state of euphoria

Fun Fact of The Day: This dolphin here is actually using the puffer fish as a drug to induce a trance-like state. The skin of the puffer fish, in small amounts, is known to produce a narcotic effect. The behavior was captured by an award winning wildlife documentary producer, John Downer, and a zoologist, Rob Pilley, who states “Young dolphins are purposely experimenting with something we know to be intoxicating. After chewing it gently and passing it around, they began acting most peculiarly, hanging around with their noses at the surface as if fascinated by their own reflection.”


Mutant Abilities

Pairing: Charles Xavier x fem!Reader

Summary: Charles uses his powers to talk to you while you’re dancing, but this isn’t any basic conversation.

Warning: nsfw!!! dirty talk, car sex, dom!charles, smut basically

Word Count: 1,023

A/N: Legit have no idea which movie this is set during, but Charles isn’t in his wheelchair.

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Good F*ck

SUMMARY - You tell about your frustrations about not ever having good sex to Nat and Wanda and Bucky overhears .

WORDS- 1.8K(approx)

A/N - Taw @supersoldierslover I love you . Thank you so much . 

WARNINGS- cursing , dirty talk, fingering , unprotected sex (just use a fucking condom pls) also very sexual gif of lance tucker below(definitely a warning).

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“Fuuuck….” , you groan hitting your head lightly to the coffee table but enough to get your friends Nat and Wanda to notice you .

“What is it now? “Nat asked nonchalantly , used to your sudden outburst of frustration .

“I just…I… I feel empty.” You say looking helplessly at the two of them .
Both their expression changed to one of sympathy .

“Y/N , I understand . I feel that way too sometimes . With the job we have we are….”Wanda starts before you interrupt her .

“Nooo , you don’t understand . That’s not what I am trying to say .I just …” You throw your hands in the air and let out a whine.

“What is Y/N?”  Nat asked a little irritated.

“I just need to be dicked okay . Like fucked so good that I see the fucking stars and pass out . Arghhh!!!!!”

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Little Jealous There, Sarge? {Part Two}

{Part One}

Summary: There’s nothing wrong with not being the most experienced person in the bedroom. In fact, some people find it rather attractive, particularly James Buchanan Barnes. Although you express how much you want him, Bucky remains distant; he doesn’t want to do anything to hurt you. So what do you do? You elicit Sam’s help.

Warnings: jealous!Bucky x inexperienced!Reader, fluff, smut, biting kink, light bondage, metal arm kink, Winter Soldier kink (mentioned only), forced orgasm, toys

A/N: Inspired after spending some quality time with @mermanbuckybarnes and learning just how jealous Bucky can get.

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“You’ve been naughty, (Y/N),” Bucky whispered in your ear as he slid his hands around your waist. “And you’re going to get punished.”

“Y-Yes, sir.” You arched your back off the bed to allow Bucky more access to your zipper. “You’re in charge, Sarge.”

“Good girl.” He chuckled in your ear as he stripped you of your dress. “Oh, so beautiful, kitten.” He stood and admired your unique undergarments. 

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Curls (Shawn Mendes Smut)

requested: eh… not really.

pairing: reader x Shawn

warnings: smut

a/n: this is based off of a conversation @starrynightshawn & I had over the personal offense we took upon learning that Shawn cut his hair. Let me know what you think!

(picture is not mine- credits go to owner)

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Blue Bucharest

Originally posted by sxy-seabass

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x female!Reader

Request: So I had the idea where Buck still lives in Bucharest and your’re his girlfriend but recently he feels sad because he cant give you the life you deserve but you reassure him all the time that you’re happy as Long as he’s with you. So one time he feels down again and you decide to cuddle him but this cuddling soon turns heated and he makes love to you? :) Just some fluffy smut would be lovely

Warnings: smut/NSFW (18+) - unprotected sex (wrap it up, kiddos) - angst - fluff

Word Count: 1.5K

A/N: i’m doing my best to keep up with the requests, but i’m still not doin’ too great, so it may take some time. anyways, i hope this is what you were lookin’ for 💕

Iubire - love

The warm sun outside was beginning to be clouded over by thick, heavy rain clouds. Distant thunder rumbles in the distance, and you pick up your pace, walking faster as you try to balance the bags of groceries in your arms. Carefully reaching for the door handle, you dip under the overhang above the door just as the first few raindrops being to patter onto the thin material above you. You stumble up the stairs to your apartment and fumble with the keys. When the door swings open, you’re greeted by darkness and silence.

