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Transference (M) – Chapter 02

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Summary: During a routine visit to the local bakery, you stumble upon an intriguing business card and figure, what the hell. The business arrangement becomes…mutually beneficial. Y’all know where this is going.

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Smut, Angst

Word Count: 4,877

Warning: Tantric!Hoseok, therapist/client relationship, sexual themes, discussions of BDSM, shibari, profanity.

A/N: Thank you everyone for the outpouring of love and support for our favorite therapist. I sincerely hope you all enjoy this next installment.

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Ten things I wish someone told me when I started HRT:

You can get hormone therapy in the United States without undergoing a long evaluation period or undergoing a ‘real life test’ if you seek out an ‘informed consent’ doctor or clinic. I waited over a year before seeking hormones because I did not want to place myself at the mercy of a mental health professional and I did not want a doctor ‘diagnosing’ my gender. Which brings me to…

They’re going to diagnose you anyway because they need an ICD code to bill your insurance company. I was furious when I found the diagnosis on my medical chart. It would have helped a lot if the doctor had asked my permission or explained that it was for insurance billing purposes only but he didn’t.

Hormone therapy drugs bought from overseas pharmacies are safe and will not cause ‘legitimate’ clinics to refuse treatment should you later decide to switch to a prescription. At the time the information I was able to find talked a lot about how trans women who use ‘black market’ hormones are not to be trusted and that a trans woman who uses such medications should be denied care until they can prove themselves ‘trustworthy,’ somehow. It is a lie.

There is absolutely zero evidence that injectable estrogens are more effective than oral estrogens. The fact is that the ‘advantage’ attributed to injectable estrogens is almost certainly placebo (and injectable placebo is known to be much more powerful than one administered orally). I could have saved myself a lot of discomfort and a serious leg injury caused by an improperly prepared injection.

Properly dosed, there is no reason that sublingual estradiol should be more effective than oral estradiol. The only thing that matters is that enough estradiol enters into your bloodstream and that is something that will be reflected in your labs.

Transdermal estradiol patches are itchy, smelly affairs that cost quite a lot of money and refuse to stay on. Knowing what I know now I would have avoided them entirely.

When I started hormone therapy my endocrinologist gave me conjugated equine estrogen because it came in smaller doses than 17β-estradiol. I was kept on conjugated estrogen for some time under the pretense that he was making sure I didn’t have any bad reactions to being on estrogen. Knowing what I know now I would have been able to argue that conjugated equine estrogen has a much worse side-effect profile than 17β-estradiol and that placing me on this drug unnecessarily endangered my body and my transition. Furthermore, the smallest doses available were far below a healthy dose needed to maintain bone and emotional well-being. Done again I would have insisted that I be started on a reasonable dose of 17β-estradiol.

Low progesterone is implicated in poor emotional health in women. Micronized progesterone is valuable to trans women for maintaining a healthy level of progesterone. I’ve personally benefited a lot, emotionally, from having it and I just wish I started using it sooner.

I wish someone had encouraged me to seek out other trans people as friends. At the time I first came out I didn’t really know there were other people out there that could really help me. The only thing I knew about being trans was what I was able to read online and in books and most of that firmly emphasized the idea that you should transition until you’ve had surgery and ‘pass’ and then disappear and that the people who ‘hung around’ the community were somehow failures. I know that’s not the truth, now, but it really messed me up early in my transition.

I wish someone told me to be cautious. I wish I was told that doctors and mental health professionals aren’t the last word and that if one decides that you’re a ‘failure’ or ‘actually a man’ it’s them that is wrong and not my own instincts regarding who I am. I also wish someone had given me a gentle nudge that some of the people I would meet in the trans community are not to be trusted and do not have my well being at heart. I feel that knowing those two things coming into that experience would have saved me a lot of grief.

anonymous asked:

Citizen, your online entertainment channel has been reported for insufficient patriotism as an American citizen. At this time this charge is not actionable, but the United States Executive Office is evaluating possibilities to make it so in the future. Your entertainment channel will be monitored in order to evaluate patriotic content henceforth. Please acknowledge receipt of this message publicly. Hail to our glorious President.

Understood.  The message has been received and guidelines are being finalized to prevent this infraction from happening again.  Modifications to the channel to illustrate the appropriate levels of patriotism include:

1. All videos henceforth will have a graphic of a waving American flag across the entirety of the picture, overlaid at 30% opacity.  This will allow the viewers to clearly see the contents of the video, while also observing the visual proof of patriotism.

