampone - 308 (United States)
  • • Most goals scored by a single player in wwc history: Marta - 15 (Brasil)
  • • Second fastest goal in wwc history: Marie Laure Delie - 34 seconds (France)
  • • Most capped active female goalkeeper in wwc play, tie for most wwc shutouts, and the first goalkeeper in wwc history to receive back to back golden gloves: Hope Solo - 177 caps and 10 shutouts (United States)
  • • First English player to score in three wwc tournaments: Fara Williams (England)
  • • Fastest hat-trick in wwc history: Fabienne Humm - three goals in 5 minutes (Switzerland)
  • • Fastest hat-trick in a wwc final, fastest hat-trick - from the time of kick-off - in wwc history - 16 minutes, first hat-trick in a wwc final, first goal scored from halfway line in a wwc final, and first American player to score in four consecutive wwc games: Carli Lloyd (United States)
  • • Highest scoring wwc final: United States vs Japan
  • • Tie for most minutes without conceding a goal: 540 minutes - United States and Germany
  • • First country to win three wwc titles, and most consecutive finishes in the top four and top three in tournament history: United States
  • Honorable mentions
  • • The 2015 Women's World Cup was the largest women's sporting event in history with 24 teams and 552 players
  • • Eight countries made first time appearances, 3 of which reached round of sixteen play (Cameroon, Switzerland, Netherlands), and 4 of which were among the teams with least goals conceded - under 5 - (Spain, Netherlands, Costa Rica, and Cameroon)
  • • England made the most historic run and finish for it's women's team and achieved the second best performance of either it's men's or women's teams in world cup history, finishing third
  • • Only two teams played the entire tournament without receiving any yellow or red cards - Australia and Costa Rica
  • • FIFA fair play winners - France
  • • Least goals conceded of any team (1) - Brasil
  • • This year saw the highest attendance in any wwc tournament with 1,353,506
  • • The opening match set the record for the largest crowd to ever watch a national team in any sport in Canada
  • • Broadcasters in the following countries beat the highest TV audience for any match from the 2011 edition of the FIFA Women’s World Cup - Australia, Brazil, China, Korea Republic, United States, and Norway
  • • The 2015 wwc final was the most watched world cup final, men or women, and most watched soccer match in US history with a peak audience of 30.9 million viewers
The Winter Soldier (Part 4/4)

A/N: Hey guys!! Sorry I took so long to upload this!! I’m honestly quite surprised that this ended so quickly but well I only did write that the parts where the reader was. However, I am planning to write an epilogue, well, maybe. But for now, enjoy!!

Word Count: 3,354

Part one//Part two//Part three// Part four//Epilogue

“This man declined the Nobel Peace Prize,” Fury started, raising up a picture of Alexander Pierce, looking at it. “He said, “Peace wasn’t an achievement, it was a responsibility.” See, it’s stuff like this that give me trust issues.”

You raised as brow as you crossed your arms over your chest, watching Fury discard the photo on the table as he leaned forward. You turn to look at Cap. “We have to stop the launch.”

“I don’t think the Council’s accepting my calls anymore,” Fury said as he opened a case, three chips sitting inside. You frowned as Sam took a step forward to look at the chips.

“What’s that?”

“Once the helicarriers reach three thousand feet, they’ll triangulate with Insight satellites becoming fully weaponized,” Maria explained, turning her laptop around to show all of you Project Insight blueprints.

“We need to breach those carriers and replace their targeting blades with our own,” Fury continued the explanation as Maria nodded.

“One or two won’t cut it. We need to link all three carriers for this to work, because if even one of those ships remains operational a whole lot of people are gonna die.”

You stared at the chips before looking up at Fury, letting out a breath as Fury spoke. “We have to assume everyone aboard those carriers is HYDRA. We need to get pass them, insert the server blades, and maybe, just maybe, we can salvage what’s left-”

“We’re not salvaging anything,” Steve spoke, cutting Fury off as you looked at him, his brows furrowed. “We’re not just taking down the carriers, Nick, we’re taking down S.H.I.E.L.D.”

“S.H.I.E.L.D. had nothing to do with it,” Nick defended.

“You gave me this mission, this is how it ends,” Steve said, his voice hard. “S.H.I.E.L.D.’s been compromised, you’ve said so yourself. HYDRA was right under your nose and nobody noticed.”

The Director frowned. “Why do you think we’re meeting in this cave? I noticed.”

Steve nodded. “And how many paid the price before you did?”

Fury was silent, glancing side to side before letting out a sigh, turning to look back at Cap. “Look, I didn’t know about Barnes.”

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