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Breaking: Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Refuses Request From Congress To Testify On Flint Water Crisis
GOP Governor Second To Refuse Testimony Request From Congress

Subpoena His Corrupt Criminal Ass!


Rick Snyder will not be in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday. The Republican governor of Michigan has other plans and has just refused a request from Democrats to testify before Congress on the drinking water crisis in Flint, Michigan, which he and his administration created. Thousands of children likely have lead poisoning and the entire city is unable to use water they are paying for to drink, bath, or wash.

Snyder spokeswoman Anna Heaton says the governor will be busy Wednesday, presenting his annual budget, as The Hill reports.

“To date, Congress has not heard testimony from you on the Flint water crisis,” House Democrats from the Steering and Policy Committee wrote on February 4 in a letter to Snyder. “Unfortunately, a prior Congressional hearing this week did not include top state officials, including emergency financial managers appointed by you to run the city of Flint. Seeing how it was your administration’s decisions that led to this public health crisis, including Michigan’s Emergency Manager Law, we believe it is important to hear testimony from you on this matter.”

“The ongoing Flint water crisis is a terrible tragedy,” the letter, signed by Reps. Rosa DeLauro, Donna Edwards, And Dan Kildee added. “As the governor of the state of Michigan, the families of Flint and all Americans deserve to hear testimony directly from you on how this man-made crisis happened, and what is being done at the state level to make it right.”

In a statement responding to Snyder’s refusal, Rep. Kildee said that “Governor Snyder’s refusal to show up and testify is deeply disappointing. His administration’s policies led to this man-made crisis and he needs to answer questions so that the whole truth can be found.”

Last week, a different House Committee issued a subpoena to the emergency manager whom Snyder appointed to oversee Flint. Darnell Earley was the Flint emergency manager during the time the water was switched. Last week he refused a congressional subpoena to testify. The House said it would have federal marshals “hunt him down.”

Israeli Research Into Zika Virus Contradicts World Health Organization Findings
Research led by Haifa University indicates that the relevant factor associated with the virus is in fact the wave of exceptionally hot and dry conditions, which have reached record levels in the latter half of 2015...
By TPS / Tazpit News Agency

By Alexander J. Apfel/TPS

Haifa University has conducted a preliminary study that has identified a correlation between the exceptionally hot and dry winter of northeast Brazil and the recent outbreak of the Zika virus which has led to numerous of birth defects.

The study was led by Dr. Shlomit Paz of the Department ofGeography and Environmental Studies at the University of Haifa and Professor Jan Semenza of the Stockholm-based European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

The main findings of the provisional research contradict the conclusions drawn by the World Health Organization (WHO), which declared a state of emergency last week over the outbreak of the virus.

According to the WHO, the virus is associated with heavy rains in parts of Central and South America as a result of El Nino, a phenomenon that involves a substantial increase in Pacific Oceanwater temperatures.

Preliminary research led by Haifa University, however, indicates that the relevant factor associated with the virus is in fact the wave of exceptionally hot and dry conditions, which have reached record levels in the latter half of 2015 in northeastern Brazil where the Zika virus has broken out.

The research argues that the outbreak is not attributable to heavy rains rather it can be attributable to another factor involving climate change and global warming patterns that have affected the planet over recent decades.

“It is very preliminary research, but we found a linkage and overlap between regions in northeastern Brazil with extreme climatic conditions such as record-level extreme temperatures and a severe drop in water levels,” Dr. Paz told Tazpit Press Service (TPS).

She added that it is well known that the high temperatures encourage the growth rates of the Aedes mosquito population through which the Zika virus is transmitted. The dry conditions, however, deprive the mosquitoes of the water they need for survival. In turn, the mosquitoes swarm around water containers left in the open by local residents.

She also explained why the findings of her research undermine those of the WHO. “The WHO’s conclusions are a mistake. They talk about a linkage with El Nino and about extreme rainfalls, etc. We found, however, that the main regions of the Zika outbreak were characterized by a severe drop in water levels.”

While Paz acknowledged that mosquitoes are known to prevail under conditions of intense rainfall as suggested by the WHO, she cited previous studies that demonstrate the correlation between dry conditions and the risk of an upsurge in mosquito populations.

