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May Day Protests in Seattle...

I am not diminishing the presence of Black anti-capitalists at this protest, I recognize that there are plenty of Black anarchists fighting for what they believe in. HOWEVER the media/police response to this event is surrounded in white privilege. There may have been plenty of Black protesters and other non-Black POC but the main face of these marches were white and because of that, the response was very different. 

The response was not Ferguson or Baltimore, and the language used was certainly toned down. “Protesters” and “marchers” not “thugs” and “savages.” No state of emergency declared. No tanks. No guns fired from the police. No snipers posted. No curfew. No denying children school access for weeks. 

Instead there were police on bicycles. Protesters threw bricks, flares, rocks, and molotovs at police and how extreme was the response? Some pepper spray? There were people physically attacking police and you watch the cops simply push back and let them go on their way. 

Now, this is not to say that I agree with extreme police response. But we have to acknowledge the obvious difference when the crowd is overwhelmingly Black versus overwhelmingly white. We have to recognize the coded language used when covering these news stories. 

When we march for Black lives we are not only labeled differently and treated differently, but we are arrested. Less than 10 people were arrested in Seattle. Meanwhile hundreds and hundreds were arrested in Ferguson. Hundreds and hundreds were arrested in Baltimore. Warrants were still being issued a year later. There’s a huge difference here when the bodies are mostly white. 

Once again, I am not saying that I agree with the police action in Ferguson and Baltimore. I am not saying that these protesters should face police violence because we do. I am not saying anything like that. It’s just important to see the differences, especially when so many anarchists want to tell us it’s not about race. Or that we’re all equal out there, because we’re not. You’re held off by bikes, we were held off by tanks and snipers and riot gear.  You’re treated differently and to ignore that and pretend it doesn’t exist is racism. 

“You. Yes, you could be HIV+” in the May 2016 issue of Cosmopolitan Philippines. 

HIV infections in the Philippines are growing at an alarming rate. HIV myths and scares busted and explained. Grab a copy of this month’s Cosmo and read up. 

This report is part of the series, “HIV in the Philippines: State of Emergency” supported by the @pulitzercenter.

Image and caption by Ana P. Santos, via Instagram. Philippines, 2016. 

To see more of Ana’s reporting with photojournalist Veejay Villafranca, visit their project,  “HIV in the Philippines: State of Emergency.”

A Roommate for Shellcy

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As you all heard on April 16th a 7.4 was originally measured but it spiked up to  a 7.8 magnitude Earthquake with the epicenter 17 miles south-west of Muisine. People all around the country are in desperate need and Guayaquil has declared a state of emergency. The death toll has just topped 500 and people are still struggling with after shocks and tremors.

Civilians are doing their best to help each other out and the government is doing next to nothing to help their people as thousands of innocent people have died, become injured, and homeless.

Now I’m no professional in international disasters but here are some donation places I have found:

even if you’re unable to donate PLEASE spread this around and #PrayForEcuador

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Adelaide Hills bushfire, January 2015

Came back home last night. It is fairly safe here now but grass fires still burning about 5km away so I am not sure if I’ll bring the pets back home from mum’s. My adopted parents’ home in Gumeracha appears to have been spared but their neighbours have been hit. Fires are still burning in the roads next to them. We can’t go up and defend the house or grab more things because the roads are blocked. A very emotional time. Thoughts/prayers/good vibes would be appreciated at this time.
BREAKING: 28 Dead After Magnitude-7.8 Earthquake Strikes Coast Of Ecuador
The temblor hit near the town of Muisne, about 250 miles from Quito, the capital of Ecuador. Officials said at least 28 people were killed by the quake.
By Jim Dalrymple II

A magnitude-7.8 earthquake struck the coast of Ecuador Saturday evening, killing at least 28 people and causing widespread damage across the region.

The temblor struck near the town of Muisne, roughly 250 miles from Quito, Ecuador’s capital, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The quake was initially reported as a magnitude-7.4, but was later upgraded to a 7.8.

