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Letter from Rosaire to Perrine

To Ser Perrine de Pepin, knight in the service of House Dufresne, be this letter delivered.

Dear child, I greet you well, desiring to hear of your welfare and that of all your family, save the one I have already had news of, that news being that he still does not have an office, a state of affairs we all mourn in the appropriate way, the nature of which you may guess.

I write to inform you that the timing of the wedding has been tentatively decided, news to which I imagine you must exclaim, “At last, the knave!” It will be at the end of this moon, while the days are still long and the sun still embraces the Coerthan mountainsides, allowing a semblance of summer to yet halo the bride on her voyage across the Pillars. It is my fond wish that you will be in attendance as not only a friend of us both but also a stalwart guardian ready to lay low any who would dare to interrupt the proceedings. I understand, however, that to do so you must know the exact sun as soon as possible in order to coordinate with your duties to both Dufresne and Pepin; unfortunately we are not committing to one until the last possible moment, for fear that even if we confide it only to a few, if but one of the acolytes in attendance at the Cathedral that day lets carelessly slip, word may reach the ears of those who would come to protest or harass the procession. If it consequently transpires that you are unable to attend, we will both be very sad, but we shall feel your presence-in-spirit and hope at least to see you at the celebration afterwards. I beg you forgive my lady for these circumstances and blame only me.

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He gave me 19 caps and then ascended to heaven. 


Exactly 100 years ago today, on May 29, John F. Kennedy was born. He was the youngest man to ever take the office as President of the United States. His term in office would last only 1036 days, tragically cut short by the assassination that claimed his life, but his influence and presence are still felt today. 

Originally, John F. Kennedy wanted to be a writer or a teacher. He only ventured into politics after the death of his eldest brother Joe. In many ways, one could say that he helped write history and set out to teach the world about his own ideas. He was an idealist: one of the main points of his presidency would be to aid innovation, imagination, and invention. He is known for some great speeches, but the man himself did not have patience for idle chitchat that had no basis in reality. He set goals and always asked to be judged by the results those plans would provide. 

In some people’s opinion, no other President had a greater vision of what America should be than the vision Kennedy had for his nation. Never has his own quote “a man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on” been more true than on this day upon which we remember his life and legacy.

Happy 100th birthday, Mr Kennedy. 


About the historical importance of Nazi punching

The above pictures show the most famous Nazi-punching in German history. On the 7th of November 1968 Beate Klarsfeld, a French-German journalist and professional Nazi hunter, punched (well, slapped, rather) a disgusting Nazi right on the eye.

And this particular Nazi was no other than Kurt Georg Kiesinger, the federal chancellor of Germany at the time (which is the German head of government). Kiesinger joined the Nazi party NSDAP in 1933 and from 1940 on was deputy director of the department of broadcast politics in the Nazi State Department / Foreign Office.

After 1945 he managed to cover up his Nazi career and was elected as the third federal chancellor of Germany in 1966. Naturally, he tried to enforce reactionary and elitist policies, proceeding violently against the many protests at that time.

With the help of a forged press card Beate Klarsfeld gained entry to the party convention of the CDU (German conservative party) in 1968 and, in front of hundreds of politicians and journalists, punched the chancellor on the eye while yelling: “Nazi Kiesinger, abtreten!” (Nazi Kiesinger, resign!). She had to be forcibly removed from the building.

Because of this incident Kiesinger’s Nazi past became widely known among the German citizens, which prevented his re-election in 1969. Instead the social democrat Willy Brandt was elected new chancellor of Germany, who until this day is known as Germany’s most progressive chancellor, and who - as a member of the social democratic party  - had been persecuted by the Nazis, had to flee 1933 from the Nazi regime and had lived in exile until 1945.

tl;dr: Try to be as bad-ass as Beate Klarsfeld and punch Nazis on the eye, always, even especially if they’re high ranking politicians!


Police officers have arrested a man for filming an arrest even though they acknowledged it was legal for him to do so– and he’s a State Congressman

The police officers seemed more concerned with calling Rep. John Walker a “race baiter” for doing something completely legal than they were in upholding the law. But the kicker is that Rep. Walker had already been arrested for the same thing years ago, which is why he fought for the law (and won) in the first place.

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Being stubborn and unreasonable is a good way to make your business fail with me...

(long story. tl;dr at the end)

So I own a few residential properties, I used to maintain them myself but I have a small business that needs my constant attention so I hired a property management company to maintain the properties. Property management companies handle everything, fix anything broken, screen the tenants before moving in, evict them if they don’t pay rent etc, while I just collect my rent money minus their little reasonable fee they take every month. When I chose this company, who I’ll call SPM for shitty property management company, they seemed to be a very good company. Local, been established for awhile, nice people, etc. I needed help marketing my properties and getting good tenants moved in, so I chose them.

While most of my properties we’re vacant at the time, I did have a few occupied, and 1 tenant living in my higher-end condo property and he was my favorite tenant, who we’ll call FT. I screened him and approved him myself before I hired SPM. He was a very good tenant and he rented from me for 3 years which is a long time and a great thing for landlords. Paid rent on time, made repairs himself without deducting rent, didn’t smoke etc. I ended up getting to know him because he wanted to buy the condo and he was a great tenant, so we became very good friends.

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Policeman pulls over black woman and quickly discovers she is the state attorney

A pair of police officers have caught themselves on camera, struggling to explain why they had pulled over Florida’s first and only black state attorney.

Aramis Ayala, who serves as state attorney in the Sunshine State’s 9th Judicial Circuit, was pulled over on 19 June.