“Bucky?” Your voice rings through the small apartment. “Are you here, Iubire?” You kick the door shut behind you, sliding off your shoes and padding over to drop the bags of groceries on the counter. “Hello?” You shrug off your jacket, hesitantly setting it over a kitchen chair as you listen for a response. Flicking on a light, you take in the room. Bucky set on the edge of your bed in the corner, his head cradled in his hands, his long locks of hair shrouding his face.

“Hey,” you warily whisper, slowly walking over to him. “Are you okay?” When he doesn’t respond, you gradually lower yourself onto the bed next to him, gently placing a light hand on his back. “Iubire?”

“I’m sorry, Y/N,” he weakly mutters.

“For what?” You start to rub soothing circles on his back. “You’ve done nothing wrong, Buck.”

“I just…,” his voice trails off into nothingness as he gently sniffles. “I…I can’t give you what you deserve…And I’m sorry for that. You deserve so much better than this.”

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Redemption (Part 1)

A/N: Finally finally finally I am finished! I’m sorry for the delay. Between work and school hitting me like a truck, it’s been hard finding time to write. Thank you to everyone who has been supportive during this! Especially @thesmutofthemendes​ who has been there every time I’ve been ready to trash this piece lol. I am nervous about this one, but I hope you all like it! Apologies for any errors I edited this quickly. Feedback is definitely appreciated :)

The sound of her moans is what he recalls the most. Glorious mewls that send him over the edge. He swears he can still hear the desperate cries she let escape her mouth as she rode him that night. That crazy night. Begging him for more, that’s what really fucked him over. The memory of watching her body tremble as she reaches her orgasm, clenching around him. But the smell, the smell of her drenched cunt is what he likes to remember most. The sweetest thing he’s ever smelt—ever tasted.

The hazed club they stand in smells of weed and alcohol as it’s packed to the brim with millennials stumbling drunkenly around the room, but he doesn’t seem to take much notice. Only focusing on what’s in front of him, Shawn’s calloused fingers are on her waist as they stand near the illuminated exit sign, and all he can think about is her. He’s been fighting the past few days, trying to move on from what happened between them. It was supposed to only be a one-night deal, but letting go has been difficult for him. He needs her again, he’s become addicted almost. Mesmerized by the thought of her. Ever sense he watched her petite figure stumble down the hallway to his bedroom. Ever sense he slid the straps of her black dress off her shoulders and watched as it dropped to the floor. The next morning, watching her leave was the hardest. Acting as if the whole night was no big deal—a messy mistake even as she grabbed her shoes and left with a rushed “goodbye” leaving her red lips. As if hours before she wasn’t perched on his bed, her gorgeous legs spread just for him with her ass jutted out against him meeting his hips as he took her so beautifully from behind. Growling as she sent him into the most intense state of euphoria that he’s ever experienced.

He craves her. He craves her in every way imaginable. He craves her taste lingering in his mouth. He craves her warm breath on his neck as moans tumble from her lips. He craves watching her slowly take off each layer of her clothing right there in front of him. He craves her wanting eyes. He craves her nails sinking into his back. He craves to hear her scream his name as satisfaction runs through his veins. He craves her. 

He’s focusing on letting his hands run down her body, and she can feel herself through her panties as she squeezes her thighs together—she’s drenched.

