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Tulsi Gabbard makes Jake Tapper uncomfortable with her honest assessment of the situation in Syria after her trip there. She bucks the deep state narrative. Please watch.

I believe that obsessive contemplation of our inhumanities can end up convincing us of the inevitability of our badness, and that we likely do ourselves a grave disservice by staying riveted by top-of-the-hour, ad nauseam “proof” that humans always have steadily pursued (and, the spurious logic goes, thus always will pursue) the bloody businesses of genocide, state-sponsored war, terrorism, and individual acts of sadism across space and time. I agree that if we don’t turn our attention away–or at least broaden our focus–we run the risk of floating further and further into the state described by Walter Benjamin as “an alienation that has reached such a degree that [mankind] can experience its own destruction as an aesthetic pleasure of the first order.”
—  maggie nelson, the art of cruelty: a reckoning

Audio visual evidence containing the text above in spoken word:

Tell me the United States government aren’t terrorists now, tell me state sponsored terrorism doesn’t exist!

“Did they find information connecting Saddam Hussein to Al-Qaeda?”

“No, nothing new that way, they just made the decision to go to war with Iraq. We don’t know what to do about terrorists, but we’ve got a good military and we can take down governments.”

Read on to the list, WATCH the video, the States created a list of Middle Eastern TARGETS, none of which were a major threat at the time. Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan, Iran.

None posed a major threat, none of these countries declared war, no links to terror cells from the Iraqi government, the same can be considered for the other countries. The governments may pose threat to their own, but we aren’t there because of that, we have an agenda. We, the west, the Americans, the Brits, our allies, have been involved in state sponsored terrorism where we have victimised ourselves by our own creations (Google the creation of al-Qaeda during the soviet occupation of Afghanistan during the 80s, Google the creation of ISIS) and made foreign lands look like nations that sponsor international and domestic terrorism.

Disagree, twist words, say this wrong, we’re liars, whatever. The evidence speaks for itself.

The US government and its military, including the intelligence agencies that protect it, need to be stopped, a revolution MUST be realised. Resist the oppressors, fight against western aggression. America declared war on the Middle East shortly after 9/11, it hadn’t ended.

(Please note that the 5 years thing is clearly wrong but that is not the point, war takes time, terror does too)
Theresa May Needs to Fuck Off

I hope enough of the public can see her for the hideous abomination she is and has the sense to vote her government out this week.

But even if that doesn’t happen: It was her tenure as Home Secretary that saw the police services of this country cut down by brutal austerity, reducing their effectiveness and the amount of police on our streets.

She can talk tough about how intolerable attacks like London and Manchester are, but the elephant in the room will always be that the department she headed in government before she was PM was responsible for cutting back on police services and that it will continue to do so under her leadership as Prime Minister.

If she had any decency whatsoever she would resign from government.

She can’t protect us, if that’s the line that’s selling you on her. She can’t, because doing so adequately involves things she is fundamentally incapable of doing.

  • We need to stop selling weapons to state sponsors of terrorism, like Saudi Arabia. She can’t do that.
  • We need to beef up our police forces and get more active policemen and women patrolling our streets. She can’t do that.
  • We need to stop going about fighting terrorism militarily and just spreading more terror. She can’t do that.
  • We need to stop curbing the rights of our own citizens as if that’s going to help. She can’t do that.

She can’t do any of these things because all of these things fundamentally go against the guiding ideology and primary motive of herself, and of the party she leads.

Theresa May and the Tories are not the strong terrorism-fighting figures the Mail or the Sun would have so many believe. They’re enablers, harming the people they should be protecting while reinforcing the vicious cycle that perpetuates terrorism in the first place.

Our country deserves better than the shallow and paltry ‘tough talk’ that is the extent of what they can offer while changing absolutely nothing.

On June the 8th we need to get rid of Theresa May, and we need to get rid of this Conservative government.