As the officer approaches her window, she can be seen grabbing her licence from her wallet, which she then hands over to him.

When he asks what agency she works for, she responds: “I’m the state attorney”.

The officer immediately launches into an explanation for the stop, explaining that he ran the tags on her car and received no result.

Ms Ayala asked: “What was the tag run for?”

The officer then begins to stumble, saying: “Oh we run tags through all the time, whether it’s a traffic light and that sort of stuff; That’s how we figure out if cars are stolen and that sort of thing.”

He added: “Also, the windows are really dark. I don’t have a tint measure but that’s another reason for the stop.”

The State Attorney, visibly annoyed, asks for the officers’ cards. Neither have them available, so they write their contact information on a piece of paper.

Orlando police department said that it “allows the running of tags for official business only, and this is done routinely on patrol”.

“In regards to the video, which was released by the Orlando Police Department last month, the officers stated the tag did not come back as registered to any vehicle. As you can see in the video, the window tint was dark, and officers would not have been able to tell who, or how many people, were in the vehicle,” a statement said.

No complaint has been filed over the stop, police said.

Ms Ayala, a career public defender, ran for state attorney on a platform of transparency and a promise to bridge gaps with communities of colour.

In a statement to The Independent, Ms Ayala said she has “violated no laws”.

“The license plate, while confidential was and remains properly registered… The tint was in no way a violation of Florida law… Although the traffic stop appears to be consistent with Florida law,” the statement said.

“My goal is to have a constructive and mutually respectful relationship between law enforcement and the community, Ms Ayala added. "I look forward to sitting down to have an open dialogue with the Chief of Orlando Police Department regarding how this incident impacts that goal”.

Ms Ayala recently made headlines for refusing to pursue the death penalty in the murder trial of Markeith Loyd, who is accused of killing Orlando Police Lieutenant Debra Clayton and his pregnant ex-girlfriend, Sade Dixon.

Florida Governor Rick Scott removed her from the case for what he called her refusal to “fight for justice”.

Ms Ayala has asked the state Supreme Court to block Mr Scott’s decision.

In April, the State Attorney’s office reported she had received a noose in the mail, accompanied by a disturbing letter. The office said Ms Ayala frequently receives hate mail, often expressing racist sentiments.
2 Republican Senators Announce That They Will Vote Against Betsy DeVos
Donald Trump's pick for secretary of education may not get the votes she needs.

This is off topic for this blog, but it hits at a topic near and dear to my heart. I am an educator. I have taught in both religious and secular institutions. I’ve seen public school teachers sacrifice so much time, money and dignity to help students who cannot afford or would not benefit from the kind of “education” someone like DeVos would put them through. Public education deserves better than a secretary who would not only disrespect it but dismantle it. Thanks to Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins, we are one vote away from rejecting Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. I come from New Jersey and both of my Senators are Democrats. But if you live in a state with one or more Republican senator, especially if you are in a purple state, call their office and make your voice heard. Jam their phone lines with protest. Fill up their voice mail. End this nomination now. Today! We are so, so close.


(Posted Feb 1, 2017)


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Y/N’s curious, clumsy, and has a knack for asking the wrong questions at the wrong time. Bucky’s a hot-headed prick with a dark past and communication issues. Both are paired for training, and neither party is all too thrilled. 

Word count: 1200 

“This is the training room.”

You nod even though you’re barely processing anything you’re being told.

Three days ago you’d woken up in an abandoned warehouse, with no idea where you were or how you’d gotten there. There were significant gaps in your memory and a you were in lot of pain. Then someone in a red metal suit had entered your field of vision, frowning, and you’d passed out, wondering if it was all some kind of dream. When you’d come to for the second time, you were in the infirmary and this man, (Steve?), started saying something  about a group of enhanced individuals and you being one of them. It took all your willpower to not pass out again.

“We don’t know what your abilities are, but given your enhancements, people are going to come after you. It’s important that you learn to defend yourself.”

You’re still not sure what ‘abilities’ he’s talking about, or what he means by 'enhancements’.

“Training is usually carried out by Natasha or Wanda,” Steve’s speaking again, barely taking notice of you staring at him with eyes wider than plates. “But since they’re away on a mission, we’ll have to find someone else to train you.”  

You nod your head, still trying to understand everything. The names are meaningless to you, and you’re not too keen on getting trained by anyone, especially not if they all have the same stressed out demeanor that Steve seems to radiate. There’s a dull headache beginning to throb at the back of your skull, and honestly, you just need to close your eyes for a bit.

“We should go speak to Fury.”

As if you know who that is. You just nod and follow after him as he hurries along.

Everything about Director Nick Fury is unnerving, from the immaculate state of his office to the way his eye seems to be looking right through you. You swallow hard as he addresses Steve, keeping his eye trained on you the entire time.

“And we don’t know what her abilities are?”

You grit your teeth, still uncomfortable with all the talk of your abilities and your supposed enhancement. You can barely remember your own name.

“Not yet.”

Nick sighs and seems to be in deep thought. After a moment, he turns his body to you. “Can you shoot a gun?”

You look at him incredulously. A gun, you? You could barely hold a kitchen knife without fumbling with it. To hold, no, to shoot a gun? If this was any other situation, you might have laughed. Instead, you shake your head. “No, sir.”

He turns back to Steve. “Well, she’s going to have to learn. Barnes is the best sniper we’ve got. He’ll train her.”

Steve winces, and for a moment he looks like he’s about to say something else, but Fury turns his attention to the screen in front of him, clearly dismissing the two of you.