She knows it’s wrong to want this, to want him. Their last encounter was a mistake. He caught her when she was at her weakest—alone and vulnerable. She was at the bar that night after breaking up with her cheating boyfriend of three years who left her for one of her friend. Normally, she wouldn’t have gone for someone with such an age difference, but Shawn was different and just happened to be at the right place at the right time. He was just a fling, a rebound, she kept telling herself. But the feeling of his hard cock pressed against the globe of her ass makes it hard for her to reason with herself.

He’s admiring the way she looks, a short, satin dress looking almost as if it’s some article of lingerie with a black sweater pulled over it. All nicely tied together with a pair of black pumps. She looks so fucking sexy. Taking her in. He wants her, just to feel her around him one last time before he calls it quits. He places a searing kiss on her cheek making her skin ignite. “Come with me,” he whispers against her skin. His eyes playing with her, hoping that she’ll give in. She shakes her head rejecting the idea as she turns to face him, fixing his collar, “you know that’s not smart, love. That night should have never happened.” She’s trying to be strong for herself. She drags her finger across his bottom lip. As if almost instinct, he opens his mouth and sucks harshly on her thumb. She raises her eyebrow as she pulls her finger away hearing his mouth elicit a ‘pop’ from the absence of her finger. Just a fling, dammit just a FLING she repeats in her head. Why does he have to be so cute? He’s very good looking and mature for his age.

The way he sucks her finger makes her remember all the ways that he was so good to her body. “Somebody has forgotten self control,” she purrs. He blushes. The sexual tension radiating between them.

His voice rasps with determination, “please, just one more night love. Let me show you, let me change your mind.” His touch sets fire to her skin as he lifts her chin up to make better eye contact. She shakes her head at him again as she tries to convince him once again that they can never work. He is so busy and always on the move due to tour. Surrounded by all these gorgeous, talented women who he can have whenever he pleases while she is average and tied here, devoted to her fashion merchandising job that she just got promoted in. Plus, she could never be with someone his age. It just wouldn’t work out. Why does he even want her? She’s genuinely curious. Anyway, the point is that it’s easier for them to be apart no matter how hard that may be for both of them to grasp.

Brown eyes are pleading at this point, “please, just stay the night. It’s all I ask. I just—fuck I just haven’t been able to forget you, doll. Your body has been on my mind since the moment you left through the door. Give me one more, just one more. If you still decide that this isn’t what you want, you can leave. Deal?”

She contemplates for a moment. She is alone, but this won’t end well. What if one of them gets too attached? Red flag. She knows leaving is her best option. But she rules against it for some reason. Every bone in her body is telling her no. Telling her that she is stupid for being here tonight. For coming to meet him. She feels like an idiot for what she decides to do next. She should have just stayed at home and watched old reruns of Friends but nope, here she fucking is about to give into him. Damn him.

His gaze catches hers, his eyes hopeful. She closes her eyes and lets out a strangled breath. Fine. “Lead the way,” she caves and grabs his hand. She swallows hard and follows behind him. Kicking herself for agreeing to leave with him.

He holds her hand tight as he pulls her behind him up the stairs to his condo. He can’t help but be in a hurry. The thought of touching her, tasting her—again makes his patience quickly ware thin. They finally make it to his place as he’s fiddling with the keys to quickly get the door open. Once they’re inside, she walks through the front hallway into the kitchen as she recalls the last time she was here. Remembering him kneeling down in front of her as he slid her panties down her legs, his hands shaky. She smiles to herself remembering how eager yet nervous he was. Being with an older woman such as herself made him anxious almost, but she found it endearing. Her thoughts are soon interrupted as she feels him come up from behind, his hot breath on her neck. He moves the hair to one side of her neck as she leans back into him, her ass pressing against his crotch causing him to groan into her skin. “I’ve missed the taste of you, baby,” kissing down her neck, “you’re so fucking sweet.” His words make her weak in the knees. She must have taught him a thing or two because he wasn’t nearly this vocal before. He pulls her tighter against him, placing his hands on her hips.