Before they can do any more damage.
EXPLAINER: The basics of the major new US-Cuba deal

Here’s what we know so far

The US and Cuba have announced a broad agreement between the countries that will be a first and historic step toward normalizing relations after more than 50 years of hostility. Here are the basics of what each country has agreed to, as is known so far:

What the US will give Cuba

  • Diplomatic opening: The U.S. will take steps toward restoring diplomatic ties with Cuba, severed since 1961. The travel ban will still be in place, as will the embargo, but the embargo’s impact will be eased and some forms of travel will be made easier.
  • Embassy in Havana: This will include the goal of reopening a US embassy in Havana in the coming months. The embassy has been closed for over half a century.
  • Release alleged Cuban spies: The US will release three Cubans who were convicted of espionage and imprisoned in the US: Gerardo Hernandez, Luis Medina, and Antonio Guerrero. All three prisoners were members of the “Wasp Network,” a group that spied on prominent members of the Cuban-American community. CNN reports that Hernandez, the group’s leader, was also linked to the downing of two two civilian planes operated by Brothers to the Rescue, a U.S.-based dissident group.
  • Easing business and travel restrictions: The U.S. will make it easier for Americans to obtain licenses to do business in Cuba, and to travel to the island. CNN reports that the new rules still won’t permit American tourism, but will make it easier to visit for other purposes.
  • Easing banking restrictions: Americans will be able to use credit and debit cards while in Cuba.
  • Higher remittance limits: Americans will be able to send up to $2000 per year to family members in Cuba. Cuban-American remittances are a major source of income for many Cuban families.
  • Small-scale imports of Cuban cigars and alcohol: US travelers will be able to import up to $400 in goods from Cuba, including $100 in alcohol and tobacco products.
  • Review of basis for sanctions: Secretary of State John Kerry has been ordered to review Cuba’s status as a “state sponsor of terrorism.” If his review determines that Cuba no longer deserves that status, that will be a first step towards lifting at least some US sanctions.

What Cuba will give the US

  • Release Alan Gross: US contractor Alan Gross had been imprisoned in Cuba for the last five years on charges of attempting to undermine the Cuban government. His detention has been a major issue for the US and the Obama administration. He has been released and is on his way back to the United States.
  • Release political prisoners: Cuba will release 53 political prisoners from a list provided by the United States. CNN also reports that Cuba is releasing a US intelligence source who has been imprisoned in Cuba for more than 20 years, but it is not clear whether that individual was one of the 53 included on the list.
  • Increased internet access: Cuba will allow its citizens increased access to the internet. The US has long sought this as a means of increasing pressure within Cuba for democratic reform.
  • Access by the UN: Cuba will allow officials from the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross to return to its territory.

Source: Amanda Taub for Vox



More than 1,750 Palestinian people are now dead and 9,150 people injured as Israel continues their assault on the population of Gaza - 1.8 million people. According to reports, Israel ‘accidentally’ hit a United Nations’ shelter in Rafa Sunday while assassinating a man on a motorcycle nearby. The explosion hit the entrance to the school which was housing more than 3,000 people, at least 10 are dead and dozens more wounded, many of which were standing in line for food when the strike happened. It is unclear how old the victims were but some estimates say over 500 children have been killed in the last few weeks of genocide by Israel. This is at least the third UN shelter Israel has hit in the last 2 weeks. The United Nations is condemning the attack, saying that they warned Israel of the shelter 33 times, including 1 hour before the explosion. There is no excuse for this to have happened. Israel brags that it has struck at least 108 targets in the last 24 hours.

While the international support for Israel is strong, it is beginning to crumble as the carnage in Gaza continues. The United Kingdom is considering dropping their arms shipments to Israel so that the civilian deaths in Gaza are not at the hands of the UK. The United States is also wavering on their support, calling for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire. The US is outraged that the Israeli intelligence service tapped US Secretary of Defense John Kerry’s phone, and released the content of a private conversation between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and United States’ President Barack Obama to the public. The United States is still defending Israel though, in fact, most of the weapons Israel is using to kill innocent civilians in Gaza come from the US. Even Saudi Arabia has broken their silence on the issue, the King has declared that the conflict is a 'state sponsored terrorism.’ Bolivia has declared Israel a terrorist state and removed cooperation with the Israelis.

Earlier this week, a ceasefire fell through when both Hamas and Israel violated the humanitarian period of peace. While it is unclear which side violated the agreement first, some reports show that Israel never stopped firing on southern Gaza with tanks during the agreement.

In a moment of disturbing candor, Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu told the Obama administration 'not to ever second guess me again.’ He also says Hamas will pay an 'intolerable’ price, but who is really being hurt by Israel’s actions, Hamas or the innocent people of Gaza?

Ladies and gentlemen, this madness is not defense, this is not survival, this is genocide, this is terrorism, this is more of the disgusting violence Israel has perpetrated during the last 5 decades while occupying and oppressing the people of Gaza. They must be stopped. Stand with humanity and call for an end to this lunacy.