Steve leads you through the maze-like halls of the compound, until finally, you’re standing in front of large double doors. He pauses and looks to you with a sigh. He seems beat down, dark circles and pallid face. You almost sympathize, but then realize you probably look much the same.

“Bucky’s a good guy, Y/N. Just remember that.”

You’re not sure what he means, or why that’s even relevant, but you don’t have time to think as Steve pushes open the doors and strides inside before coming to a stop in a living-room of sorts, where two people are seated on the couch. Neither of them seem too happy to be in the other’s presence.

Upon seeing Steve, both of them stand, and the one to the right smiles brightly. He’s the first person you’ve seen that looks relaxed at the compound, wearing sweats and a t-shirt and an expression of genuine interest on his face.

“Captain,” he greets, but it’s more out of mock respect than a soldier-like salute, and even Steve’s eyes crinkle. You can tell their friendship goes a long way.  His brown eyes glance at you. His smile doesn’t waver, and it’s so contagious that you can’t hold back the smile that makes its way onto your lips.

If this is Barnes, then maybe training won’t be as bad as it sounds.

Your spare a glance at the person to his left, dressed in the same relaxing attire but looking nowhere near as calm. Every part of this man’s body language screams stress, from head to toe. Upon seeing you, his scowl deepens, and you drop your smile.

“Buck, you’re taking this round of training.”

The guy to the left grins and turns to you. “And I’m guessing she’s the one who needs training?”

Steve nods and you feel your erratic heartbeat slow down significantly. The warning that Steve had given you earlier disappears to the back of your head; the guy seems so chill and laidback, it’s a breather. You smile back, until–

“Oh man, good luck.”

The confusion must show on your face, because the guy turns to Mr. Scowls-A-Lot and claps him on the back. “Meet our resident Grinch, Bucky Barnes.”

Your heart drops to your stomach and Bucky glares at you, fingers curled into a fist. You want to ask him what put him in such a bad mood, but you’re not sure you’ll stay alive long enough to hear the answer.

“Can I talk to you for a moment, Steve?” Bucky’s jaw clenches and his face is slowly turning red. Even Steve, who seems to be in charge here, grimaces. With a sigh, he follows Bucky to the other corner of the room. You plop down onto the sofa.

“I’d say don’t worry but, I’d definitely worry.” You turn to the first guy, and he holds out his hand. “I’m Sam.”

“Y/N,” you shake it, then gesture to the duo in the corner, having a pretty heated conversation. “Is he always this…”

“Grumpy? Only on a good day.” When he sees your face pale even more, Sam laughs. “I’m just kidding. He takes some warming up to, but he’s not a bad guy.”

He repeats exactly what Steve had said, and for whatever reason, the words aren’t reassuring in the least. Bucky and Steve’s conversation seems to have escalated to loud whispers now, and you catch certain phrases here and there, “I don’t know… Nobody seems to… Can’t be trusted.”

The last one hits you hard, and you want to be angry, but Bucky’s right. You barely remember anything about yourself and you have supposed abilities that you’re pretty much in the dark about; even you can’t trust yourself.

The clock on the wall shows the time to be just past two in the morning, and just as the second hand makes its way around the face for the second time, Bucky walks up to you, fists clenched and breathing heavily through his nose.

“Meet me in the training room tomorrow morning. Six a.m. sharp.” He’s less than thrilled about the whole ordeal, and you can only match his level of discomfort.

As he storms out of the room, you throw your head back onto the couch and groan.

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Genre: romance/fluff/COMEDY
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 3334 words
Summary: You somehow ended up in a cell with your best friend Jungkook

You sat next to him as you were sending death stares to each other. God only knows why you were trapped inside a cell with your best friend on a Friday night. If truth was to be said, you and Jungkook were caught in a heated fight, barely a few minutes ago, with him arguing as much as he could, and you, throwing his favorite vase off the balcony because you hated his handsome face. Did you really fight over his good looks? For sure it was one of the few reasons why you were even arguing in the first place. You were innocent that was for sure, but after being reported for obstructing the ‘’peace’’, you were called in at the office. The Irony of this, is that the so-called best friend is a cop as well.

“Officer Jeon, Seems like your badge is pretty useless at times like these” you commented arrogantly while crossing your arms over your chest

Jungkook follows you inside the cell, head hanging low with a very stiff posture. The last thing he expected from this Friday night was to end up inside a cell with you.

“Don’t get me started.” He turns around “I may be a cop but it still doesn’t mean that obstructing the ‘peace’ is allowed.” The boy ruffled his hair in a fury

“You can’t even do your own job properly, yet you’re here talking” you rolled your eyes

“I beg your pardon, but you’re the reason why we’re here in the first place” jungkook combs through his black bangs

Arguing with him was now your specialty. Both of you could go on and on for hours arguing over the smallest things. These days have been pretty sensitive due to your admission in med school. Jungkook screwed up again and you were on the verge of losing control when it happened.

“Oh, so now you’re going to put the blame on an innocent girl? I almost feel offended, officer.” You reply sarcastically

“ Innocent my ass, you were shouting at me barely 30 minutes ago and you even threw a goddamn vase off the window” he grabs the bars as he stares at his workmates laughing at him “ My favorite pink vase” he fakes a sob “ I liked that one so bad”

“Oh boohoo.” You cringed your face “Why do you even plant flowers in the backyards anyways! It always takes up the place. You’re a cop not a gardener”

“Flowers smell good and are beautiful, unlike a certain person” he sends you a side glare

“Excuse me?!” you scoff

“What?! Go wash your hair before telling me off, miss I-haven’t-washed-my-hair-for-three-days –because-of-school”

“What a neat freak. I didn’t have time because I has a shit ton of finals to take care of. LIVE WITH IT.”