“How wet are you, darling?” he playfully ghosts his nose down the shell of her ear. His hands rest on her hips as his fingers slide up the curvature of her side. He feels her back arching as she’s desperately trying to relieve the ache in between her thighs. Fuck—her body will be the thing to kill him. Her sinful body that he worships mercilessly. He can’t keep his hands off her. The memories flood his head as he’s mouthing kisses on her jaw. He hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her writhing on his cock. Remembering every detail as she came undone above him. Her brows wrinkling, her eyes fluttering, her body shaking. A strangled moan leaves her lips as she snaps her eyes shut.  The sweetest sound he’s ever heard. He kisses the back of her neck as he slips his leg between her thighs, slipping her cardigan off her shoulders and onto the dark, wooden floor. “Can you still feel me inside you?” She turns her head trying to catch his gaze as she manages to nod. Slowly, he brings his hand between her legs to sneak up the apex of her thigh, kneading the soft between them, just below where she needs him the most. She throws her head back as she keens. “Please, Shawn.” He’s smirking now because he knows he’s got her. She actually thought she could forget him that easily?

Without hesitating, he guides her towards the kitchen table. Once he has her in front of it, he grabs her waist, and bends her over it in a swift movement. She makes contact with the cool surface, face pressing against the glass as he stands behind her staring in awe at her body, keeping one hand on the small of her back, making sure she was staying down. After a second or two, her eyes widen at the feeling his fingers on the back of her thighs, and soon her dress is heaved up over her ass. She felt goosebumps gather on her arms, but she has no time to think about that seeing his hand come down on the globe of her ass moments later.

“Fuck!” she groans, his actions so unexpected causing her to let out a choked moan. He kneads the area he hit with his long fingers, and she heard her own breathing becoming louder and more uneven than before.

“What was that, baby?” he coos, obviously taking the opportunity to watch her enjoy herself. She rolls her eyes, and moments later she feels his hands in her hair, grabbing it and wrapping it around his fingers for a grip to pull slightly. She feels his clothed cock aching against her ass, and instantly her core is pulsating. He wants nothing more than to be inside of her, he needs to be inside of her. “Christ, you like that, don’t you doll?” He teases, and surprises her by sliding her panties down her toned legs. Her lips part as she gasps, looking back at him. But he just smirks at her. Pleased with himself. He couldn’t stop watching her, his cock twitching as he sees her slowly lose her control. “You look so good with your bare ass against me” he breathes dragging his hands down her delicate body, and after what feels like a lifetime later, he presses one finger against her slit, sliding it all the way from her entrance to her clit. Her body quakes by his warm touch, and she feels his cock pressing harder into her ass as he continues spreading the wetness around her soaked cunt.

“Oh god,” she groans almost inaudible, closing her eyes as he circles his finger around her clit, applying just enough pressure to make her whimper. Then his touch disappears, and she lets out a strangled sound causing him to allow a laugh to tumble from his lips. “What’s wrong, doll? Miss the feelings of my fingers fucking your pussy? Christ, I have been waiting to see you underneath me like this again.”

He runs his hand down her back, carefully digging his nails into her skin until he reaches her ass. His hand comes right back down her ass, a slap probably creating a soft, red handprint. She releases a high pitched moan, soft pain turning into pleasure in her body as he admires her below him.

“Are you going to be a good girl for me? Fuck—gonna let me show you why you need me?” He growls into her ear, giving her ass one more slap before kneading it softly. She snaps her eyes open while licking her lips. “Mhm,” she nods, trying to pushing her ass up further against him. He slaps it. “Use that witty mouth of yours,” he hisses, placing a burning kiss on her cheek.

“Yes baby yeah, please,” she coaxes, fluttering her eyelashes. He tilts his head back, admiring her state through hooded eyes. He wish he could capture this moment in a photo and save it forever. Her eyes wanting, chest heaving. It was almost shameful.

