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Pangur’s developing an obsession with my grandfather’s model ship

  • Trump administration: We're rolling back the protections for trans students because it should be left up to the states. This isn't a one-size-fits-all situation, the states have rights, they should be able to chose whether or not they offer protections to vulnerable children and teens. We're a state's rights party uwu.
  • Also the Trump administration: We're looking into enforcing the federals laws that deal with recreational marijuana because these stickin' states think that they have rights or something.

teach your girl to say no, to spit no like fire, to never apologize for it. her spine: NO. her fists: NO. her teeth all NO together.

but first and more importantly, teach your boy to see no, hear no, understand no before it’s spelled out for him. have him take “no” easily, not as an excuse to keep trying.

have him feel “no” like a change in the air so that he can infer it without so much as a word. don’t settle for no as just as the dictionary definition, show him no in body language, in “i’d rather not,” in “yes, but i’m drunk.”

teach him that “no” is not “convince me,” teach him to accept it gently, without violence, without feeling that he’s having something “denied” to him. “no” is not “take it from my fingers.” no is a shrug, is “i’m not sure,” no is a look, a scared smile, a terrified giggle. No is in the pocket of her clothes, no matter what they look like.

have him assume “no,” not “yes, unless otherwise stated.” girls are not swings on the playground, he cannot be upset when they don’t “share” themselves with him. there is no sharing, she is not an object. of a girl he sees on the street who doesn’t give him her number or react well to what he calls her: teach him she is not taking from him what is due, she is not denying him, she has never and will never belong to him. she will be his only after explicit and repeated consent and only by that alone. 

do me a favor

teach him no.


The perfect sleepover… well past midnight, lying in the dark, talking about whatever crosses your minds. From unspoken secrets to nonsensical theories. Gushing about your favorite things. The small giggles and warm comforter draping over you both. Facing each other through the inky black, the safety of their arms around yours. You close your eyes and drift off to sleep.


nearly witches (ever since we met) // panic! at the disco

Easter update!

Hey, Age from Vertebrae here! It’s been a couple weeks since the last update, but we’re still alive, don’t worry. After the last blogpost Hauk and Daniel went to Japan, I worked a bit, and then the easter break snuck up on us. Sorry for keeping you in the dark!

While the rest of Vertebrae was away I goofed around with some visual tweaks, and I’m really happy with how they’ve turned out so far. The biggest change so far is this neat little oil effect that takes any sprite’s afterimage and dissolves it. It’s been super useful for making trails and for making objects stand out a little more! (I’ve also made the game shoot oil particles everywhere and I may have gone a little overboard. We’ll figure that out later.)

The trail as applied to Ripley:

Oil mortar without trail:

Oil mortar with trail: (subtle)


Uh… bugfixing?

Since the last update we’ve also been tweaking the game physics and rewriting the hitbox collision code and making cutscene assets and writing dialogue and fixing bugs and sending emails and polishing the bossfight and uh… basically, we’ve been doing stuff.

In other news (since it’s the easter break and all), I’m at The Gathering! I’m mostly just hanging around and participating in a couple contests, but if anything happens I’ll write up an update. And after the easter break is over we’ll be getting back to the office and making plans for next month. So stay tuned for that!

‘We’re so oppressed!!1’
(gets job because of being a woman)
(gets into school because of being a woman)
(gets custody of children from divorce because of being a woman)
(woman almost becomes president because of being a woman)

‘skulduggery pleasant x announced and set to be released in summer 2017′