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The Swingin’ Harlem Hellfighters Band,

The Harlem Hellfighters have taken to the spotlight in modern times thanks to the popularity of the video game “Battlefield 1″, where the African American soldiers are featured in the very opening of the game. The US 369th Infantry Regiment was a unit of African American soldiers who served with incredible distinction during World War I. During the war many white American soldiers refused to serve with blacks, and as a result the 369th was assigned to the French Army, the French having little qualms with serving with African Americans, nor did they have a policy of segregation such as the US Army. They were even issued French weapons and wore French helmets while in combat. During their service in World War I the 369th was nicknamed by the French “The Harlem Hellfighters” because of their tenacious fighting spirit.  They never gave ground in combat, not one soldier was ever captured, and they served the longest continuous deployment of any other Allied unit during the war (191 days of continuous combat). Due to their bravery, they were also among the most decorated Allied units, with two Medals of Honor, 171 French Croix de Guerre’s, and numerous Distinguished Service Crosses.

One of the most unique features of the Harlem Hellfighter’s was their band, perhaps the only unit in the entire war to have a ragtime band.  Unlike pretty much all other military bands which played traditional marches and martial music, the Harlem Hellfighter Band played the music they loved and could perform best, mostly American ragtime music and early forms of Jazz.  The Harlem Hellfighter Band was directed by Lt. James Reese Europe, a man who was certainly fit for the job as he was the band leader of the Clef Club Orchestra, a band popular in New York for their ragtime and proto-jazz music.

On April 8th, 1918 French soldiers turned their heads in wonder as The Harlem Hellfighters marched toward the front to the tunes of hot ragtime and Jazz beats. 

No one in Europe had ever heard such music, in fact Jazz was barely even heard in the United States outside of a few communities in New Orleans, Chicago, and New York.  The new music became an instant hit among both French and British soldiers, and before long the Harlem Hellfighters Band was being called to perform for French and British units all along the line, as well as villages they passed through. Soon, the Harlem Hellfighters swinging sound took Western Europe by storm, and the band was even invited to perform in Paris at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées. Among the Hellfighters biggest hits was a ragtime tune called “Memphis Blues”.

Another popular hit was “On Patrol in No Man’s Land”, written by Lt. James Europe himself while recuperating after being wounded in a poison gas attack while on patrol.

And then of course the biggest crowd pleaser given the location and audience was a jazzed up version of “Le Marseillaise”  

After the war the band would make a grand tour of Europe, then return home and make a grand tour of the United States. Stories of the Harlem Hellfighters unique sound had spread across American and people were demanding more.  During their American tour, the band cut 24 records. Everywhere they went, whether in Europe or the United States, they drew huge cheering crowds, they had become the superstars of their day. 

Unfortunately the story of the Harlem Hellfighters Band did not end well for James Europe. On the night of May 9th, 1919 Europe confronted one of his drummers over poor and unprofessional behavior.  The drummer, known as a hothead among the band members, attacked Europe and stabbed him in the throat with a penknife. Europe bled out and died while in the hospital later that night.

The legacy of the Harlem Hellfighters Band is as grand and all encompassing for music as the Great War itself.  Essentially, the band is credited with spreading the popularity of Jazz throughout Europe and America. Before World War I, Jazz was a niche genre of music, common only among African Americans living in certain areas of New York, New Orleans, and Chicago.  After the exploits of the Harlem Hellfighters Band Jazz would spread across the world, becoming the dominant form of popular music up to the 1950′s and serving as the predecessor to popular music styles today such as rock, hip hop, pop, and soul.
The ‘Alt-Left’ Only Exists To Liberals
Intellectual dishonesty: avoiding critically honest and comprehensive approach to a matter because it may introduce an adverse effect on…
By Devyn Springer

My Latest: On the myth of the “Alt-Left,” identity politics, and liberalism. 

The conflation of the left with liberalism is a method of neoliberalism in the preservation of capitalism. It is within this conflation of leftism and liberalism, whether subconsciously through lack of proper political education or purposefully for the obfuscation of their own centrist positionality, the liberal creation of the “alt-left” is part of the historical assault on the left by those willfully apt to compromise with fascism. This conflation, or equalization if you will, of the left with the alt-right — or, as most leftists refer to them, neo-nazis — illuminates the dedication to inaction that is so deeply inherent to liberal politics.


To claim an “alt-left” is to position something as “alternative” to a main framework of larger ideology. However, this logical progression falls flat when examining what exactly this particular “alt-left” is alternative to: the center.To whom does the “alt-left” exist? Liberals, who sit at the center, comfortable in their inaction and collusion with the right. Liberals, who Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. famously described as preferring “a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice.” The “alt-left” is not a problem, James Wolcott, because it does not exist. If anything, liberals operating under the framework of neoliberalism, more dedicated to capital than protecting the lives of the marginalized, are the biggest problem to my liberation as a Black queer socialist warrior. So please, continue to cheer ‘go, State, go[sic]’ as you vilify the only functioning piece of resistance in a country built on the degradation of my ancestors, and is sustained through my exploitation.