He then presses two fingers against her clit, and begins rubbing in circles. The feeling of him working wonders with his fingers makes her cry out in pleasure, being unprepared for his overwhelming response. She keens as he curls his finger inside her, careful grazing her g-spot just perfectly to draw out her sweet sounds. She’s burning with desire as she reaches back to grab his arm for support. A murmured breath of his name leaves her soft lips as she comes for him. She’s dripping down his fingers as his pace slows down. He brings his fingers to his mouth and licks them clean. God, she’s done for as she watches him taste her. He can’t resist, she’s becoming one of his favorite flavors. 

Her rapid breathing slowly calms as he leaves open mouth kisses the small of her back leaving soft bites. Captivated by her soft skin. 

He runs his hands up her stomach and cups her breast as he inches his mouth closer to her skin, sucking on her earlobe. Her legs go numb at his movements. She’s dripping and all she needs is for him to be inside her, filling her. She turns her head to make eye contact with him, and he knows she’s fucked. He can see it in her face, and he can smell it. “What is it darling? Not sure what to do? We could always stop? But that’s not what you want is it, doll? No. You miss me. The feeling of me inside you.”

She whimpers a soft moan of his name which he loves to hear. As he places one last kiss on her neck, he taps the side of her thigh signaling her to turn around, and she complies. He grabs her legs and tangles them around him. He grabs the hem of her dress, but she stops him causing him to furrow his eyebrows. She wants to do it for him, watch his reaction as she becomes naked right here before him. She slowly pulls the piece of fabric off her body and looks up at him as his eyes rake down her. He sucks in a breath. Her body mesmerized him. He pulls his shirt over his head and grabs onto the back of her thighs as he lifts her up to carry her down the hall to his room.

“Gonna make you remember, baby. Remember how I make you come so fuckin’ good for me,” he breathes into her hair as she kisses his collarbone, sucking dark bruises into his skin as he makes his way to the bedroom.

To be continued……

Book of Vile Darkness Drugs for D&D 5e

Drugs as a Story Element

Although I will never support or condone the use of drugs, they can make for some awesome tragic story arcs or flawed characters. A character that uses drugs is potentially missing something else in their life that can only be filled with the drug. Reasons a character might take drugs:

  • To deal with strife, stress, or grief
  • To deal with mental illness
  • To fill their boredom; recreational use
  • To chase the high (whether or not they are addicted)
  • To fit in with others that do it (perhaps family or a social group)
  • Religion/magic (especially in the world of D&D)

Try to tie the drug use to your character’s story, whether through their flaws, traits, bonds, or their ideals. If you plan for your character to tragically fall, their spiral into addiction can be a real mechanical way to track that and roleplay accordingly. The process of withdrawal can also be treated as a path to redemption in your story arc. The temptation of drugs after freeing oneself from addiction can be used to represent the character’s past, bringing up memories when that temptation arises once more.

As a DM, introducing a character that uses or abuses drugs can hint that something in that NPC’s past might be the culprit. It adds a layer of depth ranging from a hint of mystery to a sea of tragedy. Offering drugs to player characters (through NPCs or simply acknowledging their existence in your setting) could be symbolic of temptation or looming evil. Any player that takes this offer is giving you, as a DM, a great opportunity to tilt that PC’s story arc. Single out that character for moral decisions or climactic moments and see whether the player’s choices or die rolls cause them tragically fall or be redeemed. It sounds sadistic, but it will add drama to your story.

From a symbolic standpoint, drugs represent evil, vice, and pleasurable temptation. Throughout history, they have also come to be associated with magic and witchcraft. The visions presented through hallucinogens, the euphoria of uppers, and the meditative state of downers could often be seen as magic. Weaker drugs might be used by religious figures in your campaign world. Stronger drugs are more likely to be used in evil rituals to dark or forbidden gods. The use of drugs in magic, metaphorically, represents that magic is greater than mortals. The drugs help the caster reach an “enhanced” mental or physical state to be able to channel the magic. Thus, drugs in magic in D&D heightens the drama of particularly meaningful or powerful spells. Again though, this is usually associated with evil. I mean, it’s from the Book of Vile Darkness, after all.

