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Ted Bundy. Richard “the Night Stalker” Ramirez. “Hillside Stranglers” Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono.

They’re all famous killers, and they have another thing in common: All four got married in prison, well after being convicted of their notorious crimes.

But who would marry a serial killer and why?

Sheila Isenberg, author of “Women Who Love Men Who Kill,” spoke with dozens of women who had relationships with murderers. She found that there are two primary groups of people who end up with murderers: those who fall in love with “ordinary murderers,” believing they see the “true” good side of the killer, and those who start relationships with notorious, tabloid-headlining murderers because they are drawn to the spotlight.

“They want to be infamous too. When Scott Peterson was sent to prison, he got marriage proposals by the bucket before he even got to the prison. They know that if they get involved with these men their name or maybe their picture will get in the paper,”

Isenberg said.Charles Manson was recently engaged to be married, both the Menendez brothers got married in jail and so did the “Hillside Strangler” duo.And it’s not just women. Susan Atkins, a member of the Manson Family who got a life sentence for her role in the Sharon Tate-LaBianca murders, married two different men in prison. 

Blinded by love

In her research, Isenberg found that many in both groups cling to the belief that their convicted boyfriends and husbands are, in fact, innocent.“They were deluded that the man had not committed the crimes,” Isenberg said.

She points to women like Carol Ann Boone, who began her relationship with Ted Bundy while he was on trial for two murders and three assaults at Florida State University, married him and had his child. Bundy later confessed to 30 murders.
Boone, who had worked with Bundy at the Washington state Department of Emergency Services, said she “liked Ted immediately” and testified for him as a character witness because she felt like he was being “railroaded.”
It wasn’t until years after his conviction that she eventually became convinced of his guilt and ended their relationship.

Doreen Lioy married Richard Ramirez, the “Night Stalker” who killed more than a dozen people. In 1997, said that she doesn’t mind if people think she’s crazy. “I just believe in him completely,” Lioy said. “In my opinion, there was far more evidence to convict O.J. Simpson." 

In cases where the person was found guilty of only one murder, Isenberg said the women often turn to mitigating circumstances – that the person was on drugs, for example, or that it was an accident that does not represent the person’s real character.

Absolutely chilling Civil Emergrency Alert for the people of Houston, Texas as flood waters rapidly rise, causing catastrophic inundation. People are now being told to escape to their rooftops instead of upper floors/attics as water begins rising inside their homes so they do not become trapped and drown inside. This eerie warning comes 17 years after Hurricane Katrina left hundreds dead in New Orleans from this exact cause. At least two fatalities are confirmed already, a toll likely to rise in the coming days. Hundreds of rescues have already taken place and thousands of calls for help have been placed. National Guard, Coast Guard, FEMA, Red Cross, and state and local emergency services are trying desperately to keep up. The storm has weakened and now carries only 45mph winds, but the main concern has and will continue to be the torrential rains falling at up to 4" per hour. #HarveyUpdate #Harvey #HurricaneHarvey #Hurricane #TropicalStormHarvey #TSHarvey #tropicalstorm #Houston #Weather #WX #TXWX #LAWX #News #BreakingNews

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I'm new to the TCC and I am having trouble with figuring out the differences between Liz and Carol(e). May you briefly explain their relationships with Ted, please?

Elizabeth Kloepfer was Ted’s girlfriend and fiancee. They met in October 1969 and were together until his last arrest in Florida in 1978.

Carole Boone knew Ted since 1974 as they worked together at Washington State Department of Emergency Service. They were friends since then. Ted started to use her in 1977 when he sensed he was losing Liz for good. He wrote her tons of letter complaining about his jail conditions and she soon became his first supporter. She provided support, alcohol and drugs during his trial. In 1980 she insisted they get married. Ted finally resigned by fear of losing her and her support. So they get married in front of everyone during the Leach trial in February 1980. On October 24, 1981, Rosa Bundy was born. Carole ultimately left him in 1986 when Ted was on death watch after his second death warrant. He never saw her or his daughter again.

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i'm really confused about Carole Boone... i've read different accounts which either say she was a groupie (of sorts) who followed Ted's case and that's how he met her, or that Ted was already dating her (or at least was friendly with her) before he was ever identified and caught.

She wasn’t a groupie, she was a very gullible woman who was manipulated by him. Bundy was working at the Washington State Department of Emergency Services in Olympia in 1974 and that’s where he met her. She was a colleague and they were ironically involved in the search for the missing women that ted had killed. They were both seeing other people at the time but were well aware that they shared a mutual attraction. Carole went on to start a relationship with Bundy after he was arrested and she testified on his behalf, firmly believing that he wasn’t responsible.

It was only when he confessed to the crimes that she fled with their daughter Rosa and changed their names.

Hope of Morning: Mother’s Day (Flash Forward) | Modern OQ AU

Previous chapters aka how to find out what the hell is going on.

We’re going to flash forward about eight or nineish months for a Mother’s Day fic. Also, fair warning, Regina likes to swear to blow off steam, so if that’s not your thing, then this isn’t your fic. Enjoy, peeps, and call your mom.

Sundays aren’t supposed to be this difficult.

Regina adjusts the volume on the small, cylindrical speakers to the right of her console and bites her lower lip as she tries to decipher the officer’s last transmission.

Traffic that’s garbled or muffled as it enters the single earpiece on her headset tends to magically clear up when played back on a higher quality speaker. But not always. Sometimes her officers are simply marble-eating mumble-mouths. Like this one.

“Goddamn motherfucking shit ass unit. Take your beat partner’s dick out of your mouth and then speak on the radio.” Regina sighs, hard, and stomps on her foot pedal to open the channel. “4311, readvise your location,” she broadcasts, pitching her voice higher to compensate for the mocking frustration leaking through her delivery.

The unit keys up, speaking slower, if not more clearly, but it’s enough for her to piece together his cross street and get his traffic stop entered into the computer. She slumps back in her chair, then kicks away from her console to stand and stretch her lower back. Two hours into shift and she can already feel her blood pressure flushing the tips of her ears.

“Regina, take a break. I got your radio,” her supervisor yells from the front of the room. “We’ve got observers in the lobby. I need you to bring them up.”

Great. Why the hell are there observers on a Sunday night? And on Mother’s Day, no less. Sundays aren’t known for the balls to the wall, crazy, careening call volume or types they see on Fridays and Saturdays or during the full moon; Sunday is typically the most boring, and longest, shift of the week.

Regina pulls her headset off, wincing as the edge catches a length of hair and tugs it free of the bun she’d thrown up haphazardly after shift meeting, and then hangs the metal headband from the long arm of her desk lamp. She pats her pocket to ensure she has her card key to get back into the center, shoving her chair out of the way with her foot as she exits her pod.

“However did you guess I needed a break, Granny?” she asks as she strolls past the supervisors’ desks, in no particular hurry.

The silver-haired lead supervisor raises her eyebrows over her square spectacles. “I think the deputy chiefs heard your last outburst all the way downtown.”

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A pamphlet for the State Emergency Medical Service of Latvia

ātrie (m, pl) - a slang for emergency medical service
dzīvība (f) - a person’s life
apdraudēts - endangered, threatened
bezsamaņa (f) - unconsciousness
slimnīca (f) - hospital
cietušais (m) - the victim
sāpes (f, pl) - pain


2014 Best Bulent Kilic Photography

The Guardian Picture Desk elected Turkish photographer Bulent Kilic from AFP as the best photographer of the year. Here is a look back on 2014 through his lens. Unrest in Ukraine to the refugee crisis on the Turkish-Syrian border through the plane crash of MH17 flight.