  • Tony: Quick announcement: I am glad you are here, fellow Avengers. A couple rules. Ah, not rules, let's call them "Guidelines for Harmonious Living." Guideline for Harmonious Living #1: The kitchen sink is for dishes, the toilet is for pee-pee. GFHL #2: Marijuana is illegal in the United States, yes, even when baked into a blueberry muffin, that someone might mistakenly eat for breakfast, before leaving for their job as a government contractor. "This just in, look at my hand, how weird is my hand?" is not an appropriate thing to say to the Secretary of State. And #3-
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  • Tony: AND #3 IS KEEP THE NOISE DOWN! I have to take a nap. I'm still pretty baked.
Love Through the Hate

pairing: lams

modern middle/high school AU

request: anon: Please Make more fanfics. If you need inspiration I will freestyle for you. Okay It would be a Lams. John Laurens dad would hurt John because he’s gay. Alex will comfort him. Good Luck I don’t mean to be needy but, It has been a while since you made a fanfic and I am happy with all your new followers (You deserve them) Yeah so have a nice day.

word count: 2015

warnings: homophobia, hitting, does it count as physical abuse? if someone getting hit triggers you please don’t read

a/n: well i’ve been not productive about this blog lately. whoops. IF HOMOPHOBIA OR A FATHER HITTING HIS SON BECAUSE OF HATE IS A TRIGGER FOR YOU DO NOT READ. please, take care of yourself first.



“John, how come you never have me over at your house? Like, for dinner or whatever?”

John fidgets in his seat, picks at a loose thread on his sleeve, drums his fingers on the table, leans back and looks at the clock, does everything he can to avoid answering Alex’s question.


John stares down at his lunch tray.

Alex sighs. “Why won’t you answer my question?”

John looks his boyfriend straight in the eyes. “Many reasons.”

John’s six and asks what the word “gay” means, having heard it at school. His father explodes on a long rant about homosexuality and his hatred of it. John just sits there, feeling uneasy but not wanting to walk out, not wanting his father’s wrath to be turned on him.

John’s eight and he and his parents are at a clothing store, shopping for new jeans for him. Two men walk past, holding hands, and his father voices a very loud complaint about that. He says a word that John tries to forget, but it feels like it’s been branded into his brain forever.

John’s ten and he should be getting crushes on girls, should be finding other girls pretty, but instead, he finds himself admiring the other boys in his gym class, thinking that boy who sits next to him is really cute. He’s supposed to be able to tell his father about everything. But he can’t breathe a word about this. He knows what his dad will say, what his dad will do to him. At least, he’s heard his dad talking about what he’d do to gay people. He’s terrified.

John’s twelve and on the day that the Supreme Court rules that same-sex marriage is going to be legal in all fifty states, he wants to cheer, wants to scream his happiness to the whole world. His dad sits shocked in front of the TV and growls hateful things under his breath at the screen, at the endless flashing pictures of gay and lesbian couples celebrating their victory.

John’s thirteen and he’s checking out the guys instead of the girls and he realizes that he’s gay. He wants to cry when he figures it out. He doesn’t want to change, he just doesn’t want his dad to hurt him.

John’s fourteen and a new guy comes to school. One look, and he’s gone, fallen, but he’s held back by the fear that his father has implemented in him. He gets to be friends with the guy, eventually, and comes out to him. The guy is bi and they start dating and John’s in heaven. He tells the guy everything except any mention of his dad. He’s worried as to how the guy will react.

Alex notices that John is close to crying, with the memories washing over him. “Oh, no, sweetie, don’t cry, please,” he says quietly, hesitantly taking John’s hand in his. “What’s wrong?”

“The reason…” John swallows. “My dad. That’s the reason. He’s–he’s homophobic.”

Alex digests this information.

“It can’t be that bad, can it?” he wonders. John violently shakes his head, and the first few tears escape his eyes.

“It is that bad, Alex, it is…it’s so, so bad.”

“C’mon, surely he’d be fine with just meeting me. You don’t even have to tell him we’re dating.”

John shakes his head again. “No, Alex, you don’t understand! I love you and there’s nothing more that I want than to introduce you to my family. But he hates any mention of gay people, it’s really bad, like, he’s said that he will kill gay people if he has the chance and I’m…I’m scared, I don’t wanna get hurt and I don’t want anything to happen to you,” he finishes, breaking down fully in silent tears.

Alex lets his boyfriend cry, rubbing his back, and he doesn’t bring it up for a month.

John kind of hopes that Alex will drop it, but Alexander Hamilton doesn’t give up easily, if ever.

Alex brings it up at lunch again. “Today, after school, could I come over for dinner to meet your parents?”

John sighs. “We’ve been over this, Alex.”

“Can’t I just meet them? We don’t have to say we’re dating. You can introduce me as your friend. Please?”

I’m gonna regret this.

Alex is doing his puppy dog eyes that John can’t resist. John tries to argue with him for a couple minutes, but Alex wins, and they both text their parents to inform them of the plans.

Nerves are building in John’s stomach for the rest of the day after lunch. Alex meets him outside the front doors after school with a simple “hey” and John feels like he’s going to cry because he doesn’t want Alex to get hurt and it be his fault because he didn’t fight harder.

They’re a block away from John’s house when John abruptly stops.

“What’s wrong?” Alex asks, backtracking.

“I don’t think we should do this.”

“Why not?” Alex asks, and John’s words stick in his throat, all of his good arguments dying before they live.