“People don’t know it, but by putting all their water in open containers, they prepare very comfortable conditions for the mosquitoes,” she said.

The Zika virus has been known to researchers for several decades, but the reason for the sudden severe outbreak has not yet been found. “It is very important to highlight that the reasons are multifactorial and the climate is only one of the factors that may have an impact and that is very important. But it is not the only factor,” Paz said.

She concluded that further research would take significant periods of time and that the University of Haifa is currently continuing its research through the collection and analysis of related data on a broader scale.

Four years ago, the NYPD killed a homeless LGBT activist — and New Yorkers are still waiting for answers

It’s been more than four years since Yvonne McNeil, a 57-year-old homeless lesbian activist, was fatally shot 14 times by New York police officers. On Monday night, roughly 30 activists demonstrated at Grand Central Station to raise the public’s awareness of McNeil’s case. Some say this is part of the "a state of emergency” facing LGBT people of color in NYC.
The truth about Flint: Kids drank poisoned water because of the GOP’s radical, anti-democratic “reforms”
By Paul Rosenberg

The story from Michigan, the lead poisoning of Flint through its water supply, which brought the mayor to declare a state of emergency, is much more viscerally horrifying, and has finally exploded nationally after Christmas. On Dec. 29, the state’s top environmental officer resigned; on Jan. 5, the U.S. Attorney announced an investigation, the same day that Gov. Rick Snyder declared a state of emergency. Four days later, FEMA officials arrived, but chaos still reigned as crowds of Flint protesters called for Snyder to resign and/or face criminal charges. On Jan. 13, Snyder announced Flint had experienced an outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease, with 10 fatalities, which could be linked as well. After that, Bernie Sanders called for Snyder to resign, and Hillary Clinton blasted him in her closing statement of the Democratic debate, and every day brings additional heat and light to bear on the story.

This nightmare happened because of deeply undemocratic steps taken after the GOP gerrymandered a blue state

Some of my Favorite Pictures from the March For Life 2016

Taken from Students for Life of America’s/March For Life 2016 Facebook Pages. 

I would just like to point out that this was during an State of Emergency Blizzard Warning… there were busloads upon busloads of people who couldn’t even make the March. Anyone who says the pro-life movement is made up of a dying number of over-religious people needs to look up, they obviously aren’t paying attention. We’ve had enough of the lies, death and horror that abortion brings to society! We are definitely the Pro-Life Generation!

Inmates jailed in Flint forced to drink, shower in toxic water

Even though Mayor Karen Weaver declared a state of emergency in December, followed by Gov. Rick Synder in January and President Barack Obama a few days later, inmates in the Genesee County Jail in Flint were forced to drink the water, as well as shower in it, according to a new report from Democracy Now!

According to the report, the jail distributed bottled water to inmates after Weaver declared an emergency in December, but the bottled water only lasted a shockingly short amount of time.

so like it’s still a state of emergency and i have to be at work at noon, but apparently they’re like ticketing people who are driving rn and it’s just like… I’m not gonna skip work based off of a rumor but if i get ticketed on my way there I’m definitely going to complain to my boss abt it bc like… this is on u

Adelaide Hills bushfire, January 2015

Came back home last night. It is fairly safe here now but grass fires still burning about 5km away so I am not sure if I’ll bring the pets back home from mum’s. My adopted parents’ home in Gumeracha appears to have been spared but their neighbours have been hit. Fires are still burning in the roads next to them. We can’t go up and defend the house or grab more things because the roads are blocked. A very emotional time. Thoughts/prayers/good vibes would be appreciated at this time.

Lyric Dalmatian E.R

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I created it about 2 hours so correct me if i wrong :)


Flint water crisis: a timeline

Tonight on MSNBC, “The Rachel Maddow Show” will host a town hall with residents of Flint, Michigan to discuss the steps ahead in dealing with the town’s toxic water crisis.

But first, how did this disaster happen? Here’s a historical timeline of events that led to the town’s present state of emergency, leaving lives at risk and 100,000 residents without drinkable water.

