state of the art



Breathless Montego Bay Resort & Spa (Montego Bay, Jamaica) is surrounded by Montego Bay Marine Park, is a modern 5-story adults-only, 150-suite resort boasting chic design and state-of-the-art technology including free Wi-Fi and in-room tablets. Breathless Montego Bay takes Unlimited-Luxury®—where everything is included—to the next level. Over half the suites include butler service. The only rooftop pool and bar in Jamaica, a beach club, fire pits, cabanas, five bars and lounges, and theme parties provide the ultimate party atmosphere. Enjoy free flow access to eight bars and ten restaurants with Exchange Privileges, right next door at Secrets Wild Orchid and Secrets St. James! 


I keep forgetting that Gotye did this song and when I do remember it blows my mind slightly because this song is rly good

electro dub~ ♥

State of the Art


Alec shouldered his bag after practice and made that he got out of the stuffy room. The weather was far too nice to spend it in a rehearsal studio and learn the right balloté. The instructor let Alec always dance first, because apparently he was so good at it. Alec hated it when everyone looked at him and it seemed like hewas the greatest when he actually didnt want to be there. Even Camille hadnt looked so pissed at him. Maybe it was due to spring. He looked around, the chairs in front of the student cafe were crowded but he craved some iced coffee and so he got himself this special treat and moved to a free seat, stretching his legs out and enjoying the rays from the sun. 

Things Are Hectic

So it’s been a pretty turbulent couple of months for me. A lot of things have changed, shifted or just got downright uncomfortable at my day job, and for all the alarm bells that rang before, after today I think I’ve finally had enough. The security of the job has come into question and although I’ve spent years keeping a cursory eye out for better opportunities, I am now actively looking to get the fuck out. Working my ass off in a place for eight years and making manager, I don’t want it to have been all for nought, but that’s the way it is.

The simple truth is that I don’t get enough commissions (and therefore don’t make enough dough) to cover my income from my fulltime job, so sadly I can’t outright quit until I have another job lined up. Obviously, this means my stress levels have been off the charts. The stress directly affects my ability to draw, in many ways; sometimes it robs me of focus, sometimes it sends me off on whacky trails, you might have seen a few of those. 

I’ll still be sticking around, I’ll post what I have be they scribbles or some serious pieces, and continue to interact on Fridays and Saturdays. Just please, have a little patience for me if some Ask Requests take a little longer for me to wrap my head around. 

Thanks for all the support so far, lovelies. Have a good week.


Here is a fantastic little gem, the Spaceballs Megademo:- State of the Art. What you may find even more amazing, this came on 1 Amiga floppy disk, and ran on a humble A500!. Now feast your eyes and ears on this lovely Demo  :D


shinhwa during their 8th album photoshoot!! the ending is DAEBAK!!! poor clothing though…