Alex pulls him off to the side of the sidewalk, tilts his head back, and kisses him, deep and long and full, and John’s gasping for breath when he pulls away. All thoughts have been blanked out of his mind, all he can think about is Alex.

“No, wait, do that again,” John pleads, reaching for Alex, and even though they’ve got somewhere to be, even though there are other people walking past, Alex kisses him again, and they both forget about everything.

It’s been a good fifteen minutes by the time the pair finally starts walking in the direction of John’s house again.

Before they go inside, John stares at his reflection, trying to get rid of the blushing, just-made-out-with-my-boyfriend look. He fixes his hair and takes several deep breaths while Alex does the same.

“Ready?” Alex asks.


John opens the door anyway.

“Hello, boys,” his mother says, smiling down at them. “You are…?”

“Alexander Hamilton, but you can call me Alex, ma’am,” Alex says, sticking his hand out for Mrs. Laurens to shake. She looks surprised for a second, then laughs.

“No need for such stiff formalities,” she tells him, and Alex nods.

“Come on in. You can hang out in John’s room until dinner is ready,” she adds, and Alex and John step inside.

They go to John’s room and sit on his bed and John is kind of embarrassed because, well, they’re on a bed, and the door is closed and locked, but he can’t even kiss Alex for fear of his father.

So they play games on their phones for what seems like forever, competing against each other, laughing at the failures and celebrating the triumphs.

“Boys! Food!”

“Your mom gets it,” Alex mutters as he picks himself up from where he’s sprawled across John’s comforter. John tries not to stare at Alex’s long, lanky figure. He smiles in agreement as the nerves take over again.

Dinner is stiff and awkward. Mr. and Mrs. Laurens keep up a jerky flow of conversation that skips and stutters. John is trying not to give anything away, but he’s so anxious that it’s not working very well. Alex desperately wants to hold John’s hand but can’t.

“So, why are you here? What is your relation to John?” Mr. Laurens asks, turning to Alex. “What was your name again?”

“Alexander Hamilton, sir,” Alex says, sensing that Mr. Laurens wants the stiff formalities that Mrs. Laurens disregarded.


“I’m his b-best friend, sir,” Alex says, stuttering a little on the b. John’s eyes widen in fear that he tries to hide, really not wanting Alex to say boyfriend.

Mr. Laurens stares at Alex. “Alright. Are you sure there’s not something more? You two seem awfully comfortable around each other. You positive you’re not a–”

John stands up.

“What is it, son,” Mr. Laurens asks, sneering.

“Don’t say that word,” John states, his voice trembling. “Do you even know the history of it? Why people say it?”

“I didn’t say anything!” his father protests.

“Oh, you’ve said it plenty of times before,” John snaps back, fire in his veins, fury coursing through him because he has had enough.

“Why are you defending that? Those people are–”

“Because I’m one of them.”

Dead silence.

Mrs. Laurens looks at John and nods, once, signifying that she’s okay with him and that he can go to her if needed.

Alex can’t just sit there. He stands up. “I’m bi. And I’m dating John.”

Mr. Laurens looks like his eyes are about to bulge out of his skull.

He lunges for his son.

What happens next is a blur.

John drops to the ground and tries to hide under the table, Mr. Laurens swings a fist at him, Mrs. Laurens shouts for her husband to stop, Alex stands there, frozen and speechless for once in his life. He created this disaster, and he thinks he might cry.

“Henry! STOP!” Mrs. Laurens screams, and in the sudden quiet that follows, the dull thud that Mr. Laurens’s fist makes as it hits John’s arm is very clear.

Alex can’t breathe.

Mrs. Laurens pulls Mr. Laurens into the kitchen and a shouting match begins.

John crawls out from under the table and stands up. He winces when Alex puts a hand on his arm, and Alex can already see a bruise beginning to form. Alex wants to cry, but John starts to cry first, and Alex pulls his boyfriend close and lets him rest his head on his shoulder. John cries into the fabric of Alex’s shirt, muttering something that Alex can’t hear properly, a mix of swear words and furious ramblings and scared sentence fragments.

“I’m so sorry, John, so sorry,” Alex says over and over, and at some point he starts crying too.

“I…” John hiccups. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Alex whispers, pressing a gentle kiss to John’s forehead. “We’ll get through this. I promise.”

Mrs. Laurens comes out of the kitchen. “He’ll leave in half an hour. I’m sticking with you, baby boy.”

John smiles gratefully at his mother but doesn’t move from where he’s cuddled up to Alex. “Thanks, Mom, I didn’t…I knew that would happen. That’s why I didn’t wanna tell him…”

Guilt washes over Alex for about the thousandth time. “I’m so sorry,” he says.

John waves his hand. “He was gonna find out eventually. A secret that big…you can’t keep it for your whole life, which was the other option.”

“And it’s nice to finally meet you,” Mrs. Laurens says. “Be good to John, okay?”

Alex nods. His throat feels like it’s constricting.

“Take him upstairs and help him calm down. Take a shower or something, baby, okay?” she advises.

“Yes, Mom,” John says. He turns to his boyfriend. “C’mon.”

“I feel so bad,” Alex confesses when they’re in John’s room, and he starts crying a bit again. “I made you do that and you got hurt and I will never forgive myself and I’m sorry I don’t think that expresses how regretful I am and I feel horrible I’m so sorry–”

John shuts him up with a kiss.