2. One out of every four cutscenes that are shown on the channel will have part of its voice acting replaced by speech expressing the greatness of America.  An example follows:

“So Zach, about those DVD movies nowadays.  [It’s amazing that we live in a country where we have so much entertainment at our fingertips, unlike the rest of the world which has never heard of television.]  Wouldn’t you agree, Zach?”

3. A new video series will be launched, the tentative title is Freedom Friend.  The contents of Freedom Friend will be essentially identical to every other video, with the only difference being that during the entire duration of the video’s recording, I will be crying a single tear of pride in America.  We are still determining how it could be possible to cry a single tear for possibly an hour at a time, but we intend to have this finalized in two weeks.

  • Professor: Your Buddhist philosophy paper was well written but you just repeated what the authors said. The assignment clearly states that you're supposed to evaluate the arguments and give your own opinion.
  • Tryhard White Ally: I didnt want to talk over PoC.
Mock Trail

Nothing was better than a quiet Saturday afternoon wasted by watching  Netflix with freshly made popcorn on your lap. My head was leaning on Itachi’s chest and damn was I glad he was wasting his Saturday the same way as I did. I snuggled closer to him. Damn, I wished time could stop for a second.

“Bye guys, see ya tonight-”

“Hold up” I felt Itachi push me away. Damn it, I jinxed the moment!

“Where are you going?”

Izuna looked at me before looking back at Itachi.

“Tennis court…” He said.

“And you are taking my car?” Itachi stated, seeing his car keys in Izuna’s hand.

“Yes, but you said as long as mine is in the garage, I could use yours” Izuna looked a bit annoyed by whatever Itachi was trying to get to.

“I did, but I expect you to be respectful towards my stuff and careful” Itachi stood up from the couch and I felt like I needed to keep my guard up and jump in when they would rip each other’s clothes off, but thinking of that idea actually sounded more interesting than watching Orange is the New Black for the fourth time.

“Wow, wow, wow…I am” Izuna said, resting one hand on his hip. OOOH, the bitch mode was turned on.

“Somebody who would have been careful wouldn’t have scratched my car”

“Scratched?!” Izuna scoffed, “It had nothing wrong with it when I drove it home from the mall” Itachi grabbed Izuna’s face and looked him right in the eye, even going so far as to point a small light at each eye.

“You want me to send you to an eye doctor?” He cocked his head and damn did he sound like a first class bitch.

“My eyes are fine! Unlike your split ends” Izuna pointed at Itachi’s hair.

“Ooohh, no, he, didn’t” I threw a piece of popcorn up, catching it in my mouth while the argument got more and more heated.

“Hey…hey!” Shisui came in between them and I rolled my eyes. I guess the show was over.

“What’s up?” Madara asked leaning against the door frame. Both of them started explaining the situation. “Shut up!” Madara regretted ever asking.

“Izuna scratched niisan’s…Niisan-” I lost my shit to that joke. I laughed so hard for a minute before the living room was dead quiet.

“I didn’t scratch it!” Izuna frowned at Itachi.

“So the car grew some nails and scratched itself!”

“SCIENCE!” Izuna threw his hands in the air.

“It is really isn’t…” I was the only one to speak up, “Just admit you caused the scratch and get it over with”

“Hey, what if he really didn’t?” Madara suggested

“This calls for one thing” Shisui smiled when he looked at Madara.

“Fight to the death!” Madara suddenly seemed excited

“No! We agreed we don’t do that because it will give Sasuke an unfair advantage” Shisui said, “I was going to say a mock trial!”

“Fine!” Izuna said.

“Fine!” Itachi said, “I will take first pick, Sasuke!”

“You choose me to represent you?! Do you finally trust me that much?!” I felt honoured.

“No, I know you have seen 5 seasons of Suits, so I am trusting your Netflix abilities on this” Itachi was brutally honest.

“…I’ll take it” I said.

“Then I will call my lawyer!” Izuna grabbed his phone.

“You have an hour to prepare your cases” Shisui stated.


“Izuna, where is your lawyer? Will you be representing yourself?” Shisui asked, sitting on a stool behind a cupboard…yes…my family is weird. We take mock trials very seriously.

“He will be here any minute now, said lawyer had a game around noon” Izuna explained, giving me glare.

“If your lawyer isn’t here in five minutes then-”  The doorbell rung and I shared a look with Itachi.

“Your hair looks nice” Itachi ran his fingers through my hair.

“Niisan! I am a lawyer now” I pouted slightly.

“My lawyer arrived!” My eyes widened seeing Izuna drag Naruto through the door.

