state of wyoming


Yellowstone river trails by Sergio Garcia Rill
Via Flickr:
This photo is from Yellowstone National Park it represents about 3 hours of star movement, and if you pay close attention to the lower right section of the sky there are a few hints of a very slight aurora visible.

Finished, finally! 

The title of this piece is: “Ancestor”.

Some things I wanted to develop with this piece: 

  • Using silhouettes when creating my composition.
  • Drawing out ALL of the pieces at the same time!
  • Developing my conceptualisation skills.

Using silhouettes to create the composition, I feel, was a major help to the overall design. Blocking in the shapes, and understanding how everything was going to be arranged helped me to not get overwhelmed with the complexity, and level of detail I wanted to put into this piece.

As for the concept:

Some scientists believe that dinosaurs could be the ancestors of birds. The elements in this piece are the state birds, and state flowers from the states I’ve called home: Wyoming, Montana, and Utah. And, the Tyrannosaurus Rex (which is one of my favourite dinosaurs!) who also called these states home.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how this turned out.

Enjoy! <3



Okay, so all things considered, I really like Wyoming’s current flag. I’m not a fan of the borders, the bison is a little too complex, and there is a seal on it which is not best practices; still I really like this flag. I think something about the seal being so subtle makes it feel like you don’t need to see it when it’s on the pole waving, but instead it just seems like a hidden detail. It makes the design feel more rich.

But I gotta stick with my mission statement. I’m trying to make them all more effective as flags, and those problems are real.

For the redesign I used two triangles overlapped to represent the vast natural wonders in the state, as well as the rocky mountains that run through the majority of the state. It feels a little “Patagonia” to me, but overall I like it.