It’s hesitant and chaste at first, but then Alex deepens the kiss and they fall onto John’s bed, still kissing. John’s oddly cold, and he breaks the kiss to burrow under the blankets. Alex joins him after texting his mom and telling her that he’s spending the night at John’s. It’s a Friday, so that’s okay.

“We’re gonna be okay,” John says directly into Alex’s ear, and Alex repeats it, and both of them say that until they kiss again once more.

“I love you,” they then repeat. Alex brushes his lips over John’s forehead. The other boy is sleepy and soon succumbs to sleep.

Alex watches John fall asleep, and he only sleeps when his eyes close from exhaustion. He watches over him. He doesn’t want anything else to happen.

They love each other even through the hate they face from John’s dad.


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Arachnophobia Headcanons

-An Alpha trying to get their Omega to go to bed with them and being very thrown off when the Omega stubbornly refuses to go. Thinking maybe they’ve done something to upset their mate, the Alpha asks why they refuse, the Omega than mumbles something about how they saw a spider earlier and they are now afraid to go in the bedroom. The Alpha is torn between laughter and fondness as they observe the Omega’s anxious expression…they sleep on the couch together that night, just to make the Omega feel better

-An Alpha returning home from work and realizing that the house reeks of fear and distress so they rush off just to find their Omega crouched on the kitchen counter clutching a frying pan and staring intently at the floor. The Alpha is immediately like, “What’s wrong? Are you okay?” and the startled Omega instantly becomes very red faced as they slowly lower the frying pan and sheepishly explain, “I was making lunch and I thought I saw a spider so…” a pause and then, “Lunch…? Its after eight at night.” another pause, “…I really don’t like spiders…” after thoroughly searching the kitchen the Alpha confirms that there are no spiders anywhere and the Omega just feels like an idiot

-An Alpha freaking out over a tiny spider and begging their Omega to kill it for them and the Omega is just, “Why are you scared? Its way smaller than you are.” and the Alpha is like, “Yes most things are. Now, less talk more squish please.” and the Omega just gives a fond eye roll before quickly squishing the unwanted house guest

-A pregnant Omega making their Alpha knock down a spider web for them because they are terrified of spiders…but after it’s down they promptly dissolve into tears because they just destroyed some innocent creatures home and how can they possibly raise a child when they are such cold and cruel people…and the Alpha is left standing next to the fallen web like, “…what just happened here?”

-An Alpha low-key panicking because they saw a spider go behind the couch so they turn to their mate like, “You’re small, crawl back there and kill it pleeeaase!” and the Omega is just, “You think it’s gonna hurt you but you don’t mind sending me near it?” a slight pause, “….yes?” the Omega just stares at the Alpha for a minute before reaching down to remove their shoe, “Alright sure, stay here.”

-An Omega meeting with a potential Alpha and being asked if they thought there was anything the Alpha should know about their expectations right off the bat and the Omega’s expression instantly becomes very serious so the Alpha assumes they are about to hear something really important…only to be thrown off when the words, “You kill the spiders.” are the only thing the Omega says before immediately switching back to their relaxed cheerful state once again and the Alpha is like, “Okayyy then…”

-An Omega spotting a spider in their nest so they have their Alpha take it all apart so it can be put back together somewhere else in the house. The Omega being low-key distressed about having to move it from the very specific and comfortable spot they had originally chosen, but they don’t want to risk more spiders invading their source of comfort…and possibly crawling on them while they sleep…

-An Alpha hiding plastic spiders around the house as a joke, not realizing how badly it would scare their mate, and instantly regretting it when the Omega panics and then gives them the silent treatment for two weeks after realizing the spiders were fake

-An Omega being afraid of a little baby spider and their Alpha laughing their head off about it until the Omega is just pouting like, “You’re the Alpha, stop laughing and act all concerned and protective dammit! Stick to the fucking stereotypes for once!”

-An Alpha choosing to watch Spiderman on one of their first movie dates with an Omega, not knowing the Omega is beyond terrified of spiders and being very confused when the Omega ends up practically in their lap, clutching the Alpha’s shirt in their hands and ducking their head against the Alpha’s chest when they get scared. The Alpha embracing the situation and just thinking, “Oh I guess I don’t need to try the horror movie thing after all, Spiderman is just as effective apparently.”

best friends

a/n: i need someone in my life asap why do i do this to myself,,, i hope you like this anyway!!

word count: 1,8k

pairing: chris x reader

warnings: so so sO cheesy and [chandler bing voice] i loathe myself


gif isn’t mine!

Ever since the day Chris met you he knew you were going to leave an impact in his life. To this day, he actually remembers the scenario you met in perfectly to every little detail. It was a cloudy day and little five year old Christoffer had chosen to go out and hang out in the park close to his home. He was used to play a fireman there alone, which was exactly what he had planned to do but then his eyes landed on you.

You didn’t remember anything from that day or that specific moment, but Chris did. You were playing in the sandbox, building what looked like a castle with the help of your red wooden shovel. Chris was intrigued by your presence, slowly walking closer and closer to you. He found it odd that someone was in his park and in his sandbox and on top of all that it was a girl. Weren’t girls supposed to stay inside and play princesses?

This was the part he always teased you about, no matter the situation you were in he talked to you about it. You were pretty sure at his death bed he’d still be talking about it. Chris was apparently about to reach out to you, when you suddenly had turned around to slap him with your shovel in the forearm. Little Chris hadn’t even been that upset about it, which you highly doubted, and had started to talk to you.