“Son of a bitch” I hissed.

“If Itachi is gonna put Sasuke against me, then I am gonna put Naruto against Sasuke!” Izuna sat down on the couch and pulled Naruto with him. “Why are you wet?”

“Because I took a shower after my game”

“Did you win?” Shisui asked genuinely interested.

“Yeah, dattebayo!” Shisui high fived him, “Next week, semi-finals”

“Of all of the idiots to choose…” Itachi shook his head by the sight of Naruto. “You can win this, right?”

“I didn’t watch five seasons of Suits for nothing” I said, “I did it for entertainment”

“So, this is the trial about the scratched car; Itachi claims Izuna had scratched his car and Izuna denies, whomever is on the stand is under oath” Shisui grabbed the album of embarrassment. AKA the photo album with all our baby nudes in them. “I am the judge, Madara is typing everything down, Naruto is Izuna’s lawyer, Sasuke is Itachi’s, who wants to begin with their opening statement?”

“I wil!” I stood up from behind the coffee table.

“You dressed up for this?!” Naruto looked surprised.

“Naruto, shut the fuck up” Shisui said from behind the cupboard.

“We take mock trials very seriously” Izuna whispered.

“I should have known this is one of the Uchiha things you guys do…I gotta get used to this-”

“You don’t, you can leave, Izuna, I will pay a real lawyer if you just let that blondie leave”

“Never, he bugs you and that is why he is my lawyer!” Izuna wrapped both arms around Naruto and damn did I want to break his arms.

“Order in the court!” Shisui’s plastic hammer made a squeaky noise when he hit it on the cupboard.

“Sasuke” Shisui made a sign with his hand for me to begin.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury-”

“Sasuke there is no jury, there is only me” Shisui interrupted me.

“Your honour” I quickly changed my words, “Are we really going to waste our Saturday giving a guilty man a chance to abuse our justice system? We have come to know Izuna as a rather big imbecile, there is even a big change he scratched the car himself and forgot about it, what I am trying to say is that…Izuna is guilty, if he wasn’t…why would he be trying to piss my client off by making Naruto his lawyer? Someone we all know is not on my client’s best side, Izuna, I speak for all of us when I say…just tell the truth and don’t make it worse on yourself”

“Powerful statement” Shisui said before looking at Naruto, “Naruto?”

“Your honour, my client is young, but he is not reckless, unlike the opposing counsel-”

“Objection, he is jumping to conclusions” I said, standing up.

“He is right” Shisui said looking at Naruto.

“Owh Sasuke, I was getting to that” Naruto walked towards his bag and grabbed a file. “My client has his driver’s license since he was nineteen. He is twenty-one now and has never once broken a traffic law or claimed money from the insurance company. As for Itachi… “He opened the file, “Parking tickets, driving through red lights, you hit your car three times on the same pole and you bumped against a parked car not once, not twice, but six times” he closed it before throwing it on the coffee table.  “It appears to me Itachi scratched the car and is trying to push the blame to my client, now, I am not saying that Mr Uchiha is doing this out of embarrassment or out of mere hatred for his only two years younger brother…but I know…my client is willing to settle…for 90”

“90 bucks?” I looked at Izuna.

“90 thousand, dattebayo” Naruto said.

“What?!” Both Itachi and I said. I looked through the file Naruto had put on our table.

“Hey…law school is very expensive”  Naruto had a cocky smile before sitting down.

“Objection!” I stood up, “There are legitimate police records here, he can’t possibly have required this information in a legal way and therefore counts as invalid”

“Who says I got them illegally? A little birdy dropped them on my doorstep” Naruto said.

“I’ll allow it” Shisui said.

“Son of a bitch…” I heard Itachi hiss. He grabbed his phone.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Calling a real lawyer!” He shouted, I slapped the phone out of his hands.

“Oh, it is war!” I shouted.

“I call to the stand! Uchiha Izuna!” I said. Izuna stood up and sat on the ground next to the stool. “Yeah, yeah I swear on my naked baby pics I will tell the truth and nothing but the truth” Izuna put one hand on the album.

“Izuna, did you borrow my client’s car while yours was in the garage?”

“Yes” Izuna said.

“And is it true that your car got in the garage because there was something wrong with the battery?”


“Then tell me…what exactly happened to the battery?”

“It broke”

“How? And let me remind you…you are under oath”  Izuna glared at me before rolling his eyes.

“Because it was drained, dude, I am not a technician” Izuna hissed.

“The battery drained, how? Did you keep the lights of the car on for the entire weekend even though Itachi told you the lights of your car were on, but you…forgot about it?”