“Exactly! Do you know that It’s a pain in the ass to live with you?” he stares at you

“Look who’s talking! You never wash the dishes and you’re practically a prince living at our place”

“Why do you bring my lifestyle onto this? I never asked you to be my wife. No one even has to cook because I only eat cereals and ramen. You should be thankful to have me as your roommate” he sighs “Why are you even mad about this? “

“You’re really annoying, you know that?” you groan “Tell goodbyes to the three meals a day I used to provide for the past year and a half.”

“Why?” he makes a meme face

“Because you’re a cheater” you glare at him

“I didn’t do it” jungkook buries his face in his hands “I swear on   Overwatch’s very existence that I didn’t do it ”

“Jungkook, you don’t realize how embarrassed you’re making me whenever you lie”

“I never lied about that!” jungkook sighed “It’s not like we got laid or anything like that! Why you are even fueled up about this issue! I have no girlfriend, so I’m not even cheating”

“You’re cheating on our friendship” you smack his arm

“I said, it wasn’t me for f*ck’s sake” jungkook grunts annoyingly “I don’t know if you have trouble understanding or if it’s your brain that has a serious issue, but I did not f*cking cheat” he turned around

“You didn’t cheat of course” you commented “You still f*cked or should I say, you’re still f*cked”

“I didn’t cheat” jungkook scowls “I’m always fair play when it comes to games and you know that!”

Jungkook’s workmates were having a blast trying to figure out the situation between both of them.Jimin was holding his cup of coffee in his fingers while Taehyung was munching on some chocolate flavored donuts. Meanwhile Hoseok was still typing in a few more details about their latest case, on the computer.

“Are they talking about a game?” Jimin whispers in taehyung’s ear

“I almost thought they were talking about a girl for a second” taehyung whispered back

“They’re obviously talking about video games.” Hoseok nodded with that irresistible smile

The cat fight was persistent on the other side of the cell, yet jungkook chose to put it to rest with his next action.

“Ugh…” jungkook sits down and takes off his vest to lay it on the ground “You can keep on talking to the walls. I’m going to sleep”

“You obviously feel no remorse since you feel comfortable about sleeping in a cell” you chuckled heartlessly

“I basically live in this police station, five days a week, I don’t see why I wouldn’t be comfortable here”

“Who’d ever hear you would think you’re a criminal” you rolled your eyes

“Yes, I steal hearts for a living” he makes a small heart with his index and thumb

“No jungkook. You make me barf for a living” you pretend vomiting

“Enjoy your youth, shorty. It’s not every day that you get to be inside a cell. With a handsome man on top of it” jungkook lays on his jacket cockily “Just take a moment to admire my sharp jaw. Instead of complaining. You can actually see it up close with no interruption this time”

“ You’re so f*cking cocky even in moments like these” you raise your brow “ Your jaw is so feminine along with your stupid lashes and that so called nose  , I don’t see what’s there to see. “

“Or maybe you can roast me while we’re at it” Jungkook sighed “My jaw has more structure than your life ever did” he laughed at his own joke

“Keep it down, Jeon” Hoseok shouted “No roasting is allowed in those cells, even though y’all are very entertaining to watch” he chuckled

“I wasn’t roasting, just stating facts here, Officer Jung “Jungkook bowed his head cutely

You decide to walk around inside the cell as jungkook was comfortably laying on the cold floor. The more you inspected this room the more disgusted you were. The scent, the coldness and the rusty vibe all over the place, gave you everything but comfort. It was your first time being inside a cell, yet your best friend was sitting there as if no harm was done and everything was alright. You both remained silent for a few more minutes before you suddenly started to bang your head on the nearest wall while murmuring the same few words

“Ugh, why am I in a cell with him”

“Because we sinned together” Jungkook replied with no warning as slowly sat up

“Did someone talk? I can’t seem to hear anyone” you pretend he’s inexistent

“So childish” he glares at you before bringing his knees closer to his chest, like a child would.

“Right back at you” you shoot daggers through your eyes

“Let’s make up already” jungkook shakes his shoulders cutely as he slowly walks your way

You slowly back up as he gets closer and closer to you. Your back hits the cold bars and Jungkook takes this opportunity to grab onto the bars on each side of your head, trapping you between his body and the cell itself. It was just like a fun game for him. You were being alert, anxious and angry, and he was taking advantage of your state to have a little bit of fun.

“We are not making up” you hold your head high as you stare directly back onto his dark orbs

“We are going to make up. Mark my words”

He lowers his head to close the space between your faces, now brushing the tip of his nose against yours. You shiver and ponder in your head, if the reason why you were feeling so nervous was due to the fact that this cell was extremely cold, or because Jungkook was having some effect on you.You chose to shrug off the thoughts from your head and push his rock hard chest with your index. Jungkook doesn’t even budge form him spot, as your small finger had nothing to win against his inhuman physical strength. He always had the advantage, whether it was about being imprisoned or cornering you inside a cell. You’d somehow end up being at his mercy.

“Get off, right now” you mutter under your breath

“I don’t think so” he presses his face on your cold shoulder

Jungkook’s workmates were just as confused as you

“What are they doing?” Jimin raised a suspicious brow

“Uhm…it looks like they’re being intimate, sir” Taehyung covers his eyes

“Officer Jeon does all sorts of things” Hoseok sighed “Let him be”

A million thoughts were running through your mind. You wanted to push him off but couldn’t bring yourself to do it. It wasn’t long before jungkook cut off your thoughts with his next action.