Ecuador’s Vice President Jorge Glas said during a national radio address that 28 people were killed in the quake, including 16 in Portoviejo, 10 in Manta, and 2 in Guayas.

A magnitude-4.8 foreshock also struck in the same region Saturday. The 7.8 quake was then followed multiple aftershocks.

Following quake, Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa — who had been traveling but began his return trip in response to the temblor — called on his people to have courage, saying authorities were evaluating the damage.

The Ecuadorian government declared a state of emergency in six provinces after the quake.

The full extent of the damage was not immediately clear. In Quito, people felt shaking for about 40 seconds, the Associated Press reported. And the national police warned people to avoid pedestrian bridges that may have cracked in the shaking.

Images from the region showed a fallen bridge and a crushed car in the port city of Guayaquil, about 260 miles south of Quito.

Images also showed what appeared to be damage to different commercial buildings, roads, and other infrastructure.

The quake reportedly caused a power outage in Quito, and was felt in numerous surrounding communities. Footage from Guayaquil also showed power outages and people taking refuge outside of buildings.

The state of emergency declarations prompted the country’s soccer officials tocancel a championship game. Glas also announced that both state police and Ecuadorian military were being activated to protect public order.

According to local reports, the quake also caused damage to the airport in Guayaquil, forcing it to close down.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center warned of hazardous waves after the quake. Correa said that there was no evidence of a tsunami, but both he and Ecuador’s Navy advised people to avoid the coast as a precaution.

Austria Imposes Drastic, Unjustified Measures against Asylum Seekers

The law approved today by the National Council of the Austrian parliament is a blow to the rights of asylum seekers. The law, which is expected to pass quickly and unchallenged in the parliament’s upper chamber, allows the federal government to declare a state of emergency and drastically curtail the right to seek asylum at Austria’s borders.

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BREAKING: 5 Dead In 'Unprecedented' Houston Floods
Authorities have declared a state of emergency.

At least five people were killed and hundreds more were evacuated from their homes in Houston, TX, as torrential rains and flooding prompted authorities to declare a state of emergency across the city on Monday.

All five victims were found inside vehicles submerged in high floodwaters.

Thousands of homes and local businesses have lost electricity as a result of the what meteorologists have termed a “historic” downpourand at least 1,000 homes were flooded, CNN reports.

“This is a life-threatening emergency,” the city said on an emergency website. “Houston residents should avoid travel at all costs today.”

At least 200 flights were canceled at the city’s Hobby Airport, and nine hospitals closed their doors to new patients as the National Weather Service warned of potential deadly flash floods through Monday night. Further rain and thunderstorms are expected to continue through Tuesday evening.

“This is an unprecedented amount of rain,” said Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner in a press conference. “It’s not moving anytime fast.”

Update: Mandatory evacuation order issued for Fort McMurray neighbourhood as wildfire approaches
The fires came one day after the province raised the forest fire risk level in Fort McMurray from low to very high. This is the fourth wildfire in the Fort McMurray area since Friday afternoon.

About 500 people were told to leave their homes Sunday night in Fort McMurray as a wildfire edged closer to the municipality.

Fort McMurray Mayor Melissa Blake declared a state of emergency in the Gregoire neighbourhood at 9:57 p.m. as a forest fire burned less than 500 metres from the Hangingstone River. On the east side of the river is Highway 63, the main road into town, and the neighbourhood of Gregoire.

As 15 firefighters, four helicopters and at least one water bomber worked to extinguish the 120-hectare blaze near Gregoire, the Fort McMurray Fire Department called in extra crews and trucks in case the fire made it across the river and into the municipality, said Dana Allen, assistant deputy chief of operations for the fire department.

The municipality ordered a mandatory evacuation of Centennial Park, areas south of Highway 69 including Prairie Creek and Gregoire. RCMP were going door-to-door, telling people to leave.

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