Watch the Flint town hall at 9 p.m. EST on MSNBC, or tune in via the livestream here:

Zika Outbreak Updates: Puerto Rico Declares State of Emergency

As the Zika virus outbreak continues, including in wide swaths of Central and South America, concerns are growing, especially for pregnant women because the mosquito-borne virus has been linked with a serious birth defect called microcephaly, characterized by an abnormally small head and brain.

Here are the latest updates about the outbreak, which the World Health Organization has deemed a “global health emergency.”

Puerto Rico Declares State of Emergency

Puerto Rico has declared a state of emergency due to the ongoing Zika virus outbreak. The U.S. territory has at least 22 people who have been reported to have been infected with the Zika virus, health officials said.

The State Emergency and Disaster Administration is creating a task force for both federal and state officials to deal with the crisis.

Additionally, a price freeze has been ordered for products needed to prevent the disease, according to government officials.

New Zika Virus Cases Include Pregnant Woman, Man With Paralysis Syndrome

In Puerto Rico, a pregnant woman in her first trimester was diagnosed with the disease, health officials said. In addition, a man has also been diagnosed with Zika and has developed a rare paralysis syndrome sometimes associated with viral or bacterial infection.

Called Guillain-Barre syndrome, it is an immunological reaction that has been associated with influenza, among other illnesses.

At least 22 people who have been reported to have been infected with the Zika virus in Puerto Rico, health officials said.

FDA Signals New Recommendations on Blood Transfusions Likely

In a statement to ABC News, officials from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said they intend to “rapidly implement appropriate donor deferral recommendations” to safeguard the donated blood supply in the U.S.

“Blood donor deferrals serve as an important measure to protect the United States’ blood supply,“ FDA officials said in a statement. "The FDA also intends to put in place recommendations to help maintain a safe blood supply in United States territories where the virus is present. In the meantime, we fully support the blood banking industry’s voluntary recommendations that potential blood donors be deferred for 28 days after returning from travel to areas where Zika is endemic.”

Sexually Transmitted Zika Case Prompts CDC to Issue New Guidelines

After the Zika virus was transmitted through sexual contact in Dallas, Texas, officials from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new guidelines today for travelers to and from outbreak regions.

The CDC advises men with a pregnant partner to use condoms if they have traveled to an area with "active Zika virus transmission.”

Additionally, couples where a male partner who has traveled to an area with Zika transmission “may consider using condoms consistently and correctly during sex or abstaining from sexual activity,” if they are concerned about sexual transmission of the Zika virus.

At Least 54 People Infected in the U.S.

There are at least 54 people infected with the Zika virus in the U.S. In all except one case, the infection was acquired while out of the country, according to health officials.

In one case in Dallas, Texas, the virus is believed to have been transmitted through sexual contact from an infected traveler to a partner.

Florida has the highest number of cases in the U.S., with 12 people infected. Florida Gov. Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency in five counties and ordered thousands of tests that will help identify the disease.

What Does the Virus Do?

Common symptoms of the Zika virus include fever, rash, joint pain and conjunctivitis, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Approximately one in five people infected with the virus show symptoms. Severe complications from the virus that require hospitalization are rare, according to the CDC.

The virus has also been associated with a rise of microcephaly birth defect cases.

The CDC is also investigating if a rare paralysis syndrome called Guillain-Barre is related to the virus. The syndrome is an immunological reaction that can also occur after other viral or bacterial infections.

How Is It Transmitted?

The virus is transmitted mainly through the bite of the Aedes aegypti species of mosquito. This is the same type of mosquito that spreads dengue fever. The Aedes albopictus species has also been identified as a potential carrier.

Before the current outbreak, the virus had been found mainly in tropical settings in Africa, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. An outbreak of the disease in Brazil led to an alert by the Pan American Health Organization last May.

State of Emergency Niamey Dusk and Dust Photo Hugh Ardoin

The message in a bottle vertical, almost desperate DD Love TD almost anonymous known only to themselves or just half of themselves almost washed out by the sandstorms

The pylon of their desires cast the minimal shadow on a homeless and hungry man clinging to his purple bowl, shrinking in the shadow and hungry

The street is now desert and the shadows creep back to the horizon where they will marry with the night

The blue gate is the symbol of some Heaven but it is closed for now

Here in Africa the homeless are in the cities only and this man will most probably get some charitable human attention, zakat or something else

Hugh Ardoin The Niamey Dusk and Dust Gallery
French police 'abuse' Muslims under emergency laws
Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International report physical and psychological abuse as raids target Muslim minority.

