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TDBM fic - Someone There

Words: 857
Disclaimer: I don’t own TDBM. If I did we’d actually see some development.
Pairing: Alice/Matthew
Summary: Alice has an accident. (I’m the Queen of summaries. Much sum up. Very info. Wow.)
Other: This is for whoever is stuck on this dinghy with me. ^^ Also: A giant thank you to Catha for beta-reading. You are my sun and stars, my giant burning ball of fire, who hears the sun-tanned birds being concussed. (Don’t ask. Really. In-joke gone of the rail. I’m sorry!! xD)


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Pom: And the fingers are like…. tiny arms on my tiny hands…
Larry: Ohmygod you’re blowing my mind right now.

This cannot be happening to me, it just really can’t 😂😂😂😂 Lmboo I’m sorry lmboo omgosh 😭😭 Bruh I just fell out into a ninja tuck roll

With nine days to spare, Melissa supported Maddie as she set the record for the fastest completion of the 50 Peaks Challenge–crossing all 50 states’ high points off her list in just 41 days. Technology and teamwork has kept them connected along the way, through logistical hurdles, injury, forest fires, night-climbs and van-breakdowns.


Travis Pastrana sets record for fastest time up Mt. Washington Auto Road.  If all goes well this weekend, I’ll be hiking it for my ninth time, but I have never been up the Auto Road.  The only part I recognized was the parking lot at the top, which we hike across to get to the final summit marker.


Happy Labor Day!

These vintage industrial photos are from a series taken by investigative photographer Lewis Hine for the Works Progress Administration’s (WPA) National Research Project, highlighting changes in industry and their effect on employment. 

Browse more of these photos in the National Archives Catalog

More background on the Project, from the Series’ scope & content note:

The National Research Project on Reemployment Opportunities and Recent Changes in Industrial Techniques was organized in December 1935 as part of the National Research Program of the Works Progress Administration. Its purpose was to investigate recent changes in industrial techniques and evaluate their effects on employment. Between 1937 and 1941 the NRP published more than 700 reports on a broad variety of agricultural, manufacturing and mining activities. In late 1936 the distinguished documentary photographer, Lewis Hine, was hired as chief photographer for the Project. This series consists of photo studies made by Hine in 14 industrial communities from December 1936 to July 1937. General views of the community, working conditions in factories, machinery, and workers, are pictured for each photo study. Among the industries represented are textiles, railroads, mining, cabinet making, construction, and watch making. The following areas are represented- Holyoke and Easthampton, Massachusetts; Manchester, New Hampshire; Camden, Clifton, Millville, and Paterson, New Jersey; New York, New York; High Point, North Carolina; Bath, Eddystone, Lancaster, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Scott’s Run, West Virginia.