*Note: the boy pictured in the second photo is believed to have survived his injuries, out of respect for the victims and those who will see this post, I refrained from posting pictures of the children who have been killed.

Just a reminder:
Thousands of Palestinian families in Gaza remain homeless and displaced because the Israeli Air Force, by its own estimate, dropped 800 tons of bombs on Gaza during Israel’s savage assault last Ramadan. Also, more than 1,500 children will spend this Ramadan without their parents because Israel massacred them last summer.
Please remember them in your heartfelt duaa and prayers this Ramadan. Remember them throughout the day, when you’re preparing a meal, when you break your fasts, when you’re washing your plates, when you’re lifting your hands in duaa. Remember them.
May the plights of all the oppressed and marginalized worldwide never be relegated to our afterthoughts. May they be granted healing and peace. May they remain steadfast and be granted victory over their oppressors and the state-sponsored terrorism they endure daily. Ameen.
اللهم انصر كل مظلوم على عدوه

Officials calling for calm can offer no rational justification for Gray’s death, and so they appeal for order.

Over the past four years, more than 100 people have won court judgments or settlements related to allegations of brutality and civil rights violations.

Victims include a 15-year-old boy riding a dirt bike, a 26-year-old pregnant accountant who had witnessed a beating, a 50-year-old woman selling church raffle tickets, a 65-year-old church deacon rolling a cigarette and an 87-year-old grandmother aiding her wounded grandson ….

And in almost every case, prosecutors or judges dismissed the charges against the victims—if charges were filed at all.

In an incident that drew headlines recently, charges against a South Baltimore man were dropped after a video showed an officer repeatedly punching him—a beating that led the police commissioner to say he was “shocked.”

The money paid out by the city to cover for the brutal acts of its police department would be enough to build a state-of-the-art rec center or renovations at more than 30 playgrounds.

Instead, the money was used to cover for the brutal acts of the city’s police department and ensure they remained well beyond any semblance of justice.

Now, tonight, I turn on the news and I see politicians calling for young people in Baltimore to remain peaceful and nonviolent.
BREAKING: US Senate Votes To Override Obama's Veto Of Bill Allowing 9/11 Victims To Sue Saudi Arabia
The veto override vote is a first for the Obama Administration.
By Tarini Parti

The Senate voted 97-1 Wednesday to successfully override President Obama’s veto of legislation allowing families of victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks to sue Saudi Arabia.

The bill called Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act is expected to easily clinch the two-thirds support it needs from Congress to override Obama’s veto — a first for the administration. 

The House will vote to override the veto later Wednesday.

But several lawmakers are already working on modifications to the bill that they hope to move forward in the lame duck session.

The changes would address issues the White House and Department of Defense have raised about the broad language used in the bill, which isn’t 9/11 specific. It would authorize U.S. courts to hear cases against foreign states for injuries or death resulting from an act of international terrorism.

“Now that JASTA will be overriden, it is incumbent upon all of us…to deal with concerns that many of us about how this could play out against our own people.” said South Carolina GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham, who said he has the support of about 20 senators to make changes to to the measure. What can we do to preserve our relationship with Saudi Arabia?”

Asked about accusations from some Republicans that any changes would be seen as carrying water for Saudi Arabia, Graham joked: “Well, there’s not a whole lot of water in Saudi Arabia to carry.”

“Bottom line is here’s what I think: If you don’t value the relationship, then you’re making a mistake…If you want to go forward in the Mid-East without Saudi Arabia as an ally, then be careful what you wish for.”

Obama expressed his own concerns in his veto message.

“I have deep sympathy for the families of the victims of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 (9/11), who have suffered grievously,” he said. “I also have a deep appreciation of these families’ desire to pursue justice and am strongly committed to assisting them in their efforts.”

“This legislation would permit litigation against countries that have neither been designated by the executive branch as state sponsors of terrorism nor taken direct actions in the United States to carry out an attack here. The JASTA would be detrimental to U.S. national interests more broadly, which is why I am returning it without my approval.”


French MP advocates immigration reform

“We should maintain internal control at the national borders. We need to strengthen our unity by changing our law of how you become french, controlling the borders, by not accepting so many immigrants inside France and also by dismissing french nationality of those speaking with hate and Islamic radicalism.”

As I said yesterday these attacks are coordinated with the help of the French government so that they can justify bombing Syria and at the same time keeping the victims of their terror put, in the countries where they are being bombed.