“Come on!!” he grabs your arm

“What?” you frown

“Let’s enjoy the next 24 hours we have left together in a cell” he pulls your small frame in his arms with no warning

“Let me go!” you struggle to get off his embrace as his muscles are tightly wrapped around you

“Come on. You’re a small bean and I’m a very bored bunny. Let’s mingle and call it a fun night” he whispers on your neck

“No one is allowed to mingle in those cells Jungkook” Jimin authoritative voice shouts from his desk

“I was just playing, Officer Park!” jungkook replies “But I still have extra handcuffs with me” he wiggled his eyebrows at you

“What on earth—“your eyes rounded as you felt heat reaching your cheeks

“BDSM Isn’t allowed either” Taehyung burst out laughing “I swear to god, I wish we could arrest entertaining people like you every day, it’d be more hilarious at work”

“Officer!” you stare at jimin “Please tell him to let me go” you whine

“Hugs are allowed for mental support” Jimin winked at you

“He’s not even hugging me! He’s trapping me!” you groan “Tell him to stop crushing me with his annoying muscles!”

“I’m not risking my safety over this. Officer Jeon usually picks up the things that annoy him and throw them somewhere” Jimin comments “I don’t want this to happen to me”

“What are you? Godzilla?!” you turn around to stare at jungkook in puzzlement “These guys are your superiors and you do those kind of things to them?” your jaw drops

“They’re good at obeying” jungkook replies cockily “As long as you got strength, power doesn’t even matter here“he raises a sexy brow

“What a WEIRD POLICE STATION” you stare at everyone

“We get that often” Hoseok nods

“It’s fun being in a cell, to be honest” Jungkook slowly frees you from his grip “I get to spend time with my best friend” he hugs your arm like a cute child

“Get it together you dumb bun, we’re in a goddamn cell because the police showed up at my place”

“I’m a cop and I’m always at your place. I never saw you freak out whenever I showed up with my cop uniform there” Jungkook backed up

“You’re just Jungkook okay! You’re not a cop” you argued

“But I graduated from Law school! I have my own badge. I arrested over 25 people over the last two months. Why would you think that I’m not qualified to be a cop! You better acknowledge me!” he scowls

Jungkook’s workmates found themselves laughing at the hilarious conversation

“Officer Jeon, seems like you’re not as qualified as you pretend to be” officer Jimin chuckled from the side

“Shut up Park Jimin” jungkook glared at the man

“Where did the hyung go to? Should I remove your promotion, for disregarding your superiors, you little brat?” Jimin threatened

“Hyung” jungkook sighed “Sorry” he apologizes with no sincerity whatsoever

“What if they end up keeping us here for longer” you fake a sob on his shoulder

“We didn’t kill anyone, we just fought. You won’t get imprisoned for life. It’s just 24 hours”

Jungkook stared at his surroundings before gazing at you a few times. He knew what would ease the tension.

“Hey, there’s so many fun stuff to do in a cell” Jungkook stares at you “Come here” he pulls your arm so that you sit close to him

“Like what? “you ruffled your hair “ Jungkook, it might not be that unusual for you because you’re always at the police station, but I’m just a normal citizen! What will mother say about this” you smack his arm

“I’ll just cover up for you then” jungkook scowls “ Now come here and let’s play rock paper scissors to pass time”

“Are you f*cking kidding me?” your jaw dropped

“I mean, wasn’t it the same when we were in elementary school? During recess time, we were surrounded by a huge fence, yet we still had fun. We were imprisoned back then as well, where’s the difference?”


“We can play truth or dare” jungkook snaps his fingers “Or even better! We could take this whole cell thing as an excuse to cuddle or something”

“You better stay away from me or I’m suing you” you point at him

“I get that a lot these days” he winks at you “People like suing me for my illegal sexiness” he rolls up his sleeves

“What is he saying now?” you sigh

“Come on, Y/N! Let’s do something fun! It’s not every day that we get the chance to be stuck in a cell together for 24 hours” he pokes your waist

“The chance?! What is lucky about this? Have you lost your mind? “You nudge his arm “Why am I friends with you.”

“I brought a pen with me” Jungkook blinked cutely “Let’s draw a few bunnies on the walls while we’re at it. As a memory~”

“What is good about this memory? Do you expect me to tell my future children that I got arrested and remained in a cell for 24 hours with my friend, as we both drew bunnies on the prison’s wall” you scoff

“It honestly feels like we’re back in old school days’ right?” Jungkook giggled as he took out his pen to draw cute bunny ears on the wall

“Why are you giggling?! Jungkook, stop laughing. This isn’t the time to be laughing” you grabbed his arm “Please get me out of here”

“What can I do?” he shrugged “Even, I, as a cop, has to get sentenced just like you. Let’s just live with the consequences we brought upon ourselves” Jungkook draws the big bubbly eyes of his bunny “Damn, he looks like me” he points at the half-drawn bunny

“Stop drawing self-portraits of yourself and listen” you whine

“Stop over dramatizing everything and learn from your mistakes” he uses his other hand to mess your hair in the process “We fought, you broke something and we got in trouble for it. Next time we’ll behave like mature adults do, that’s all”

“I’m not overdramatizing” you slap his hand away “You may spend every day working next to this cell, but I’ve never been in a cell nor was I ever arrested in the past”

“Then enjoy your first time here” Jungkook blinks “Why make a fuss about it when it could be the most thrilling 24 hours of your life? I always wondered how it felt to be on the other side of these bars”