“You are quite chaotic, Izuna, your room is, your car is…your head is, what makes you think that you didn’t do it? Are you afraid to get in trouble? After everything Itachi has done for you don’t you think…deep inside…you know…it was you-”

“Objection, he is trying to guilt trip my client” Naruto stood up.

“I was merely questioning his mental state”

“You weren’t questioning, you were accusing, his mental state can only be evaluated by a profession AKA my dad!”

“He is right” Shisui said. I sighed.

“Last question, do you think Itachi scratched his own car just to scold you?”

“No, but-”

“It was a yes or no question, I don’t need anything else, no more questions” I sat down. Now it was Naruto’s turn.

“Izuna, when was the last time you borrowed the car?” Naruto asked.

“Yesterday, to go to the mall” Izuna answered.

“When you parked the car, did you see a scratch?”



“I don’t recall…”


“On what ground?!” Naruto turned around to look at me

“I don’t recall is the answer of a guilty person!” I sat back down.

“Denied, continue Naruto” Shisui said.

“When the car was in the garage, did you…or did you not…scratch it?” Naruto asked.

“I didn’t” Izuna said.

“See…he is innocent, let’s stop blaming the little man for our own mistakes” He looked at Itachi, “No further questions”

“Alright…nice ass-essment of the case,” I clear my throat, “My client is a penny” I stated, getting up from behind the coffee table.

“Why is that?” Shisui asked.

“Because he is…in a cent” I said and I swear I heard a grasshopper in the room. I cleared my throat .”I like to call Itachi on the stand” Niisan got up and sat next to the cupboard, doing the same oath as Izuna.

“Niisan, when was the last time you drove your nisan?” I chuckled at my joke again.

“A few days ago” Itachi said.

“Was there a scratch?” I asked.


“So, if that scratch came between yesterday and today, and you didn’t drive the car…that means somebody else has, meaning the scratch was not made by my client, no further questions, your honour” I sat back down when Naruto got up.

“Itachi…Itachi…” Naruto walked around the living room, “Is is true you never really liked Izuna-”

“Objection, that is personal” I said.

“Sasuke is right” Shisui said.

“Let me rephrase, Itachi, have you ever tried pushing the blame to somebody else before? And I want you to think deeply…let me remind you…you are under oath”

“Probably, I am not sure-”

“You are not sure, like you are not sure about scratching the car-”

“Objection, he is personally attacking my client” I said.

“I was merely suggesting…” Naruto said.

“Be nicer” Shisui said.

“Itachi, you might not have been driving the car…but what is stopping you from scratching it with a key…or…another car? Say there is an emergency at the hospital…whose car did you take?”


“Owh, the other car in the garage, that garage…it is pretty small to fit two cars, one being yours…the other being Madara’s” Naruto remained quiet, “For somebody who can’t park for shit, that could have some troubles…maybe…scratching a car?”

“Objection, if nii-san would even have driven Madara’s car, it would mean Madara’s car was scratched too”

“It would be…but Madara’s car is pretty new…and you know what new cars have? Self-healing car paint uses sunlight to repair scrapes”

“I call bullshit!” I said

“The self-healing coating uses chitosan which is derived from chitin, the main component of the exoskeleton of creatures such as  shrimp, crab, lobster, the chitosan is chemically incorporated into traditional polymer materials, such as the ones used in the outer coatings to protect the paint on cars-”

“WHATEVER! Magical car paint, however, if Madara’s car was parked in the garage there ain’t no uv-light!”

“Which brings me to my last question, where is Madara’s car now?”

“I don’t know, it was in the garage when I came back from work in the morning” Itachi said.

“I parked it outside after doing shopping with Shisui” Madara answered.

“Let the record know it is 25 degrees celcius outside…full sunshine”

“These are just assumptions, my client is not agreeing to any of this!”  I said.

“Which is why I call to the stand…Sasuke”

“I am the lawyer!” I protested.

“I’ll allow it” Shisui said, leaning his elbows on the cupboard. I sighed sitting on the place Itachi sat a second ago. I did the same oath before folding my arms.

“Sasuke, is it true you find me not only cute but…hella cute?”

“Objection, this is off topic” I said.

“I’ll allow it” Shisui looked down at me with a smile on his face, I rolled my eyes.

“You are…hella…cute” I muttered.

“Aww thank you~” Naruto smiled, “Sasuke, was I your first real kiss? Who is not related to you” I looked at Shisui, who didn’t say anything.

“Yes…” I sighed.