That basically was how you met, and shortly after that you became inseparable. Everyone knew that you were a package deal and would do anything for each other. Some found it annoying, some found it cute. Many had mistaken your friendship for an actual relationship, including your parents.

You felt somewhat anxious when the subject of you and Chris dating came up, since you knew Christoffer’s feelings towards you were strictly platonic. Or so you thought, Chris felt like laughing every time he realized how much he liked you. Hell, he was pretty sure he was way past the liking phase and was slowly but surely falling in love, a thing that he didn’t believe in.

By the time you got in high school, Chris was asked to join The Penetrators. Things had changed since, he became a complete fuckboy and you learnt to push your feelings towards Christoffer aside and even got a boyfriend. Chris on the other hand just basically went from one girl to another, never letting things get too serious since it wouldn’t be right when he had feelings for someone else.

Christoffer loathed your boyfriend and the fact that he had feelings for you wasn’t even the biggest reason for it. You deserved much better than that tool, who was probably just using you. Chris did everything humanly possible to not let his feelings about the relationship show, but you knew him and picked up on it pretty quickly. He was glad that you never got mad at him for it and were actually understanding. Another quality of yours he loved.

And one day, all those things he thought about your boyfriend were proven right. You had called him and asked if it was okay if you came over, Chris immediately responding ’yes of course’ and basically pushing his guests out of his place.

He could’ve sworn his heart broke the instant he opened the door, your normal state of cheerfulness and kindness gone and replaced with tear stained cheeks. Chris wasn’t dumb, he immediately knew what had happened and he was boiling with anger, he might’ve even been furious. At that moment he knew that getting angry was useless, when all you needed was someone to comfort you. Chris gave you an apologetic smile before pulling you in a hug, his arms carefully wrapped around your waist, drawing soothing circles to your back.

Chris held you for a good 15 minutes, not caring if people in the streets could see the scene. When you managed to calm down, you pulled away from Chris and saw that his once gray sweater was soaked through and had mascara stains on it. It was your turn to give him an apologetic smile, he just shook his head and told you ’it’s okay’.

He motioned for you to come in, closing the door behind when you did. You sat on his couch as he went in the kitchen to get you tissues so you’d look less like a panda. He came back quickly, holding the tissues towards you along with a cup of tea which you gladly took. Chris hesitated for a moment not sure if sitting next to you was the best option, before deciding against and just go for it.

Silence fell in the room, you were getting your thoughts together whilst carefully sipping on your tea and Chris was just waiting to see if you’d speak up, he didn’t except anything though. It actually surprised him when you started talking.

”I saw with another girl. You were right Chris and I was dumb enough to not believe you, I’m sorry.” You said, avoiding his gaze because truthfully you were ashamed. He didn’t like the guy and had had the guts to tell you why, you were stupid enough to not believe him.

Christoffer furrowed his eyebrows together in confusion. You were smart, or at least smart enough to not blame yourself for things that happened despite what you did. Chris realized that he had been quiet for a long time and you had started to stress.

”No, no, no, no, it’s not your fault,” he hurriedly told you as you turned to look at him. Your eyes were still red from the crying and there still was smudged mascara on your face, despite all that he found you beautiful. ”You’re smart, you know this is not your fault. He’s an ass and you’re better off without him. I could’ve been completely wrong about him, but you chose to trust him because that’s what you do in relationships. This particular guy wasn’t the right one for you, but someone else is and I sincerely hope you’ll find him soon.”

You smiled weakly at Chris, still feeling a little down. Chris was right, he almost always was. You were thankful for having him even as only a friend, even though you wanted so much more. Chris pulled you closer for another hug, you were glad he did. Even when things got complicated Chris was always there. You hadn’t realized how tired you were until you started to feel yourself fall asleep in his arms. It felt right, like this was the place you belonged in.

Chris looked at you peacefully sleep in his arms, his cheeks flushing a bit. He couldn’t believe how lucky he had gotten to get a best friend like you and get the chance to fall for you. Moments later, he could feel his eyelids get heavy, him now falling asleep too. His grip was tight enough to keep you in place, your head on his shoulders.


All of that had happened a week ago now, neither one of you really talking. You were the first one to wake up that day, your cheeks flushing red when you found yourself cuddling with him. You’ll admit you could’ve handled things differently, you simply untangled your self his tight grip careful enough to not wake him up and left. You felt horrible for it, but Chris never came forward to you concerning the matter.

Chris felt like he had done something wrong, but he was too nervous to talk to you about it. It did hurt him a bit when he saw that you were gone that morning, but he had done that too to many people and it didn’t feel nice. It probably was karma or something like that, he thought. Chris sighed loudly when he heard the doorbell ring. Maybe if he ignored it whoever is trying to get in would give up and go, but much to his discomfort that didn’t happen. He opened the door, only to see you once again behind it. He was surprised to say the least.

”I’m sorry I just practically barged in with no notice or anything, but I really need to talk to you.” Chris could tell you were nervous, so he just nodded and let you come in. He gave you an excepting look, waiting for you to explain your sudden visit when you hadn’t talked in a week.

