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A few things need to be said:

A character with an ambiguous skin tone and/ or racial identity is not good representation, even if you headcanon them as a POC. The likelihood is that the writer also perceives this character as white. Stating white skin tone/ race is often unknowingly perceived as unnecessary, due to our (society’s) gross, internalised bias that the ‘default’ is white.

Do not give credit to an author for allowing their characters to be headcanoned as POC. A headcanon is something you or a group of people believe, but not necessarily the author. If the author wanted true representation, they would have downright and concretely stated their character’s skin colour/ race in the texts of their work. By all means, headcanon race, but just be wary about giving credit where credit is not due. No one deserves brownie points for doing a sloppy job.

Stating a character is “tanned” or “olive-toned” is also not good representation. These are often considered ambiguous terms because, first and foremost, white people can be tanned. Olive can work, but there is dispute over whether it is similar to using tan, so it’s generally not recommended to use it.

Please just plainly state your characters’ races every time, even if they’re white. If your character has brown skin, or is black, or Caucasian, just say it. When you do this for POC characters, their race becomes visible, which is good for representation. When you do this for a white character, it helps to remove the awful implication that “white is the default” for both yourself and the reader.

[This will forever be my OTP and nothing you say will ever change that. Even if its totally unrealistic and will never happen for various reasons.

So yeah, I got bored and decided to doodle some Coa y TX throughout the ages. It turned out just kinda sweet ‘n fluffy 'n cute because I was in that kind of mood. The first set is really early missionary days. Texas was always running around, poking his nose in everything, and getting his friends in trouble. But it was always good fun and they had time to laugh about it.

Next to that, Coahuila is supposed to have a prickly pear flower in her hair that TX picked for her. I imagine he’s hiding his hands behind his pack because they’re covered in spikes and he doesn’t want to get yelled at for being an idiot.

Under that, I had space and couldn’t resist drawing a really, really young NM.

On the far right, the only thing with any semblance of historical significance. It’s probably the early 1800’s, and they’re arguing about all the Americans Juan is starting to hang out with. They’re supposed to be in their late teens or so, and god does TX look ridiculous! xD

The very bottom in present day NM and theoretical present day Coa. I think she looks a bit too young, she’s suppsoed to look around TX’s age (28 or so), or maybe a bit younger. But I’ll figure it out as I do more research.

Btw I’m currently calling her Francesca for now. I’m sure I had a reason for that.]

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Tengo mi sol cáncer en la casa 8!! Que significa??? 😱😱😱

En la casa de la muerte esta posición del Sol puede representar un peligro para la vida, aunque también puede anunciar una muerte pública y notoria cuando el nativo se encuentra en el punto de mayor fama o elevación en su vida. Esto se puede ver por ejemplo en la carta del J.F. Kennedy.

También podría alcanzar la fama después de la muerte, o con éste suceso. Como por ejemplo el caso Evelyn McHale, que tras su muerte, se hizo conocida en todo el mundo, al ser catalogada como ‘el suicidio más hermoso’ tras tirarse de la planta 83 del edificio Empire State en Estados Unidos. Tan sólo tenía 23 años.


“Two’s company” -h.s. Part 4

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The next day felt like you were seeing everything through rose colored glasses. You and Harry were particularly touchy, and the amount of pictures he seemed to snap away on his camera was far more than he had any day before. You didn’t talk much though, afraid to break whatever spell the two of you were under, and the constant hand holding and lingering fingers and lips filled the silence. 

By the time you got to your next destination, Harry couldn’t contain himself. “This place is swanky,” he said, climbing up the stairs to the little building where the little huts were all connected. 

“Yeah it’s definitely one of the nicer ones,” you nodded, letting your pack slide off your body and onto the dirt ground before you sunk down onto the bed. The squeaking made you and Harry both jump as you sat up rather quickly, bouncing slightly on the bed to hear the squeaky springs screaming out under your weight.

“Well,” Harry sighed as you two made eye contact, “No sex tonight.”

You couldn’t help yourself from blushing as you rolled your eyes and attempted to look pissed. In reality, you were slowly losing the hatred you’d accumulated for Harry over the years. And it was all because of how good his lips felt on yours.

Neither of you had much energy for anything either, as you both quickly showered and were both in bed just as the sun was finished setting. 

“D’ya ever think what we’d be if I hadn’ta left?” Harry whispered, his fingers slotting between yours as you laid in bed together facing one another. You reached out and touched his cheek, pulling an eyelash from his skin and holding it up to him. He enclosed your hand in his and blew the eyelash away before taking your hand and using it to pull you closer. 

“Probably at each other’s throats still,” you shrugged, “You’re a right annoying fool.”

“It’s my trademark,” Harry smirked and kissed your nose, moving his lips down to yours as you both just laid in bed kissing. You loved his lips and how they completely covered yours, messily slotting and tugging at your bottom lip to pick your heart rate up. 

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