“Is it true I am the best kiss you ever had?”

“False, Izuna is a good kisser” Naruto pouted by my words.

“Is it true you have no plans on Sunday?”

“I have plans-”

“Let the record know, watching netflix all day is not considered as plans”

“Alright…I don’t have plans” I said.

“Is there a possibility you would like to go to the lake with me?”

“Objection!” Itachi got up.

“You don’t get to say that” Shisui said, indicating Itachi to sit back down.

“Maybe…” I answered.

“Did you really want to get in professor Sunrays pants or was it just a joke?”  Naruto asked.

“I really wanted to get in his pants” I sighed.

“Would you consider Utakata still as an option?”

“Clarify option?” I asked

“Marriage candidate” Naruto stated.

“I don’t believe in marriage, so no” I said.

“Hm…no further questions”

“Fine, I call Naruto on the stand!” I grabbed Naruto by his arm, pulling him to the ground before I got up. He was about to reach for the album, but I kicked him away.

“You lie, I cut your balls, that is your oath” I gave him a dead serious look.

“Naruto, is it true that at some point in your life…you had a sex dream about me?” The room was dead quiet.

“Yes” Naruto admitted, “But I also once dreamt a tiger ate my foot while a half human half dolphin made love to me, dattebayo”

“So would you consider the sex dream I was in hot?”  I asked, “I will remind you, you are under oath”

“…Objection-” Naruto bit his lip as he looked at Shisui.

“I’ll allow it” Shisui said.

“Well?” I asked him

“It was pretty hot” Naruto answered.

“How was I? Was I riding you, doing you, were you doing me?-”

“You were dressed in a Donkey Kong costume and you said I should call you Donkey DingDong”

“And that was hot?!” Madara bursted out laughing.

“…Don’t judge me…” Naruto hid his face behind his hands.

“Next question” I put my fingers together, “Stop me when I am about right” I said separating my fingers, indicating how big his dick is. “No…no way…really?…Oh my God” I looked at Naruto and back at my fingers before nodding.

“Impressive…last question” I cleared my throat ,”Will you pick me up on Sunday?”

“Yeah, dattebayo”

“No further questions” I said, sitting back down behind the coffee table.

“Hey guys…if my car is parked outside…where is Shisui’s car parked?” Madara asked, looking at the typed up conversation.  

“I parked it…in the…garage…” Shisui said, causing everybody to freeze.

“When?” I was the only one to ask.

“….After we came back from shopping…”  Shisui seemed to realize the same thing we all realized.

“Right before Itachi woke up and saw the scratch on the car…”I narrowed my eyes.

“There small chance…it might have been me…” Shisui muttered.

“GOD DAMN IT, SHISUI!” Everybody yelled.

( SPECIAL THANKS TO @failureoftheyear)

Joint Declaration of the Ministers of Justice of the Baltic States

Based on the criminal Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of 23 August 1939 and its secret protocols, the USSR in  June  1940, occupied and  annexed three  independent  Baltic States:  the  Republic  of  Estonia,  the Republic of Latvia and the Republic of Lithuania. After 50 years of resistance to the occupant regime, the  people  of  the three Baltic  States  re-established  their  independence.  Many  of  them  sacrificed their lives and/or were deported from their homeland.

During the years  of  occupation the  three  Baltic  States were exploited for  political  and  economic needs  of  the  occupying  regime;  as  a  result  they  have  suffered  enormous  demographic  and  socio-economic  losses.  After  the  collapse  of the USSR, the  Russian  Federation declared itself to  be  the successor  of the rights  and  obligations of  the  USSR. Consequently,  all claims arising from the occupation of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and its consequences, at present shall be solved with the Russian Federation.

We,  the Ministers  of  Justice  of  the  Baltic  States declare that it  is  time  to arrange the  relationship with the past and to calculate in a scientifically justified manner the losses caused by the totalitarian communist  occupation  regime  of  the  USSR. The Declaration  aims  at emphasising  the  need  for  the national experts and politicians of the three countries to enhance their joint efforts and address the following issues.

1. To  state  the  fact  that  the  Baltic  States  never  ceased to  legally  exist,  even  during  the  Soviet occupation.

2. To assess  and  declare  through  joint  cooperation the  total economic loss  and  damage  inflicted upon  the  three  Baltic  States  by  the  USSR,  based  on the  most  practical  and  thorough research method.

3. To  highlight  the  fact  of  occupation  in  relations  with  the  Russian  Federation and  to  ensure  that the Russian Federation as the successor of rights and obligations of the USSR acknowledges this occupation, takes full responsibility and compensates all related losses.