”I’m really sorry for leaving you then, it was wrong. I guess I just got nervous, you make me nervous in general, but like in a good way and I had planned out a whole speech but now I’m completely ruining it by blabbering,” you told him quickly, the rush in your tone surprising yourself too. Over the span of the week in which you and Chris didn’t talk, you had realized how strong your feelings towards him were. You talked about it to Noora, who convinced you to just tell Chris even though it might not end up well. And that was what you were trying to do right now, come clean to him about your feelings except that it had gone much more smoothly whilst rehearsing in your room.

”I really like you Chris and I want to be with you and I totally understand if you don’t feel the same.” You said, only now daring to look up at Chris. Your eyes went wide when you saw his expression, his eyes were beaming with admiration and love, a dorky smile plastered on his perfectly carved face.

That was all the confirmation you needed to know he felt the same way. Your heart was racing when he placed his hand on the small of your back to pull you closer. His face was inches apart from yours, his breath fanning over your face. And then he leaned in, tenderly capturing your lips in his. You both poured all the feelings you had ever had in that kiss.

It didn’t feel weird like you had anticipated at first, it felt normal. It felt like after years of pushing back your feelings, pieces of the puzzle were finally getting in the right place, as it was meant to be. Chris was the one to pull away, the smile he previously had still on his face.

”Can you believe how much of a cliché we are?” Chris said, earning a laugh from you. It was true, but neither one would want it to be any other way. You were both happy and eager to make this work. Maybe your destiny was to become best friends and fall in love. Maybe, just maybe you were soulmates.

EXO Reaction when their idol girlfriend forgets her lyrics on stage

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*Cheers on you from the crowd so you can continue* “Jagi! Jagi! Jagi! you can do this!”


*Meets you backstage* “This is for you baobei… you have nothing to worry about. Being on stage is hard, next time you’ll do perfectly!”


*Practices with you all the week so the next time it doesn’t happen again* “That’s my girl! I knew she could do it”


*Goes back in time so you can do it again* “You can do this baobei! You’ve got a second chance!”


*He’s on stage with you and does something silly so people don’t notice*


*Helps you to overcome your stage fear* “Today we’re going to dance in public, don’t be shy I’m her with you”


*Turns of the lights so they have to redo it all over again* “She can do this… I know she can”


*Comforts you after the performance* “Baobei you don’t have to worry about it, it happens to all of us. Come here… let’s go home and forget about this”


*Muttering you the lyrics from backstage* “Come on jagi…. you’ve got this!”


*You sing a duet with him and he sings your part together with you so it’s not that obvious* 


*Has banners with the lyrics* “This way even if she forgets, she won’t stop singing!”


*Has all the boys supporting you and singing the lyrics with you from the crowd*

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theclogmaster  asked:

RFA with V and Saeran reacting to MC giving them a kiss on the nose~

Thank you for your request! Sorry I took so long. I wrote these scenarios where one is while they are going out, and the other is like when they have chemistry but it’s before they become romantic. Hope you enjoy.


If Mc and him were going out

  • O_O
  • >w<
  • would blush and chuckle
  • would pull Mc in to kiss her on the lips
  • Would say how cute she is

If it was just before they wind up going out

  • O_O!
  • O////O
  • Yoosung.exe has stopped working
  • would blush and be stuttering mess
  • Probably would laugh nervously and ask why
  • his heart is going doki doki for Mc
  • After Mc isn’t looking he touched his nose and smiles.


If him and Mc were going out

  • He would be surprised at first but then melt and go on on how cute Mc is and blush a lot
  • this guy is 100% for all cute stuff
  • would kiss her forehead in return and ruffle her hair
  • Though of course now he’s excited and wants to kiss you all over your face
  • pulls you into a hug and playfully nuzzles into your collar bone making as if he’s a beast and is devouring you by making grawr sounds.
  • Careful though the beast is stirring even from that

If it was just before they wind up going out

  • O_O
  • coughs because he is surprised and flustered
  • blushes and chuckles
  • He winks at Mc then talks about how sexy his nose is that she probably couldn’t resist
  • whines saying his lips would like the attention to
  • Of course has a little whiney moment since he is so taken with how cute Mc and warns her about the beast again


If her and Mc are going out

  • She gets surprised at the random affection, especially being kissed on the nose of all places
  • She smiles and chuckles a bit
  • She enjoyed cute little gestures like that
  • would probably return with a kiss on the cheek

If it was just before they wind up going out

  • O_O
  • surprised and confused
  • though she didn’t mind it
  • Comments that no one has really done that before
  • Just kind of clears her throat and pushes up her glasses
  • Smiles though


  • if you and him are going out
  • He had been working when you came in
  • He was busy looking at some paper work but he looked up to you when you came around to where he was sitting
  • he was about to greet you when suddenly you gave him a kiss on the nose
  • he looks surprised for a moment but gives the warmest smile as he blushed
  • He chuckles and comments how cute
  • Would gently tug your arm and guide you so you sit on his lap
  • He holds you close and murmurs sweets compliments to you, and how you are the love of his life, and how beautiful you are.
  • He would probably brush your hair behind your ear but he likes holding you close

