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AI Neuroscience

Image preview from Evolving Artificial Intelligence Lab illustrates huge improvements of neural network object recognition.

What you see in the top images are top-layer neural network finalisations of what it has learned from studying images of various objects - these are some of the most higher definition understanding to date.

The bottom image looks at some of the lower layers of the neural network which focus on certain aspects of the data of a given object.

Think of neural networks like a live drawing art class where the students focus and draw on certain parts of the subject, these would be the numerous collective sketches they have made. The top layer is what someone decides is the best parts of the collective sketches and puts them together to what they believe satisfies the best representation of the subject.

More info from this is expected in the future - Link


I keep forgetting that Gotye did this song and when I do remember it blows my mind slightly because this song is rly good

electro dub~ ♥


It’s You

crocheted quilts, batting, & lights

Jeila Gueramian (1971)

Okay so where do i begin? Walking through this is similar to walking into an Alice in Wonderland scene where everything is childlike and dreamy and sort of so beautiful that it’s unreal. Also the fact that it’s crocheted rings deep in my heart as i love making anything sewn, embroidered, crotched etc. and know the tediousness associated with it. Gueramian is a true genius and artist. This is breathtaking in person. The lights add to the spectacle in a way simply comparable to a trip to Disney world or the stars. 

“In this body of work I’ve been thinking about the macro and the micro—you see something far away and then you come in and notice something really special. The installation is my way of tipping my hat to things I loved as a kid. There are definitely some imaginative, fantastical things, because I want people to experience something for the first time, like a child.”

-Jeila Gueramian

This girl is amazing. Seriously. Go see this piece. Now. Go.