“You’re a crazy piece of shit” you shake your head

“More like a positive minded piece of shit” he smiles sarcastically

“Jungkook” you whine again as you lean your face on his back as the boy keeps on drawing bunnies

“What?” He asks you “Are you going to complain again?” you feel his voice vibrating through his back

“It’s just a little cold in here” you wrap your arms around his waist

“What an amazing excuse to back hug me” He smirks as he keeps on drawing “You’re smitten over my beauty” he makes a sassy facial expression

“I hate cells” you muffle your face on his toned back

“Cells as in cellular composition or prison cells?” Jungkook laughed at his own joke

“You think you’re so funny.” you pinch his waist

“Ouuuch!!!” he jumps because of your touch “I will sue you for physical abuse”

“Come on Fetus, you like getting physical anyways, so it shouldn’t even bother you in the first place” you poke his waist as you press your chin on his shoulder

“There’s clearly a difference between hugging someone and pinching them! This is not my type of physical encounter” he frowns as he slowly pushed you away from him “ I will go take a nap now” he grabbed his wrinkled vest and laid it on the floor once again  

“ Jungkook, I’m well aware of the fact that you work here in the police station, but didn’t it occur to you to think about what prisoners do in these cells for 24 hours?! They could be peeing all of over the ground and you’re sleeping there. It’s disgusting”  you furrow your brows  

“Well technically they pee in a cup” Jungkook comments “this is also why I insisted that we share the cell”

“EXCUSE ME?!” you shout

“Are you going to obstruct the peace here too? Calm down Juliet. We’re just here for a few more hours” he made a pillow with his shoes

“If you didn’t get it yet, usually men and women are in different cells, but I insisted we get imprisoned together”

“And why is that? Why can’t you have a single brilliant idea for once AND GET US OUT OF HERE“ you sighed

“Because I know you were going to freak out as soon as we get there, so I thought I might as well be there as your mental support”


“That’s what best friends are for right?” he smiles at you

“No, that’s what idiots do, you stupid son of a fetus” you smack the back of his head

“This so called son of a fetus has a job unlike you” he frowns “It hurts too” he pouts “Love me!” he pulls you into his arms once again

“Ew Ew We ! I’m not laying there!” you try prying his hands off you

“Stop being so stuck up and be cool for once. Med school turned you into a germaphobe, but may I remind you that we used to roll in mud back then in elementary school?”  He pulls your waist close to his body “Now let’s just sleep and get tofu tomorrow morning”

“Why tofu?” you blink

“Well, we did stay in a cell overnight. Might as well keep it traditional and buy tofu after being released” he stares at you

“Why am I his friend” you bury your face in his chest “I HATE YOU JEON JUNGKOOK”

Jungkook feels your muffled screams vibrations through his toned chest and he chuckles at your sight. He sure had lots of fun in that cell.

“We should get arrested more often.” He laughs at you as he secretly writes your initials next to his on the wall with a heart surrounding them


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For the jungkook mafia one maybe jungkook always makes empty promises and so reader struts into the mafia hq (everyone knows who she is) and she confronts him and leaves and he chases after her and things get nasty ( ;)) ) at their house when they get back and he tells her that he’s sorry and has been so sorry or something like that? I’m not sure you can change it if you want! X :)

genre: smut

word count: 2.4k

a/n: i didn’t proof read this oops?

This was the last time Jungkook was going to leave you hanging like this; no matter how powerful he was, he couldn’t just not appear while you were waiting for him at home. It wasn’t just this, he had made several empty promises. “I promise I won’t let you sleep alone.” “I promise I’ll be here if you need me.” “I promise I’ll be home on time and if not I’ll let you know.” Absolute. Bull. Shit. Today was the last straw! It had been far too long since Jungkook had actually kept a promise and put a smile on your face. He was your fiance for goodness sake, the least he could do was pretend to care these days.

You walked into the HQ, straight past everyone and right into his grand and state of the art office. The men standing outside opened the colossal doors for you to enter and be greeted with a “Care to knock?” Jungkook looked up at you, taking in everything you were wearing and how effortlessly amazing you looked in it, the image immediately sending signals to his lower region; you couldn’t blame him, the man was still in his twenties. “I don’t need to knock to see my fiance.” you scoffed at his greeting. “Honey, what’s the problem? Something not satisfying you at home?” he asked as he attempted to return his focus to whatever was on his desk but was deeply distracted by the idea of fucking you right there and then, all because you had put on his favourite dress without realising and it was doing things to his mind. It wasn’t the dress though, no, it was the way you had just strided in like it was no one’s business, you asserted such dominance, but not for long.

“The problem is you, you’ve made one too many empty promises and I’ve had to deal with your shit for too long. You’re never even home anymore. You don’t take me on dates, you don’t even fucking text me ‘i love you’ anymore.” you angrily told him. “Babe, as you know, I’m a very busy man and can’t always make it home.” “You haven’t been home for almost a month, Jeon Jungkook!” you replied with your voice raised. “I’ve had to deal with a lot of shit, a few of my men were injured and there’s just a lot going on.” he muttered, slowly also getting angry at both you and his hormones.

“You know, I’m part of the mafia as well, right? I was trained like you were and I’m just as powerful, so you could’ve told me all of this instead of disappearing for almost a month and depriving me of seeing you and leaving your empty promises behind instead.” you told him, you clenched your fists, you were trying to prevent an outburst of anger. “I know, I just didn’t think it was the right time.” “You never know when it’s the right time, that’s why we haven’t even gotten married yet! Is that gonna be another empty promise?” you screamed before exiting his office in anger and annoyance.