Addiction Table for D&D 5e

Addiction Rating: How addictive the drug is.

CON DC: The Difficulty Class of the Constitution saving throw made to resist addiction and withdrawal symptoms. When resisting withdrawal, this DC increases by 3 every day after the first satiation period.

Satiation: How much time can pass without the drug before an addicted character must make a saving throw to resist withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal Effects: When the character fails their first withdrawal saving throw, they become affected by the effects here until they can get access to the drug once more. For effects that grant multiple levels of exhaustion, this only counts for the first failed withdrawal save. After that, each failed save only imparts one level of exhaustion.

Using Drugs in D&D 5e

Taking a Drug: When a creature takes a drug, they must make a CON saving throw with a DC based on the drug’s Addiction DC as listed in the drug entry. On a failed saving throw, the creature becomes addicted. After this roll is made, the creature automatically becomes affected by the Side Effects of the drug. The creature may also make a CON saving throw to resist the primary effects of the drug, but the creature may opt to voluntarily fail this save if they wish.

Withdrawal: When a character becomes addicted to a drug, they must make a CON saving throw with a DC based on the drug’s addiction rating (see the table above) at the end of the drug’s listed satiation period. On a failed saving throw, the character suffers symptoms of withdrawal based on the drug’s addiction rating. Every day thereafter that the character does not take the drug, the character must make another saving throw. Each new saving throw that the character makes has its DC increased by 3 each day, regardless of a previous roll’s success or failure. Withdrawal symptoms and saving throws end once the character takes another dose of the drug.

Recovery: If a character makes two successful saving throws in a row for withdrawal saves, the character overcomes the addiction. However, the drug leaves a lasting impression on the character. The addiction rating for all drugs increase by one level permanently (just for that character). This represents how dangerous relapses can be, even if the character finds a new addiction.

List of Drugs

All drugs here are taken from the D&D 3e Book of Vile Darkness (I didn’t add any new ones). I basically scaled their DCs down the higher they were and replaced ability damage with more 5e-friendly concepts. Drugs count as poisons for the purposes of determining immunity or resistance. Drugs can be crafted by spending half the drug’s price in materials and making an INT check using Alchemists Supplies. See a drug’s description for its crafting DC.

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rain (reddie) ch. 5

Type: Series

Summary: Richie and Eddie had dated each other for a long time, and things had been going great - or so, they thought. After Eddie comes home to an empty apartment and a note left behind, the loving relationship of four years tragically ended. Years of never speaking to each other later, the wedding of Beverly and Ben brings everyone back together, including Eddie and Richie. Hotel room mix-ups, drunken confessions, loud arguments between several losers, bad parties, old childhood games, memories, music, love, and drama ensues over the week of preparing for the wedding.

Pairing(s): Reddie, Benverly, Stenbrough

Word count: 2.7k

Chapter warnings: N/a

A/N: just. i’m sorry lmao. as some of you know, i had a recent tragedy in the family and that delayed EVERYTHING. i owe you guys this chapter. things are still moving a bit slow with the story but just hang in there with me. we’re going somewhere, i promise. AS ALWAYS, credit to my amazing beta @r-u-reddie for helping to make this shit coherent and put together. let me know what you guys think! edit: if you wanna listen to the song richie sung, it’s called disappear (remember when) by issues. listen to the black diamond ep version for a more accurate version. 

AO3 link here

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“Richie, frosting does not turn muffins into cupcakes!”

“Of course it does. If there’s frosting, it’s a cupcake. If not, it’s a muffin. It’s not that hard to grasp, Eds.”

“No, no, no, no, no. You’re wrong. They’re completely different recipes! You don’t know what you’re talking about, per usual. Y’know, I’m convinced you like to disagree just for the sake of it.”

Both men walked through the hotel lobby together, a frown of frustration locked in on Eddie’s face while a smirk that only spelled mischief was residing on Richie’s.

“Hey, look. They’re talking again, and they’re arguing. That’s some sort of normalcy.” Stan commented from their breakfast table, rolling his eyes playfully.