France has carried out abusive and discriminatory raids and house arrests against Muslims under its current state of emergency, traumatising and stigmatising those targeted, including children and the elderly, human rights groups said.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) and Amnesty International published separate research on Wednesday, pointing to cases where excessive force had been used, leading to human rights violations including violence.

Those targeted said the police burst into homes, restaurants, or mosques; broke people’s belongings; threw Qurans on the floor; terrified children; and placed restrictions on people’s movements so severely that they lost jobs and income, or suffered physically.

The raids were launched on November 14 in response toattacks in Paris a day earlier that left 130 people dead, and were later claimed by the Islamic State of Syria and the Levant (ISIL) group.

ISIL’s claim triggered a backlash - not just in France, but across Europe and elsewhere - as Muslim communities were collectively “punished”.

There are between 5.5 million and 6.2 million Muslims in France, or roughly 7.6 percent of the total population - making the group the largest Muslim minority in Europe.

Declared by President Francois Hollande, France’s emergency laws approved warrantless searches.

Few results

Both human rights groups said the raids, of which there were at least 3,200, have yielded few results.

According to HRW, while between 350 and 400 people have been placed under house arrest, the counterterrorism unit of the Paris prosecutor’s office has opened only five terrorism-related investigations.

“France has a responsibility to ensure public safety and try to prevent further attacks, but the police have used their new emergency powers in abusive, discriminatory, and unjustified ways,” said Izza Leghtas, Western Europe researcher at HRW, calling for an immediate end to warrantless searches and house arrests.

“This abuse has traumatised families and tarnished reputations, leaving targets feeling like second-class citizens.”

More than 60 people Amnesty interviewed said police used excessive force and harsh measures with little or no explanation.

In January, HRW interviewed 18 people who said they had been subjected to abusive searches or placed under house arrest, as well as human rights activists and lawyers working in affected areas.

Terrified and shunned

In one house raid, HRW said, police broke four of a disabled man’s teeth before they realised he was not the person they were looking for.

In another case, a single mother’s children were transferred to foster care following a raid.

Amnesty cited a case in the country’s southeastern region of Rhone-Alpes in which a woman who was subjected to a search subsequently lost her job.

“I was dismissed just because of my supposed connections. They don’t have anything to complain about my work and I have been working with them for 12 years. I’ve completely lost my bearings,” said the woman, who was named only as D.

In another case recorded by Amnesty, police forced open the door of an elderly man with heart problems, causing him to faint. He was later taken to hospital in an ambulance, while his daughters - one of whom is disabled - were handcuffed and screamed at by officers.

“He was so terrified, he cried a lot when we visited him at the hospital the first days,” said Nadia, one of the 80-year-old man’s daughters.

Many of those interviewed said they were now scared of the police and have been shunned by their neighbours. Some said they were seeking to leave the country out of fear.

Emergency law extension

France’s government has said it will ask parliament to renew the state of emergency for another three months.

“But it has not provided compelling evidence that would justify the need to continue these sweeping measures,” said HRW.

“In a context of growing Islamophobia, the French government should urgently reach out to Muslims and give them assurances that they are not under suspicion because of their religion or ethnicity,” HRW’s Leghtas said.

“Freedom, equality, and fraternity have been badly damaged in the weeks since the November attacks. France should live by those words and restore their meaning.”

Both Amnesty and HRW also took aim at a proposed measure to strip convicted terrorists with dual nationality of citizenship, a controversial bill which France’s Justice Minister, the leftist Christiane Taubira, opposed and recently quit over.

According to Le Monde, some 3.3 million people have dual citizenship in France.

“Measures under a state of emergency must respect strict conditions: they must always be limited to what is strictly required by the exigencies of the emergency situation,” said the report by Amnesty, which has tracked the implementation of emergency law since it began.

“They [the measures] must never be applied in a discriminatory manner.”