Jungkook rose from his seat and chased after you, not really caring if any of his men saw; everything they saw inside was confidential anyway. You had almost reached the exit of the building when he grabbed your shoulder and turned you round to face him. He had his grip on both your shoulders, not allowing you to move.“What?” you asked him, annoyed by everything he was doing. “We’re going home or something’s gonna have to happen right here.” he said, more like an order. “What?” “Home! Now!”

The car ride home was awkward and tense, not a word was shared between you and Jungkook, who was sat beside you. The only thing he had said was the order to the driver to “take us home.” He was silent until you entered the house. When you finally stepped foot into the house he shoved you against the front door and got a taste of your lips, you tried not to give into him, but you couldn’t lie, Jungkook had you wrapped around his finger. “Get off me.” “Are you not going to kiss me back, kitten?” he said, faking the sadness that he wasn’t feeling. “You’ve been gone for a month! I’m not giving in this easily!” you told him as you pushed him away and made your way up the stairs. “You don’t want to listen to Daddy yet you’re walking towards the bedroom?” he chuckled as he removed his blazer, revealing how tightly the shirt he was wearing fit.

“You need a new shirt, that’s too tight.” you replied with no emotion whatsoever. “Oh yeah? Well you need to listen to me and come right over here. Join me on our bed, babygirl.” “No.” you replied as you walked past him and towards the window of the bedroom. “What?” Jungkook made his way over to you while you were gazing, out of the window, at the view of your grand garden. “Do you like working Daddy up, kitten?” he muttered when he spun you around and then pressed his lips against your own, once again. “Do you like coming to my office in my favourite dress? You know you’re so hot when you’re angry. Do you fucking love to mess with me around my men?”, getting Jungkook all worked up was probably one of your favourite things to do, but you knew it came with consequences. You kissed him back, fighting for dominance as you did. “Is my little brat gonna finally listen to her Daddy?” he muttered as he grabbed your ass during the makeout. You failed to reply but let out an unintentional squeal from the ass grab. “Are you kitten? I won’t ask again and there’ll be punishments if you don’t answer me!” he said, raising his voice ever so slightly but just as you were going to answer him he connected his lips with your own again.

“You didn’t even give me the chance to answer!” you pouted as you pushed him off you. “Either way, you’re gonna do what I want, aren’t you?” he smugly replied as he sat back down on the queen sized bed that you had been occupying on your own. “On your knees, kitten.” he spoke and automatically you were knelt down before your beautifully built fiance. “You’re just a little slut, aren’t you?” he chuckled as he took your hands in his and placed them on his crotch. “Do you feel how hard you make me, babygirl? Suck it, or you’re getting nothing!” You hastily undid his trousers and pulled them down along with his boxers that were confining his cock; as you did so Jungkook groaned as his cock was finally being released from the confinements that were his garments. “Hurry up, babygirl.” “Don’t rush me. It won’t be fun for either of us.” you cheekily spoke back as you gently wrapped your hand around his length. “You’re talking back to Daddy? You deserve to be punished, kitten.” he muttered. “Funny you say that, Daddy, you know, since I’m in control right now and could tease you all the more.” “Don’t you dare.” you smirked at your fiance who was under your control, every slight movement you made affected him significantly.

You kissed his sensitive tip, earning a hiss; slowly you made out with just the tip of his cock, swirling your tongue around it and lightly sucking it. “Don’t. Fucking .Tease.” All you could do was giggle at his remark, he was under your control for once so you wanted to have some fun while this lasted. You wrapped your lips around his length and lightly started to bob your head up and down, wrapping your hands around him where your mouth didn’t reach. “Faster, babygirl.” You ignored his wish and continued at your own pace; this didn’t end too well. Jungkook wrapped your hair around his hand and pushed your head all the way down his cock, causing you to deepthroat him, “That’s how you fucking suck cock, kitten. Now, are you gonna do that for Daddy? Or do you need me to guide you?” “I’ll do it.” “You better do it like how I showed you.” You placed your hands on either side of him and slowly deepthroated Jungkook’s length. “Hurry up for me, kitten.” You picked up the pace, earning moans and hisses of pleasure, before being pulled off his cock before he came.

Jungkook shuffled in his place slightly before pulling you onto his lap, “Are you gonna get rid of this dress for me, babygirl?” You stood up to remove his favourite dress, along with your underwear, giving him a strip show as you did so, “You’re such a beauty, but I’m gonna have to punish you, kitten. Do you know why?” “I spoke back and teased you.” “That’s right. Come now, lay on the bed, kitten, and spread your legs for Daddy.”

“You wanted Daddy’s attention, well now, you can have it all, kitten. You wanted that, didn’t you, kitten?” he muttered as moved towards you and grabbed hold of your hips before placing a sweet kiss on beneath your navel. “Yes, Daddy.” “Good girl, you’re not to make a single sound until I say so, then you’ll be rewarded, if not, I’m gonna have to punish you more, babygirl. Understood?” “Yes, Daddy.” Jungkook lowered himself and soon his lips greeted your lower ones. He played with your clit, doing all sorts in order to make you moan because he knew you would crack. He sucked, licked, teased you in all sorts of ways, trying to get you to make a sound so he could win. After getting frustrated by how persistent you were on keeping quiet, he added a finger or three. He thrusted them in and out of you; you had to crack soon. Then there is was, the moan that you had accidentally released.