If it was just before they wind up going out

  • Mc had to gesture for him to come closer, or at least bend down other wise she wouldn’t be able to reach his nose, he does so, thinking she wanted to whisper something to him and is shook when she places a peck on his nose
  • his eyes widen a bit, kind of stunned at that action
  • He stands up straight again and looks at Mc with question
  • His face melts into a warm smile at her antics, he quite liked it, just didn’t expect it
  • Of course he has been wanting to kiss her, but wasn’t sure how to go about it yet, but this was the next best thing, he is very pleased
  • Blushes when Mc isn’t looking and also touches his nose where she kissed him.
  • Of course, he can’t help but think about much saucier things~ ;)


If they were going out

  • He no longer worked at the agency, so he wasn’t too busy for Mc anymore, nor was he pushing her away anymore
  • Of course, it took some progress but he become warmer and warmer
  • He was busy working on the computer, not hacking this time, when Mc crawled next to him on the bed
  • She gently place her hand on the other side of his cheek and guided him to look at her
  • his head turned but he was preoccupied so his eyes were still on the screen till his head was completely facing her he looked to her
  • he was about to ask what is it when suddenly she placed a peck on his nose, suddenly the tapping at the keyboard immediately stopped
  • he looked stunned for a minute and blushed, before grinning and chuckling
  • What was that? he asked amused, not expecting the random cute peck
  • Mc just smiled and tilted her head, chuckling as well.
  • Saeyoung got a devious look in his eye and smirked, a gleam in his glasses as he pushed them up, “You know, Mc, I can think of places I want to kiss you, too~”
  • Mc opened her eyes and before she could get away, Saeyoung pounced her, so that now he had her pinned under him on the bed
  • He wasted no time in ravishing her, her giggles soon turning into sweet sweet moans.

If it was just before they wind up going out

  • They’d been playing truth or dare, the rfa, don’t ask me why, just why not.
  • Seven was busy on his computer, distracted, and a drunken Jaehee decided to dare Mc to kiss him on the nose.
  • Mc was fine with that, it was innocent enough after all.
  • Mc got up and made her way over to the goofy hacker, who had some honey buddha chips in his mouth
  • He cheerfully mumbled “Hello~” while still having the chips in his mouth
  • He hadn’t looked up since he was preoccupied, luckily what he was working on wasn’t too important that he wouldn’t want to be bothered
  • She leaned over to him on the side, making sure to mind the computer, waiting for him to look up at her
  • Due to her movements, he chuckling and mumbled something inaudible, presumably out of curiosity on if she missed him and wanted to be around the genius hacker
  • When he looked to her once she sat next to him, she gently placed her fingers under his chin and leaned forward, giving a cute shy peck on the nose.
  • The hacker froze there, stunned, his eyes widened a little bit, she quickly withdrew as she fast as she did that sneak attack on him.
  • He blushed and rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, “N’aaaw, what was that for? Have you fallen for the genius hacker?” He took the chips out of his mouth so he could be understandable, a blush ever so present on his cheeks.
  • Mc giggled and apologised for the sudden peck, explaining that Jaehee dared her to in the game of truth or dare
  • “Ha! A sneak attack! Very clever of Jaehee, hmm~ you had me for a moment, haha~ But Seven Zero Seven has a counter attack!” he grinned to Mc as he said that and she giggled a bit, looking at him surprised at that statement, what will that counter attack be?
  • He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her to him, their cheeks right against each other almost as he looked around, before whispering. “I’m going to pretend I’m a cat, so Jaehee remembers Elly.”
  • He suddenly took out cat ears that he just had with him, and put them on, looking to mc and curling his hand into a paw “Meow~”
  • Mc winded up having to bring Seven with her when she returned to Jaehee, “I found a cat.” She stated with an apologetic smile, she kinda owed Seven that.
  • Jaehee’s eyes widened as she froze, as Seven grinned before starting to meow, her prank had backfired on her now.
  • Seven would nuzzle her and purr trying to get her to pet him, even trying to lie down on her lap before she pushed him away.
  • He laughed and then made his way to Mc, whom let him nuzzle and cuddle into her lap, she giggled nervously and just pet him and treated him like a real cat, though she was very visibly blushing and quite flustered at him doing this.
  • In truth he was doing it on purpose because he felt his heart beat quicken when she pecked him, causing him to have butterflies in his stomach all of a sudden, you think you could just charm Seven? Well you succeeded but now he will do the same to you
  • Hehehe don’t prank Seven Zero Seven without expecting him to play the game too


  • This, too was for a dare, he was present so he knew what Mc was going to do.
  • He smiled and chuckled a bit, letting Mc know that he was okay with it.
  • However, once she got close and placed her hand on his cheek to steady him, he felt himself warm up at the contact.
  • He hadn’t been held in such care like that, in quite some time, then Mc placed a peck on his nose and soon withdrew her hand, giggling shyly
  • he was stunned for a moment, mostly to how it made him feel, but smiled and chuckled
  • “Thank you Mc”
  • though a visible flush was apparent, and he seemed somewhat bashful for a moment but soon regained himself, though he never stopped smiling the rest of the day.