4.To  enable the  three  Baltic  States to  prepare  for  international actions in  accordance with International   Law   to   claim   legally   and factually justified   compensation   from   the   Russian Federation.

5.To ensure that current and future generations have full and objective understanding of the USSR occupation and  its impact based  on the facts  and information  obtained from  the research  and calculations, and to provide them with means of taking legal action individually.

6.To  ensure  that  the  crimes  of  the Soviet totalitarian  regime  and  in  particular  the  occupation  of the Baltic States receive respective evaluation at the international level.

Minister of Justice of the Republic of Estonia

Minister of Justice of the Republic of Latvia

Minister of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania

Riga, 5 November 2015

Nikki Haley: UNESCO resolution an 'affront to history' - 8 July 2017

The United States said on Friday it was reviewing ties with UNESCO after the UN cultural agency declared the Old City of Hevron to be an “endangered Palestinian heritage site.”
Nikki Haley, the U.S. Ambassador to the UN, said the UNESCO decision was an “affront to history” and “further discredits an already highly questionable UN agency.”
“Today’s vote does no one any good and causes much harm,” said Haley in a statement.
“The United States is currently evaluating the appropriate level of its continued engagement at UNESCO” following the vote, she added.
12 countries voted in favor of Friday’s resolution while three opposed it and six countries abstained.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu slammed the vote as “another delusional decision” and ordered to cut an additional $1 million from the membership funds that Israel pays to the UN.
The money will instead be transferred to the establishment of “The Museum of the Heritage of the Jewish People in Kiryat Arba and Hevron” and to additional heritage projects related to Hevron.
Haley has been very critical of the UN and its anti-Israel bias. Before Friday’s vote, she sent a letter to UNESCO Secretary General Irina Bokova in which she stated that the Palestinian Authority was lying when it said that the Cave of the Patriarchs, one of the holiest sites in Judaism, was in danger of being destroyed by Israel.
She has previously blasted an anti-Israel report released by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, which offered to “advise and support” efforts to create a “blacklist” database of companies operating in Judea, Samaria, the Golan Heights, and eastern Jerusalem.
Haley said the report “reeks of anti-Israel bias” and added, “Not only does it undermine the credibility of the Human Rights Council on human rights issues, but it once again highlights the unfair bias of the UN when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

OK, so I have no idea whether there’s any crossover between Merlin fans and Parks & Rec fans in my followers, but I could not get the idea of a Merlin Parks & Rec AU out of my head. Just:

  • Arthur Pendragon works as the deputy director of the Parks department in Pawnee, Indiana. Blonde, little bit selfish, charismatic, begrudgingly loved by all the other workers- could describe Leslie or Arthur both honestly
  • Gaius, the director of the Parks department, who’s known Arthur since he was a child and gives him the difficult advice he needs to hear
  • Arthur’s half-sister Morgana is the dark, antisocial intern who later becomes Gaius’ assistant
  • And Gwaine is Tom, obviously. Imagine Gwaine selling Snake Juice and being a club promoter. Gwaine running Entertainment 720.
  • Anyway, at a public forum, a Pawnee citizen and beautiful nurse named Guinevere asks Arthur to fill in the pit behind her house. Arthur vows to make it into a park and he and Gwen soon become best friends.
  • Then who should come into town but Kilgarrah, an upbeat rule-maker, and Merlin Emrys, a sarcastic little shit, two state auditors in charge of evaluating Pawnee’s budget.
  • Merlin gets stuck figuring out the Parks budget, which would be fine if he was just working with the practical director Gaius, but he has to deal with deputy director Arthur’s constant badgering to not cut anything from the Parks budget.
  • Arthur complaining to Gwen about the new state auditor being a “cute fascist hardass” (word for word from Leslie Knope, because the more I think about it the more these two have identical personalities)
  • Merlin and Arthur slowly grow to like each other, but when Merlin asks Kilgarrah if he can date someone in the Pawnee government, Kilgarrah says it’s against the rules
  • AND! Gwen tries to comfort Arthur about Merlin rejecting him by setting him up on an online dating site and he gets matched with Gwaine. Who gets such a kick out of it that he pretends he and Arthur are in love until Arthur kisses him to shut him up.
  • (bonus: Morgana tries to set up Gwen and Gwaine and it’s an utter disaster. Then… ignoring all Parks & Rec canon… Morgwen happens because that would be wonderful. I do not ship Ann and April but can you imagine the dynamic of goth local government intern Morgana with friendly and beautiful nurse Guinevere… this AU is everything to me)
  • Gwen telling Merlin, “You’re nice. I can see why Arthur likes you” and Merlin absolutely losing it the way that Ben did in that one episode
  • Kilgarrah sends Merlin and Arthur on a road trip to Indianapolis. Take this moment to imagine Gwen saying, “Oh come on, you’re clearly dying to be together. You could literally get a room,” and Arthur replying, “Yeah and I could literally get a-fired!”
  • Merlin and Arthur go to dinner and Merlin launches into the, “Pawnee is a very special town… with nice blonde hair… and I look forward to the moments in my day that I get to spend with the town…” speech.
  • Imagine every single iconic Ben x Leslie moment, but with Merlin and Arthur instead. EVERY SINGLE ONE GAH I’M DYING, I’M DEAD