“What did I say about making a noise, babygirl?” he asked as he hovered above your body. “You did that on purpose, you could’ve said you just wanted to punish more.” you pouted, looking away in fake anger. He turned your face back gently and placed another sweet kiss on your lips, this time. “I’m gonna punish you now.” he winked as he moved back down south. “What are you gonna do?” you asked him curiously. “You’re not allowed to cum until I say so.” “What?” “You heard me, baby. Do not cum and you’ll be good.” and before you knew it he buried himself in between your thighs once again, he let the tip of his tongue play with your clit before swirling his tongue around your entrance before reintroducing his fingers. “Fuck, Jungkook.” Jungkook moaned in response, not caring about you calling him Jungkook anymore, he was too absorbed in pushing you to the edge. “You like that? Do you wanna cum all over my fingers, babygirl?” You were unresponsive but from the expression on your face anyone could tell you were close. “Answer me, babygirl.” he said as he continued to thrust his fingers into you and play with you clit. “Yes, Daddy, please let me cum.” “Not yet, baby.” Jungkook said as he completely removed all contact from you lower region and hovered over you again. “What the fuck? I was so close and you just stopped?” you said, placing your weight on your elbows as you slightly sat up. “But I tell you when to cum and I didn’t want you to cum yet.” he said before kissing you, not as sweetly as before but rougher instead.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard, babygirl. You won’t be able to walk tomorrow.” He pulled away from the kiss and focused on teasing your entrance with his tip. “Come on, you literally didn’t let me cum and now you’re gon-” he pushed his member into you before you could finish your rant. “You were saying?” he smirked as he thrusted in and out of you. “Fuck.” you moaned as you wrapped your arms around his neck as he fucked you. “You’re not gonna cum yet, baby.” he chuckled as he pulled out of you. “I want you on top of me while you cum.” You got on top of him and aligned his member with your entrance and soon the quick pace started again. “You’re so good, baby. Keep going.” Jungkook groaned as he had his hands on your hips. “Fuck, Jungkook, I’m gonna cum.” “No, you’re not.” he ordered. “Please, I need to, please.” “You will cum when I tell you to.” he said as he thrusted himself into you as a sign to speed up. You didn’t know how much longer you could hold in the urge to cum, you could feel yourself getting weaker and weaker as the seconds passed. “Do you still wanna cum?” “So badly.” “Be my guest, babygirl.” and it took one more thrust for you to reach your climax and collapse on top of your fiance. “Baby, I’m not done yet.” Jungkook smirked as he pulled out and laid you on your back once again. “May I finish?” “Yes, Daddy.” A matter of seconds later Jungkook came into you and collapse beside you.

He turned over to hold you but you pushed him away. “Baby, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to n-” “No, it’s just I need to pee right now.” “Oh, go, quick.” he chuckled as he went to find your pyjamas. Jungkook made his way over to the en suite and leaned against the entrance. “Can I help you?” you laughed as you took the clothes from him while on the toilet. “I just wanted to say I’m really sorry, I should give you more of my attention, you mean the world to me. It’s not everyday you find someone as badass as you.” “Hey, you gave me enough attention to make up for the last few months but yeah, please give me some more.” you teased. “I love you.” he chuckled as he went over to place a kiss on your forehead. “I’m still naked, you know?” “Yep. Don’t ruin the moment.”

College Boy Part Three

Prompt: Harry wants a shot at a normal life so he attends Northeastern University, but it’s harder than he thinks. The friends he made just want fame, and the other hardly look at him. But then he meets her, Y/N, and she wants nothing to do with the a-list celebrity.

Word Count: 5532

Pairing: Y/N and Harry

You can find part one and part two below :)

Part One Part Two

Y/N was never great at opening up to anyone-not even her family. She had learned to keep to herself, that way no one could leave her, no one could take a spot in her heart only to rip it away later. All through middle school and high school she had no friends, no birthday parties, no graduation party, no sleepovers, no late night drives with anyone. At first she was upset, and she started to open up in high school, but she quickly stops when she couldn’t make any friends. It was too late, she was labeled as the weird one, the only friends she had were on Facebook.

When college first begin she promised herself it would be different, that she would try to make friends, and she did, she tried. The first week she found a nice group of people, but as the month went on she found the group chat dying and none of them ever spoke again. They waved, they smiled at each other, but none of them responded to her texts, and no one bothered to ask her to hang out. Her roommate was different, the two never bonded. Jessica went out with her friends, and when she had friends over none of them ever spoke to her. Y/N slowly learned that she was invisible, but she wasn’t invisible to him.

Okay well, at first she was invisible to him. But when Harry noticed her, he couldn’t stop noticing her. Harry found himself going to the gym at the same time as her, he would run next to her, telling her about his day. Y/N would nod, hum every once and a while to let him know she heard him, but she never really talked back. Harry would ask her questions and she would answer them but other than that she never really spoke, keeping it short and simple, and he couldn’t tell if she was still upset with him.

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Senator John F. Kennedy holds a mounted half of a coconut in his Senate office. When his boat was hit during World War II, he and his men swam ashore onto an uninhabited island. JFK carved a message into the coconut which a native took back to a U.S. base. A rescue party was eventually sent. (He also displayed the coconut on his desk in the Oval Office). February 26, 1959. ‬

Gov. Mark Dayton asks for police training fund to be named after Philando Castile

  • On the anniversary of Philando Castile’s death, Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton recommended that the state Peace Officer Standard and Training Board name a new $12-million training fund after Castile.
  • The fund, which was approved by the legislature earlier this year, is aimed at providing training opportunities for law enforcement officials working with diverse communities and will be distributed to police departments across the state.
  • In a press conference Thursday, Dayton explained that this fund honoring Castile would hopefully foster better relations between police officers and surrounding communities. Read more (7/6/17)

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