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The Women’s March is so iconic and incredible because it’s without a doubt going to be in history books one day. Decades later, people are going to look back at this and think it’s so inspiring and amazing that so many people across the world can stand together to respect and fight for women. I’m so proud of everyone who attended and I’m especially proud of the 3 amazing women who created it. I’m gonna cry because I feel so inspired and empowered that people care so much and are so strong. Power to all women, trans, black, cis, lesbian and many more. I love you all ❤✊🏾🏳️‍🌈

Mill’s “Considerations on Representative Government” is an imperialistic, paternalistic mess, but perhaps one of the greatest ironies of it is that, as he talks about the need to temporarily tolerate despotism in order to bring “savage” people to higher levels of “civilization” and make them ready for representative government, he gets it totally backwards. It would be pretty hard to argue against the fact that the Iroquois established a democratic system of government long before any European state did, and one that was indeed more inclusive than the US for it’s first 200 years or so. In fact, it was the Iroquois who helped educate the Founding Fathers about democracy, not the other way around.

@taste-the-molecules i take issue with people highfiving the police because it goes to show just how ignorant and self serving a lot of these protestors really are. the police were not our friends. they were not there to help us. they were there to DISCIPLINE us if anyone got out of line (as would the fucking MILITARY SNIPERS….). they were lenient with us because the march was mostly white and very very low intensity.

not to metion the police as an entity absolutely are the enemy as a upholder of the state as one of the methods the government uses to terrorize black and brown people and their communities.

these are the same police who no doubt would’ve been a lot more fucking confrontational and violent had this been a blacklivesmatter march or something similar (i dont know if my friend @zawehzawah has written about this on his tumblr but hes def talked about on twitter about how he’s been to predominantely black marches where the police were very aggressive and inflammatory. but hell. there are tons of examples of the police going after nonviolent protesters in the past five years lol).  

Teaser: Your time of dying

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A/N: Short teaser/draft for upcoming fic.


“Your numbers are 29.” Sam stated randomly one day. “What numbers?” Dean asked. “You don’t see them?” Sam looked confused.

“No, I don’t see ‘the numbers’. You don’t have them Sammy.” Dean replied. “But… I see them. I have them, you have them, Dad have them. Everyone does.” Sam mumbled. “Everyone?” Dean asked, sat on the motel room bed and studied Sam. “Yeah, everyone. Even animals. The numbers are never the same. The motel owner, has 85. You have 29. I have 23. Dad has 52.” Sam explained, grabbed a book, but didn’t read it.

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If popular vote mattered then trump would have gotten millions more votes. Republicans in Calfornia, taking just one state as an example, had no reason to turn up to the ballot box this election but absolutely would have if popular vote had mattered. The same applies to many other states and the vote totals would have been totally different. Oh, and the michigan recount exposed democrat voter fraud that for all we know was occurring all across the country.


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Admin Neon, how has Hawaii been? Is it really pretty (I want to go!)

It’s been a little cold lately (if you’re like me and you consider 70F cold). As for how pretty the state is, it really depends on what island you want to go visit!

I live on Oahu, the island where the state capitol is at and mainly the business/tourist island. If you want a place that can remind you of the city but still have that tropical vibe mixed in then I think this is a great place to be. Just be prepared for our horrendous traffic (last I heard, we were voted the number one state for bad traffic now)! This is a good island if you want all the perks of going around with tour guides and things like that; basically stuff catered to tourists.

I’ve also visited the island of Hawaii, also known as the Big Island because it is the biggest of the islands. Though, the last time I went was well over ten years ago so I don’t remember much. I do know for a fact that there’s a lot more nature to see there than there is where I am. It’s also the only island with volcanoes that are still active! There are places where you can go to lookouts and actually see lava spilling out into the ocean. Very beautiful at night.

I haven’t been to any of the other islands in our chain nor do I have many friends who have been either, so I can’t say much for places like Maui, Molokai, Lanai, or Kauai. Each island has its own unique vibe though, so I’d definitely recommend island hopping if you can afford.

If you ever do come to visit, the activities I would always recommend are to:

  • go hiking; we have lots of beautiful trails, some that lead to waterfalls
  • visit every beach you can; each one is different!
  • go to an actual luau, not one put on by tourists companies; there’s a HUGE difference!

And of course it goes without saying, respect our `aina wherever you go. :)


What was the legal problem?

Conflict of interest. Pennsylvania has broad civil forfeiture laws about property getting forfeited on grounds of “it was probably related to a crime.” (The most important one is drug crimes, because that’s what gets enforced the most.) And for several of these crimes, it says the money from selling the confiscated property goes to enforce the same law.

So we end up with police incentivized to take people’s property, completely byzantine procedures for proving it wasn’t involved in a a crime, and as of 2014 police nationwide seize more property than burglars do. It’s a problem.

(Note that they don’t have to accuse the owner of being guilty. They just have to be able to say that whatever they took was probably related to the crime, and then make it hard enough to contest it that you give up.)

Not all the PA civil forfeiture statutes have that incentives problem—sometimes it goes to the state treasury, for instance. The ones that do include human trafficking, terrorism, and scattering rubbish. (On a second offense for littering they can take your car. No idea if that has ever happened, but it’s in the statute.)

So if the lawsuit works and that part of the Controlled Substances Forfeitures Act is declared unconstitutional, I suspect we might see more enforcement of these other laws. Not because those types of crime would suddenly be more important, but because that would be where the money is.

(The same applies to vehicle chop shop laws. I left those out because it kind of ruins the joke but felt terrible about it.)

Not sure what Lance’s family does for a living, but I like to think his dad took him out to show him how to work a fishing rig and ends up falling in love with the stars. Lance is all like: “Ima go up there!” And his dad is like: “Hell yeah you are!” XD