sorry-susan-theyre-all-gay  asked:

Ooh let's get a bit sad here can I request headcanons about Soda and Pony being in a boy's home?

I very rarely do sad thing, but I’ll do it for you (and jahnny man) because I love you uGH

  • They are in separate homes but still in Tulsa
  • they are allowed one night a month with Darry, but they can otherwise see him whenever they want
  • So they stay with Darry at the same time, and they all sleep on a mattress in the front room
  • It’s the only time Ponyboy sleeps without issues, in the home he has nightmares
  • They don’t get to see the gang as much, as to “keep them out of trouble”
  • The people at the home force Soda to go back to school and he fails his classes and gets stressed out, which sends him into a depression
  • As soon as he can, he enlists in order to get out of there
  • He still goes to war and dies, except he wasn’t happy and full of life before that
  • Ponyboy turns to drawing and writing his feelings out
  • Until he finds them going through them, in which case he can’t turn to that anymore.
  • He loses his outlet, and thus loses his will to live
  • Develops severe anxiety and depression
  • Attempts suicide but fails, and really finds himself during the mandatory 72 hour hold the hospital puts him on
  • The state re-evaluates the case and lets him come back to Darry
  • Darry and Pony share a bed for like 3 months. They don’t cuddle, but they hold each other’s arms.
  • He sees the gang more, Steve starts to show that he doens’t hate him.
  • Ultimately, he becomes good friends with Curly
  • Curly helps him through everything, including the PTSD-esque things from his days in the boys home

today i got up early & went to the food bank, made an appointment w a rheumatologist to fill out the state disability evaluation paperwork for me, and talked to my case worker to clear up a bunch of stuff on my file that was wrong / refute my disability benefit denial. i don’t feel like any of it made a difference

Motif: Chapter 2

This is a continuation of this drabble that originated this post here . I have since decided to name the story “Motif” (very original I know). I want to thank everyone for their kind comments and their encouragements for me to continue on with this fic, shout-outs to tumblr users @letslipthehounds and @fireflyfish especially :D

This is probably a bit more angst compared to the previous chapter, but c’mon. This is Anakin we’re talking about here.

“H-hello, chancellor,” Anakin immediately sat up straighter, “What brings you to the med bay?”

In the corner of his eye, he saw Ahsoka respectfully bow to the chancellor. Her playful nature was masked by the somber, respectful persona that Jedi are known for.

The Supreme Chancellor gave a wispy, gentle laugh.

“What brings me here?” He wheezed, placing a hand on his chest, “I’m here for you my boy!”

Palpatine drew closer to the bed, his long robes sweeping behind him. With each step he took, the music grew more menacing.

“I worried when I heard the news—that you had been admitted to the medical bay,” The chancellor paused, gazing thoughtfully at Anakin, “I had feared for the worst.”

The chancellor grew silent—too silent for a natural pause, Anakin quickly realized. He was expecting a response from the Jedi knight.

Anakin wanted to smile. He wanted to thank the chancellor for his concerns. He had wanted to let the Chancellor know that his attention was wanted.

But midst of the music, he wasn’t sure he wanted the chancellor’s presence. The music had quietened since the blaring cue that signaled his arrival. But it still lingered in the background, its low tones amplifying its sinister qualities.