Bill’s expression was one of unease, but Beverly’s was one of glee. Out loud, she wanted to say ‘this just might work, guys’, but one glance at her fiance who was chowing down pancakes like it was the first meal he had eaten in years, told her to keep her mouth shut and to revel internally.

It wasn’t as if Bill didn’t want Eddie and Richie to get back together. He wasn’t an idiot; the two were still clearly in love with one another. He remembered the last conversation he’d had on the phone with Eddie.

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for someone who is so clearly lacking in docosahexaenoic acid, I don’t think your opinions have much validity.” (that moment when you feel yourself clicking with the rest of the team will you put in a state of euphoria that words can’t even describe.)
黒尾鉄朗 for mira // happy belated bday nerd ♡

i don’t think that people understand that when i say “i miss my childhood,” i don’t mean softly going over memories and fondly smiling and sighing over a time gone past. no. that’s not at all what i mean. i mean a demonic ache in the deepest reaches of my soul. an ache of sorrow, of sadness, of anger, of depression, of melancholy. it eats me up every day and it’s the worst kind of emotional torture to be put through, to cry night after night over the state of absolute euphoria, of real happiness, of purity and joy taken away. it’s the most terrible emotion to have. i actively crave that euphoric, joyous feeling every moment of my life where i am conscious and it hurts more and more every second.

it hurts.

[absolutely no cgl, ddlg, mdlb, terf, radfem, or nsfw interaction. this is a personal post that’s okay to reblog- but reblogging onto a porn blog is absolutely insensitive.]

First Time

Pairing: JD x Fem!Reader

Request: Can I ask for a JD x reader and just??? Maybe fluffy smut? ~Anonymous

AN: Dan’s JD

Words: 1289

Warnings: Nsfw; first time; fluff


“Are you sure about this Y/N?” You gulped, nodding quickly.

“Yes I trust you.” You peck JD’s lips, who exhaled softly.

“Then it’s fine by me.” His lips connected with yours. His hand gently pushed you onto your back. JD hovered over you, he gazed into you E/C eyes as you gazed into his brown ones. A strand of hair on your face was pushed to the side. JD lowered himself and softly kissed you on the lips. Your hands came up and cupped his face. His left hand came down to rest on your hip as the other held him up as he leaned on his elbow.

JD began rubbing circles on your hip with is thumb. The gesture eased your nerves a bit. Your lips parted for a split second before they connected into a more heated kiss. His tongue grazed the bottom of your lip. They parted, his tongue slipped into your mouth, tangling with yours. His thumb dug into your hip sending tingles through out your body.

Removing your hands from his face you let them lead to the hem of his grey t-shirt tugging on it gently. JD pulled back. The both of you were breathless.

“Are you sure?” He asked again. You nodded. JD got up, pulling his shirt over his head and tossing it to his floor. before going back to kissing you. His hands reached the buttons of your shirt as started to unbutton them one by one. Once he finished his lips trailed down to your neck leaving scattered kisses on your soft skin. You closed your eyes, enjoying the feeling of his lips on yours.

JD nipped the spot right under your left ear, letting out a soft moan from your lips. He smirked, doing it again and again you moaned from the sensation. He sucked and nibbled on the same spot and you were loving it.

Your hands explored his toned chest and stomach but finding their way in tangling themselves in JD’s hair. You were feeling eager. You gently pushed him away, his mouth leaving your neck. In one quick motion you flipped the both of you over so you were on top.

Shrugging off your shirt you threw it to the floor. JD tried sitting up but you pushed him back down before you planted one feverish kiss on his swollen lips before trailing a line of kisses down his neck and chest which drove him crazy but he loved it. Your hands kept themselves occupied with undoing JD’s belt.

JD lifted his hips while you tugged his pants down. He kicked it off once they reached his ankles. Tugging you back up, once again you both flipped over, now JD was back in control.