Unknown! Saeran:

  • He broke into your apartment to come and take you, thankfully, you were cooperating with him, so he was being sure to being gentle with you as he lifted you up bridal style.
  • Seven will see him if he leaves with you, on the cctv camera, and so you both will have to go out via the window, luckily he has a rope there that he could just wrap around his waist and lift him up to the roof.
  • Once you two exited safely and were now onto the ceiling, he placed you down but kept his arm wrapped around your should in case you try and get away.
  • Unbeknownst to him though, you had a little bit of wine before he broke in, making you a little tipsy, and affectionate.
  • Once he turned to you to reassure you to keep calm and not resist him, you suddenly gave him a little peck on the nose, smiling innocently as you did, your cheeks flushed.
  • He froze and his eye widened, Mc was almost going to wave her hand in front of his face to see if he was still there, but suddenly he turned and looked away, though he still had his arm wrapped around her in sure grip.
  • He was blushing furiously, covering his mouth with his hand as he registered what just happened.
  • He then grunted, back into his weird cheerful state “Ooh? You like me? Hahaha… well…” he seemed to look at her in thought “You are so cute… and you fell for me instead of either of the members of the RFA… hahaha, well, we can do more than that once I bring you to Paradise~” he stated the last part in a low husky tone, lust in his eyes evident as he begins to think about what he will do to you.
  • He smiled and then squeezed you to him, walking towards the door where he’ll take you down to the parking lot into his car, he seemed even more eager to take you to Mint eye now.

After minteye!Saeran:

  • He would one day just be in the kitchen, intending to look for any ice cream there might be around
  • You decide to join him, since you felt like some too.
  • He is still a little awkward because of the whole trying to kidnap you thing, but he’s been warming up to you now
  • While you both scoop out some ice cream for yourselves, you were chatting to him while holding the ice cream scoop, and the thing is when you talk your hands get really animated, you tend to make gestures as you talk
  • As you were talking and swung the scoop a bit, some of the ice cream still on the scoop winded up flying and landed on Saeran’s nose
  • He paused and looked dumb founded for a moment, while you cover your mouth at your mistake
  • However you decide to get it off for him~
  • “Oops, there’s ice cream on your nose, let me get it~”
  • You walk over and stand on your toes while he looks over you still confused, you then peck him on the nose, effectively removing the ice cream.
  • The poor boy has such an innocent confused look on his face and a noticeable blush at what just happened.
  • You smile and return to your bowl, while he processes what happened.
  • Que flustered Saeran.
  • Though you weren’t the only one feeling spontanous~
  • He walked over to you too
  • “Uh, Mc, you have a bit of ice cream on you too.”
  • You look at him confused wondering where when he suddenly closed the space between you two, kissing you on the lips
Happy with Him


Summary:From stunt coordinator to actor, you are enjoying your life as the actress who plays Tauriel, but you have a few well kept secrets ;)

Pairings:Lee Pace x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of Depression; Mentions of parental death, mentions of break up(¿)

Author’s Note: Everything in this is fictional so use your imagination with names and things that have never happened to you.

”Y/n,” the interviewer asks and you look at her smiling.

“Yes?” you ask.

“Tauriel. She’s fearless. Scared of nothing don’t you think?” she asks.

You smile.

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Because You Are Mine, Love. [Fili x Reader.]

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators! 

Requested By: Anonymous.

Based OnI just saw your post, so I hope it’s okay to request. I would love to read something with Fili. Maybe Fili getting jealous of someone else flirting with the reader and him making the reader a courting braid later.

A/N: Of course it’s okay to request! You can request anything as long as you’ve read the rules and if the requests are open, sweetie! I would love to make this imagine, I really love writing Fili stuff; he’s pretty much my favourite dwarf. haha! I hope that you enjoy what I’ve come up with, lovely: And send in as many requests as you would like. (Sorry if it get’s shitty half way through, I really tried my best with it, anon: And I hope that you really, really like it. It was a pleasure for me to write such an imagine!) - Kat

Word count: 1,754

Warning’s: Reader is drunk and dancing in the bar at Lake Town, jealous Fili, protective Fili, fluffy Fili, cute Fili, possessive as hell Fili. A really bad fight between Fili and the reader, but they make up in the end. Courting Braid! Probably heaps of spelling, punctual and grammatical mistakes.(If I have missed anything then please let me know).

Disclaimer: I do not own Fili, Bilbo, The Company or Lake Town (unfortunately); but Tolkien does!

Midnight’s moon swayed and strutted loosely over the cheerful chatter that was Lake Town. Mimicking; swinging just like the moon, your hips fluctuated to the lively tune supplied by a man with a fiddle. Guffawing blared from your extensive ajar lips, a pint of ale accompanying you; soothing you of each and every one of your troubles. “Those are some gorgeous moves, if I were to say so for m'self, lass.” a deep tone vibrated into your eardrums, leaving you dizzy as you spun to face whom in which had uttered the bold compliment.

“You recon?” a quirk of your delicate brow sent shivers through the dashing man.

“I recon as swell as I can eye a lovely lassie such as yourself!”

“Such an attempt at flattery shall get you nowhere, kind sir.” you winked, humor spreading fondly upon your complexion.

From across the rundown bar, Fili stared at your whimsy fluctuating hips with a sense of alluring desire. He had not witnessed such a side to you, even with the flirtatious advancements he’d pursued upon you. ’It’s probably just the ale getting to her head.’ he thought humorously, his heart stirring vividly within his strong chest. Though, melancholy captured him as he took in the grinning man, obviously making flirtatious verbal advancements upon you. His heart seemed to sink to a lower level, dampening his cheerful state as he saw in which the way you giggled and responded. There was obviously something going on, and Fili did not approve.

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