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anonymous asked:

Hey! I just wanted to ask ; What if I don't take meds at all? Like, I have never taken them and I don't think I will because my mom doesn't believe in ADHD. Does this affect me?

i mean, yeah, of course it will affect you. if you’re asking this along the lines of trying to convince your mom to get you meds, here’s some stats:

  • Without treatment, a child with ADHD may fall behind in school and have trouble with friendships. Family life may also suffer. Untreated ADHD can increase strain between parents and children. Parents often blame themselves when they can’t communicate with their child. The sense of losing control can be very frustrating. Teenagers with ADHD are at increased risk for driving accidents. Adults with untreated ADHD have higher rates of divorce and job loss, compared with the general population. (
  • Nearly every mainstream medical, psychological, and educational organization in the United States long ago concluded that Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a real, brain-based medical disorder. These organizations also concluded that children and adults with ADHD benefit from appropriate treatment. [1,2,3,4,5,6,7
  • Particularly when the ADHD is undiagnosed and untreated, ADHD contributes to: Problems succeeding in school and successfully graduating, problems at work, lost productivity, reduced earning power, problems with relationships, more driving citations and accidents. problems with overeating and obesity, problems with the law
  • According to Dr. Joseph Biederman, professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, ADHD may be one of the costliest medical conditions in the United States: “Evaluating, diagnosing and treating this condition may not only improve the quality of life, but may save billions of dollars every year.” (

“Someday before I kill myself, I’ll bring some people down with me.”— Sylvia Seegrist

Sylvia Wynanda Seegrist (born July 31, 1960) opened fire at a Springfield Pennsylvania Shopping mall on October 30, 1985. She killed three people and injured seven others. She was 25 years old at the time of the shooting. She was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia at the age of 15. On March 7, 1986, Seegrist was found guilty but insane. She was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences, one for each victim that she murdered, and seven consecutive 10-year terms, one for each victim that she wounded. She was sent to Mayview State Hospital for evaluation, and was eventually moved to the State Correctional Institution in Muncy.
The Secret About Angels

Author: waywardfreewilloneshots

Summary: After the fall, you try to find your older brother Castiel, but instead find the Winchesters.

Pairing: None!

Character(s): Sam and Dean

Warnings: Blood, injury, pain, probably some slight angst… that should be it.

Words: 2196

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It’s a bit of a running joke in the KagaKuro tag to call Kagami “boyfriend of the year”/“best boyfriend ever”/something along those lines, and it makes me happy everytime I see it because it neatly sums up part of the reason why KagaKuro is one of my favourite ships at the moment and why I consider it the one with the most potential for healthy, balanced, stable and long-lasting relationship even though the characters are, you know, teenagers, and teen relationships aren’t exactly known for their stability. 
But I really think those two could do it.

I mean, there’s this very superficial reading of them as the smart guy (Kuroko) and the buffoon (Kagami), but that one really doesn’t do them justice. It’s true that Kuroko is more book smart than Kagami, but that is largely irrelevant when it comes to their dynamic. The thing is that they are both very people smart, though in very different ways that compliment each other beautifully. 

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State Motion to Compel an Independent Mental Evaluation on Dylann Roof - 4/20/2016 

“Recent hearings leave no doubt on the defense’ intentions to present mental health evidence during the sentencing phase of this trial. [ …] The State agrees that the completed evaluation be placed under seal from the State until commencement of the penalty phase of this trial.”


19th Century Korean Bullet Proof Vest — The Mayeonje Baegab,

During the 19th century Korea was ruled by the Joseon Dynasty, which was a very insular and isolationist regime whose goal was to protect Korea from Western colonialism and imperialism.  In 1866 France sent a punitive expedition to Korea after the execution of a number of Jesuit priests.  In the ensuing conflict the Koreans were able to repel the French invaders, but only through sheer numbers and after much bloodshed.  After centuries of isolationism, Korean technology had fallen greatly behind that of the West. While French troops were armed with state of the art weapons, the Koreans were armed with obsolete matchlock muskets and outdated cannon.

After the French expedition, the Joseon ruler,  Prince Heungseon Daewongun ordered that Korea undergo a vast reform of its weapons technology in order to defend itself from foreign powers.  Among the reforms, the prince ordered the creation of a vest able to repel the bullets from a firearm.  Called the Mayeonje Baegab, the vest was constructed of 13-30 layers of tightly woven cotton fabric.  The vests were first issued to troops in 1871, just in time for a US military expedition in the same year.  In the ensuing conflict, the vests were proven to be able to stop a bullet while protecting the wearer from serious trauma.  However, the vests were very heavy and cumbersome, practically unwearable in the summer heat.  In addition, the vests were known to easily catch fire.

The vests did little to stop the onslaught of American Marines and sailors, who captured a number of Korean forts while suffering minimal casualties.  However, the Americans were so impressed by the vests that a number of examples were taken back to the United States for evaluation.   Today only one example survives, currently under the care of the Smithsonian Museum.