His lips instantly attached to your while he pulled down your skirt, leaving you in your white semi-laced lingerie and black knee high socks. JD’s hands were warm. He sat on his legs in between yours now, his fingers lightly brushing against your stomach, waist, hips, thighs. The feeling felt intense. You squirmed at his touch but not in a bad way.

“What do you want princess?” JD’s voice grew husky as his eyes darkened with lust.

“Touch me.” You practically begged. Taking his right hand he gently pressed a finger against your clothed area. A gasp admitted from you. Your legs lightly squeezed against him from both sides when you tried to close them. Dragging the finger up, still applying pressure you moaned softly. Carefully reaching the hem of the lingerie, JD slid his hand in.

“God Y/N. Your so wet.” He commented as his index finger slid in you, slowly pushing in and out. You moan, your hips involuntarily rolled forwards. Lips brushed against yours.

“Oh, JD.” You moaned, JD took the opportunity to slide his tongue back in. The kiss was heated and powerful, he sped the thrusts of his finger before adding another finger. You gasp from the pain.

“Do you want me to stop?’ You quickly nodded as he took his fingers out, wiping them on a towel that was on the nightstand. You sat up, red in the face.

“I’m sorry, it just started to hurt then-”

“Shh hey, it’s okay.” His other hand rested on your cheek. “It’s going to hurt, but you already know that. And we can stop now and go get a slushie if you want to.” He told you. You shook your head.

“No, I…I want to do it.” You leaned forward resting your forehead against his. “I trust you.” You smiled.

Everything slowed down. It was just you and JD, no one and nothing else mattered but the two of you.

Your back was pressed gently against the mattress, your lingerie being slid down by JD, they were tossed to the floor. Reaching behind you, you unhooked your bra and throwing it aside. JD stood from his bed and slowly took of his tightey whiteys. Your eyes widened. You never saw a penis before, only the stuff they show you in a health class.

Opening the nightstand drawer a small foil wrapper was pulled from it. Tearing it open JD rolled the condom onto his penis before getting back onto the bed. You laid there before he was back between your legs.

“I swear it’ll only hurt for a little bit, but it does feel better, okay?”

“Okay.” JD places a gentle kiss on your lips as he positions himself at your entrance. Your eyes couldn’t stay on his face but trailed downwards as his tip touched your entrance.

“Hey, eyes up here.” He said softly. Your eyes snap back to his. Slowly JD pushed himself in. Your eyes teared up as you whimpered from the pain. It stung, it felt like you were being split open. “Sh, hey, it’s okay.” JD kissed the tears that slid down your face.

Slowly he slid out about half way. You hissed, digging your nails into his shoulders, glaring at him.

“It’s the only way, it’ll go away.” He told you. You whimpered again. He kissed your lips as he slid back in.

It was slow in the beginning. JD took his time with you. And it was painful in the beginning but then it didn’t hurt that much anymore.

“Ugh” You grunted as JD slowly picked up the pace. JD left little hickies all over your neck as he thrusted in and out of you.

“I love you.” He panted.

“Faster!” You moaned, your back arched, your chest pressed up against his. He grabbed your hips, pulling you closer if possible and thrusted into you as fast as he could. Your eyes rolled back as your nails racked down his back.

A unfamiliar feeling stirred in your abdomen.

“Oh my god JD!” You screamed.

“Uh, Y/N!” JD’s thrusts began to get uneven. “I’m close please te-tell me you are too.” He pleaded.

“J-JD!” Your body shook, as you climaxed. Your orgasm triggered his. You were in a state of euphoria, your body felt weightless in that moment. JD released your hips which were sure to bruise. He got our of bed to dispose of the condom in the bathroom. When he got back you were under the sheets, still panting.

“Hey.” He greeted you as he got in with you.

“Hi.” He smiled at you. Your hands both found each other, entwining each others hands together, JD softly place a kiss on the back of your hand before pulling you to his chest. You rested your head on it as his arms wrapped around you. After the both of you got comfortable you fell to sleep. JD following not long after you.