Empire State Building Lights Up With Cecil The Lion, Images Of Endangered Animals

After a week of stories about the death of endangered animal Cecil the Lion, the people behind the lights display at the Empire State Building in New York City decided to pay a bigger tribute.

See more of the animals that light up the Empire State Building.
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New York’s Landmark Empire State Building Shines Light on Endangered Species.

  • 160 of the world’s endangered species were projected onto the landmark Empire State Building Saturday night. (August 1, 2015).  Animals on display included snow leopard, cheetah, bald eagle,eastern black rhino, mandrill, celebes crested macaque, humpback whale, manta ray, and various land and sea creatures.  Cecil the Lion whose death sparked international outrage was memorialized in last nights event.
  • Forty 20,000 lumen projectors stacked together were used to display the images onto the south facade of the building, spanning more than 180 feet wide and 350 feet tall (33 floors).  
  • In addition to raise awareness of endangered animals, the show was part of a promotion for the upcoming Discovery Channel documentary , ‘Racing Extinction, set to air in December.
  • The project was conceived by “The Cove” filmmaker Louie Psihoyos.

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Cecil The Lion Projected Onto Empire State Building With Other Endangered Animals

A glowing image of murdered Cecil the Lion has been projected onto the Empire State Building in New York, to raise awareness of endangered animals like Cecil, who was killed by American dentist Walter Palmer, sparking outrage around the world.

Cecil was among a range of animals projected onto the iconic building, including a tiger, eagle, whale and lizard, in a show which trilled spectators on Saturday night in the US.

The images of Cecil and other creatures covered 33 floors of the building in an eight-minute video loop, and could be seen for miles around.

The “Projecting Change on the Empire State Building” show was created by Louie Psihoyos, director of the Oscar-winning 2009 film “The Cove,” which raised awareness of Japan’s brutal dolphin-hunting industry. 

The event was created to help promote a Discovery channel documentary, “Racing Extinction,” which is set to air in December, but comes just as people around the world are calling out for an end to poaching and hunting endangered animals.

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Now this has to be the most epic way of drawing attention to a cause. Louie Psihoyos of the Oceanic Preservation Society came up with the idea of projecting photos of endangered species onto the Empire State Building. 

Photographer Matthew Pillsbury applied his long exposure talent to the event from a viewing party on a nearby rooftop. 

Projecting Photos of Endangered Species Onto the Empire State Building

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124 Almond Road.

And here we have the first lot of the Sim State University: 124 Almond Road. Obviously this student has a thing for bright colors and patterns….and horrible garden deco. Anyway, have fun!


  • Both a garden only version and a fully furnished + garden version can be found here.

As for compatibility: I have the Ultimate Collection version of the game.

My thanks to all CC creators whose work I’ve used.

Endangered species projected on Empire State Building

Large images of endangered species are projected on the south facade of The Empire State Building, Saturday, Aug. 1, 2015. The large scale projections are in part inspired by and produced by the filmmakers of an upcoming documentary called “Racing Extinction.” (AP Photo/Craig Ruttle)                        

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